Muslims Botch Attempted Lee Rigby-Style Terrorist Attack In UK

It was foiled:

“RAF personnel at a base in Norfolk have been warned not to wear their uniform in public or travel on foot unaccompanied after one of their colleagues narrowly avoided being kidnapped at knife-point, raising fears of a Lee Rigby style terrorist attack.

UPDATE 1400 BST: A Norfolk police statement released on Thursday afternoon has given details of the descriptions of the two men being hunted for the attempted kidnapping. The statement said: “Suspect one is described as being between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 6ft tall, of athletic but stocky build, with dark hair which was long on top and had a well groomed beard. He was of Middle East origin in appearance with a dark skin tone and wore dark casual clothing”.

The statement continued: “Suspect 2 is described as between 20-30 years old but younger than the first suspect and of a slimmer build. He was approximately 5ft 10, clean shaven with short dark hair. He was also of Middle Eastern origin in appearance and wore a white t-shirt and dark shorts”.

An airman was out running near RAF Marham near Kings Lynn in Norfolk when he was approached by two men wielding knives. It is reported that they were trying to kidnap him by bundling him into a Ford Galaxy style people carrier.

The man was unharmed in the incident, which took place at 3.30pm on Wednesday, and was able to get away from his attackers, who sped off. He was not wearing his uniform at the time, The Daily Telegraph has reported. …

Thersea May, the UK’s new prime minister, is perfectly okay with these savages coming to Britain, but bans people like Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach and Michael Cushman.

Note: Thanks to decades of multiculturalism, political correctness, and Third World immigration, British soldiers have to disguise themselves in their own country.

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    Lookie. New Cold War.

    Funny that Jews were less hostile to USSR during Cold War than they are now.

    Back then, a lot of Jews still had some genuine leftist leanings and they saw US as ruled by Wasps. So, they had a soft spot for communism(even if they didn’t want it for themselves) and they saw USSR as counterweight to Wasp-American Power.

    Today, Jews rule America, and Wasps are their lapdogs and servants. So, Jews love American Power. It went from Wasp domination to Jewish domination.

    (And Jews don’t like classic leftism that focuses on class and economics. After all, Jews are 2% of the population but 43% of the top 1%. Most Jews today would rather support Shillary for Goldman Sachs over Bernie Sanders. Jews changed ‘progressivism’ into a cultish worship of fancy-ass homos who serve Hollywood and Wall Street.)

    Also, Russia is now into gentile nationalism, what Jews hate most, even more than communism. Jews fear the Russian template spreading to other white nations.

    Jews bitch about Putin’s autocratic tendencies, but this is bogus. Yeltsin blew up the parliament building and used all sorts of dirty means to keep the power. But Jews went easy on him cuz drunken Yeltsin allowed Jewish oligarchs to date-rape Russia. Yeltsin’s autocratic rule was in the service of globalism.

    If Putin were an autocrat who served Jewish globalists, American Jews would love him.

    So, old cold war and new cold war, they are both shaped by ethnic interests.

    Jews were less opposed to old cold war cuz Russia back then was leftist(like many American Jews) and posed a challenge to Wasp-ruled America.

    Jews are totally for the new cold war cuz Russia is now traditionalist/nationalist and at odds with an America that is totally Jewish-controlled.

    It’s like what happened to the Anti-War movement. So many Jews were opposed to war in Vietnam and other US ventures against Third World revolutions. Jews saw anti-war stance as anti-Wasp-domination of US foreign policy.

    But with the end of the Cold War and Jewish ascendancy, Jews have been at the forefront of the pro-war movement. As Buchanan said, the Gulf War was egged on by Zionists from Neocons to NYT. And Jews were egging Clinton to bomb Serbia. And Jews were for Iraq War. Jews have been silent about Obama’s destruction of Libya and Syria and Ukraine.

