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  1. Let’s get one thing straight.

    BLM isn’t really about white cops killing innocent blacks.

    Indeed, instances of white cops killing blacks is no worse now than in the past.

    It’s just that blacks got desperate over the years as they were being crowded out by homos, massive immigration, gentrification, mass incarceration, increased racial profiling(in NY esp), and New Liberalism that favors the 1% over everyone else.

    With Obama winning presidency, many blacks thought ‘we got it made’. But Obama’s presidency, while tossing some crumbs at blacks, has been mostly about Wars for Israel(against Russia, Libya, Syria, etc), homomania, white/Jewish/Asian yuppie gentrification, mass immigration(mostly of Mexicans, Asians, and Muslims), bailouts for Wall Street, and etc.

    Blacks are especially pissed because all of this happened when US has come under the dominance of Democrats. When the very people who say the most flowery things about blacks actually push policies that do little for blacks(or even hurt blacks), blacks are awful frustrated.

    But black rage has been muffled because most blacks are Democrats and because the Democratic Party(that dominates all big cities) is supposed to be watching their backs.

    Blacks needed some convenient excuse to vent their spleen, and it was the Narrative of white cops killing innocent blacks.

    But when we see the trajectory of BLM, there is something more happening. If blacks are indeed angry about white police violence, why don’t they target the specific police departments where it happened? Why do they march in every city, especially those dominated by white/Jewish/homo Liberals?

    White cops are just scapegoats in all this. They are useful scapegoats by both BLM and white/Jewish/homo Liberal Establishment. This is really a struggle between blacks and white/Jewish/homo urban Liberals(who supported increased policing to make cities livable again). Blacks are really angry at urban Liberals but can’t say so cuz they are both Democrats. Urban Liberals are really afraid of blacks but can’t say so cuz they are both Democrats. So, blacks pretend they are marching against police brutality, and urban Liberals play along since the alternative — black rage at Urban Liberal elites — would be more frightening.

    It reminds me of the scene in Akira Kurosawa’s RAN when the Third Castle is being attacked. Though the armies of the two treacherous sons are ostensibly united and working together against the fallen Old Lord, the real power struggle is between the two sons. Theirs is a sham unity held together in the attack against the deposed lord. It’s alliance based on deception. The two sides are really eyeing each other for dominance but pretending to direct their full fury at the powerless lord.

    There is no Conservative power in the big cities and college campuses where most of BLM fury is directed. They are all bastions of Liberal Democratic Power. But officially, blacks and white/Jewish/homo elites ares supposed to be allies. So, they make ‘common cause’ and chant the same slogans and make believe that they are united against ‘evil racist white cops’, but the real rage of BLM is about blacks fuming over how the Liberal Victory Pie went mostly to white yuppies, Jewish elites, homo neo-aristocrats, Asian immigrants, and etc.

    So, this stuff about ‘white racist cops’ is just a ruse to light the fuse. Blacks have been looking for some compelling excuse to take to the streets and demand their slice of the pie. If big cities were dominated by ‘racist’ Republicans, blacks would have a handy excuse. But blacks had trouble coming up with an excuse since big cities and college towns have been totally taken over by Jews, white Liberals, fancy mulattoes, homos, and diversity-immigrants who are supposed to be Democratic allies of blacks. Besides, US has a black Democratic president. So, blacks just fumed silently while losing out to other groups within the Liberal coalition.

    But with BLM, blacks finally latched onto some ‘compelling’ issue to retake center stage of the Liberal Narrative. They bitch about cops, but it’s about something much more. The real message is “WE BLACKS ARE ANGRY AS HELL FOR BEING SENT TO THE BACK OF THE LIBERAL BUS, AND WE WANT SOMETHING NOW OR WE WILL USE ‘RACIST COP’ ISSUE AS EXCUSE TO BURN DOWN CITIES WHERE YOU JEWS, WHITE LIBS, HOMOS, AND IMMIGRANTS HAVE IT SO GOOD.”

    It’s like Spike Lee’s screed about how Urban Liberals are ‘bogarting’ the neighborhood he grew up in.

    In a way, the Liberal Establishment miscalculated. It figured that it could control and contain black rage by flattering some black activists, thus buying them off.

    Some argue that Obama made things worse by inflaming black rage, but this is only a half-truth. Obama’s variation of “I feel your pain” to the black community was really to contain the rage. By pretending to do something about black rage, Obama may have encouraged black violence but he also appropriated black rage into institutional hands. Eric Holder was criticized for poring over every detail in Ferguson, but it had a way of calming things down a bit. It created the impression that the government was fully invested in the issue. And Baltimore calmed down when the cops were charged with the murder of Freddie Grey. Trust the officials and don’t burn down cities.

    Such gambits are effective but unstable. They may calm down the black community by sending the message that something is being done. But it also sends the message that LOUDER BLACKS ACT, MORE ATTENTION THEY GET.

    And so, we ended up with BLM that is spreading to other nations as well, like Canada and UK and Germany, and etc.

