Khizr Khan’s Constitution Class

By Hunter Wallace

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the point that Khizr Khan was making about the Constitution at the Democratic National Convention last night in Philadelphia?

“If you are a Republican, you should watch this video clip and be ashamed. That mother and father lost their son. He died on the battlefield while serving the United States against our enemies in the Middle East. This is a muslim family. They immigrated from the United Arab Emirates, where I grew up.

They are proud American patriots. If Donald Trump had his way, they’d have never been allowed into the United States.

“You sacrificed nothing and no one,” is a line that is going to echo through Campaign 2016. It was the most powerful moment of the past two weeks and the most powerful words spoken in either Cleveland or Philadelphia.

Shame, Republicans. Shame on you.

The cucks haven’t stopped crying about poor Khizr Khan … I mean that literally:

“If you haven’t yet seen it, you really need to watch Thursday night’s Democratic convention speech by Khizr Khan, the father of Army Cpt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim immigrant who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004 while protecting his unit from a car bomb.

Khan demanded to know whether Donald Trump had even read the Constitution, pulled out his pocket copy, and offered to lend it to Trump.

I watched this moment live and was awed by it. I watched it again Friday morning, and I cried. …

If you are a white model from Europe, like Antonio Sabato Jr. or Melania Knauss, you are welcome in Trump’s America. If you are a brown or black person, you are suspect, even if you are a citizen, and even if you were born in Indiana or Hawaii (as in the cases of Curiel and Obama).

This is the philosophy of a major-party candidate for president, who has most of his own political party lined up behind him. It is enraging, it is scary, and it is sad. And I cried Friday morning because it was even necessary for someone to stand up at a party convention and explain why that candidate is wrong.”

I’m not “ashamed” at all. This “philosophy” also used to be reflected in the immigration laws of the United States. Muslim immigrants don’t have any inalienable constitutional right to come to the United States. In fact, we have discouraged them from coming here throughout the vast majority of our history, and for a time they were actually banned and prevented from becoming naturalized American citizens.

1.) First, the Immigration Act of 1790 and subsequent naturalization laws in the 19th and early 20th centuries restricted American citizenship to “free white persons.” American citizenship didn’t cease to be grounded in whiteness (with the exception of American born blacks, who after Reconstruction were covered by the 14th Amendment) until the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952.

2.) Second, the Immigration Act of 1870 and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 established federal control over immigration and explicitly banned the Chinese from coming here. Later, the Gentleman’s Agreement of 1907 informally restricted Japanese immigration to the United States.

3.) Third, the Immigration Act of 1917 established the “Asiatic Barred Zone” which explicitly prohibited immigration to the United States from most of Asia:


4.) Fourth, the US Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind in 1923 that South Asians were unable to become naturalized American citizens because, racially speaking, they were not “free white persons” because the Aryans of India had mixed with Dravidian races in the Indian subcontinent:

“The eligibility of this applicant for citizenship is based on the sole fact that he is of high caste Hindu stock, born in village Taragarh Talawa, Amritsar district, Punjab , one of the extreme north western districts of India, and classified by certain scientific authorities as of the Caucasian or Aryan race…In the Punjab and Rajputana, while the invaders seem to have met with more success in the effort to preserve their racial purity, intermarriages did occur producing an intermingling of the two and destroying to a greater or less degree the purity of the “Aryan” blood. The rules of caste, while calculated to prevent this intermixture, seem not to have been entirely successful… the given group cannot be properly assigned to any of the enumerated grand racial divisions. The type may have been so changed by intermixture of blood as to justify an intermediate classification. Something very like this has actually taken place in India. Thus, in Hindustan and Berar there was such an intermixture of the “Aryan” invader with the dark-skinned Dravidian.”

5.) Fifth, the Immigration Act of 1924 affirmed that Asians were banned from immigrating to the United States, and expanded the ban to include the Japanese.

6.) Sixth, it wasn’t until the Luce-Celler Act of 1946 that South Asians were allowed to immigrate to the United States and become naturalized American citizens. Even then, a hard quota of 100 immigrants a year was placed on Indian immigration, which at that time included India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was little more than a token gesture.