    So, Jews were never anti-war on principle. Jews were pro-war during WWII cuz they wanted US to defeat Hitler, enemy of Jews. But many Jews saw the Cold War as wasp-ruled US at war with nations and causes favored by Jews who were mostly on the Left. So, Jews feel that what the Rosenbergs did was less evil than the Wasp-conservative war on communist spies and infiltrators. McCarthyism was worse than Rosenbergism.

    Jews made anti-communists to be evil warmongers while Jews were on the side of peace. But these very same Jews were all for Jewish wars against the Arab world in 67 and 73. And even for the ongoing occupation of West Bank and Golan Heights.

    War and peace are ethnic interests by other means.

    • WASPS ain’t run America since before the War Between The States. Since 1865 it was always a Jewish-Masonic Cabal, but with WASP front men, but since WW2 it has been solidly Jewish

  2. It’s about someone pointed out that Diversity is a Disaster.

    We need to combat DDD, or Diversity Disaster Denial.

    What kills me is this. For a long time, the ‘progressive globalists’ or PROGLOB have been saying that ‘diversity is our strength’, and white people have so much to gain from it.

    It was sold as a great boon for whites. But now that whites are losing out(with the huge problem of white deaths and wage decline and all sorts of social problems), the PROGLOB like Fareed Zakaria are gloating that whites are dying, losing, and gonna end up in dustbin of history.

    Or consider the Newsweek cover about “GOP, YOU’RE OLD, YOU’RE WHITE, YOU’RE HISTORY”.

    So, it turns out diversity was not the strength but the disaster for whites.

    Now that white folks seemed totally defeated, the globalists are coming out of the woodworks and cackling with hideous glee. They love to see the fall of the white race.

    Or at least the white masses.

    White elites are well-taken care of and will end up gaining even more under Diversity. Finally, some whites are waking up to Diversity Disaster. But it may be too late.

    Elites have the most power, and the problem is that white elites have a great deal to gain from diversity. If ALL whites were harmed equally by diversity, the white elites will grow angry and decide to lead the white masses. But the way the system is set up, white elites have more to gain from diversity and globalism at the expense of white masses. If we were just see the economic angle of globalism, it is about white elites sacrificing white masses for their own gluttonous piggery. But because white elite privilege has been associated with ‘progressive’ values like homomania and ‘anti-racism’, the piggish white elites(like the Clintons) get to rake in ever more for themselves while acting morally righteous and putting the white masses on the moral defensive for being ‘xenophobic’ and etc.

    After all, diversity means using immigrants used as buffer between blacks and affluent white elites in big cities. It mean cheap docile labor and not having to deal with the hassle of white American workers and labor unions. If you’re an affluent white person, diversity can be a great social and economic boon since you will remain above most of diversity. After all, the browns are not gonna compete with the upper whites. Yelloids may offer some competition in schools, but eventually, a huge number of yelloid women are gonna offer wombs to white men and yelloid boys are never gonna go beyond middle management and many will die childless playing videogames. Asian-Indians may offer more challenge since India still has a huge birth boom and Asian-Indians are very energetic in personality. They got babu-ism.

    So, Hillary vs Trump is like white elites vs white masses.

    Hillary victory means white elites can go full-globalism and expand their privilege at expense of white masses.

    Trump victory(if Trump is honest, which I doubt) means white masses get to make demands on American elites to support and defend American workers and citizens.

    The America that resulted from New Deal era was one where the elites couldn’t just fatten themselves. Because of emphasis on national capitalism and power of working class via unions and greater cohesion between elites and masses(since both were white mostly), the elites couldn’t pig out for themselves at the expense of American workers. They had to be mindful of the masses. So, elite privilege and profits were curtailed cuz they had to be shared with the masses.

    That bond has been broken by both parties. GOP started it, but Dems took it and ran with it especially since the Clinton Era. But it was bound to appeal to Dems in the long run since Dems got the big cities, the cosmo centers of globalism. Once cities became de-industrialized and became hubbub of the information economy, urban Democrats wanted less to do with native workers and more to do with global opportunities.

