Poles Giving Catholic In Name Only Pope Francis the Cold Shoulder

The UK Daily Mail is reporting more Islamist enabling nonsense from CINO Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis. It’s the eve of a Papal visit to Poland and the Poles are giving the Liberation Theology CINO Pope a cold shoulder. Polish Catholics are good solid people and Poles despise this CINO Rolling Stone Magazine cover lefty CINO Pope.(Link)

Check out these treasonous, insane comments by Pope Francis about the ISIS slaughter of a Catholic priest in France:

“When asked about the savage killing, the 79-year-old said: ‘The real word is war…yes, it’s war. This holy priest died at the very moment he was offering a prayer for all the church.

‘I only want to clarify, when I speak of war, I am really speaking of war … a war of interests, for money, resources. … I am not speaking of a war of religions, religions don’t want war. The others want war.’

I’ll translate:

This filthy rich CINO Liberation Theology Pope Francis insists that Islam isn’t invading, terrorizing and slaughtering White Western European people, instead it’s all about marxist economics – money, resources – wealthy Westerners not sharing their good things with 3rd world people of color including 1 billion Muslims – most don’t use toilet paper or soap and think a western woman/girl who doesn’t cover herself in a black burka is a whore that wants to be raped.

We at OD are very pleased to report that the Poles and most/all Eastern Europeans are having none of this liberation theology, cultural marxism disguised as Catholic Christianity.

In other good news – the world’s greatest political artist Farstar has produced a best ever image of the recent slaughter in Nice France

Multiculturalism isn’t Nice


Please distribute to anyone and everyone who cares about the survival of our people, our culture.


    • Denise, quick question.

      I read over at Irish Savant and the topic of Fred Reed’s mestizo/Jew wife was brought up.

      You mentioned over there that you had the chance encounter of meeting her. Someone else left a picture of her (kulak).

      I have attached the image that “kulak” posted and was wondering if you could confirm that is indeed Fred’s wife.

      • I did not meet her. She wasn’t there. Reed was showing slides. There was one slide of her. It’s not this pic. This could be her. The nose is the same, and the dead shark expression in the eyes. The pic I saw was of her face. She was leaning on some surface. Her arms were folded, together, and her head was resting on her arms. She was smiling, and there was obviously some type of stark lighting. The camera had been rather close to her face. The ratio of dark-to-light-contrast was very high. Her position and expression altered the proportions of her features, in the pic . Also the hair was different. This female has wavy hair. The Wife Pic I saw – the woman had kinky tight curls. The pic did not show her entire head. It was an extreme close-up of her face. The hair was on the sides of the pic. and the highlights from the lighting, on top of the curls, made her curls “glare”. It was definitely that kinky Negroid/Semitic” tight curl. Women, however, change their hair all the time.
        This could be her. The nose is definitely the same.

      • That explains why Fred did that article about how we can’t contain the illegals blah blah blah. Looks like reverse jew telegony globbed onto race traitor Fred.

    • Thank you for the positive words. If you think this or other OD articles are of high quality, please forward to others who might have and interest, might support our views.

    • The Jews of today are the Children of ESAU not the children of JACOB. The sons of Jacob were Farmers, Vinedressers, etc. The sons of Esau were bandits and predators. As the Jew is incapable of being anything but the latter, it proves who the real baby daddy is

  1. Elton John (real name Reginald Dwight), a notorious and flagrant sodomite, declared that Francis should be made a saint immediately, not even waiting until Francis is dead, because Francis has confirmed Reginald Dwight in his wretched sin. Francis has done this to countless millions of souls. Moral laxity and permissiveness is the currency he uses to buy earthly popularity. When Dwight repents of his entire life of sodomy and moral depravity, and points to Francis as the reason why he has done so, then Francis will have led Dwight to Christ. As it stands now, Francis has put his foot in Dwight’s, and countless millions of people’s backs and pushed them deeper into the maw of satan.

    Ann Barnhardt

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