Thomas Frank: Hillary Needs To Wake Up

Here’s an interesting article from the author of “What’s the Matter with Kansas”:

“The Republican party wants my liberal vote. This was the most shocking wave to wash over my brain last week as I sat in the convention center in Cleveland. It was more startling in its way than the storm of hate that I saw descend on former GOP hero Ted Cruz, stranger than the absence of almost all the party’s recent standard-bearers, weirder than the police-state atmosphere that hovered over the streets of the city. …

Ivanka Trump promised something that sounded like universal day care. Peter Thiel denounced the culture wars as a fraud and a distraction. The Republican platform was altered to include a plank calling for the breakup of big banks via the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. I didn’t hear anyone talk about the need to bring “entitlements” under control. And most crucially, the party’s maximum leader has adopted the left critique of “free trade” almost in its entirety, a critique that I have spent much of my adult life making.

It boggles my simple liberal mind. The party of free trade and free markets now says it wants to break up Wall Street banks and toss Nafta to the winds. The party of family values has nominated a thrice-married vulgarian who doesn’t seem threatened by gay people or concerned about the war over bathrooms. The party of empire wants to withdraw from foreign entanglements. …

Think about it this way. For years, Republican orthodoxy on trade made possible endless Democratic sell-outs of working people, with the two-party consensus protecting the D’s from any consequences. They could ram Nafta through Congress, they could do trade deals with China, they could negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership, they could attend their conferences at Davos and congratulate themselves for being so global and so enlightened, secure in the belief that the people whose livelihoods they had just ruined had “nowhere else to go”.

In other words, it was only possible for our liberal leaders to be what they are – a tribe of sunny believers in globalization and its favored classes – as long as the Republicans held down their left flank for them. Democrats could only celebrate globalization’s winners and scold its uneducated losers so long as there was no possibility that they might face a serious challenge on the matter from the other party in the system.

Well, today all that has changed. The free-trade consensus lies in shards on the floor. The old Republican party has been smashed by this man Trump. It is a new political world out there. How will Democrats react to this altered state of affairs? How will they present themselves to voters now that the bipolar system of the last four decades has exploded, now that they can no longer count on free-trading Republicans to make their own passion for globaloney seem acceptable?

So far, Democrats are acting as though nothing has really changed. In speech after speech at the Philadelphia convention they are denouncing Trump as though he was just an outrageous extension of the familiar conservative demonology, rather than an altogether different monster.”

How are they going to do it?

They’re going to hold down their base … by putting this guy on the ticket.

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  1. I have to give credit to Frank for noticing this. We just saw Hillary transform into Boss Hogg, Big Daddy, Colonel Sanders and Louis XIV.

  2. Did not listen of course, most right wingers seemed bored, give it a fail on account aren’t most left wing speeches meant to induce outrage on the right that excites the bad kiddies on the left?

    But maybe talk radio can salvage the speech with some canned outrage they saved up

  3. The left/right divide has been very successful in keeping us distracted and ineffective in dealing with the biggest common threat: Our mutual genocide. The only question that will increasingly matter more and more: Are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide?

  4. What’s the left? Support for the poor? Support for race-replacement? Thomas Frank is a anti-white crook since he supports race-replacement and still claims he supports the poor. In other words, he works for the Jews.

    Thomas Frank: “Ivanka Trump promised something that sounded like universal day care.”

    She said we should help working women who want to have children. That would mostly help White people (link). And among non-whites, that would mostly help the best people.

    • If the media is that curious as to what motivates the voting habits of working class White men, why do they insist on asking rich female leftists? Why does it never occur to them to find these men and ask them?

      This constant habit of asking others to assume their motivations and not asking these men themselves strikes me as rather disingenuous on their parts.

      Do they really want to know or do they just want to excuse their lack of outreach hoping they can make these men feel so ridiculous that they will vote left?

      I don’t think it’s working. Women tend to fold under social pressure, but men seem to be more contrarian.

  5. Also I wouldn’t say that Trump and Co are doing a left flank disruption, because, as Frank says, he’s still not voting Republican, and most liberals he knows aren’t, precisely because the modern left is too obsessed with what is the opiate of the left peddled in defense of corporate and plutocratic greed: The social justice warrior crap. What Trump is doing is coopting any reason that working and middle class white people (other than special niche constituencies) have to vote Democrat in spite of the Democrats’ social rot.

  6. One side if the political discourse is so politically naive as to border on political retardation as they have no concept of higher politics. I call this faction the Retarded Right. The other faction is so malevolently evil as to border on the psychotic. I call this faction the Lunatic Left.

  7. After the last 8 years of Barry Soetoro…. I don’t even care anymore… I’ve got my gun and bible and I ‘m never letting go : )

    Now, regardless, you morons have go vote for 2 WHITE people….. Have fun!

  8. Hunter, what is the League of the South’s official position on what it would do with all the subhuman nigger trash now living on Southern land should succession be achieved? What is your position?

    • My position is that we should do nothing.

      The truly important thing is regaining our sovereignty. After we set up our own national government, Washington would no longer be able to micromanage race relations in the South. The system we have now is artificial. It was imposed from the outside and has been maintained by force and it would “unwind” naturally the moment we regained control.

      All it would take is a return to normalcy. In a country that no longer coddles and favors blacks, which worships blacks and hangs on their every word and which excuses everything they do, blacks would become aggrieved. The world would no longer revolve around them and their response to their new status would be a mass exodus.

      The model is the Jim Crow South. Nearly half the black population left the South before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Great Society stopped the Great Migration.

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