Cosmo Setepenra Opens Fire, Six Cops Shot, Three Dead In Baton Rouge

Thanks to Twitter and YouTube, the world is getting an unfiltered look at the mindset of Gavin Eugene Long aka “Cosmo Setepenra.” You can even check out his three books on Amazon or visit his own personal website.

There’s not much to add here except to note that this guy is exactly what we expected him to be given the nature of the crime: ex-military, vanguardist, Nation of Islam background, Nat Turner is a hero, the world is being run by White devils who only understand money and bloodshed, highly racially conscious (he sold all his possessions to go on a spiritual quest in Africa), a militant black nationalist who was swept up in the Black Lives Matter movement mania. He was motivated by the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

Cosmo here was actually in Dallas after the Micah X. shooting where he made the YouTube video below. He seems to have bounced around from Dallas to Houston to Baton Rouge. He clearly made the decision to act on his own beliefs and go out in a blaze of glory … by killing this black police officer:

He also murdered these two White police officers who will never go home to their families.

Cosmo is the black version of Glenn Miller. After watching some of these videos, I am amazed by how much they agree. It is the exact same vantardist mindset. If they weren’t separated by race, you get the feeling they would fly into each others arms.

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  1. Jews (with some assists) pulled in migrants to serve as muscle on the ground in Europe. BLM is evolving into the same kind of ground army for Obama and the radical anti-white left in America.

  2. Week of Rage :: Republican Convention

    Cleveland 53.3% black at 2010 census according to Wikipedia

    This is actually the definition of a black swan; Bastille Day attacks and Erdogans’s Coup push the Day of Rage into the next calendar week.

        • I would say that is most likely. The NEW BLACK PANTHERS are not HUEY NEWTONS PANTHERS. Newtons bunch was Atheistic Communists who wanted Marxism, the NBPP is an arm of the NATION OF ISLAM.

          • They want five Southern States to create a Republic of New Africa. Louisiana was one of those states they picked.

          • The Republic of New Afrika was planned in 1968 in fact the RNA had a shoot-out with the police in Jackson MISS in 1971 along with other terrorist activities. The RNA organization is part of the WEATHER UNDERGROUND and they took part in the 1981 Brinks Truck Robbery in Nyack NY

          • Absolutely he is, the RNA was big at Columbia University and I believe in 81 Bill and Benadine Dohrn were both living in NYC just after they came out into the open and all charges were dropped. In 1983 Bernadine went to the federal slam for refusing to testify about what happened at Nyack in 81

          • Just as the degenerate European Aristocracy gave us WW1 and the Bolshevik revolution, the degenerate American Aristocracy (the Bush family) gave us 9/11 and Barack Hussein Obama.

            It really is amazing that a black muslim marxist is president of the United States.

          • Not amazing at all when you realize the Jewish power in the US. Hitler prophecied this when he said in the 30s that American Culture was half Judaized and half Negrified. Our acceptance of Negro culture going back to Minstrel Shows and Ragtime was eventually going to lead to this. What you laugh at you eventually gain fondness for and accept


          • That map is not far off from what the Partition is likely to be.

            We would have to have sea access at Houston, however.

          • That is if it comes to pass. Southern Whites will fight to the last man if it comes to ceding land and the RNA would have to build support from the average Negro who lives in a shack in Mississippi and Alabama who relies on a white man for a job or whatnot. Black Nationalists have historically tried to cause Negro uprisings in Dixie and seldom if anything came of them.

            A good example of the concept of if you will LAUGH AT IT YOU WILL ACCEPT IT is Stepin Fetchit the famous Negro comedic actor. He became so wealthy at one point he was the first Negro millionaire actor and had something like 27 cars and an all white servant staff. He eventually lost it all of course but thats Hollywood. He may have been a buffoon but he laughed all the way to the bank. Whites were made to feel better about themselves by laughing at him when in fact he took white money. See the hustle?

          • Wow now that’s a story the Jew Media threw down the memory hole really fast and a year and a day after the death of MLK. Hmmm I wonder why they put this story down the memory hole so fast.

