Massive Pro-Erdogan Rally In Cologne

In the United States, the media can’t stop talking about Khizr Khan.

Meanwhile in Germany, a Turkish host 20,000 strong is rallying on the banks of the Rhine in Colonge. They are waving the Turkish flag, screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “Türkiye, Türkiye, Türkiye,” and singing the praises of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He was supposed to address his supporters – who still vote in Turkish elections – but Germany’s top court has banned him from speaking.


Update: Here’s a video of them marching through the streets chanting “Allahu Akbar”:

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          • “Guest workers” They were meant to leave at the end of their contract. They stayed, refused to leave citing poverty, acculturation, human rights. Now they deliberately Turning Germany into a racially Turkish, religiously Muslim state with economic problems caused by Turks in Germany being relatively low IQ types.

            Exactly as feared and quite deliberately.

  1. “Crowd shouts “Allahu Akbar” and “Türkiye, Türkiye, Türkiye” ‘

    Then ship ’em all back there… in long, wooden boxes.

    RAHOWA is in the air. EVERYWHERE.
    Christus Vivat.
    Christus Regnat.
    Christus Imperator.

    If you truly, REALLY want to fight something, don’t look to the neo-cohens myopic hatred for Russia. Look to the reality of the Hagarene scum.

  2. If there are any German patriots in Germany ready and willing to act, today’s mass Muslim demo in Cologne is a gift.

      • Yes if you showed up waving Nazi Flags the entire crowd would be subject to mass arrest. Turkish Flags? Thats just Ethnic Pride nothing to see here folks

  3. I am now 100% certain the the Khan story isn’t random but another Democrat-Media coordinated ambush. The reality is this is anecdotal evidence of one family that is supposed to justify importing hundreds of thousands of muslims from a civil war zone. The Islamic world has finally exploded, it is as overpopulated as China and India, well beyond the carrying capacity of these deserts like Egypt, etc. Life is cheap, the religion encourages thuggish violence, and the societies are about to go through a Malthusian die off civil war of all these excess, unemployable people western technology and medicine has allowed to come into existence. We’ve already got a burden of useless, dumb as a brick, unemployable ghetto blacks, the last thing we need is virtue signaling ninnies to let these globalists import millions of hostile, Muslim civil warriors into our midst.

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