Michael Moore: 5 Reasons Trump Will Win

Michael Moore is predicting Trump will win the presidency because the White working class in the Midwest will turn against Hillary:


I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I gave it to you straight last summer when I told you that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for president. And now I have even more awful, depressing news for you: Donald J. Trump is going to win in November. This wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full time sociopath is going to be our next president. President Trump. Go ahead and say the words, ‘cause you’ll be saying them for the next four years: “PRESIDENT TRUMP.”

Never in my life have I wanted to be proven wrong more than I do right now. …

From Green Bay to Pittsburgh, this, my friends, is the middle of England – broken, depressed, struggling, the smokestacks strewn across the countryside with the carcass of what we use to call the Middle Class. Angry, embittered working (and nonworking) people who were lied to by the trickle-down of Reagan and abandoned by Democrats who still try to talk a good line but are really just looking forward to rub one out with a lobbyist from Goldman Sachs who’ll write them nice big check before leaving the room. What happened in the UK with Brexit is going to happen here. Elmer Gantry shows up looking like Boris Johnson and just says whatever shit he can make up to convince the masses that this is their chance! To stick to ALL of them, all who wrecked their American Dream! And now The Outsider, Donald Trump, has arrived to clean house! You don’t have to agree with him! You don’t even have to like him! He is your personal Molotov cocktail to throw right into the center of the bastards who did this to you! SEND A MESSAGE! TRUMP IS YOUR MESSENGER! …”

I think he is right.

This race was always going to be decided in the Rust Belt: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio. I’m throwing Iowa in here too even though it isn’t really part of the industrial belt.

These states are full of older, White working class voters. Republicans haven’t been able to win here because they nominate candidates like Mitt Romney who run on libertarian economics. Trump is going to go after them with full-throated economic nationalism. Nationally, Whites have never been more downbeat about the future.

Trump’s chances of winning here turn on driving up his numbers with White blue collar voters while minimizing his losses with very religious voters and white collar, college educated suburbanites. It also depends on Democratic turnout with blacks and Millennials in the big cities and college towns.

Democratic turnout in the primaries was already way down from 2008. Republican turnout in the primaries set new records. Trump’s populist insurgency triumphed while the Sanders insurgency failed. Hillary had abysmal numbers with Millennials and even though she won blacks by large margins their turnout was way down.

Hillary-Kaine just doesn’t strike me as the winning ticket in this region with this message with these demographics. The enthusiasm gap could be large enough to tip these swing states to Trump. I think Trump will have the easier path rousing cucked Midwesterners to go to the polls than Hillary will with Sanders supporting Millennials.

Trump has risen to a 42.3% chance of winning in the 538 forecast. Take a look at Nevada too where Trump is performing better than expected.

Note: Hillary introduced Tim Kaine as her running mate at a rally in Florida this afternoon. What do you think? Sounds like another ¡Jeb! to me. Please clap.

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  1. Libtards and cucks created the evils. Now they whine and go into panic mode when the reaction comes. They should be thankful for Trump. If these evils aren’t resolved next time it could be Hitler.

    • No. Not Hitler. Hitler was a great, and very principled man – but he was too LIBERAL
      We need Vlad Tepes.

      • Hitlers treatment of Sweden, Switzerland Lichtenstein Luxembourg Spain show he was a humanitarian. Francisco Franco stabbed Hitler in the back after Hitler helped him take Spain from the reds in 39 though Franco was in my mind a good leader other than that. He wouldnt have ever allowed Mosques in Spain

        • Franco was flown back into Spain by MI6 at the beginning of his putsch. He had an extremely large amount of covert support from the UK.

          Franco was a better friend to Hitler than Mussolini because he didn’t start adventures he couldnt finish.

          • I agree Il Duce was a great leader except for militarily as he didn’t understand the Italian fighting spirit died with Rome and his attempt to make the Italian Armed Forces a proud fighting force in reality failed. Italians are like the French Lovers Not Fighters

          • Well, the efficiency of the RN was so high that Spain would have been shredded if they had entered the war against Britain as were the Italians at Taranto.