  3. This is undoubtedly Negro Muslims. I don’t feel sorry for the White cops in Dallas or Baton Rogue personally as they are propping up this crooked system. Like the New Orleans Police during Reconstruction who arrested hundreds of Southern Democrat demonstrators, or the Southern Sheriffs who assisted the Reconstruction regimes, these people are NOT OUR FRIENDS. I feel sorry for them as human beings and their families, I DO NOT GRIEVE FOR DEAD WHITE COPS.

    These White Cops have to figure this simple point out. WHITE is ALL THAT MATTERS, YOUR SKIN and RACE IS YOUR UNIFORM BLUE ISNT WORTH SPIT

    • Cultural erasure precedes physical erasure.

      Demonization and dehumanization precedes murder.

      When you call for the tear down of Confederate Flags and refuse to say All Lives Matter you are an accomplice to genocide.

      • The Jew believes he can string an army of Negroes, Muslims and Marxists together and win the earth, then kill everyone else off with his terminators so he can have A WORLD OF HIS OWN WITH TECHNOLOGY just as RAY KURIZWEIL and ISSAC ASIMOV wanted. What do you think I ROBOT was about? A world where Humanity is almost extinct and robots do everything. PLANET ISRAEL

        Maurice Samuel said in 1924 the Jew must have a world of his own. That means 99.9% OF humanity dies

        • Pretty much.

          I have long argued that white preservationists have something to offer other groups, mainly a push back against technology replacing and mutating humanity as we know it.

          The threats to our future are not simply blacks and Jews, but robots, transhumans, chimeras and rampant AI.

          Much like blacks wanting their own separate land, and Arabs wanting the West out of their lands, there is a global instinct of self-preservation that we should be leveraging for our benefit.

          • People think Race Mixing is the future actually it aint. Race Mixing IS PART ONE of Mass Genocide, creating a people of dumb cattle who will be easy to kill. The elites no longer need human beings, they have robots. Another thing, pollution is too high and resources at our present level of tech are too finite. What better way to reduce pollution and preserve mother earth than to rid it of humanity?

          • Read the New World Order by HG Wells, also A Modern Utopia and The Shape of Things to Come, also by Wells, if you want to find the ideological basis of modern globalism and the World State. When Globalists speak of the necessity of the World State they lift whole passages out of Wells’ books.

          • One wonder how Star Trek crews in the 23rd Century can still be majority white is present trends were to continue.

          • They will be breeding humans in artificial wombs by then the creation of human life will be little more than an act in a petrie dish. Thats what they want BTW. As a Christian I know it won’t happen.

    • Of course they do Hunter, the vast majority of people NORTH and SOUTH do not want historical markers removed as they see them for what they are HISTORY. Probably less than 2-3% of Whites want these monuments removed and I dare say probably only 40% of Negroes do. The other 60% probably dont even notice them. This whole enterprise is LED FUNDED AND ORGANIZED BY JEWRY

    • This is good in 2 ways:

      1) Increases the chance that Trump wins

      2) If he loses despite a terrible opponent and multiple black swans, we can conclude that electoral victory is no longer within reach and that Partition is the only way forward. The “alt-right” needs to be on one sheet of music for that to have a chance.

      • That is exactly what Ive always said. If Trump loses that ought to convince all racial conscious and political sane white Americans that Red States secession is now the only way! In other words the Ethno-State resolution is the ONLY solution! It is is only way to loyal to what America was intended to be, not what it has become!

  4. I would strongly advise all White Police Officers in the United States to quit your jobs and prepare to be soldiers as the time for policing is over. War is here. HELTER SKELTER has come

  5. Muslims killing Europeans is less dangerous than black Africans ‘loving’ white women and colonizing white wombs to make mulatto babies that grow up to identify as black. And in America, most violence is by black savages.

    Also, whereas Muslim problem is cultural and political, the black problem is biological. Blacks are tougher and more savage. Look at the French soccer team. Look how French Jews in the media are promoting junglois fever.

    Muslims commit acts of terror. Blacks are terror itself.

    But race-ism, the fiber of pride and survival, is most vilified in the West.

    US with a mulatto president is further gone.

