Donald Trump Galvanizes The White Resistance

The New York Times has a big new article on Donald Trump and the White Right:

“The chant erupts in a college auditorium in Washington, as admirers of a conservative internet personality shout down a black protester. It echoes around the gym of a central Iowa high school, as white students taunt the Hispanic fans and players of a rival team. It is hollered by a lone motorcyclist, as he tears out of a Kansas gas station after an argument with a Hispanic man and his Muslim friend.




In countless collisions of color and creed, Donald J. Trump’s name evokes an easily understood message of racial hostility. Defying modern conventions of political civility and language, Mr. Trump has breached the boundaries that have long constrained Americans’ public discussion of race. …”

I agree with the general consensus which is reported in this article:

1.) Donald Trump is not one of us. He isn’t a racialist. He isn’t a White Nationalist. He certainly isn’t a Southern Nationalist. Trump can best be described as a nostalgic American civic nationalist who is driven by instinct and who taps into the racial and cultural grievances of the White majority. Still, Trump is a nationalist of sorts though, and he speaks our language, which is why we relate to him. After decades of cuckservatism, Trump’s message is a breath of fresh air.

2.) The cucks don’t have any principled objection to Trump. They have spent decades tapping into the same vein of racial and cultural anxiety in White America. Their objection to Trump is that they have lost control of their base and can’t harness all that energy and resentment to push their awful economic agenda.

3.) Trump is like an elephant who is trampling all over the boundaries of “mainstream” political discourse. He is breaking the rules and leading a mass movement of millions of White people off the reservation. In that sense, Trump is nothing but a good thing for us and I am going to continue to cheer him on.

4.) Trump has inflicted a fatal blow on the cucks. For that we owe him a debt of gratitude. Everything else that happens in this election cycle is just icing on the cake. The destruction of the cucks has always been the precondition of a nationalist revival.

5.) Hurricane Trump is headed toward the White House. The only question is how much damage he will inflict on the status quo before all of this is over. In victory or defeat, Trump will have been a good thing for us. He will either win in spite of the cucks, which will forever end their power to police the Right, or he will lose and illustrate that America Won’t Be Great Again, although the great majority of White Southerners will back him in the election.

6.) Trump will be gone at some point. I can’t say whether it will be next year, four years from now, or eight years from now, but the landscape he leaves behind will be “good for the Whites” and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

7.) Trump is proving that our ideas are “mainstream” in White America even if the media elites acts like our ideas are “fringe.” Whether it is the Muslim ban, the Wall, deporting illegals, an immigration pause, tearing up free trade agreements, avoiding stupid globalist foreign wars, giving up on policing the world, or scrapping political correctness, Trump is taking popular ideas and forging them into a political reality.

The Quinnipiac poll out this morning shows Trump tied with Hillary in Ohio and leading in Pennsylvania and Florida. The race is tightening up now that Paul Manafort has brought Trump under control. He has been giving some great speeches, putting meat on the bones of his rhetoric, avoiding unnecessary controversies and letting Hillary hang herself. If he keeps this up, he has a real shot at winning in November.

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  1. Hillary Clinton who is a lawyer, a former US Senator, and a Secretary of State told the FBI that she did not know the difference between classified and unclassified information.

    Who in their right mind could vote for this woman.

    • Nice try Hillary. Nobody believes you are that clueless.

      Henry asked, “The FBI believes you tried to wipe the entire server. Did you try to wipe the entire…so there could be no email–no personal, no official; wipe the whole thing?”

      “Like with a cloth or something?” responded Clinton.

    • I’ll tell you who…someone who doesn’t want Trump to have access to the nuclear codes. Simple!

    • they must be a paying a fortune for all the trolls on Breitbart these days. and so useless: every progtroll pisses us off even more.

  2. The problem with Ohio Hunter is after the 2004 the Democrats sued the state claiming multiple violations of the VOTING RIGHTS ACT of 1965 so the Cuckservatives passed Early Voting and stripped away the residency requirements. Since then, there have been multiple tries to restrict voting but the Obama Justice Department sues Ohio each and every time or has one of their Judges void the law.

    The most hilarious part of this whole situation is this. When the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed it applied to Arizona, to 6 of the original 7 Confederate states, plus Virginia and scattered counties in Florida, North Carolina, California, South Dakota, Michigan and believe it or not New Hampshire. Yet in the past 12 years Ohio has for some reason led the nation in Voting Rights lawsuits by the Feds and don’t ask me why that is I have no clue. Whats odd is even the reddest states in Dixie are now being outpaced by the Buckeye State for Voting lawsuits. So much for Southerners denying voting rights.

