Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine As Vice President

I’m feeling a lot more bullish on Trump.

Hillary is gambling that she can take Bernie Sanders supporters, particularly Millennials who hated in her in the primary, for granted. She is also betting on an Obama-level turnout among blacks and Hispanics with a boring White male moderate as her running mate. I don’t see either happening in November.

What is her message? What is compelling about the Hillary-Kaine ticket? Mike Pence added some much needed balance to Trump’s ticket. Hillary picked a running mate who has less charisma than Al Gore and who has no appeal to minorities or the disaffected wing of the Democratic Party.

Former Sen. Jim Webb has endorsed Donald Trump. He should help in Virginia. Maybe he will run for Kaine’s US Senate seat?

Update: Wall Street is breathing a huge sigh of relief now that the storm has passed. The Tim Kaine pick will also make all the neocons happy who have publicly endorsed Hillary:

“Hillary Clinton’s unveiling of Tim Kaine as her vice presidential pick was greeted by mixed reactions from liberal groups on Friday night. But one constituency breathed a sigh of relief: Wall Street …”

Note: So this is how the Bernie Sanders “Political Revolution” ends … with Hillary-Kaine 2016!

Is the Bernie crowd really going to show up for two corrupt party hacks running on a return to Clinton-era globalist centrism when Wall Street ran the US economy? Are they going to vote for “a loyal servant of the oligarchy?”

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  1. Brown people have an incentive to not show up in November: further polarization, and taking total control of the Democratic party.

    It would only cost them 4 years and then they would have a shot at replacing trump with another brown skinned individual. White leftists would have to choose between subjugation to brownie and subjugation to the patriarchs. Browns could gamble that they would choose them.

    There certainly have been a lot of happenings lately.

    Jim Webb for secdef!

  2. So she basically picked the Democratic Party’s version of Mike Pence. Maybe the Wall Street and big business types, bankers and Jews giving her money are insisting on a reliable corporatist VP in case she croaks.

    She has a lot of expensive talent behind her so I think we can safely infer they must be telling this the way to go. My intuition is that it’s a risky choice for Clinton. The Democrats are heavily invested in villfying white males. There is a chance here that she alienated blacks, Latinos and Bernie supporters all at the same time.

    • Very different dynamics.

      Trump picked Mike Pence to address his weakness with Midwestern Christian conservatives. Pence balances Trump’s ticket. OTOH, Hillary snubbed the progressive wing and picked someone just like herself. This is like Trump picking Christie.

      • Kaine sounds like a Romney/Ryan Republican. He supports financial deregulation, and he made favorable comments about the TPP as recently as last week. A true globalist. If Clinton is worried about a collapse in support by middle and working class whites for the Democrats, I don’t see how Kaine helps.

        Historically, the American power structure has worked like a Swiss watch when it comes to neutralizing populist threats from the old, class-oriented left or the populist right. Hopefully, Trump can finally disrupt this. He still has to overcome the staggering forces line up against him. There is reason to be cautiously optimistic though.

        • Of all the VP candidates, the polling showed Kaine helped the least. Yet she went with this idiot anyway. I’m glad it wasn’t Sherrod Brown or Bernie Sanders.

          • Sanders would have been compelling.

            But this? Wow. Pence should rip his guts out.

          • Thank God It wasn’t Julian Castro with his plan to grant financial wavers to section 8 housing occupants so the system can break up the hated “fly over” country by building section 8 housing in majority white conservative areas.

          • Doesn’t matter, they don’t need Castro around in any official capacity to do that. That’s because Castro didn’t think up the idea; he just happens to be the HUD secretary at the time of its initial implementation. The straw that is stirring the drink behind AFFH is that white urban liberals/hipsters/LGBTQ intent on urban gentrification in important cities want the black (and Hispanic, to a lesser extent) undertow packed up and shipped out. It doesn’t matter if the Democrat President, Vice-President and HUD Secretary is Hillary, Obama, Kaine, Castro, Warren, Biden, or Mickey Mouse. This is just a matter of a political party responding to the desires of some of its most active loyal check-writing constituents.

    • Opening here is massive in the VP debate. I’ve no idea who has the best skills but a white face is going to defend BLM? God had mercy on Kaine for Pence should spare none.

  3. Black to the back, ha ha. Kaine needs to make his whole campaign in Spanish, guaranteed win.

    An all white presidential race as it should be, ha ha. In reality I expect old dentures snapper to up the race hate, thank God for Hillary

    • Yeah, this is not going to make the minorities very happy. No Hispanic or black is probably quite worrisome for all the alphabet freaks and misfits as well. I’m surprised she didn’t pick Terry McAuliffe over Kaine. If they got elected, he would have made sure all felons – nationwide – would have had voting rights restored for 2020.

