Tupelo Rally Cancelled

The Mississippi League of the South won’t be having a rally in Tupelo on July 30th after all:

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I can’t say that I blame the Tupelo Police Department.

They are understandably sick and tired of dealing with Black Lives Matter agitators after Micah X. and Cosmo Setepenra. Because of what happened yesterday in Baton Rouge, there aren’t going to be any rallies for Antwun Shumpert in Tupelo, so we have no reason to go there now and have cancelled the event.

I’m guessing this is just one of the earliest signs of how Black Lives Matter is going to be handled by the police in the wake of Dallas and Baton Rouge. A nationwide reaction is setting in against them now that they are starting to be perceived as violent hate group that harbors cop killers and racist terrorists.

Instead of going to Mississippi and dealing with these idiots, I am going back to the beach in Florida. I assume they will be rioting in Cleveland and further tarnishing their public image while I am gone. Like Richard Nixon in 1968, Trump will need a good performance by them to get elected in November. Black Summer 2016 will bolster his image as the “law and order” candidate who speaks for the “Silent Majority.”

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  1. Consider sailing letters of thanks to the city of government of Tupelo MS and also to the Black Christian Church that ran off the BLM rabble rouser.

    • I wouldn’t celebrate yet. A lot can happen between now and July 30. I’ll bet the usual suspects agitate and agitate until they get their way. If/when they do the nix will remain on LOS.

      • I still think it’s just a good idea to thank folks in a traditional Black Christian church that ran a BlackLiesMatter agitator out of town.

    • No Denise, you re seeing in the South and some areas of the USA as well, you are seeing the proverbial red-pilling of the entire white population. Now the leftists will merely find themselves some LSD and Blue Pills to kill their logic, but many common whites will upon seeing REALITY embrace it. Our job is to take these new Red=pilled people and lead them like sheep

  2. This is a good sign that the blue pills that Lyndon Johnson and the Demon-crats seemingly fed Southerners after 1965 have finally worn off and people are being red-pilled and realizing WTF is going on. I am sure Hunter Wallace has noticed this how seemingly after Selma to Montgomery it was if the entire Massive Resistence just collapsed. Sure people changed parties but it was as if ESCAPISM took over much of the populace. The collapse of the KKK from 65-75 is a story within itself.

    The main difference between NORTH and SOUTH is because of years of distance between Negro and White Populations, Yankees could afford just to Escape ie move further away, the Southerner who lived completely integrated with them (THE SEGREGATED SOUTH IS A COMPLETE MISNOMER) had no place wherewith to escape. The ESCAPISM and DENIAL that for some reason Southern Politicians pushed so heavily after 1965 has allowed the Negroes to rape Southern White Women and kill them at triple or better the rate the same white woman would be harmed in the North. In 1965 Detroit was the worst city in USA and Southern towns were models of tranquility today, excluding Maryland the South proper has the worst criminal cities in the USA.

    God Bless those brave men and women in Tupelo who have FINALLY AWOKEN and realized RaHoWa is upon them and the best thing to do is to attempt to diffuse it at all possible. A small stand is still a stand, lets build on it.

  3. …the south needs a permit to *rise agin*…pathetic…I guess a bunch of old men with steak knives really didn’t work out for ya…huh?

      • Oh thank you for that enlightenment…it’s not the millions of dollars from wealthy jews and crazy zionist christians…nor the actual American military …but a gaggle of plump doughy old LOSers welding their steak knives who the Israeli government is “completely dependent” on…oh thank you for that brilliant insight…LOL!!

        • The white middle class taxpayers, those evil whiteys you spend your life obsessing over, carry the pathetic jews. The notion that wealthy jews do anything but rip whitey off is humorous.

          • I pay over $10K in property taxes alone every year, sparky, what do you pay?
            I have an over 6 figure income household and pay heavy taxes on that.
            You want to whine like a little bitch on how you have to pay a tax on that 7-11 hotdog some more?
            I say we cut funding to all the red states and let you meth addicts fend for yourselves.

            You’re a burden on America!

          • Prove it, Jude. Post your tax returns. FYI – no one is BIGGER welfare leeches that you Hebes. Let’s cut off ALL funding to Israel, and Jewland security. Let’s END the parasitism of the Not Federal Reserve……let’s cut your conniving Tribe OFF.

          • Denise, these lying kikes are all the same. They must be getting desperate. You notice they go from site to site disparaging the goy they consider to be beneath them.

            These parasitical kikes are all alike. If anything they’re the hideous ones. That’s why they have all so much plastic surgery, cuz they’re ugly. I used to see these bird faced kikes in South FL with their fake dye job and stretched faces. And they have the audacity to make fun of rednecks? Niggah please.

          • I know! They look like mutants (cuz they are!) and the plastic surgery makes it all worse! The funny thing is the bragging. Perhaps it’s a White vs JudenTeufel thing – but bragging about shekels is SO pathetic. I’ve know paupers, and I’ve known millionaires, and still do, and the WASP millionaires do NOT brag about money. A fellow dropped by today, in fact. He’s loaded. He has a lovely home, on lots of land, and he does not ever brag. He’s quietly generous, and is s normal and good old American apple pie.
            Jews do not ever learn that their crass obsession with shekels, and the bragging, shows them for what they are – rug merchants. Tacky. Insanely insecure.
            REAL wealth is self-confidence in one’s innate abilities. REAL wealth if the vision and ability, and generosity of spirit, to create genuine good. Not mere kosher hyperbole.

          • A man with real wealth doesn’t climb onto Occidental Dissent and brag about his net worth. Even Jews don’t do that. They’re too busy nation wrecking. This is either some wretched white cuck working at Target or just some mentally ill freak online.

          • It’s a Soros hack. A Third Rate stringer………..are you watching Empress Melania? She’s giving a terrific speech!!!

          • No I’m busy keeping this male cat from trying to get into the house and hurt my little Blue.

          • Aawwww!!! How is Blue?
            PS – I just got back from the DS live feed, in the GOP Convention. The Comments are hysterical!

          • No you’re a little man child. Jew boi. Make sure and spend all those gift cards you get from your kikenvermin employers.

          • I have no problem cutting off funding to Israel, why would that bother me. I’m not an ethno nationalist.

            That money should go to healthcare, education, roads, Vets, and ways to get food to those who need it.

            I am not a zionist, and if you want to cut off funding to Homeland security its no sweat off my brow.

            I’m proud to pay taxes. My taxes go to local dog parks and bike lanes, a big local dept of health and human services so those who cannot afford it can get care.

            Get your head out of your crazy box.

          • The Lamp,”I pay over $10K in property taxes alone every year, sparky, what do you pay…”

            If you pay that much property taxes then you’re stupid. You need to get control of your government.

      • I’m sure their keyboards will be very busy talking about the “heads getting cracked”…and that’s about as far as it goes…

          • That’s right. Any time I see that miserable lying jewfuck post here I know she must be feeling frustrated that things aren’t going her way. Good.

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