    The two Dunhams. Obama the son of race traitor Ann Dunham and Hillary who panders to the likes of Lena Dunham as the voice of wisdom.

    Also, the cause of White Death(a huge problem among white working class) and White Birth Dearth has nothing to do with Islam. It is the result of feminism, Hollywood values, ugly youth culture, drug epidemic, alcohol, tattoos, and breakdown of marriage, homo decadence.

    East Asia, most successful in imitating the West, is facing the same problems of birth dearth, adoption of black savage culture, and youth decadence WITHOUT the Muslim problem. The very soul of the West is sick. That the French welcome the Africanization of France and reject LePen is sick, and Muslims had nothing to do with spreading such attitudes. Jews and the left did most to spread it.

    Even if all Muslims were to go back and stay in the Middle East, West is killing itself by a 1000 cuts.

    • Anyone who denies that CHARLIE MANSON’s HELTER SKELTER or RaHoWa is real is a fool. MANSON was merely 50 years ahead of the curve

      • Manson didn’t really need any “genius” to see the true viscous hostility of blacks towards white society. He learned it in prison, unlike the other hippie dopes he was pretending to be a part of. Prison is hard core racial reality for anyone unfortunate to end up that way. The Manson thing is largely forgotten, but is just such a weird tale, fascinating to anyone who doesn’t have a personal loss in the Helter Skelter murders. The spaceship sneaker cult suicide in the 1990s was a similar bizarro world story fit for both the nightly news and the tabloids. I was a baby in the early 70s but I hear that before the Tate-Labianca Murders, having long hair and a beard was considered a “sissy” look, Manson changed all that and all the “killers” on the 70s TV shows suddenly started looking like clones of Charlie. Now with this Metrosexual Lumberjack Beard thing going on, we might have come full circle back to this being a “sissy look.”

        • Manson did see that an apocalypse with the Negroes was coming now the rest of it was bizarroworld stuff but people used to say o we can all be friends. They aint saying that much anymore. Helter Skelter is real

    • Donald Trump should every single time he cracks a microphone blame Hillary and Obama. I would say every single time I stood up, if you support the murder of policemen and the bombings and burnings, just vote for Hillary because they will continue. You want safety Im your guy

    • I’ve come to believe that Trump is probably the bigger threat to whites’ survival. He’s using white people and will mainly serve to extend the window of time in which we remain complicit. Everyone hates Hillary’s views and personality that needs to. Her election would militarize whites far sooner than Trump’s. And rest assured, no liberation will come through the system.

      • This is why Trump winning doesn’t lead to that:

        Hispanic reaction to mass deportations.

        They will shoot back and in a way that puts the negros to shame.

        Private citizens may have to guard the cosntruction of the wall and work along side federal officers rounding up illegals.

        Trump winning gives us the high ground in the wars to come.

        • I see it from both sides, either way White nationalists and those on the fence must NEVER fall asleep again as they did in 1965 following the VOTING RIGHTS ACT. It was as if in 65 LBJ fed the entire South a big dose of Unisom and what had been massive resistance for 20 years was now no resistence at all. Dixie only woke up with Obama

          Trump or Hillary, this present situation will not end, in fact it is happening just as THOMAS CHITTUM said it would in CIVIL WAR 2

        • This is assuming he would actually deliver on any of his promises. More of his history suggests the opposite, but your points are legitimate.

          I just think the guy’s a snake yet has the trust of the middle class whites, which makes him dangerous. Hillary is a known quantity.

          • In the event that Trump does not fulfill his promise to build the wall, we would default to separation. Why? Because the anti-white aggression will continue to fill up the news cycle. The thought would be that only a racially homogenous electorate could deliver a government that will protect us.

            Trump was never my top choice, but the type of people I wanted truly could not get elected yet.

          • Revolutionaries don’t seek ‘mandates’ through the system, old man. His success so far already proves, to hesitant whites and the elites, that we won’t be repressed. My concern is that the mass of middle class whites believes too deeply in him. I’m certain of that, actually. What’s unclear is what the best outcome is. My sense is that whites and Trump are mostly done using each other, and the time has come to jettison him. A ‘stolen election’ rigged for Hillary would probably be best for us. It would sustain the morale-boost whites definitely needed while further delegitimizing the system and all who succeed in it.