      I lived in Virginia when it was still a Republican stronghold although there was a lot of minorities all throughout Fairfax county. Kebab joints were all over the place.

  4. You think she might have done this to pick up the neocon/NeverTrump cuck vote? He seems to appeal to them. Wall St guy. Semi pro life right?

  5. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Tim Kaine – worst VP pick EVER.

    Hillary/Kaine – the least physically attractive ticket probably ever.

  6. Honestly I don’t know what to say about this pick I honestly didn’t see this one coming

    • She is controlled by her financial backers. Doubtful that she had much input in the final decision.

      A wise choice on her part would have been Sanders. He would have garnered more support and involved more of the millennial vote for the ticket.

      • You’re right this was probably a BANKSTER pick plus Bill Clinton probably wanted it, Tim Kaine is one of those THIRD WAY POLITICIANS. Bill Clinton was a major player in Third Way in the 1990’s. THIRD WAY ESPOUSES Liberal Pragmatism and hatred of everything that even reeks of Nationalism or White Self Determinism after all as Strobe Talbott said in 1992 a buddy of Clinton THE NATION STATE IS OVER. Time Magazine 1992

          • Pretty reasonable strategic choice.

            However, It’s too late now. It sounds like recent nostalogia.

          • Yes Hunter 100% Correct. Bill Clinton is HELL-BENT on preserving his legacy. I am actually surprised Barack Obama hasn’t taken a ride in a Lincoln Convertible by now, considering that Bill Clinton’s worst nightmare is Obama going to the UN and stealing his limelight.

            Make no mistake about it Hillary Clinton will probably be elected even if the CIA has to hack every voting machine in the entire nation to do it. Once that happens the LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH must go full Secession mode time is running out.

            My understanding in law Hunter is that all that has to happen is FIRST Dual State Governments to be formed, in other words State Governments according to the State Constitutions present in 1861 and according to the 1861 Confederate Constitution and then these governments must elect Representatives and Senators to the Congress and impanel an Electoral College to elect a President and Vice President. SECOND will be getting the people to see this government as the legal government and proving ALL STATE GOVERNMENTS IN THE ELEVEN STATES OF DIXIE FROM 1865-PRESENT are completely ILLEGAL. This may be trickier in Kentucky and Missouri as their governments legally were never dissolved, but I am sure it will follow the same Parameter

            WHATCHA THINK?

  7. A week or so ago, I began looking in on FiveThirtyEight’s General Election Forecast, which is at http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/ As recently as June 29, Clinton’s advantage over Trump was four to one (80.3% to 19.7%); but as of yesterday, July 22, it’s at only 3 to 2 (58.7% fo 41.3%). On July 13, after the release of Quinnipiac surveys of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Clinton’s chances dropped so sharply, from 77.4 to 71.0, that FiveThirtyEight posted an article about the change.

    Certainly, it will be interesting to see what effect, if any, next week’s convention, of the Democrats, will have.

    • Hard to say at this point. I think the debates in September will be the deciding factor. If Trump can get the White vote in the swing states, he wins.

      • If Trump knows what’s good for him, he’ll start laying the groundwork for cancellation of the debates. He’ll say they’re an outmoded format, he prefers the town halls, whatever.

        In response to the first of three July 20 posts at the Chateau Heartiste blog, a troll by name of “The Spirit Within” posted the following:

        “The primary debates were unstructured gangbangs. One-on-one, Drumpf’s a debate virgin. He knows how to negotiate from a position of power by shithammering business opponents, but he’s not mentally disciplined enough to outwit HRC, let alone a skilled high school debater, within a different structure. He can’t argue from facts because he doesn’t know any, not unless he gets to that studyin’ and book-larnin.

        “Prediction: He’ll just act belligerent and bellow like a stuck bull. There will be at least one moment of narcissistic rage, and at least fourteen protests of unfairness. Bitching is his default mode.”

