Montgomery PRIDE Weekend Protest

The SPLC has a post up about our little impromptu counter-demonstration at the Montgomery PRIDE Weekend festival last month:

“The League of the South (LOS), a Neo-Confederate hate group, hosted its annual conference on June 24th and 25th at their headquarters in Wetumpka, Alabama. While the annual conference this year was largely uneventful, a non-League event in downtown Montgomery provided an interesting window into the forces at play between the leadership and their base. …

The Sunday PRIDE Rally began largely without incident; a few protesters were present with a large cross and signs quoting scripture, but the interactions between those participants and protesters were largely respectful.

The peace was broken when the protesters were joined by a group of about a dozen younger League of the South members carrying signs emblazoned with the League of the South’s website. …

The question then becomes whether Hill knowingly allowed his membership to attend this protest or if he was unable to rein in the impulsiveness of radical members like Walls and Winkler.”

This was actually my idea.

The League of the South was unaware of the Montgomery PRIDE Weekend events until after our annual conference had wrapped up on Saturday. I had just stepped out of the shower after our demonstration when I heard on the local news that there was a gay pride festival going on all weekend in Montgomery. A drag queen was being interviewed who was scheduled to speak at the State Capitol the following morning.

Obviously, if we had known beforehand that the SPLC was spearheading a massive gay pride festival in Montgomery, and that a drag queen was going to lead a parade of sodomites in a march on our State Capitol, we would have chosen to protest that instead of holding another roadside demonstration in Wetumpka. Instead of letting the Montgomery PRIDE Weekend rally go unopposed (there were two Christians there opposing it from a local church), we decided to show up and protest it after kayaking down the Coosa River earlier that morning. As for our summer attire, it proves nothing more than we had spent the weekend camping out and adjusted our schedule to oppose an event on short notice.

Note: BTW, no one cares that a tattoo artist gave a teenager a tramp stamp.

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  1. Homosexuality in the South does have a strange history. While it was thoroughly illegal and could result in severe punishment when discovered, BALTIMORE and NEW ORLEANS it is both believed had Homosexual establishments in the 1800’s and had Fag Bars by the 1920s. Baltimore was the scene of a homosexual riot in 1955 after a Fag Bar was raided there.

    I have always thought it amazing that Baltimore and New Orleans were from the late 1800s to the 1950’s considered the two most wide-open towns in the United States even more in some ways than NYC. I think it was in the 1950s Baltimore was the strip club capital of the United States and I think New Orleans was in the top five as well. Baltimore gave us West Virginia native and legendary stripper Blaze Starr after all who high-tailed it to New Orleans and screwed Governor Earl Long, who was Huey Long’s brother. He died soon after the affair, probably too much Blaze

    The South typically in every state had what was called a Wide Open City where anything went, usually near military bases,

      • I knew if it was in Alabama, the Southern Perverted Law Center was somehow behind it, as they are now officially an arm of the Justice Dept and Homeland Security. Ever notice Hunter, the minute any politician especially Southern criticizes anything the SPLC and Potok hit the airwaves?

        Hunter have you ever seen the Morris Dees papers from I believe his divorce proceedings? The guy is definately a pervert. Mark Korenke of the Michigan Militia said this on his radio show years ago that Morris Sleeze was a Bisexual and Kiddy toucher

          • Honestly I am amazed Wizard Shelton or Sam Bowers didn’t have a contract out on Mr. Dees. Sure some good old boy would have taken one for the cause.

          • You don’t remove the leadership of the enemy when they’re incompetent. All that money they raised that was only used to line their own pockets instead of actually being used against us was in effect a lessening of the SJW power.

          • I see your point Harold, but with this nasty Jew Potok in charge and the SPLC’s new DHS/Justice Dept Affiliation, this group is getting pretty nasty. Every single time some story happens Potok shows up on tv

          • I forgot about that, I know Bob Matthews had an exhaustive list of those he wanted to send to their maker.

      • Hunter, do you think that Richard Spencer is queer? He certainly lisps like a proper queen.

        I remember he emailed me with his phone number with a request to call him back in the day when I was slicing the balls off Takimag. I decided not to because I figured he was both a cuck pussy and sexually dubious.

        Any man who lisps like a fag might as we’ll be one.

          • Hunter Wallace is an all-seeing, all-knowing Godauricle. If He says Greg Johnson is not a fruit, then Oden help the poor castrated soul that does not believe Him.

    • I enjoy these concise historical posts, of sweep, that you post, Billy Ray. Because they’re informal, i.e., without citation of any kind, I am careful, as maybe you’ll understand, about accepting as fact your every statement; but they alert me to many things of which I’d been completely unaware and which they thus put me in position to research, should I want to research them.