It took the Immigration Act of 1965 to open the United States to mass immigration from Third World countries like Pakistan where Khizr Khan came from in 1980. That’s also just a federal statute. It did not establish any inalienable constitutional right for foreigners from any country to immigrate here. There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents Congress from banning Muslims or anarchists or the Chinese or epileptics or any number of undesirables who have been previously banned under our immigration laws.

Note: BTW, Obama shut down immigration from Iraq in 2011 on his own authority. Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all used their executive authority to restrict immigration.

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  1. Unfortunately in our highly feminized culture this kind of emotional manipulation influences many people. Even those who are sceptical frequently lack the conceptual framework to stand up to it. It is a good sign that this is starting to change, as the rise of Trump demonstrates. It is truly amazing that the idea that foreigners don’t have a right to come here, or that we have a right to preserve the racial identity of our country became controversial. I guess it’s what happens when you allow a hostile alien group to take control of your culture.

    • The corrupt Freemasonic Elite who founded the USA were always working for or indebted to that hostile alien group.

      The Jews of Sint Eustatius were sending us thousands of barrels of gunpowder and caches of weapons and we were in deep with them, who knows how many moved here after 1783, probably a thousand of them if not more. George Washington even had a written address to the Jews of the Torou Synagogue in Rhode Island stating that Americanism isnt determined upon religion. It started even then.

      The Jew is like cancer cells inside your body, he grows and grows in power generations pass and then one day you wake up with Stage 4 Cancer and its over. Our leaders gave them power for favors and now they own us

        • Well you have not been reading my stuff then.

          What I found most ironic about it is that these Jewish gun runners is that the British Admiral (Rodney) who shut them down was sued by Jews back in London for shutting them down.

          It’s the blindside for American WN because the US was the First Nation to really emancipate Jews. Before France before Britain before Germany.

          • Just Googled some old Occidental Dissent material, to find what you’d said about Rodney. Because of the change to Disqus, I guess, many of the old comments no longer show up; but Google happens to show the following, which, if I’m remembering correctly, was a comment of yours, Captain John:

            “Admiral Rodney was pursued in British courts by Jewish Merchants for trashing Jewish town in the Caribbean during a war. Who is white here?”

            The Occidental Dissent post in which you offered that comment is from October 2012 and is headed “Caribbean Project: Review: The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex.” It’s at (though as I say, the comments are no longer there).

            An earlier Occidental Dissent post, in which Mr. W. discusses St. Eustatius and the lawsuits against Rodney, is headed “Caribbean Project: Exploring the Dutch Caribbean” and is at
            Obviously, the information about Rodney and St. Eustatius didn’t stay in my mind. I’m glad it has come up in the present thread.

          • They were expelled from Spain,and fomented the Dutch revolution.created the stock companies,the New sovierieghn king of Holland.(1602)Turned the churches into synagogues and the white man into a parasite.Bolstered their ranks with Freemasonry.They were free,white and 21 in Holland.

      • They may own our institutions, but they will never OWN us.
        Unless we accept their 666.

        And I don’t.

        • We must never forget the Jewish (EDOMITE) generational evil is not their invention, it is SATAN’s.That is why it can continue into infinity because SATAN lives in the realm of infinity. When you are an eternal being, you can keep it going. Some Jews will even admit the Third Temple Project is for their King and Messiah who is SATAN. There is a reason the JEW Anton LaVey was a SATANIST

      • Washington, took what maybe, the first campaign contribution from Rhode Island Jews in the 1790’s. All evidence is that Washington was as anti-Semitic as most White men of his age, possibly more so.

        • At that time it would be fashionable to see anti-semitism as medieval superstition.

        • The problem with Washington and the rest was that they came of age under British Law, where Jews had legal protection but not citizenship since Cromwell and were counted as WHITE. In the German States and in Russia they were counted as NONWHITE.

          We inherited our racial classification system from British Law which classified Jews as WHITE. However we went further than Britain and granted the Jew FULL CITIZENSHIP. The first Jewish Governor was believed to be in 1801 the first Jew graduated from West Point in 1802 and the First Jews in Congress were in the 1840s. Think about this in the Confederacy the second most powerful man in the Confederate government was a Jew.

          It is a shame that the USA inherited her racial classifications from Britain and didn’t classify Jews as a seperate race. Had we done so, things would have been better

          • Did WHITE ever come into it for the French? What of the Spanish system? Or anyone else?