        Manifestly true though all of that is, it was rejected, by other commenters there, in predictably violent terms: Trump was “machine gunning cucks into submission” in the primary debates. Trump will “shred [Clinton] to pieces; he’ll “destroy [her] in a classic fashion.”
        By the time Trump backed out of the debates late in the primary season, a number of Occidental Dissent commenters, including me, were saying he should stop attending them. His inability to debate was what had left him no choice but to insult his way through the primary season and thus, ultimately, to alienate Kasich, the Bushes, Rubio, and, well, just about everyone but Chris Christie. More than once during the primary season, his debate performance came close to sinking him.
        To call Trump a strange case is hardly to go far enough. He can’t debate; he has a sense of humor but no wit, no real sense for a turn of phrase. He can’t orate, has no feel for rhetoric.
        On July 21, Bill Kristol posted the following, which, as well as anything else, captures the enigma that is Trump …

        • ‘If Trump knows what’s good for him, he’ll start laying the groundwork for cancellation of the debates. He’ll say they’re an outmoded format, he prefers the town halls, whatever.’

          I agree with that because if he hammers Clinton the media will bash him for being a bully and roughing up a woman. Yes, the town halls are better giving him the opportunity express his thoughts more fully.

          “The primary debates were unstructured gangbangs. One-on-one, Drumpf’s a debate virgin. He knows how to negotiate from a position of power by shithammering business opponents, but he’s not mentally disciplined enough to outwit HRC, let alone a skilled high school debater, within a different structure. He can’t argue from facts because he doesn’t know any, not unless he gets to that studyin’ and book-larnin.”

          Bunch of nonsense. No, he is not a debater in the classical sense, but his style works for influencing people. He killed the GOP field many of which are very good debaters.

          As for not being able to outwit Hillary and not being able to argue from facts because he doesn’t know any?


          • I’m afraid I have no choice but to agree to disagree with you, Sam. At some point during the primary season, some pundit, somewhere, remarked that Trump had prevailed in the debates by “force of personality.” That, to me, says it. To say, as you do, that Trump is not a debater “in the classical sense” is like saying Jackson Pollock wasn’t a painter “in the classical sense.” He wasn’t a painter at all.

          • You don’t have to be afraid to disagree with me. Just kidding.

            I was in the used car business for decades.

            The nerdy guys, so to speak, with taped glasses, pocket protectors and stacks of ‘Car and Driver’ mags on their desks who could rattle off engine compression ratios, torques, engineering stats and performance studies were not inventory reducers.

            On the other hand, some of the best salesmen were great persuaders, story tellers and quite frankly, BS artists, who were not overly concerned with minutiae, but were adept at hitting your emotional hot buttons.

            Sure, in a debate format on a stage with judges the geeks would win, but in real life the guys selling the- sizzle not the bacon- who pushed the right emotional buttons always won the salesman of the month awards.

            Not the best analogy but close enough.

          • Decades ago, Sam, two salesmen of photocopy machines rather demonstrated, right in front of my eyes, the point you’re making. Their inadequate answer to a question that I myself, out of mild technical curiosity, had happened to put to them, while they and I were in the copy department of a company where I was working, made clear that their own interests didn’t extend to an understanding how the machine they were demonstrating worked. What, on the other hand, was equally clear, at that moment, was that that didn’t matter. They knew well enough what the machine could do–its outstanding features–and they communicated that with enthusiasm. As I stood there with them, I, who had no role in the company’s purchase of the equipment, found myself thinking that they probably sold quite a few machines.

            The only thing I would add is that Trump is taking BS artistry to a hitherto unreached height. Every time he gets up on the debate stage, it feels like a highwire act. Pundits and ordinary persons all across the country–probably worldwide–remark that he’s BS-ing; but he gets away with it–barely, it often seems. If he hadn’t dropped out of the primary debates when he did, he might have sunk himself. One-on-one debates between Clinton and him will be, well, let’s just say, interesting.

            PS I’ve certainly known a salesman or two in whom technical understanding and storytelling ability have been combined; but as your experience suggests, that type might be quite a rarity.

          • Trump needs to practice at least every other day for 3 hours. He needs to put 3 top lieutenants on this, on for Hillary, one for him, and one for the media / moderators.

            Winging it is not acceptable. The swing voters want to see effort from Trump.

    • Nate Silver is not going to be analyzing this election honestly.

      This one is personal.

      What model really exists to show how well a fascist backed by an establishment party will do?

      • Did you read what I just posted? Trump’s rise on July 13 was so sharp that FiveThirtyEight devoted an article to it. Yesterday, July 22, Silver himself posted the following …

    • Polls are often a PSYOP. Pathetic little people who do not have minds of their own can be swayed quite easily with polls. After all, many Americans can be swayed with the simple promise from a well-known liar. We deserve the government we have and get the government we deserve. The Tavistock Institute is well-known for such operations. You can never beat an enemy whose identity is the world’s best kept secret.