        • When Prop 187 passed in CA in 1994 (in the few days before the federal judge struck it down) there was a line 4 miles long of orcs going back to Mexico.

          • Worse is not always better.

            If Trump wins, it is a major blow against the cucks and political correctness. It is also a morale booster among other things. Whites are very demoralized and need to win sometimes.

          • White Christians have been demoralized at some level in the United States since Brown vs the Board in 1954. The Northerners at the time thought Brown only applied to the South and didn’t take much notice of it, then in the 1960’s came MLK to protest segregation in Northern cities. Almost overnight it became obvious that the Majority now would yield their power to unelected Judges who were as omnipotent in theory as the Almighty. Legislation by the Judiciary,

            This all coincided with Vietnam and the youth rebellion in the 1960s a proverbial perfect storm. however there was no revolt against the Elites and the government remained and wasn’t overthrown when in reality the US Government should have collapsed in the 1960s. Why not?

            Because outside of the South, the USA was prosperous then and prosperity had a way of taking ones eyes off the ball. When all you had to do to flee the Negroes and other trash was go to the suburbs then it was self-explanatory. They thought it could last forever. Money weakens the desire for revolt or direct action, it is opium

            The thing is today we are living at the crash of the entire system. Integration has been a #fail, embracing illegitimacy a #fail atheism a #fail, scientific parenting a #fail the welfare state has been a #fail and open immigration and refugee acts a huge #FAIL!!!!!

            #GLOBALISM and #OUTSOURSCING gigantic economic failures. So as we see in 2016 we face something unseen since 1860 and that is a government on the verge of collapse. Even in 1932 when Hoover was hated, the people had faith in Washington to right the ship. Today there is no hope. A recent survey in the paper just said 57% of Whites and its probably higher would rather live in 1950 than today because in 1950 they had job stability. WELL DUH! A rampant belief in nostalgia shows that our society is at its end.

            The House that Lincoln built is a giant #FAIL

        • Hunter did you read my comment on Yankee Underestimation of the Negro? Malcolm X once said the Yankee White is a fox the Southern White is a wolf.

          In the North, the Yankees would get on tv going to a Negro soup kitchen or donates coats and shoes talking about helping the Negro community which they in fact don’t give a darn about, its just an act to virtue signal. He goes home and laughs at the Negroes The reason why is he secretly down deep thinks the Negro is too stupid to ever present him a problem. Throw him a bone and he’ll leave you alone.

          Malcolm X said this was an example of the Yankee Fox how he makes the Negro believe he is their equal but then leaves him with nothing.

          The Southerner can laugh and get chuckles at the Negro, but he doesnt Underestimate him. He knows what he is capable of and what he can do if given the shot, so he makes sure he is given no shot to do those bad things. Historically the Southern man knew the Negro was a predator, so he had to be a more aggresive predator to keep him in place.

          Hows that?

          • What if we knew the Jew was the power behind the Negro? What if the ‘Rebel’ was the ignorant tool who couldn’t see the wizard behind the curtain? There are plenty of quotes of famous jews’ assessment of european, particularly ‘aryan’ and here, southern, total underestimation of them.

          • I agree the Jew is always to blame no matter what and George Lincoln Rockwell said he beat his head against the wall trying to explain this in the South where he said they understood the Negro but didn’t understand Jews. He said the Northern man in 1950 or 1960 understood the Jew but the Southern man had only seen Jew shopkeepers who may have been shysters but were relatively harmless. This subterfuge by Jewry was how the Jew was able to sneak down South and do the Civil Rights Movement. Southern Journalists in 50s and 60s always misidentified the agitators as Yankees, when in fact they were Jews from Northern States. Subterfuge allows the Jew to remain hidden, his best tactic.

          • I know of no other book that has their parasitic ways so well-documented. A must read for all European-descended peoples.