    But some blame must go to US workers and labor unions too. The unions became bloated and corrupt, like shown in that Danny Devito movie about Hoffa and that Paul Schrader movie BLUE COLLAR. Also, American workers got used to taking things for granted. They became like the hare in the hare vs tortoise story. While other nations were innovating, US auto workers just wanted more benefits and business as usual. Also, the children of the working class got into drug and hedonistic culture in the 60s, and their work attitudes became lousy. Just look at the kids in DAZED AND CONFUSED. So, we need to fix up the culture as well. White ‘trash’ culture isn’t all that better than wildass Negro culture.

    Another problem is the moral sleight of hand pulled off by the PROGLOB. It might be called Justice Diversion Tactic or Diversionary Justice Tactic.

    What is justice? Justice is about redressing a wrong.

    So, if I did something wrong to you, I owe something to YOU. Not to others.

    Suppose I stole your water, like in the movie JEAN DE FLORETTE.

    If there is to be justice, I should irrigate a canal whereby I send some of my water to your land. The water should go from my land to your land to redress the wrong. That is justice.

    But suppose a third party diverts the water that goes from my land to your land. Suppose he channels it to his land. Suppose he says that because I’d done YOU wrong, the water-of-redress should flow to his land. He poses as the middleman of justice and takes it for himself when it should go from me to you.

    Does this make sense? That’s not justice. But that is the foundation of the (Emma)Lazarus Logic of Justice.

    Because white folks took the land from the Red Savages and used blacks as slaves… that means… uh…. white folks owe something to the huddled wretched masses from all over the world. What kind of justice is that?

    If whites had done wrong to Indians and Negroes, then whites owe something to the redskins and the jivers, not to anyone else.

    Consider Israel. Zionists took land from Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed and still live under Occupation in West Bank. So, for the sake of Justice, we can argue that Jews owe something to the Palestinians. That makes sense. But would it make sense to say, “because Jews did wrong to Palestinians, they must redress the problem by offering right of immigration to Chinese, Black Africans, Hindus, Iranians, Mexicans, and etc”? No, that is ridiculous. It would be a case of Justice Diversion. The water of justice that should flow from Jews to Palestinians will be diverted to serving peoples whom Jews hadn’t done harm to.

    Diversity Mania is a form of Justice Diversion. It says White America owes something to the entire world(by way of open borders immigration) because it committed wrongs against Indians and blacks.

    It also says Europe owes something to the entire world because of its horrors in WWII. But if Europeans had wronged Jews in WWII, they owe something to Jews. What do they owe to Muslims and Africans who just wanna come to EU for free stuff and white women?

    Also, why all of Europe? Only a handful of European nations were involved in imperialism. Most weren’t. How many overseas empire did Poles, Hungarians, Lithuanians, Serbians, Croatians, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, and etc have?

    Furthermore, imperialism wasn’t only about taking. Western imperialists also spread a lot of good stuff all over the world. So, there was take but also give. It evens out in most cases. (And of course, non-white civilizations had empires of their own. Oftentimes, it was a war of empires than war of white imperialists vs gentle non-whites living in harmony with nature. Aztecs were an imperialist people. When whites came upon Chiner, it was under Manchu rule. And when Brits came to India, it was under Mogul rule. And when French came to Cambodia, it was being carved by Viet and Thai empires.)

    Anyway, Justice Diversion is messing up the world. It is making a mockery of the meaning of justice. It is burdening innocent nations with the responsibilities caused by other peoples. If any people need to pay for the disaster in the Middle East and North Africa, it is globalist Jewish supremacists in NY and DC who’ve steered Western foreign policy toward destroying Arab nations. But Justice Diversion says Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Poles, and etc. must take in the refugees.

    Justice Diversion not only diverts the redressing of wrongs to undeserved parties but directs punishment at those innocent of the wrong or crime.

