German Female Anti-Racists Speak Out About Being Sexually Assaulted By Refugees

H/T Gates of Vienna

Here is some follow up to the story of the German leftwing refugee activist who lied to the police about being gang raped by German men and the recent sexual assaults by refugees at the music festival in Bremen:

Note: Rev. Jim Jones would be proud. Even after being gang raped, she wrote a Facebook post in which she apologized to all refugees.

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  1. It’s the way of power. Power always wants to expand.

    Up to WWII, the world was divided into several spheres. Also, America for most of 19th century had been busy taming the continent. Americans were never isolationist. They kept moving westward. They took SW from Mexico. They bought Alaska. They triggered war with Spain to take the Spanish Empire, or remnants of it.

    Even so, US might couldn’t dominate over other great powers: British Empire, French Empire. Russian Empire. Germany hadn’t much of an empire, but it was the big power in Europe. And Japan was growing in the Pacific, and US and UK saw it as useful bulwark against Russia.

    Up to WWII, US had its own sphere of influence and stuck to it.

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    But with the fall of USSR, there are no more obstacles. It’s the nature of power to keep expanding and expanding and expanding. Military men like projecting power. Money men like spreading their power and markets. Media wants to take over the globe. Pop culture is expansive and invasive.

    Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan were just being realistic at the time. They were faced with a truly great rival and power.

    But US no longer respects Russia as a great power. The world is much changed. All this shrill hysteria is to get Americans all scared and supportive of globalism.

    Consider this. Suppose Russia is very weak and hardly has a military. Does anyone think it will be left alone? No, excuses will be found for other nations to carve it up and swallow it… .like China was carved up and swallowed by imperialists in the 19th century. No one makes such move on Russia because it has a big enough military and nukes. But suppose Russia had the power of Libya. What NATO did to Libya would have been done to Russia. Of course, some reason would have been found like… Russia doesn’t allow ‘homo parades’, so it must be ‘liberated’. Suppose Russia was as weak and vulnerable as Syria. Wouldn’t the West have done to Russia what it did to Syria?

    It’s the nature of power.

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    Of course, white gentile leaders of small European nations may even enjoy joining in the globalist game. After all, if they were mere national leaders, they would represent only the people of that nation. And most European nations are small and ‘insignificant’. But if they get to play global roles, they feel important as ‘giants’. It is esp intoxicating to French and British elites since they used to be world powers until second half of 20th century. Globalism makes them feel as world players than mere provincial leaders of single nations.

    If Jews could feel at home in one nation, they wouldn’t be so restless(like George Soros) in acting so much like Paul’s grandfather in A HARD DAY’S NIGHT who is a ‘king mixer’ who makes others fight others. The old would be a nobody if he didn’t set the Beatles and others against one another. He finds his mediating role within the space of interpersonal conflicts that he himself sets off.

    Paradoxically for Jews, a world at peace is at war with Jews. If every nation was at peace with others, it would focus on its own national borders, identity, security, and needs. And such national consciousness will suspect the Jewish elites as the alien body possibly at odds with National Interest.

    But a world at war(hot or cold) means that nations are too much at each other’s throats to calm down and notice that it is the Jews who are the outsider elites in their domain. Jews like to play like the character in YOJIMBO. Play every side and make everyone fight everyone while they rip off all sides.

  2. This is positively sick!

    It is already difficult enough to find crime stats on immigrants and refugees because the govt censors them, and this besotted twat won’t even report a gang rape, because her ideology is so dependent upon ignorance and deception!

    I swing wildly back and forth between mourning Europe and feeling it deserves its imminent demise!

  3. I haven’t watched either yet but how do we even know they’re telling the truth? Getting ‘white’ women to fake this type of mea culpa for being raped by diversity would be typical jewish agitprop.

  4. Perhaps she is making the entire thing up so she can virtue signal. That’s my instinct.

    You’d want to report, record that sort of thing even if you politically sympathized with the invaders.

    She’s a darkling too.

    • ‘Selin Goren’

      It’s a common jew name.

      Shlomo Goren, was an Orthodox Religious Zionist rabbi in Israel, a Talmudic scholar and foremost authority on Jewish law.

    • There are many Jewish/Muslim Turks in Turkey, they call them Donmeh and they run Turkey. Kemal Ataturk was always accused of being Donmeh

  5. All of the this comes from the fact that SJW/Trendy Lefties, both inside and out of Germany, and the former Allied countries won’t let the German people live down Hitler. They’re afraid that Hitler’s ghost will be conjured up if the Germans defend themselves in any way, or promote their traditional culture and values.

  6. Note the socialist/anti fascist/pro refugee “girl” in the top video is not ethnically German. A Turk of some kind.

    The other girls simply can’t make a sane statement since you aren’t allowed to say anything that brings any group into disrepute, even vaguely. You can’t say Muslim, Arab, Syrian or Black. You can at best say “southern looking” or “nth African sounding”. It’s terrible to have so little freedom to speak.

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