            “What group appears and reappears in the history of one civilization after another? What group has always been actively disliked by its host peoples? What group has played an often decisive role in the decay and collapse of one civilization after another? What group indulges in every type of degeneracy? What group always localizes to certain positions among the host peoples? And what group refuses to fulfill a constructive role in any civilization, but instead, remains true to its motto of “Always take”, while refusing to make a useful or an adequate return?”
            Eustace Mullins, The Biological Jew (c) 1968, page 4

            “In a short time, the aliens know every secret of the people’s leaders, and they have established holds over them. The colony of aliens multiplies rapidly, and soon a once healthy people finds itself helpless, because their native virtues of strength, courage and honor, which have made them great, are of no avail against the newcomers. The host does not understand the parasite, which is like a creature from another planet, because they do not have the same goals, nor do they respond to the same stimuli, as the host people. They even seem to have different nerve patterns. As the pernicious influence grows, the army is demoralized, the native leaders are murdered or exiled, and the wealth of the nation swiftly passes into the hands of the aliens. The people are plundered of everything, and most of all of their self-respect. No member of a host people is allowed to preserve his self-respect or his privacy, once the parasite has taken command.”
            Eustace Mullins, The Biological Jew (c) 1968, page 27

            “Jewish gold had purchased the sorriest lot of ragtail beggars and thieves that had ever infested our nation’s capital, men who, while handing over billions to the Jews, had sold them- selves for a paltry few thousand dollars apiece! Our Senators and Representatives did not even ask for their souls the price of a healthy Negro slave at pre-Civil War levels. Once again, the Jews had bought a nation with its own money.”
            Eustace Mullins, The Biological Jew (c) 1968, pages 61-62

          • The Jew will only act as if he is no threat to your way of life WHILE HE IS UNDERMINING IT with a rock hammer chip by chip like Andy Dufrene in The Shawshank Redemption. The Jew doesn’t see life in 1 year or 10 years, he sees eons. He knows it could be 4 generations into the future before someone sees the world domination, but he doesn’t care. The Rothschilds built this way, they didn’t think in terms of 20 or 50 years, they thought in the terms of 500 to 1000 years. WHITE PEOPLE ARE TOO DARNED SHORT-SIGHTED

          • Yes Hunter and that arose because of the open immigration the Jeffersonian Democratic Retards thought was such a good thing. Those Northern states were so swamped with Immigrants, but after 1840 as the majority of the immigrants went from being Protestant to Catholic Immigrants and the Democrats placed themselves on the pedestal as the defenders of Religious Liberty.

            The Whigs, destroyed by the slavery issue had a splinter group break off from them and become the American Party which were called Know-Nothings. Oddly the Know Nothings only won the electoral votes of Maryland. The Republican Party, being a patchwork of abolitionists, bankers, factory owners, machinists and such were for the most part 99% Protestant and hated the immigrants as well, although the party wasn’t directly concerned with Immigration as slavery was the main issue.

            After 1880, after over 40 years straight of nonstop Catholic immigration, the Republicans found themselves dead at the state level in many Northern states. So they began fully enfranchising Negroes in the law to solicit their votes. The Negro population was the Republican Stop-Gap to maintain control in certain Northern States. As the immigrants began to assimilate then many began to become Republican themselves and thus pad the majority, making Negroes less necessary.

            You are exactly right especially from 1865-1900 the Negro was the Republican Yank’s way of leveraging political power but that seemed to lessen after Teddy Roosevelt came out as basically Pro-White. The Jews snuck in and began to weasel their way into the Negro communities, cutting them off from the Republicans slowly and by 1932 the switch from Republican to Democrat was complete.

            The New coalition, one of Northern Intellectuals, Jews, and degenerates after 1932 leveraged the Negro as the foil of the white populace at large. I think whether we talk about the Republican Dictatorship 1865-1900 or the Communist Jewish Cabal 1932-Now its the same thing. Negro is merely a foil.

          • There is a particularly anti-White ethnic group that’s been doing them same thing for many years. They started NAACP and headed it up until the early 70’s. They were among the earliest champions of “Civil Rights”. One of their biggest One Worlders bankrolls BLM.

      • Nope. Your commentary is generally excellent and astute, but not this time. Whites are not slumbering, anymore. Trump’s campaign itself is a Pro WHITE movement. He even said, a few week ago, that it’s not even about him. It’s a movement.
        Hillary is a bat shit crazy coke head Commie. She’ll just have us kilt outright.