          • I know that usually in Catholic nations they were perceived as a seperate nationality as they were in Russia. Protestant Nations counted them with White People, just as a different religious group no different than a Baptist and a Methodist are different.

            The problem arose with this was in 1790 with our first Nationality Act we defined that only Whites would be eligible for United States Citizenship which wasn’t the same as State Citizenship until 1868 they were seperate. The problem with WHITE was under our British understanding anyone living in a European nation was in a sense White, thus Jews and Gypsies were afforded Whiteness. A

            Arabs were also white as far as our government was concerned UNTIL 1917 when they created the Asiastic Barred Zone which included the Arab world. From 1917 until 1946 when the Luce Celler Act ended it, a Russian Jew who immigrated to Palestine and had children there, his children were Asiastics, but for his Russian birth under American Law he is white. Now how can someone be simultaneously WHITE and NONWHITE? Well the Jews have done this for years, in fact proclaiming themselves Nonwhite under the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and 1964 respectively but suddenly becoming White for the US Census. Arabs and Hispanics do this as well because of this case.


            The Term WHITE in our Nationality Act and subsequent legislation was never DEFINED it was an open identity that meant nothing. Mexicans and most Latin Americans have always been considered White under our laws, unless they were obviously Negro or Indigenous.

            It is my belief the JEWS placed this loophole in there in 1790 by using British Law and kept it open. Notice how the Jews suddenly can be both White and Nonwhite as it suits them. Arabs and others as well

        • Well, the info at the link below is interesting. In telling Rhode Island Jews that the government of the U.S. is one that “gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance,” Washington was merely parroting what a Jewish leader, in Newport, had said to him a few days earlier. The esteemed Moses Seixas had said:

          “Deprived as we heretofore have been of the invaluable rights of free Citizens, we now (with a deep sense of gratitude to the Almighty disposer of all events) behold a Government, erected by the Majesty of the People—a Government, which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance—but generously affording to All liberty of conscience, and immunities of Citizenship: deeming every one, of whatever Nation, tongue, or language, equal parts of the great governmental Machine…”

          So–America has always been multicultural. Jews say it; whites repeat it.

          Here’s the link:

          PS I wonder how many of those Rhode Island Jews were involved in the slave trade.

      • Thomas Jefferson brought in the DuPonts after the French revolution.They immediately started gun powder factories in America,and eventually napalm.Not 100 percent sure of their ethnic background.Have my suspicions.

        • The DuPonts were French Hugenots, who had somehow survived the purges under Louis XIV. In fact under Louis XV and XVI Hugenots although their faith was technically Illegal, they were left alone

  2. The sad part is Hunter historically Southern Democrats were complicit in the Immigration Mess as it was part of the Unholy Alliance the South was forced to make in the 1700’s with the New York Democratic-Republicans (DEMOCRATS)under the control of the Clinton family.

    When Thomas Jefferson revoked the Naturalization Act of 1798 in 1802 he did so because French and other immigrants coming from Europe fleeing the French Revolutionary Wars and uprisings were immediately being registered to vote Democrat which meant the end of Federalist power. The new law provided for no enforcement procedures, literally you could show up jump ship and voila here to stay. This did reap short term benefits as after 1804 it was impossible to win the Presidency without being a Democrat. However things shifted.

    By the 1830s when Jackson came to power the Whig Party, which was rebuilt from the ashes of the Federalist and Anti-Jackson parties came to push much of the old Federalist program of Internal Investment ie Canals and Roads, Railroads, and America First. Henry Clay was the high priest and the reason Kentucky loved his ideas so much was that Kentucky’s trade relied on Cincinnati and Louisville and Ky Hemp needed Tariffs to protect it from Latin American and Asian Hemp.

    The thing was the Democrats kept flooding in the Immigrants to offset their losses among native whites in the North and West. Their most reliable voters being IRISHMEN and JEWS. The downside was this immigrant tide gave the North sudden unnatural population growth and electoral numbers. Without much Immigration, as Southern family size had grown and Northern family size declined, the South would have likely retained control until 1900. The problem with the Immigrants was that if an immigrant remained here long enough, they became less reliable Democrats, they needed them fresh and stupid. Southern Democrats went along with it, because the Immigrants were voting Democrat then and that meant protection of slavery.