      • Well I could take time to cite them unfortunately that would make them so ridiculously long it would be tedious and Hunter probably wouldn’t like it. As for Baltimore and New Orleans, they were known as two of the loosest cities in the United States, even in 1850. The French Catholics were obviously to blame in New Orleans, but the English Roman Catholics of Maryland were Arch Conservative and after ’60 Confederates.

        I actually suggest the Episcopalians, who were cut loose from the influence of Mother England after 1783 were largely to blame in the case of Maryland. The entirety of Dixie, excluding Maryland had a surge of religiosity beginning with the Baptist and Christian Only surge in the early 1800’s west of the Blue Ridge. Maryland was largely bypassed by this surge in religiosity for a number of reasons too complicated to detail here. Whereas in the majority of Dixie, you had a declining Episcopalian and Presbyterian Aristocracy being replaced by Baptists, in Maryland the Episcopalians, Catholics and German Religious groups vied for dominance.

        After the war, the Episcopalians began their slide into obscurity in the South, because of their liberalism, but their power base held in the Northeast, including Maryland for decades. You see this very influence today if you look at Religious Maps of the U.S. This would explain why the leftists had such an easy time overthrowing the establishment in the Old Line State and why Baltimore, by the ’50s had a reputation for lewdness on the level of New Orleans and NYC.

        Many of our elites are Episcopalians, says it all

        • Please don’t think I was criticizing you, Billy Ray, for omitting citations that, as you rightly point out, are not called for here, at Occidental Dissent. Because I don’t think the South’s cause, in the Civil War, was a good one, I sometimes clash with commenters here, but I learn a great deal. As I’ve already said, I admire the sweep of your historical posts, in which a great deal of information is presented coherently, with what seems to me to be real insight. Whether your extensive knowledge has come to you through exceptional schooling or, alternatively, by much independent reading on your part, I don’t know; but to layman me, at least, it seems to be organized, in your mind, with a clarity that I rarely encounter in work by professional historians.

          Your mention of Blaze Starr prompted me to do a bit of research. The three images below are:

          1 — Google Maps view of a route, in blue, between Wilsondale, West Virginia, where Starr grew up, and Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, famously mentioned in Loretta Lynn’s autobiographical song “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

          2 — Allegheny Plateau, as mapped, from USGS info, by a Wikipedia contributor named Karl Musser. By comparing this image and the preceding image, you can see that the Allegheny Plateau is the Appalachian region in which both Blaze Starr and Loretta Lynn had their childhoods
          3 — Google Maps street view of Wilsondale. From info at Wikipedia, I get the feeling Blaze Starr’s childhood home was about a mile from this spot.

          • PS Below is another Karl Musser map, which shows the transition from the Allegheny Plateau (in pink) to the Cumberland Plateau (in yellow), within the Appalachian Plateau as a whole. As I look again at the first of the three images in my preceding post, I see that Butcher Hollow, where Loretta Lynn grew up, is just about on the dividing line between those two sections. Hard for me, accordingly, as a layman, to say which of the two sections is the one a geographer would identify as Lynn’s home area.


          • Brief video below would seem to be from about 1988, when Blaze Starr would have been fifty-six or so. It mentions that “Blaze,” a movie based on Starr’s memoir, is due in 1989 (in December of which, it was, in fact, released). In detailing her background, the good-natured Starr says the following:

            “I’m from West Virginia, [unintelligible] in the heart of the coal field, Appalachia. I used to wash for people on a rub-board for a dollar a day; then it’d take a week to get your knuckles straightened out.”

  2. Why do southerners care so much about controlling what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms? It’s this drive to control that’s part of the middle class’s resentment of pro-white.

    • If you haven’t noticed it hasn’t stayed in the “privacy of their own bedrooms”. Private actions have public consequences.

      • They’ll say you’re the ones invading first, by treating them differently in the public arena. I think it’s a major mistake to fixate on social issues. The planter aristocracy was seen as controlling and discriminating to the working classes. Allowing yourselves to be baited into looking like you’re trying to control them is a win for the enemy.

        • Homosexuals are part of the enemy. Surrendering to a part of the enemy is not how you defeat the enemy. Accepting the enemies premises (equality) is a losing strategy.

          • Two gays doing it aren’t doing anything to anyone but themselves. Gays should have full civil rights and then they’d have nothing to bitch about and no angle to leverage against white people.

          • They’re not ‘doing it.’ They’re simply demonstrating for the right to not be treated differently in the public arena for ‘doing it’ in their own bedrooms.
            It’s not that I approve of the Gay Agenda, Big Fag, et al, it’s that I distinguish between their right to exist and to not encounter attack, and the need some feel to impose their beliefs on the larger society. But I think most of that is SPLC-generated, and not spontaneous from actual gays. And lesbians, I should add. I have way more tolerance and respect for lesbians as they are less imperialist than gay men who feature a lot of egomaniacal fags.