            Franco was actually on very good terms with the British anyway. And it suited Germany to have some neutral ports on the Atlantic.

            Mussolini’s ill advised invasion of Egypt, Sudan, Greece did huge damage to Barbarossa.

          • Yes but that doesnt excuse not aiding with Auxilleries ie men to man garrisons to free up Germans elsewhere

          • The Germans had the motivation of being truly in danger during the inter bellum. Vast numbers of Germans and land had been lost to the new nations formed after WW2 and they were maltreated such as the slaughter of Sudeten Germans in 1919 in Czechoslovakia during elections. They had endured famine, about 600,000 dead in 1919 and endless trade restrictions on high tech products such as aircraft that prevented them from trading their way in the world.

            Italians seem to be more racially diverse and so the blood empathy is perhaps not there but I think the big problem is that Italy lacked oil, iron and coal. They had good engineers and good agriculture (thus food, not to be neglected) but not raw materials for heavy armaments industry.

            They got their oil from Germany’s synthetic liquid fuel plants and German coal. As the Italian divisions were less efficient than German ones for a variety of reasons Hitler was not inclined to ration oil to them instead of his own which could do more with it. I don’t think one can regard the Italians as poor soldiers as much as the Germans as outstanding.

            Exchange ratios show that Germans may have fought to 2:1 even 4:1 over even the western allies irrespective of whether they were retreating or attacking. (See Swedish Historian Nikolas Zetterling’s Normandy)

        • I don’t know about Lichtenstein or Luxembourg, but Hitler’s policies toward the Swiss and the Swedes were not primary motivated by humanitarianism. The Swedes were an important source of iron for Germany, and since Sweden was willing to sell it to them, it made very little sense to antagonize them by invading them. The Swiss were not bothered, because they were heavily armed. When a Nazi general asked a Swiss Army officer what would the Swiss do if they were invaded by an armed force several times larger than their own, the officer replied that each bullet would have to kill several enemy soldiers! Switzerland was left alone during the war.
          Spain stayed out of the war because Franco wanted Spain to heal after the horrors of 1936-39. It made no se Ned to him to drag a nation that was already torn apart by the late civil war into another conflict so soon.

          • Sweden should have obviously in retrospect been subjegated and her population forced to bear the burden and while I admire Franco in retrospect by refusing to help with anything even so much as provide auxilleries put an unnecessary burden on the Reich. Even Salazar in Portugal refused to help. Hitler made mistakes, his Slavic ideas were in light of modern genetics wrong. Still Germany was forced in two wars to bear the burden of White Civilization and she is weak today because of the undue burden placed upon her people and her continued occupation. US Troops in Germany signify that she is still in a sense occupied 70 yrs later. Even Putin called Germany Occupied Territory

          • Why should any nation be forced to bear the burdens of another one? Sounds like tyranny to me. And as I already said, Spain just got through with the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. It’s people were exhausted by the three years of fighting. Franco had no obligation to Hitler to drag his wounded nation into another conflict. His obligation was to his own people who needed time to heal their country.

          • Tyranny for the sake of the White Race is necessary. Had the Confederacy been ruled by a Tyrant instead of an elected government it would have WON the war. This is the Catch 22. Elected Government gives you freedom but the cost is chaos.

            The CSA died because of this chaos, because Jeff Davis had little power to force his states to do anything in a time of war. In fact ROBERT E LEE wasn’t even allowed to be General in Chief until January of 1865! So in the meantime Lee couldn’t do anything about the conduct of his Generals elsewhere nor could he completely coordinate his efforts. Neo Confederates often call Lincoln a lawless tyrant when the fact is had the States Rights Idiots stood aside and allowed Jefferson Davis the same Latitude the North allowed Lincoln the CSA would have won the war. PERIOD. Traitors like Governor Brown and Governor Vance wouldnt have been allowed to horde weapons and supplies to the point that Sherman uncovered thousands of weapons and uniforms in Georgia and North Carolina while Lee’s men made do with broken rifles and rags. Jefferson Davis at every point he tried to contain the States Rights crowd he was called King Jeff or the Dictator or some other slur.