    • 100% correct you are. In Chicago the violence is political even if it is blacks murdering blacks it is to frighten the Eloi as you say. Since the coronation of King Obama black political power in Illinois has dwindled to levels not seen in my old life, the latest violence is loosely coordinated in response. Blacks are truly screwed

  2. Who says it can’t?

    Restating an earlier post: While the coup in Turkey does not directly threaten American whites, it does help Russia, Syria, Iran and Europe so we should be
    cautiously optimistic.

    Turkey has been funding ISIS to try to divide the “Shiite Crescent” and has been flooding Europe with enemies in revenge for Western abandonment of the ISIS gambit. Turkey recently shot down a Russian military craft and may have been where the bomb that blew up a Russian air liner originated.

    It may have something to do with the recent spate of terror attacks, including one against the Istanbul airport.

  3. If successful ISIS loses its best ally.

    Good news for Bashar al-Assad!

    The US will turn on Turkey for violating its “democracy” fetish just as they turned on Egypt.

    The US should help Russia eliminate ISIS and go home! No more chaos and wars. No more boosting Muslim maniacs.

  4. Rights before Hitler sent his Wehrmacht into USSR it was distracted for the Spring with a pro British coup in Yugoslavia and a Greek alliance with the UK. Big things are happening. Yyyyuuuuggeeee.

  5. Why can’t something like this happen in this country?

    Too many of us subscribe to the notion violence has no place in our politics.

  6. “Why can’t something like this happen in this country?”

    Because American rightists (beyond the lamestream element) are too vantardist in their outlook. How did a fringe Turkish cult go from the fringes to the vestibule of power tonight in Turkey? (Many are speculating that Gulen is the major engineer of this coup). Because the Gulen cult gained control of Turkish domestic law enforcement. And how did they do that? Because they infiltrated and took over the Turkish test prep industry.

    American rightists rarely if ever think that creatively or insurgently, or we think we can depend on documents and institutions to save us, or we think we have a lot more power than we actually do, so all we think we have to do is win the argument on the bases of facts, logic, reason and evidence.

    That’s been the point of what some here, including Jack Ryan, have been saying for a long time. We have to find foibles and choke points in the system and then manipulate them. That is our only real recourse.

    Incidentally, it is said while Americans are instructed to disbelieve in conspiracy theories, that Turks almost universally believe in them, mainly because everyone in Turkey is either conspiring against someone else, or being conspired against, or both.

    • Yes, when the attempt to primary Paul Ryan fails, the true right should throw their weight behind the democrat to get Ryan out.

      We aren’t that sophisticated (yet).

    • In that respect, Turks are far smarter than Americans. Unlike us, they know the elected government is just a front.

      • I think I answered my own question. Turks are a naturally scammy and schemey people. We’re just too plain nice. When they want something done, they start a conspiracy. When we want something done, we’re either too congenial (we start trying to reason with people) are too unhinged (revolutionary fantasies), we can’t do like Turks and engage in choke point manipulations. Which is something we need to do, because ours is increasingly becoming a non-European scam-scheme culture.

  7. Haha! Obama, US govt stand by ISIS pal Erdogan. Because “democracy.” Easily predicted. In their view apparently “democracy” only pertains to how someone comes to power, not how they behave once there (see Egypt).

  8. It’s also about Will to Power. Whites have had it so good, overall, other than dirt poor Whites, that we’ve grown soft and mooshy. we seek the softness and the moosh. Whites have Cucked Out, on purpose.
    Events are going to force us to change – or perish.

    • “It’s also about Will to Power” / “we’ve grown soft and mooshy”

      In Canada, the USA and Europe, it’s hard to find courageous men willing to try a coup, but it cuts both ways: if a general gives it a try, there won’t be much resistance either. It’s unlikely the police would be willing to fight the army, as in Turkey. White people would not take arms to defend ZOG. They won’t even believe that a coup is being staged: A coup in our own country? Come on, it must be a joke!

      The army would just have to arrest the top 10 000 jews, and the country would be back under White rule. That’s why, for example, if I was a Luxembourgian general organizing a coup in Luxembourg, my next step would be to launch or help launch a series of military coups in all other European countries. ZOG is really a house of cards. It could be taken down with the smallest military blow.

  9. The Doenmeh crypto-Jews of Turkey have a clandestine terrorist organization known as the “Ergenekon”. This group assassinated Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist who called for improved relations between Armenia and Turkey. In April of 2007, I reported that the Doenmeh in Turkey were planning a coup d’etat. A few months later, in June of 2007, the Turkish Government discovered that the Doenmeh were planning a coup d’etat, and began a series of prosecutions.

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    • Are there any Armenians left in or around Armenia?

      My feeling is that most, all of these off White, near White Christian groups like Armenians, Lebanese Christians, Iraq Christians are going extinct outside of say California.

  10. Obama and Kerry said to agree that all parties should respect the democratically-elected government of Turkey, show restraint and avoid violence and bloodshed.


    That wasn’t their position during their coup in Ukraine which toppled a democratically-elected government. So, I must amend my previous remark– they do care about what happens after the election. The US likes “democracy” if their side wins.