      • Holy shit, how many times do I need to say this? It’s not about Trump! It’s about sending a message to liberal elites that they can take globalism and political correctness and shove those up their asses.

      • Regardless of which one gets elected, White Genocide is out of the bag. The “system” is in deep shit.

    • Either way Hunter, that Giant Dose of UNISOM LBJ gave the South in 1965 or so has finally worn off and the sleeping Johnny Reb is now awake. We have to say, alright you’re awake now, here’s the plan.

  6. Another website claimed it was a white guy in a militia group which goes to show you they will go to no great lengths to pile on the white man

      • They corrected it but notice this about GAVIN EUGENE LONG

        “Authorities indicate that he was a member of a right wing militia. The Wall Street Journal has named the group as the “New Freedom Group,” a so-called Sovereign Citizen group. Police were reportedly lured to the scene of the crime by a 9-1-1 call. 6 officers were shot, with 3 killed and 3 injured.”

        Originally this site said he was White but of course that’s not the case but notice how they wish to tie a Negro radical to White Militias. Shaping the Narrative another day for the Jew Media

    • The only plausible link was that it was thought that Cosmo was dabbling in SC. The truth is that Cosmo was more strongly link to MST, some MSTs are into SC, and some white militia guys (but by no means all) are into SC. In reality, we all know, because the evidence is as plain as day, that Cosmo was just a politically and racially charged black vantardist.

      • Of course we knew the truth right from go, but i found it hilarious that the leftists on the internet were already attempting to whitewash this guy to make the White man the bad guy. They are just becoming too easy to expose now

  7. Obama’s speech on the matter “we don’t know the motive of the killer”.

    Then resign, so someone with a brain can get in there.

  8. Killer has been identified as 29 year old Gavin Long from Kansas City, Missouri. Of course, we were shown a picture of one of the cops killed was was black bit no photo of the killer.

  9. The Black Racists Matter terrorist organization strikes again. Watch for the all-white editorial board of the New York Times, millionaire Hillary Clinton (who moved to 97% white Chappaqua New York instead of a diverse neighborhood when running for the senate), and internet millennialists The Young Turks to excuse this, then try to shame anyone who points out the obvious: these scum are terrorists and the media has created, coddled them, and sicked them on us.

    I understand skepticism and even hatred of the police and/or US government authoritarians, but you have to remember that these scum are using “white police” as proxies for “white people” and “Southerners.” Eventually, they’ll move to attacking the general public.

    P.S. anyone hear about the black guy in Georgia arrested for making terrorist threats against the police on Facebook? I believe he was encouraging his kind to murder white cops. Like I said, terrorists.

  10. Looks like the doer is a black sovereignist, aka sovereign citizen. In spite of the stereotype that SC is entirely a white hyperindividualist thing, in recent years, a lot of “problacktard” and “Hotep” and “Hebrew Israelite” sort of blacks have taken it up. Why, I don’t know, but they have.

    This also means that we should be ready for the media, with assistance from the SPLC, to confuse and muddy the issue deliberately. They’ll highly censor his blackness and play up his SC, and they’ll make us think that SC instead of race was the straw that stirred the drink, all the while showing us video and stills of white SCs.

      • Such as it is, and as it turns out, he wasn’t a SC as much as he was Moorish Science Temple, though most black men in MST append-hyphenate their surnames with Ball or El. MST and SC-style ideology tend to cross over quite a bit.

  11. As I said in a previous threat, blacks are a degenerate, worthless, vile race of sociopaths. This statement is proven true everyday.

    • He was affiliated with NoI in the past, but his recent motivation was afrocentric progressiveness, to coin a term. Blacks turning their life around. Back to Africa. “Spiritualism”. Watching his videos you couldn’t make the case that Islam motivated him.

      He was a self-styled philosopher fighting for what he considered justice.

      Sad. We need to separate for both our goods.

  12. Don’t let the fake news get you riled up. This is the summer of manufactured chaos. It’s best to tune out for a while.