            The cost of Confederate Freedom was Defeat. Didn’t work out so well

          • It’s obvious you have a burr in your saddle about the WBTS. We’re not talking about that, and your talking past me. I repeat, Franco’s obigation was to his own people, not Adolf Hitler. His nation was ravaged by three years of war. His main job was to heal his country, not to drag it into another war which it could ill afford. What part of that don’t you understand?

          • Franco would have lost the Revolution without Germany and yes I agree his duty was to his people, HOWEVER Spain should have stood up and fought for Western Civilization which Hitler died to protect. Franco didn’t which was one of his few mistakes and like I said I agree he had his reasons.

          • A certain amount of oppression, the kind a parent might apply to a daughter to prevent her wasting her womb on carrying the child of an idiot at 16 years of age. Raising the voting age to 26 also improve matters.

          • Hitler made a speech to the German people about how happy he was that the Germans had a peaceful revolution unlike Spain.He truly was a humanitarian.What happend to the Germans is heart breaking.Probably as good as the White race will ever be.

          • Sweden sold iron to the Nazis? Well I guess that’s why your evil murdering Tribe is decimating the Swede Cucks via Hajification.

          • Her wit is as sharp as a dull razor. BTW, I have Jewish ancestors, but I’ve never been a part of any Jewish community. I didn’t even know I had them until I was 49 years old. FWIW, ethnically, I identify with my Scot-Irish paternal ancestors and my maternal Saami (Lapp) ancestors.Religiosly, I’m Catholic.

          • ((())) don’t need a reason to destroy, not even revenge, they are programed by social evolution.

          • Having a few neutrals around ensured a modest supply of critical raw materials otherwise blockaded.
            There are Iron Ore mines in Kiruna in Northern Lapland of Sweden. Without this Iron ore supply the Germans would rapidly loose the war. At the end of the first world war the Germans were unable to manufacture tanks (guns were more important) and had started thinning their helmet to preserve steel.
            The mines at Kiruna had to export their product via a 3 hour train haul to the Norweigen port of Narvik.
            On May 5th 1940 the British launched an invasion fore to execute operation Wilfred to land near Narvik and block the German Iron ore supply. The cover was that it was to help the fins fight the Russians.
            The German high command had anticipated this and by 8th May invaded Norway under operation wasserubung to secure their Iron ore supply. The Norwegians had shown signs of not defending their neutrality aggressively enough to protect that supply. for instance the Altmark incident. There was also British mining of deal lanes.
            Vidund Quisling had tried to warn his country of this and build up their military (fearing a Soviet Invasion). It was well known that the German response would be ferocious.
            The invasion of Norway required the invasion of Denmark to secure supply lines and perhaps secure the iron ore routes as protection against the royal navy as the German forces were over stretched in fighting within France.
            Sweden favoured the British and was showing signs of declaring war on Germany.
            It is said that the V2 rocket stopped this.
            Hitler had ordered a hiatus on V2 rocket testing till problems had been ironed out out of fear the weapon might go of course and compromise itself in Sweden and antagonise the Swedes.
            The message got through to the V2 team but a nearby team developing a surface to air missile called Wasserfall and using the V2 to check ride their guidance didn’t get the message. A missile veered of course, impacted Sweden.
            The Swedes handed the missile to the British. Hitler was initially furious but in the end was pleased as the impact taught the Swedes that the could be subject to bombardment if they intervened.
            V2 is often decried as inefficient but the version used against Britain had an interim guidance of low accuracy. There were two more developed systems; one using a gyro stabilised platform with accelerometers and the other with beam riding. It would have become quite accurate. Cost was expected to drop as well.

        • Dunkirk would have been a good example.Although Franco’s motives may be suspect,Spain just went through 3 years of hell,and he did allow 45,000 men to fight with Germany against the communist.The Spaniards also chased the reds to france where they became the French underground,and fought them there.”Red domination in Spain”a book put out by the Spanish govt,1946. 2 at Amazon for 32 bucks,Starts out with the 1936 election being stolen,the Spaniards rising up against it,How the civil war would have been over in a week if not for the international brigades,and making the point that it wasnt a civil war at all.Best book in my library on the subject. I happened upon it at a used book store.So much more info in it to write about.

