Khizr Khan’s Feel Good Story

As we have already seen, Khizr Khan and his family have no “constitutional” right to be here. Congress banned immigration from Pakistan in the Immigration Act of 1917. The Supreme Court also ruled that South Asians were ineligible to become naturalized US citizens in 1923. Simply put, foreign aliens have no inalienable constitutional right to immigrate to the United States. Both Congress and the president have the power to ban anyone from our shores should they choose to do so.

Donald Trump has laid out a plan to ban immigration “from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism.” Consider the following:

1.) Pakistan ranks #4. on the Global Terrorism Index. In other words, Pakistan is worse than Syria and Somalia. Of all the countries in the world, only Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria have a worse problem with terrorism.

2.) Pakistan is one of the most anti-American countries in the world. A year ago, The Washington Post celebrated the fact that anti-American sentiment in Pakistan had declined from 80 percent to only 59 percent. Pakistan is still a dangerous country where Americans are routinely attacked and kidnapped by Islamic terrorists.

3.) Pakistan is a safe harbor for the Taliban which the US has spent 15 years fighting in Afghanistan.

4.) Pakistan sheltered Osama bin Laden within its borders for years.

5.) Finally, I knew I had written something about Pakistan recently, and a quick search of the archives revealed that it was the terrorist attack by the Taliban that targeted Christians in Pakistan on Easter. I guess that went down the memory hole.

The Constitution is not a passport for any Muslim terrorist who wants to come here from Pakistan. The United States would be foolish to encourage immigration from one of the most anti-American, terrorist-infested countries on earth. In 2012, 75% of Pakistanis considered Americans to be their “enemy.” The cuckservatives and the liberals who are cooing over Khizr Khan’s feel good speech at the DNC should watch the video below from Easter to refresh their memories about who they are inviting to come here.

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  1. Dig into this fucker’s family background.

    There something hidden in plain sight here.

    • An astute point, much like the father of the Digital Clock Bomber in Texas and the father of the Gay Night Club Shooter AND the uncle of the Chechen bombers. ALL of these people are active in DC circles, not Joe Kebab on the street.

      Recall also that Sandy Hook’s Father was the guy who did GE’s taxes, made it so GE never paid a red cent.

      Recall that Reagan’s assassin John Hinkley Jr was a friend of the Bushes and that Neil Bush and Hinkley’s brother were together on the day of the assassination. Bin Laden (Tim Osman) was another Bush family associate.

      These aren’t everyday people, ever.

  2. ”Pakistan is one of the most anti-American countries in the world. A year ago, The Washington Post celebrated the fact that anti-American sentiment in Pakistan had declined from 80 percent to only 59 percent.”

    Isn’t that because of 8 years with Obama in the office? Wait until DT is elected and let’s make that poll/survey again…

  3. It’s amazing how effective dropping the muslim ban was. “Countries compromised by terrorism” is all that you wanted from a muslim ban, with the added benefit that it would actually stop a muslim from entering, which a muslim ban couldn’t do.

    Every immigrant is asked whether they are a communist, extremist, criminal etc before they immigrate. You think those folks don’t immigrate? All they have to do is lie.

    Banning by country or region doesn’t even allow them to get to the question phase.

    David Duke’s signature campaign issue is repealing the 1965 Immigration Act, which I maintain was passed as a consequence of JFKs assassination: revenge against the WASPs. After the assassination, Catholics were fully on board the Cultural Revolution.

    • The Mossad killed JFK; the evidence is beyond convincing particularly if you study Oswald and his associations leading up to the assassination specifically (he was a patsy).

      ‘The Catholics’ could be said to have lost as much or more from the anti-white policies of the post JFK era. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church colluded but they are a different entity from the laity.

  4. Getting the libtards and cucks to watch that video is a waste of time.

    Importing violent, low-IQ, America-hating, non-White Muslims who will go on to murder White Christian Americans is the whole point.

    The globalists are using Muslims as bio-weapons.

  5. Thought this one might be worth saving:

    FiveThirtyEight, polls-only forecast, July 31 …

  6. The Democrats are the defenders of cop-killers, ISIS and every anti-American element in our society. Tell this Muslim and all like him to make a sacrifice and go back to your homelands — Muslim countries. You are all accessories to future mass killings here in the USA by providing the radical elements in your demographic cover and places to plan and put in operation their jihad. Begone!

  7. Khan is a true believer in White Supremacy or its ghost as the world fades back to superstition. He is basically just trying to nigger us whites out of our patrimony, I’ve seen and heard this argument for decades from the likes of educated people like Khan to uneducated but wily black dudes its all the same, niggering.
    Its a one way negotiation, I always reframed it into a two way negotiation.

  8. Cucks and libtards believe in Dirt Magic. Bring 3rd world hordes to White countries and presto, they’ll become productive, law abiding citizens. Of course a lot of anti-White prodding is usually necessary and that’s okay. Race doesn’t matter but whitey is always the villain.

  9. When the next Pakistani or Muslim guns down/blows up Trump is vindicated. 100 days? At least another 50 incidents of Jihad. At least 10 in the US. Khan just gifted the Islamophobes the high ground.

  10. Why would any independently-thinking American care about what this man says? I had nothing to do with his son being sent overseas to fight kosher wars and being killed while doing so. Go peddle your sorrow to Jacob Rothschild in London. The American people should never pay the price for what our prostituting elites do. This guy is the front for someone or some group. They always pull one out of their little skullcaps and the stupid goi/cucks fawn all over them. Honestly, all minorities who came here after 1965 are illegal. Deport them all including their facilitators and the offspring of their facilitators! No sympathy here, just anger!

  11. Neo-cohens revealtheir true allegiances by the day. Loving America? Ha.

    Jonah Goldberg ?@JonahNRO
    Why this convention is better: It’s about loving America. GOP convention was about loving Trump. If you didn’t love Trump, it offered nada.

  12. Washington Examiner Tweet (Retweeted by KGB Agent Wallace) :

    “Khan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship”

    It is worse than people would have guessed.
    It will drive even more voters away from Clinton.

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