      They even tell us what they’re doing:

      “These intelligence / information sources can assist in converting national objectives into strategic, operational and tactical human target sets as well as determine psychological centers of gravity within the target audience.
      To confirm the intelligence, ensure focused efforts, and determine changes in trends or perspectives, the SPU will also require access to government and commercial agencies that conduct polling or otherwise provide information as to the current (and future) attitudes of a target set in relation to national objectives. Tracking trends and patterns from current to future attitudes constitutes the measure of effectiveness. In this manner, the SPU, as well as other PSYOP forces, can determine the effectiveness of an Information Campaign.”
      PSYOP: Coordinating Worldwide Psychological Operations….., LTC Dave Acevedo, US Army Reserves, Academic Year 02-03, Pages 28-29


  8. 538 is giving Trump a 41% chance. That is greater than the 40% chance I have been giving him for weeks now. After the Kaine pick, I am revising my estimate to give Trump a 50% chance.

    • What a choice! Four white people with three of them being the dreaded white male. Such a dilemma. Many minorities may end up staying home.

    • I’m not one of those “ignore the polls” types, but I do question the turnout models they are using.

      Trump will get the Ron Paul people back – the disaffected populist right who stayed home in 2008 and 2012. Rank and file Republicans will vote for Trump, Never Trump was a Jewish/Media phenomena. Trump is rebuilding the Bush coalition plus some “alt-right” types, using that term very loosely.

      Clinton will not get the same amount of minority turnout as Obama. That’s just a fact.

      Gary Johnson will not get 1%, Stein will not get 1%. Collectively they will balance out.

      This is not the Obama electorate, it will be half way between the midterm electorate and the Obama electorate.

      A 50% chance for Trump is a great improvement over Romney, who had a 0% chance.

  9. The problem of America is not only diversity. It is the disconnection of power.

    America was always corrupt(like any society), but there was better chance of reform in the past because white elites led white masses. White elites felt it was their duty to serve the white masses, not hurt them. Also, white elites made no secret of their power and privilege. And white masses felt as part of the system.

    Now, homogeneity or relative homogeneity is no guarantee for clean society though, generally speaking, homogeneity is better than diversity. Homogeneity is a blessing.

    Japan is homogeneous, but it has its own kind of corruption. Indeed, in some ways, homogeneity can make corruption worse because a sense of togetherness and tribal unity paves over a lot of the corruption as part-of-doing-business-in-our-culture.

    Culture, customs, and habits can trump laws, principles, and ethics.

    In certain ways, diversity can be good for cleaner government since rule of law must trump tribal norms.

    One of the advantages of the US in its early period was it was MILDLY DIVERSE. There were different religious sects, Anglos, Dutch, Germans, Irish, and etc. They were different, but the thing is, they were NOT TOO different. They were different/diverse enough for Rule of Law to prevail over mere tribal, cultural, or ethnic norms. But they were similar enough — all part of Northern European stock — that they could merge and meld into one and come to trust one another. (Also, fear of Old World power and red savages also bound the different groups together.)

    If mild diversity can boost Rule of Law, excessive diversity or wild diversity undermines it. Blacks can’t be part of White America. Even if they could, many blacks don’t want to be. And the increasing number of Browns sneer at white America and white culture. Also, Jews as the ruling elites fear White Power and White Interests. If Anglo-American elites of old tried to bring other Europeans(esp of Northern stock) into their fold, Jews try to keep whites with cult of shame and guilt.

    If in early America, the mild diversity had the effect of favoring Rule of Law over ethnic cultural norms, the wild diversity of today undermines Rule of Law in favor of tribal power, esp as non-whites have been told that it is wrong to become part of white America.

    So, there is a disconnection of power. In early America, mild diversity led to Rule of Law that connected Anglo-American elites with other white groups even if of different religious sects or ethnicity, such as Dutch or German or whatever.

    But the wild diversity of today disconnects power between Jews and whites and between whites and non-whites who are surging in number, largely thanks to Jewish-driven immigration policy. And we live in homomaniacal America where the new faith is worship of holy homo and even tranny.

    Since Jews are the ruling elites of America, their mindset shapes and governs much of the new reality. What is the Jewish mentality? Over time, it came to fuse centrism with peripherism. Jews have long believed that they are the chosen of God. And secular Jews came to see themselves as super-genius ubermenschowitz like Marx, Freud, and Rand. Jews have long thought they are holier. They are better. They are superior. They are smarter, more visionary, more prophetic, and etc. So, they think they are the center of everything wherever they go.