          • There is a great review of new literature on the Spanish Civil was by Timo Hännikäinen on alt right blog spot.


            Suprisingly there were 3 times as many Republican (‘right wing’) volunteers as there were leftists) by volunteer we exclude the German condor legion etc.

          • Republican(Right wing)?You mean nationalist right? Thanks for the info on alt right.If you really like history,check out this book,suppressed to the American public.”no God next door”Michael Kenny .1935,do an Amazon book review,I need to leave a review on there one day.

  2. It’s a shame that Moore is determined to cast this coming storm as a negative. Even more shameful that it’s alleged origin the Midwest is linked to Brexiteers…middle England isn’t in as bad shape as the American Midwest. Brexit wasn’t the act of a depressed pessimistic people, but then again neither is Trump.

  3. Trump isn’t a sociopath – these people are idiots. He’s a traditional patriarch in the vein of his father, with a bit of “progressive” change thrown in. He’s constantly helping people privately, sociopaths don’t do that. His children are all confident movers and shakers. Sociopaths undermine their children.

    The Jeb – Kaine comparison is very apt.

    It’s a puzzling pick.

    • All of you guys here know more about electoral politics than I do, but I’ll say Kaine now seems to have been revealed as a split-the-difference choice: a non-Hispanic–i.e., a white guy–who, because he can speak Spanish (which he learned while he was a missionary in Central America), can secure the Hispanic vote, in Florida, in particular.

        • I’m not saying it would be a draw strong enough to pull Hispanics in substantial numbers to the Republicans; but for the Democrats, it might be enough to shore up Florida. That’s the first place Hillary went, I think, to show off the guy’s Spanish fluency.

        • Speaking Mex-Spanish in your own English speaking country is an act of supplicative fellatio to a conquering people. It is unbecoming of a man.

  4. But he’s a white man of Catholic faith fluent in Spanish exactly what the D voters want, not.

    Another worthless prediction on my part they take the white bashing to level 11, it will echo like Jim Jones final days.

    What an opportunity for us

  5. Mitt Romney had libertarian economics? Anyway, I guess I’ll show up to vote and give Trump a shot at doing something. I don’t really care about women’s equal pay and I would rather abolish the TSA and most of the federal government, but if he does a fourth of it like kicking the illegals out and stopping more refugees from entering that would be great. And maybe go chat with Putin and let him know that he has no dreams of crushing them.

  6. The Lower Midwest was solid Conservative before 1950 before the NAACP and Unions began registering Negroes en masse it was the Upper Midwest ie Michigan, Wisconsin Minnesota which were the extensions of Greater New England that were liberal, in fact Michigan hasn’t had a death penalty law since 1846, Wisconsin since 1853 and Minnesota since 1911. If there were no Negroes in Ohio or Illinois, the chance of electing a liberal to anything but dog catcher at a statewide level would be very low

  7. At Zerohedge an article on how the Koch brothers are helping out Hillary so take that Michael Moore

    • That would be so funny. I hope the Koch brothers joining Hillary becomes big talk among the delegates next week.

      But a $900 million Koch warchest is scary.

  8. The fat bastard is right, Trump will win.

    I just had dinner and drinks atop of the the Delano here in Las Vegas. Great place if any of you visit here. I always leave my car with the valet. As I was walking into the casino there was a a brand new Escalade parked in the queue. The license plate was “Trump5”. The casino owners comp free limos. Trump owns loads of them and employs the drivers.

    Good stuff. All the bullshit is bullshit. Trump is a successful White man, and we like success.

    • Moore is right that blue collar whites will be saying ‘Fuck you’ to the democrats and political elites than they will be identifying with Trump himself.

  9. Clinton/Kaine looks like Clinton/Bush. Good choice Hillary if Trump loses to this combo he deserves to lose.

  10. Journalists ought to ask Michael Moore, the obese slob, why he hasn’t made a documentary about a hazard which kills more Americans than guns, the obesity epidemic.

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