    We didn’t have a serious attempt to restrict immigration until the KNOW NOTHING MOVEMENT in the 1850’s. Think about it, we often talk about the 1848 Revolutionaries but we never remember that there were no laws to keep them out in the first place. We seem to also forget many werent Germans but Jews. Pulitizer Ochs, many others all were 48’ers

    By the 1870’s the clamoring for immigration restrictions began again and although we did get a few exclusions without border patrols or restrictions, people just flowed it. It wasn’t until the Mexican Revolution and the Red Scare of 1919 that people figured out hey Immigrants are a problem. After 1870 with Pulitizer and his tribe in control of most of the newspapers any attack on Immigration=AntiSemitism. From 1924-1952 the number one group of people leading the 1924 Immigration Revoke were Jews.

    The odd part about the 1924 Law was that it didn’t apply to any nation in the Western Hemisphere. Thus a Black man from Jamaica could come to the USA without any trouble but a white man from Russia couldn’t. Texas farmers and corrupt Florida sugarcane plantations made sure of these exemptions, in fact Texas stopped a bill which would have placed heavy restrictions on Mexico saying that it would cost Texas farmers MILLIONS. Florida cane farmers often used West Indian guest laborers, as American Southern Negroes for the most part except South Louisiana Negroes knew nothing of Sugarcane farming.

    The famous Negro Comedian Stepin Fetchit wasn’t a Southern Negro, he was a child of West Indians, its believed his daddy was Jamaican and his mom was Bahamian. He was born in the Florida Keys, his father was a cigar maker. Florida even then 1890s was using West Indian laborers because Georgia cottonfield Negroes weren’t any good at Sugarcane or rolling Cigars.

    It almost makes me sick to see how many GREEDY WORTHLESS Southern Democrats went along with things that in the long run were detrimental to the South just so some fat cat sugarcane grower in Florida, vegetable grower in South Texas or some other thing could make money. LBJ was such a good friend of Mexico, he had buses waiting at the border in the 30s and 40s to bus in Mexicans to vote in South Texas if the election was close.


  3. At last–an American soldier even liberals can love. (Well, of course, there was Bowe Bergdahl.)

  4. More anti-White, guilt tripping propaganda. Cuck and libtard loyalty is always to words, never to flesh and blood fellow Whites.

  5. “Muslim immigrants don’t have any inalienable constitutional right to come to the United States. In fact, we have discouraged them from coming here throughout the vast majority of our history, and for a time they were actually banned and prevented from becoming naturalized American citizens.”


    Hey, Khans, you may have immigrated to Capitalism, INC.
    But you will NEVER be Americans.

    Luckily, the Jewish ponzi scheme known as Capitalism INC is being SUPERCEDED by Nationalism, INC.

    All over the world.
    Get that, APU?

    • That’s what I was thinking. What kind of Muslims signs up to kill fellow Muslims? That’s what ISIS does and the Shia, Alawites, and even Sunni Kurds are fighting tooth and nail against them.

  6. Whites are slowly getting their free speech back. When the usual hateful charges are made against whites they no longer have to resort to long rambling dissertations on why they are NOT guilty but instead go “So what” “I don’t care.”
    So if any anti-white regressive posts any objections to what you have written here it is just as easy to say “I don’t care how you feel or what you possibly think.”
    That is free speech.

  7. The leftist media’s new found fove for the Constitution is hilarious. When the Left wants to impose its degenerate values, it claims the Constitution is dead. When the Constitution is useful in promoting its agenda, it is a sacred document.

  8. Yep, the Constitution grants all kinds of unenumerated Rights to everybody. Unless you’re white, straight and normal. Then it suddenly doesn’t mean what it says. And it doesn’t grant you anything.

    • The US Constitution died on November 6th 1860 and the sad part was our ancestors believed because the South won the war of Reconstruction that they had restored the Republic. Those evil laws remained in place, just waiting for the activist judges to use them. It may have taken until the 1940s for the Courts to use the 14th and 15th amendments but they were stil used

    • A piece of paper doesn’t ‘grant’ you ANYTHING. It is merely there to act as our COVENANT. If we become covenant-breakers, ALL FORMER TREATIES ARE RENDERED NULL AND VOID. See Billy Ray’s comment for confirmation of that obvious fact.