  11. Now reports are that the coup has failed and that Turkey will remain Islamist, ISIS-supporting, and a glorious member of NATO. Obama and the US happy.

    • Sigh.

      Afraid it’s true.

      Also, Turkey is getting full rights for Turkish and other Muslims in Turkey to have free movement in Western Europe thanks to some deal German chancellor Merkel made.

  12. I promised Hunter a special post explaining all this…

    Suffice to day tonight that YES

    We are on the side of the secular Turkish military looking to overthrow Islamists after the terrible ISIS slaughter of our kinsmen in Nice France.

    The secular Turkish Republic as established by Turkish nationalist hero Kemal Ataturk is an excellent model for Western oriented governments with large Islamic populations.

    Kemal Ataturk was also a very handsome, tall, very White looking gent.


  13. Because the military doing what’s right and necessary, what they should’ve done in the 60’s, goes against a certain scrap of paper.

  14. Race-ists want to defend and save the race.

    Diversists or Diversity Supremacists want to destroy the race by demographic displacement and race-mixing.

    Choose Race-ism.

    Reject Diversism.

  15. Immigration is racist.

    Look at the immigration patterns.

    Jews bitch about ‘white racism’, but Jewish immigration patterns have always favored white nations.

    After all, Latin America and Anglo-America were both open for immigration, but Jews chose the whiter America over mixed-race Latin America.

    And Jews almost never decided to move to black Africa. If anything, the favorite African destination for Jewish immigration was white-ruled South Africa where Jews made lots o money in diamonds.

    Look at Asians. Most Asian-Americans are progs who bitch and whine all the time(as yellows are toadies and dogs who follow prevailing officialdom), but their immigration preference has been for white-majority nations. Almost all Asians would rather move to America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada(or Europe) than to highly diverse Latin America. And they certainly don’t want to emigrate permanently to Africa or Middle East. Some go there to work(like Chinese laborers), but they don’t want to settle in those parts.

    So, immigration is racist. Mexicans want to move El Norte to where the Anglos are. They don’t want to move El Southo to where people are even less white than Mexicans are.

    And look at Muslim and Black African immigration into Europe. Their decisions are white supremacist in the sense that they think white nations are superior destinations over non-white ones. We don’t see Muslims move to black African nations. We don’t see black Africans wanting to move to Mexico or India.

    And even when it comes to non-white nations, non-white immigrants/migrants/refugees prefer northern pale-white nations to southern-swarthy-white nations. They’d rather move to Germany or Sweden than be stuck in Greece or Italy.

    Anglos are just about the only people who were willing to move to lands with nothing and build something on it. They turned wilderness into civilization.

    All other peoples have no such will and vision. They want to go to where civilization has already been built and feed off it. They want to feed off whites even as they bitch about ‘racism’ even though their immigration preference itself is racist in seeking white nations over non-white ones.


  16. It should be remembered as the Low Energy Coup.


    erdogan and Islam strengthened in turkey,

    Coups in general took a hit

    rift between US Europe and turkey,

    Another black swan that incrementally helps trump,

    May push “day of rage” into convention week which would be fantastic

  17. That weak-azz coup attempt couldn’t have worked out better for Erdogan.

    BBC Breaking NewsVerified account@BBCBreaking
    2,745 judges and 5 members of High Judiciary Court Board removed following #TurkeyCoupAttempt, Turkish media reports

  18. OT, but alluding to one of my previous comments here.

    I just scored a victory in my War on Chobani. Not a huge one, but it’s a first one, hopefully the first of many.

    This morning, I was at a boutique grocer that my mother sometimes uses, though today, I was by myself. I noticed that they stock Chobani yogurt. I took the owner’s son aside, and gave him the back story on the Twin Falls rape case. He told me he’d talk to his father, and they’d look into their contract with the distributor to see how soon they could stop selling and stop ordering it.

    A short while ago, I got a call from the son. He said that they checked on things, and there’s nothing stopping them from taking it off the shelves right away, and he told me they have done just that and will no longer order it.

  19. Islamic countries, Islamic societies are imploding.

    Even the most Westernized, the most advanced Islamic countries like Turkey and Egypt have imploded. At least with Egypt the secular military was able to seize power.

    As these societies implode – the population looks at near by Western Europe and says –

    “Life is better there – plus we know people like us there”.

    The end result of this is Arabs/Turk/Paki somewhat Muslim people raping our girls and slaughtering everyone on European national holidays in places like Nice France.

    That’s just reality.

    I understand why so many of our people want to escape this reality and instead embrace race denying cults like Libertarianism.

  20. This will only increase Turkey as a state sponsor of terrorism and make the Islamic invasion even worse in Europe. That also means here in America. We must be preppers for the day “Peaceful Islam” goes in an extreme violent direction in our native land. We must work together for the survival of our White Race. Deo Vindice !

  21. If only the South could take advantage of this opportunity with this situation and the recent BREXIT and show plainly to all the critics that the Confederacy was not a coup but was a secession. It is not rebellion to secede.

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