    But Jews have been a peripheral minority in every society where most folks were gentile. So, Jews came to feel as both the CENTER and the PERIPHERY. And over time, the Jewish subconscious came to conflate periphery as the center since that that was the condition of their existence.

    So, even though US is 98% gentile and only 2% Jewish, we make a huge deal about Hannukah, Israel, Zionism, Jewish identity, Jewish this, Jewish that. Every year, Christmas is increasingly disregarded and demoted while even white Conservative Christians eagerly say ‘Happy Hannukah’. Even white cons are loathe to say anything about white identity or interests, but they are the first to say I LOVE ISRAEL, I LOVE JEWS!

    Given the fusion of centrism and peripherism in the Jewish mind, it’s no wonder that Jews came to feel close to homos. Homos also have the fusion of peripherism and centrism. This is esp true of homo men, esp Jewish homo men. Homo men have the combination of male aggression and female bitchiness/narcissism. That makes them more self-aggrandizing and self-promoting than most other groups. They are so ooh-lala, whoopity-doopity, hissy wissy, humpy-dumpy, tootchi-hootchi, and etc. Just look at George Takei aka Too Gay. He thinks he’s hot stuff and a great moral arbiter of all things because he takes penises up his ass. Jews feel a sense of camaraderie with homos who, like Jews, are part of a small minority but feel like they are the center of the cosmos.

    When a peripheral community becomes vain, narcissistic, and power-mad and takes over the Core Power of Community, there will be more corruption since most of the power will be used to serve peripheral supremacism than common interest of the great majority. We see such behavior in US finance, media, academia, foreign policy, and etc. It is Jewish-Homo or Jomo madness.

    The alliance of Jews and Homos is most unfortunate. This is because there is genuine value in Jewishness whereas such can’t be made for homos.

    Jewish culture has depth, meaning, and profundity whereas homo culture is shallow, trivial, and campy. Now, when talented homos sublimate their tendencies and serve something of deeper and greater significance, they can do amazing things like the artists of the Renaissance. But if you allow homos to run wild as homos, they just get all teletubby on you–as well as fella-rubby.

    Even though Jews were minorities in most nations, it is understandable why they felt as the center of things. After all, truth isn’t necessarily about numbers. Suppose there are 100 learned people in a world of 10,000 ignoramuses. If the 100 learned men feel they are more essential to human culture than the 10,000 morons, they would be right. Truth isn’t only about numbers. A minority could have truth on its side.

    So, even though Jews were a minority, they could still feel closer to the truth and indeed be closer to the truth.

    Jews came upon the most resilient formula for survival and preservation of race and culture, all the more remarkable since Jewishness is among the oldest survival cultures even in exile and with loss of homeland. So, Jews were onto some great truths about race, culture, history, and dream of territory(that was retaken in 1948).

    So, Jewish centrism despite their peripheral existence sort of made sense.

    But homo centrism makes no sense. Sure, key homos have played important roles in world affairs in philosophy, arts, and etc. But at the very core, homo-ness is a freakery that goes against life. Fecal penetration and lesbian-poon-grinding are mockery of sex.

    Also, while Judaism is about Jewish individuals serving something bigger than themselves — God, history, culture, ancestry, legacy, etc. — , homo mentality is all about me, me, me. It’s about some fruitkin putting on a wig and dress and acting like he is a she as the most beautiful thing in the universe.

    One can be moved by Heston as Moses in 10 COMMANDMENTS.

    But only a degenerate society celebrates Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner as ‘woman of the year’.

    So, while there is a superficial similarity between Jewishness and homo-osity, it is a very shallow one. Jewishness has roots, homo-ness does not. Jewishness fuses the the truth of life with the truth of culture. It is pud-poon-centric in appreciating the source of life. It is heart-mind-centric in understanding that humanity isn’t merely about acting like animals or Negroes and having wild sex like in the orgy scene in 1o COMMANDMENTS or the Dudley Moore movie 1o where some short Jewish guy has the hots for a shikse with negress hairbraid. Jewishness emphasizes the biology of life but also the need for moral regulation of that biology.

    In contrast, homo-ness is a biological fraud. Homomania would have us believe that a homo’s bungy is just as legit a sex organ as a woman’s vagina. It would have us believe that a poon can have ‘sex’ with another poon. Using this logic, if someone sticks his finger into another person’s belly-button, is that sex too? If an anus is a ‘sex organ’, why not a finger and belly button? Hey, finger-belly ‘sex’. And if someone licks that finger, it’s a new kind of ‘blowjob’. And if he licks his own finger, it’s a self-blow.