    In the US, the rewards for historical wrongs of America have been diverted from blacks and Indians to immigrants. Look how well the Asian-Indian dotkins are doing in the US. But white man ‘stole’ American from American Indians(aka Injuns), not from Asian-Americans. So, who are the likes of Fareed Zakaria to act as though they DESERVE to come to America and take over economies?

    In the EU, the punishment for the horrors visited upon Arabs and Muslims have been diverted at European nations. So, even though Jewish-dominated foreign policy brought so much suffering to Arabs and Muslims, the burden of dealing with this disaster has been dumped on Europeans. Because of European crimes in WWII, they must be burdened with the ‘refugee’ crisis because… uh…. the ‘refugees’ are sort of like Jews during WWII… or the logic goes.

    This is like saying Japan must suffer the burden of taking care of Africans uprooted by war and poverty because of what it did in China in WWII. But that is not justice. If Japan did China wrong, then Japan owes something to China, not to the world.

    Imagine if I stole $1,000 from Jill, but Bob comes along with his Justice Diversion theory and says I should hand that money to him because I’d done Jill wrong.

    Ludicrous. That is Justice Usurpation.


  3. I would support real secularism, but what goes by the name of secularism isn’t.

    Secularism should be rational, skeptical, critical, and pro-liberty.

    But the secular West has its own iron dogma and ideocratic tyranny called PC that is really a form of Political Worship.

    Holocaustianity is a religion that destroys heretics. Homomania requires all to celebrate and praise the homo. MLK cult and Mandela cults are faiths. In UK, you can be arrested for making irreverent twit about Mandela. Diversity is a faith. You must believe it is good and a ‘strength’. If you say otherwise, you are destroyed as a heretic.

    How did the secular media treat Samuel Huntington’s WHO ARE WE? and Thilo Sarrazin’s GERMANY ABOLISHES ITSELF. How did US treat Jason Richwine and Helen Thomas?

    Secular my butt.

    Also, there is the worship of Mammon, the surrender of rational faculties, moral sense, and critical self-control to Negromania of Rap and slut feminism of Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Lena Dunham.

    Trigglypuff and Trigger-Warnings and bogus BLM and Safe Spaces and ‘gay marriage’ and Bruce Jenner as woman… these are the faiths of the West.

    Secular? No, a neo-faith in trash.

    I would support Turkish girls learning to swim, exercise, and build their bodies and even being attractive sexually.

    But the West now promotes the pornification of mainstream culture and even the selling of slut dress to little girls.

    There’s a huge divide between a girl in swimsuit enjoying water and Miley Cyrus imitating twerking apekind.

    Secularism is Hillary mocking the police after it got murdered by black thugs.

    Secularism is standing ovation for some homo super-rich at RNC. Oh, holy homo!!! Lookie, the GOP got a holy homo to endorse it. What joy!!!!

    Secularism. Do you want Turkey to become like this?

    Pussy Riot, the face of current secularism..

    Also, neo-secularism says the Powers-that-Be should have the power to decide what is ‘hate speech’ and ban it. Of course, the PTB are gonna ban speech that threatens their power and privilege.

    What is often called ‘secular’ is secular-in-name-only.

    It’s like communist nations were officially secular since they were not religious or even banned religion. Officially, they were atheist. But Marx, Lenin, and Engels–or Stalin or Mao or Castro or Che or Kim or Ceaucescu etc–had to worshiped as demi-gods.

    One could say Fascism and National Socialism were secular too, but they revolved around personality cults that were near god-like.

    US is secular in name only. The seculigion of America is MLK worship, Zion worship, homomania, diversity-mania, and etc. Young children are taught to worship such things and attack any dissenter as ‘hater’.

    Secular in name only or SINO(not to be confused with Chinee).

    Consider the justification for homomania. There is no rational debate. instead, there is just a lot of quasi-spiritual pageantry that conflates homos with the ‘rainbow’. Where is reason and critical thinking in that?

    And consider how people don’t discuss the real MLK who was a complex individual with strengths and huge flaws. Instead, we must worship the myth of MLK as the new prophet. So much for secularism.

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