  9. It’s amazing that the trial and travails of the ancient Aryans in India echo through the millennia – what greater lesson for us than the fate of the Vedic Aryans?

    • India should be an abject example for us of what happens to a White country that browns out.

    • Try Golgotha on Good Friday. The Greatest Lesson… and done by the same perpetrators that afflict US, today.

  10. Per capita Muslims serve in the U.S. military at a rate far lower than average. The Pentagon reports that of 2.14 million men and women on active duty only 5,896 report belonging to the Islamic faith. That’s about 0.28% of servicemen, versus at least 1% of the total population (and an even larger share of the military age population).

    And it should be remembered that some of these self-reported Muslims are black Muslims, not invaders.

  11. This reminds me of the Roman army recruiting conquered Germanic tribesmen to
    serve them as auxilia. Blinded by hubris and sliding into decadence, the Romans
    didn’t realize they were training their future masters. Until about the middle
    of the fifth century Germans serving in the Empire’s army and administration
    assumed Latin names. Then Germanic names became increasingly prevalent and
    eventually a requirement. Where are the Romans now? The parallel is obvious.

    At this time, there are about ten thousand U.S. troops deployed in
    Afghanistan, protecting its citizens, training its armed forces. Afghanistan,
    an “Islamic Republic”, has as official motto: “There is no god
    but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” That’s the
    “Shahada”, the Islamic declaration of faith. Christianity is de facto
    illegal in Afghanistan. The only church present in the country is located
    within the Italian embassy. Converts are put to death. And yet, the U.S. armed
    forces now accept openly gay and transgender troops. What is this madness?

    The runes foretell the fall of the U.S. empire. A Germanic
    chieftain will arise to ransack its capital and take control of the army. Odoacer will
    return. The runes tell us that he was born in Queens in 1946.

    • Actually it looks like a travesty of that process.

      The Emperors always had German bodyguards. Skillful, loyal and brave.

      This is sticking diversity in the eye again.

      • Sure, the “cohors Germanorum” were loyal to their masters… most of the time. But how did that benefit the ethnic Romans? Nero took foreign bodyguards because he distrusted his own people and feared assassination at the hands of true Roman patriots. When the Romans lost their virility and became decadent other peoples moved in and proved themselves to be more worthy of the Roman patrimony than the old stock Romans themselves. Native Romans squandered their heritage until they had nothing left to give up. Goths and Vandals took what Providence decided was rightfully theirs.

        We see the same happening in the West today, with Muslims and sub-Saharan hordes being welcomed by degenerate and impotent natives, those starry-eyed fools. “It’s the right thing to do! The pope says so! Listen to the experts! It’s good for the economy! It’s good for the stock market! Give me my dividend! They’ll pay my pension! They’ll wipe my butt when I vegetate in a nursing home!” These new barbarians are coming to take what is theirs for the taking.

  12. What the founding fathers had in mind with freedom of religion was that if George Washington had a crazy uncle who one day decided to go Mohammedian and go out preaching the Koran on the local street corner, he would be free to do so and not wind up in front of some torture chamber religious tribunal that plagued Europe in the preceding centuries. It’s intent was never to flood America with millions of Western Civilizations history Islamic enemies.

    • Why didn’t it explicitly say that? It’s a law. Laws need to be precision instruments.

      The idea of religious freedom is insanity. Removing a religious test for office and voting appears to have been a long term clusterfuck.

      • Welcome to the thoughts of the Colonists, when their individual religious charters as Colonies, were ‘superceded’ by the Jeffersonian ‘Constitution.’ That’s why it’s not sacred. that’s why we can form our own nation, along racial and religious lines, IF WE HAVE TO.

        That’s why this site has long been a SECESSSIONIST friendly site.

    • WRONG!

      It was to disallow a STATE CHURCH, like the C of E. It was NEVER, EVER, EVER intended to apply to non-Christian heresies like pisslam, or Talmudism.

  13. If Muslims have a Constitutional right to come here, well, then, I reject the Constitution.

    • Precisely. ORION. You want a Revolution, SJW’s? DNC? Hildabeast? Faggots?