  3. Donald Trump has awakened the White Man, just as Dylann Roof and Nimrata Nikki Haley removing the Confederate Flag awakened Johnny Rebel. Now that Johnny Reb is awake the question is Where do we go from here Johnny Reb? You have slumbered on and off since 1877 when you symbolically won Reconstruction only briefly awakening from about 1954-1968 then going back to sleep. TIME TO TAKE SOME SPEED JOHNNY REB AND STAY AWAKE, No more sleepy time. We are at war.

  4. Trump refuses to meet with the N Double A C P. “No time in the schedule….” Tee hee hee…….
    The New Nigger Not Panther Thugs are planning to show up at the RNC Convention, armed. The OH authorities are pulling security OUT. Ergo – the Commies are planning to gun down Whites. Please alert everyone.
    RaHoWa is NOW.

  5. ” Donald Trump is not one of us. He isn’t a racialist. He isn’t a White Nationalist.”

    Totally disagree Hunter – indeed Trump is one of us. He’s been biding his time for several decades. The “WhiteGenocide” tweet was no accident – just like the 6-pointed star tweet was no accident either. Trump knows how to get along with everybody – in order to accomplish his goals and objectives. Now he is in a position to implement his long held convictions – and we’ll be part of that winning momentum.

  6. We’ll know in November if there’s any hope for this place or whether it’s irredeemable and should be let go.

  7. I see Trump as a Jacksonian Democrat. Like Trump, Old Hickory was a populist. But as President he did not tolerate any threats of secession from his home state of South Carolina. I don’t think Trump would be keen on any secessionist movements either.

  8. I see Trump as a Jacksonian Democrat. Like Trump, Old Hickory was a populist. But as President he did not tolerate any threats of secession from his home state of South Carolina. I don’t think Trump would be keen on any secessionist movements either.

  9. Who else would dare to bitch slap that ol’ witch.

    Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. Her mind is shot – resign!

    • I like New Zealand and would not wish them to be saddled with her. Move to Israel, Notorious RBG!

  10. “The race is tightening up now that Paul Manafort has brought Trump under control.”

    Just an FYI….. Joel Skousen, the geopolitical research analyst/commentator, said Paul Manafort is an Establishment insider.

      • Say what you want about KGB spies but at least they did not make their core ideology to destroy their own people. The reason Putin is better is simply because he does not hate Russians, unlike the standard politician that is required to hate white people to be eligible for office.

        • we have a repub representative who does not hate his white base. he is however, cucked to the narrative of the GOPe regarding immigration, trade, yadda yadda ~ and too blind to see the results. difficult to vote him out because of standing narratives bought into by the cucked base.

        • I am very Pro Putin. The Soviet Establishment, like the current one in the JEWSA, consisted completely of White HATING Jews. Putin rose right through all of that. He played the Long Game.

    • Only an insider could do what Manafort has done and will do. He has experience, knows the tricks of the trade and knows which palms to grease. Outsiders are clueless.

  11. “Some Republican strategists worry, however, that the Cleveland convention will not showcase the full breadth of the GOP’s diversity, both racially and generationally. …

    “‘On Earth 2,’ [Republican strategist Rick] Wilson said, ‘you’d be showing the Republican Party isn’t this stupid white boys’ club. But Donald Trump has rejected everybody who’s not in the stupid white boys’ club. At this point, we might as well have a giant cross burning out front.'”

    Hmm … sounds good.

    ( )

  12. I would love it if Trump’s first act as president is to execute Hillary Clinton for: lying, treason, and being a bloody communist – and do it on the White House lawn, on a nice raised platform, so the entire nation could see; just like the way public executions used to take place in the ‘good old days’

    – and thereby rid the world of that evil demoniac lying Whore of Babylon.

  13. I think we are toast even if Trump wins.

    You will not believe the crap being taught in our schools. The younger generations will be our leaders. They are so cucked. Infuriating. I’d like to slap that kid’s mother and send the little punk to Haiti to get a dose of reality.

    Royce Mann, Age 14, “White Boy Privilege”, Slam Poem

  14. Agreed! Yes, Trump seems to be putting it all together. He is the change of direction we definitely need. Let’s not forget that Romney, who IMO was much less popular than Trump, came very close to beating Obama. The presidency is definitely highly possible. There are many “PC” whites that go along to get along, but once they step into the voting booth, they will put that facade aside and vote Trump.

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