          • Also, the transsexual agenda was spearheaded by the fags, which proves part of my contention. The Fags want revenge against women.

          • Are they against women or just Anglo women? Couldn’t resist.

            Actually, fags could not care less about women.

            It’s all about them.

            Now, the dykes, they are against men.

          • 1.) No one is stopping them from “doing it” in private. They can even get married these days.

            2.) They have moved on from asking for “tolerance” and “equality” to demanding affirmation of their perversion in the public square, demonizing those who disagree, and forcing their views onto others, particularly religious institutions, in the name of “civil rights.”

          • Have you ever seen pictures of the queer festivals in San Fran Cisco? The stuff they do in the open on the streets is disgusting.

        • Yeah. The democracy of the Dead… It’s called the Communion of Saints.
          Oh, and the very Word of God is on my side.

    • No, they’re bringing it out into the streets and shoving it in everyone’s faces.

      Go look at the website zombietime and you’ll have an idea what we are all in for in the not too distant future. The freak show is just starting.

  3. Homosexuals are determined to make themselves an issue. The other day I learned to my disappointment that pro-homosexual sentiment has a foothold in the comments at The Right Stuff. LOS is about the last group standing that opposes affirming public homosexuality without exception.

    • The key thing to understand about them is that tolerance and equality are not their goal. They demand affirmation of their lifestyle now. Criticizing it is now equivalent to “racism.”

      • That’s the exact feeling I get from this Lesbian at work who was gushing on in this sarcastic tone how “As soon as the law goes through we’re going to get married” and “we’re going to have kids.” This wasn’t said in the ordinary pitch that normal people say it, just the strange tone of certain words were “defiant” almost as if they were trying to “prove” something in order to get affirmation their lifestyle is really OK. They were so desperate to have kids that they didn’t even go the Turkey Baster route and get inseminated with their own. They adopted some physically and mentally disabled kid who is a splitting image of “Timmy” on South Park, I’m not kidding. From what I hear her say, sometimes they have to rush this kid to the emergency room in the middle of the night. That is just an incredible burden to get yourself involved in to prove a point to straight people, you can’t tell me that they’d rather live like this than be free to spend their evenings child free hanging out in coffee shops with other lesbians listening to some girl strum an acoustic guitar. Same with gay dudes, I’ve seen Al Pachino’s “Cruising” and you can’t tell me what gay dude’s really want to do is settle down and get married and have kids.

      • I quit contributing money to Vdare after they allowed a segment by a gay writer. I corespondent with them after the incident as they were asking for more donations. I told them I couldn’t contribute to an organization that supports the gay movement. They explained that they did not support it but that wasn’t their issue. Maybe so, but they should not allow the impression that they do.

  4. DIVERSITY SUPREMACISTS are destroying Europe.

    They say that a nation becomes superior with more Diversity, especially black African.

    Evidence says otherwise. If black Africans are such human wonders, why and how did they turn their own nations into cesspools of rot and savagery?

    Diversity Supremacists also say interracism or racial-mixing will make people superior in beauty, wisdom, and intelligence. So, are mixed-race Mexico and Morocco the world centers of human superiority, excellence, and achievement?


  5. Where is the pride in getting penises shoved up your fecal hole?
    Where is the pride in cutting off dick and balls to get a fake pussy?

    What a messed-up world we are living in. But then, we live in JEW-SA.

  6. In Mississippi, our capital Jackson has an HIV rate of 1 in 4, the highest in the nation among its mostly black gay community. SPLC fails to mention the epidemic sweeping through the ranks of this segment of society.

    • Gay men themselves in the US on average live 20 years less on average than a normal male. That’s a mortality rate the same as men in the US in the 1870’s. So it only makes sense for Jewish groups like the splc to promote debasing, unhealthy, destructive behavior.

  7. SPLC stands for the destruction of white, Christian America. The best method to destroy white, Christian American is to destroy the two parent family as the fundamental unit of society.

    • Much worse than that. They are working on the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES Goal of reducing world population to 500 Million and I personally thing 500 Million is much too high, they want it no more than 100 Million in the end. The Jew has been promised by SATAN that he will rule over them on earth as their god if they will ELIMINATE CHRISTIANITY which in the minds of the Jew means they have to kill every last white person on earth as to them WHITE=CHRISTIAN. They don’t hold nonwhite Christians in high regard and believe they will finish them off as well when the time comes.

      Make no mistake this isn’t a rainbow coalition White Genocide, this is White Genocide plus the elimination of the entire human race. The Jew is like a rabid animal or vampire, once he starts biting people he will only stop when someone kills him.

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