  13. We don’t need gun control, social media control, political speech control, hand-holding, candles, teddy bears, flowers or tears. We need “unknown pre-human hominid” control.

    F*ck “diversity.”

  14. During Obama’s presidency, there’s been a reduction of urban crime and increase of black rage.


    Because the two things are interrelated.

    Because, in order to revive big cities, there was a need for increased policing. That led to more tensions between cops and blacks.

    Urban Progs want to have the cake and eat it too. They want more policing to clamp down on black crime to make cities safer, but they also want to chant PC slogans that inflame black rage about Police Brutality.

    Progs want police to get tougher on blacks but also virtue-signal by making pro-black noises.

    But ‘political brutality’ is the result of policies pushed by Urban Libs who want safer cities that maintain order by getting tough on blacks, the biggest predators in America.

    There is also increased tension between blacks and police departments in smaller towns and suburbs due to Section 8.

    A lot of these communities used to be relatively crime free, and cops there aren’t used to dealing with black pathology.

    But the sudden arrival of urban blacks leads to all sorts of problems.

    Ferguson, a once white suburb that turned black so very fast is a good example.


  15. In a reply I made below, to a comment by Billy Ray, I posted a link to a 2015 National Vanguard article headed “Staying Sane in a Crazy World.” As I said to Billy Ray, the comment-thread there is a multi-part post of mine about killings that were carried out on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in 1969, by the son of the black Hollywood actor Stepin Fetchit. Since the present post of Occidental Dissent is about a black killing spree, so to speak, the one in Baton Rouge, I’ve thought others here might be interested to learn of the 1969 events.

    Here’s the link:

  16. Diversity and Multiculturalism is such a wonderful blessing for America! Not Really! We can’t continue on the current path. We must increase support for Southern Nationalism and White Pride. Deo Vindice !

  17. This moron was in the fucking USMC? The final video made me cringe.

    “I have de reets to selb defends at any moment.”

    • I worked on the second largest Marine Corps. base (MCBCP). It is very common to see this type of nigger on base. When they are off – not in uniform, living on base – they dress like typical nigger street trash and drive low riders blasting rap music.

      Most of the White Marines are not that different. They drive low riders and act just like niggers too.

  18. Those in the Alt-Right and WN movements who want to make common cause with these black nationalist nutjobs need to be named and shamed.

    • Ah, there was a good reason those bad old military segregationalists were loathe to let Negroes get their hands on firearms.

  19. Progots or proggy bigots are into hate projecting. To hate is human, and we all hate something. But progots carry on with the fantasy that only right-wing people hate.

    They are filled with all sorts of ideological, racial, cultural, and moral hatreds. They worship homos and hate(and won’t tolerate) those who don’t share their homomaniacal delirium. Progots romanticize black thuggery(from a distance of course) and hate those who don’t agree.

    Progots are Hate Projectors. They feel hate like all humans but don’t have the courage and integrity to admit it. They project their hate onto others.

    They are so into themselves that their own hate is love whereas the love of their enemies is hate.

    So, if progots hate the idea of white nations, that is love of humanity. But if white patriots love their own white nations, that is ‘hate’.

    Patriots hate invaders, marauders, and traitors naturally. But at least patriots are honest about their hatreds as well as their loves.

    In contrast, progots won’t even admit they are filled with hate.

    (I give Che Guevara credit for at least admitting that revolution is about hate. Today’s so-called ‘leftists’ don’t even have the guts to admit that.)


  20. NY Post reports:

    “Kansas court documents show that Long successfully applied to have his name legally changed to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra in May 2015”

    I respond:

    Typical worst of it’s kind Nig*****

    Please monitor social media in your area and be on the look out for this type – they’ll be in and around BlackLiesMatter protests.

  21. There’s been quite a refreshing shift on my facebook feed as the false narrative crumbles over the course of the last few months. I haven’t seen any pro-black lives matter feeds. No one transparently imposed the French flag colors over their picture in the wake of the Nice attacks. On the other hand, the shit lords have come out in full force, emboldened with each passing attack. They are now completely unopposed and are openly calling BLM a terrorist organization on their feeds.

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