Cosmo Setepenra Emailed His Manifesto To Rapper

Correction: He emailed the manifesto to a rapper. He sent a different email to Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Read the whole manifesto.


I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous acts of violence. You are thinking to yourself that this is completely out of character of the MAN you knew who was always positive, encouraging, & wore a smile wherever he was seen. Yes this does seem to be out of character but I ask that you finish reading before you make that decision.

I know I will be vilified by the media & police, unfortunately, I see my action’s as a necessary evil that I do not wish to partake in, nor do I enjoy partaking in, but must partake in, in order to create substantial change within America’s police forces and Judicial system.

Right now their is a unseen & concealed war within America’s police force between Good cops & Bad cops. And the way the current system is set up, it protects all cops whether good or bad, right or wrong, instead of punishing bad cops & holding them accountable for their actions.

And when good cops do try and stand up, speak out, & point out the wrong’s & criminal acts of a bad cops they get reprimanded, harassed, blackballed or blacklisted or all of these and more. Thus creating a perpetual systematic fertile ground for bad cops to flourish, excell, & go unpunished in.

Therefore I must bring the same destruction that bad cops continue to inflict upon my people, upon bad cops as well as good cops in hopes that the good cops (which are the majority) will be able to stand together to enact justice and punishment against bad cops b/c right now the police force & current judicial system is not doing so.

Therefore now if the bad cops, law makers, & justice system leader’s care about the welfare, familie’s, & well-being of their fellow good cops, then they (bad cops) will quit committing criminal acts against melanated people & the people in general. If not, my people, & the people in general will continue to strike back against all cops until we see that bad cops are no longer protected & allowed to flourish. B/C until this happens, we the people cannot differentiate the the good from the bad.

Protected & unpunished bad cops forces melanated people to label the good cop as potential threats to the safety & well-being of our women, family, & children. Good cops I ask that you help change this situation that we find ourselves in by starting from within the force & making an impact in their.

For the sake of preventing future loss of life rather it be from the hand of bad cops upon melanated people, or from the hand of the people upon good cops, I do not ask but order (With & By the power of the people behind me) for all bad cops to be punished swiftly, completely, & unhesitatingly; & for all unethical police practices & procedure’s to cease immediately.

Condolences to my people & their loved ones who have been victims at the hands of bad cops for decades. And condolences to the good cops & their families as well.

And special salute $ thank you to the brave cops that have already identified & spoke up against bad cops and racist unjust practices.

The list of good cops include but are not limited to: Officer Edwin Raymond & to the approximate 10 other officers who are coming forward against illegal practices of the NYPD targeting my people unethically.

Salute to Officer Nakia Jones Officer Joe Crystal Fellow Marine & EX-Cop MIchael Wood. Retired Captain Ray Lewis. Former Police Chief Norm Stamper.

Officer Billy Ray Fields. & Officer Frank Serpico.

And every other officer who stands up & protects & serves, and upholds their oath, even if it’s protecting the people from one of their fellow officers.

Sincerely, Love Cosmo

A sacrifice for my people, & a sacrifice for the people.


The first few lines are lifted directly from Christopher Dorner’s manifesto.

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  1. Why just a screenshot, why didn’t you post the video??? Becuase if people heard what he actually had to say, your racist BS would get exposed??? Go on youtube, people and watch the video. Dr. Boyce Watkins was absolutely the wrong person to try and involve in this stupid hoax. He absolute destroys the white supremacists attempts to link him to this. It seems like every Black speaker telling Black people to do for themselves, don’t depend on the govt, stand up and be accountable is being targeted for painting as an accomplice to this mentally ill cop-killer no matter how different their message is from the group that the shooter is allegedly a part of. Is that supposed to be a coincidence?????

    • Your point is taken, but realize this particular author had to answer personally and as a leader for Dylan Roof, who he didn’t know.

      Also, Confederate heritage was defaced as a consequence of Roof, why would it be any different for black activists to take some heat for someone they actually knew?

      Currently there is a debate amongst white nationalists concerning black attempts to form a homeland. I’m all for it, as we would all be better off. Financial support to the tune of about 5000 per person per year would also be appropriate to sweeten the pot. This should decline by 3% per year so that after 33 years, the black nation would be completely on its own.

      Its sad to see people run down blacks when they talk of a separate homeland or Back to Africa, in fact it’s odd. If you dont like blacks you should be cheering them on in this respect.

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