      Molon Labe. I’d rather die a free white man, than live under the rule of a SLAVE RACE. And that includes the Jews – “Jesus said, “If you [ Jews] were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you [Jews] claim you can see, your guilt remains.” – John 9:41

  14. KGB Agent Vaughn Retweeted
    KGB Agent Mike Ma ?@MikeMa_
    why does the media make some dead soldiers more important than others

    oh your son was a dead **muslim** soldier? wow +10 bravery points

  15. KGB Agent Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    More American soldiers (15) have been killed by Muslim-American soldiers, than Muslim-American soldiers have been killed in combat (14).

    Christoph Dollis ?@ChristophDollis
    @Ricky_Vaughn99 Remember Sgt. Hasan Akbar, who fragged rather than go with op Iraqi Freedom

    • Weakness in the West, that’s where. Parasites can sense weakness in a potential or existing host. It is an instinct they have developed.

    • there is ALWAYS an objective standard. GOD’s LAW. What the 13 Colonies’ charters were based on, what Blackstones’ Commentaries were based on, and what the ‘Christian Character of the Institutions of the United States, a massive book written in 1865, were based on.

      We have more than enough precedent, to say ‘For US and OUR posterity,’ and to NO ONE ELSE. Don’t be a Jew.

  16. Americans have European genes. Indians have Indian genes. So, that man cannot be seen as American. Besides, he’s not even interested in being culturally American: he likes the idea of being a Muslim American, as if that was possible.

    I don’t think an Indian can transform himself into a White man, but Khizr Khan doesn’t want to transform himself into anything, he wants to remain just who he is and still be called an American. As if the American identity did not exist. He is only interested in citizenship and political rights. Before anything else, he defends the interests of his fellow Indians who would like to join him in the USA. And he got applauded for that!

    I don’t think his speech will help the Democrats get more votes.

    “Am I the only one who doesn’t get the point that Khizr Khan was making about the Constitution?”

    He talked the usual Jewish BS. It simply means he’s been reading Jewish literature. The Jews have their own nonsensical interpretation of every country’s constitution.

  17. First lines of the wikipedia entry about what the jews call “Right of Asylum” :

    “The right of asylum is an ancient juridical concept” / “This right was already recognized by the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Hebrews, from where it was adopted into Western tradition”

    Pure Jewish invention!

    Under Western tradition and under the US constitution, foreign people, whether they were persecuted or not, have never been given a legal right to move to any White country of their choice.

    • Even the Pentateuch delineated between those ‘of the Land’ and those ‘merely passing through.’ I can be as cordial as the next man, if the vagabond who asks for bread, or water from my pump, CONTINUES ON HIS WAY.
      It’s the very definition of a ‘sojourner,’ frankly.

      This is the BIBLICAL NORM. Not some Talmudic Pilpul.

  18. “If Donald Trump had his way, they’d have never been allowed into the United States.”

    It wouldn’t just Trump. There are millions of us who don’t want these people here and would like nothing less that to sent their cousins to them, also known as Jews.

      • Lew is a concerned individual. It’s great that he’s actually got a Muslim to spar with. The old Khan will foul up or be found out soon enough.

      • Trump’s unforced errors are going to end up costing him.

        All Trump needed to do was point out that that man’s son and a lot of other people’s kids are dead because of a war he opposed and that Hillary supported, that he is going to do everything possible to keep America out of more wars so more young people don’t die, that Hillary Clinton’s policies have led to 1000s of Muslim deaths, and then ger back on topic with Islamic terrorism and refugees.

        Trump’s ignorance of world affairs, history, politics and instinct to instantly make everything about himself is going to cost him, and thereby us, an opportunity that will never happen again.

        I defend Trump everywhere and save any criticisms for in house sites and readers.

        • Don’t Councel perfection.

          It’s pointless.

          At least 2 mass killings by Muslims can be expected in the next 100 days.

          He can continually rag on Khan after each one.

  19. Ha ha ha ha.

    Mr. Khizr and the Demorats outmaneuvered yet again by Mr. Trump.

    Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’

    Notwithstanding his war-hero son’s genuinely patriotic example, Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” Western law — including the very Constitution he championed in his Democratic National Convention speech attacking GOP presidential nod Donald Trump.
    In 1983, for example, Khan wrote a glowing review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called “Human Rights In Islam” in which he singles out for praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement.

    Khan speaks admiringly of Brohi’s interpretation of human rights, even though it included the right to kill and mutilate those who violate Islamic laws and even the right of men to “beat” wives who act “unseemly.”

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