    Homosexuality is a natural abnormality. Some are born with such tendency, and we should recognize that fact. But it is a freakery of nature that violates the laws of nature.

    But homos say homo-ness is the New Normal, and we should not only say homo acts are wonderful but it’s miraculous like the rainbow. This is sick.

    And because homos are out-of-control in their butt-bang-orgies, they have little use for morality. They don’t want to be governed by moral sense. Their demand for ‘gay marriage’ has nothing to do with morality. Instead of homos respecting true morality of real-sexuals, homos in their peripheri-centrist madness have demanded that morality bend over to homo narcissism. This has made a total mockery of true morality. It’d be like incest-sexuals demanding that morality be bent to praise and honor incest as the Next New Normal.

    Also, consider the difference between Judaism and Homomania when it come to spirituality. According to Jewishness, Jews must worship and serve God. God may bless the Jews and do them some favors, but Jews must live for God, not vice versa. So, when Jews go against God, Jews must apologize.

    But homos think god must serve homos. They think god should bless even homo fecal penetration because… uh… homos like to do that stuff. They think Jesus should be revised as having died on the Cross because he wanted to see ‘gay marriage’ legalized one day. They think god should bless a man who cuts off his whanker and gets a fake pooter(or cooter as some would say).

    The Jewish-Homo alliance may be advantageous to Jews in the short run, but it has befouled Jewishness for all time… that is unless the Orthodox Jewish community takes hold and denounces and ends this alliance for good.

    Not all peripheri-centrism have the same value. Jewishness has value, Homomania does not(though homos as talented individuals have value). Homos would do best by accepting their homo-ness without forcing society to praise and celebrate it as some gift from god or something to do with pride. Homos are so vain and demanding that they’ve turned ‘gay’ and ‘pride’ into purely homo terms.

    Why not go all the way and call ‘gay parade’ the holy parade. Maybe Homos can own ‘holy’ too. This homomania is secular-in-name-only or SINO. After all, homos are eagerly applying pressure on churches to fly homo flags and say that ‘god loves sodom’. Homomania is a quasi-religious movement, one promoted by Jews to be the substitute for Christianity. After all, if ‘gay rights’ is purely a secular thing, why are EU nations forcing even churches to officiate over ‘gay weddings’?

    To illustrate that not all peripheri-centrisms are the same, consider the following scenario.

    Suppose there is a community of Christians who are into Creationism

    Suppose they constitute the solid majority.

    But there are two minority communities.

    There is the Darwinist community and Lamarckian community.

    Both are minority communities, and both feel they are right about how life came to be.

    Both are, as yet, peripheral, but both feel they are closer to the Center of Truth.

    But whereas the Darwinists are right, Lamarckians are not.

    So, while Darwinism as peripheri-centrism has value, Lamarckianism does not.

    But suppose some Darwinists come to value their position as peripheri-centrists so much that they form an alliance with Lamarckians. Well, it may strengthen the hand of peripheri-centrism, but it has hurt the cause of real science by associating Darwinism with Lamarckianism.


  10. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) was officially announced as Hillary Clinton’s running mate in Miami this afternoon as she introduced him as a “progressive who likes to get things done.”
    “Hey, guys. Thank you!” he said as he took the podium, before immediately launching into a message in Spanish.

    Kaine repeatedly referred to his missionary work in Honduras, where he learned to speak fluent Spanish.

    He also used Spanish to describe his Catholic faith and his plan for immigration reform.

    “In our administration in the first 100 days we’ll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship,” he shouted.

    His Spanish slogans existed separately from the rest of the speech and he did not always translate them into English for the rest of the crowd.

    Kaine urged all Americans to attend a immigration naturalization ceremony.

    “When you go to services, and you see these people’s desire to join this great country, you’ll basically have this pretty amazing thought,” he said. “Anybody who loves America this much deserves to be here, deserves to be here.”


  11. Kaine is Gary Merrill to Clinton’s Bette Davis. For those of you who don’t know old movie in’s and out’s – Kaine is allegedly a confident, masculine successful Alpha male mate to a successful Alpha female – but in reality, she wears the pants, and he jumps to order every time she barks.

  12. This guy even speaks in Spanish in his speeches. What a Joke! America should have the English language and nothing more! Yet another branch of evil that is Multiculturalism and Liberalism in the USSA. Deo Vindice !

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