#NeverTrump Endorsed Candidates Build On Losing Streak In Tennessee

I bet they thought no one was watching tonight.

I keep a close eye on the #NeverTrump crowd. I read their websites. I follow them very closely on Twitter. In particular, I make a note of who they are supporting in elections, and they were all excited tonight about some races in Tennessee.

1.) Remember this guy?

The guy in the photo above. We thought at the time that Hunter Baker was the ultimate example of Cuckface. Erick Erickson endorsed him on The Resurgent. Leon Wolf endorsed him on RedState. Rod Dreher endorsed him on The American Conservative. Ian Tuttle of National Review wrote a puff piece for his run for Congress. At The Federalist, he stood in front of the Trump Train and supported Ted Cruz.

The founder of #NeverTrump urges his supporters to vote for Hunter Baker:

I don’t know much about Hunter Baker. From what I have read, I even agree with him on his signature issue of religious liberty, but he was strongly endorsed by the #NeverTrump crowd and he is getting less than 2% of the vote in TN-08.


2.) Next up, this Cuckface weirdo.

Grant Starrett, a former Mitt Romney aide, challenged Rep. Scott DesJarlais in #TN-04. Erick Erickson endorsed him on Twitter. RedState endorsed him and called for DesJarlais to be primaried for endorsing Trump. Mark Levin endorsed him. The Federalist interviewed him. Opportunity Lives endorsed him.

Cuck David French, who flirted with running as the independent #NeverTrump presidential candidate endorsed Grant Starrett, called him a “stalwart conservative,” and wrote a big article in National Review calling for DesJarlais’s defeat:

“Tennessee’s fourth congressional district is a big, sprawling region that dominates the south-central portion of the state. Reaching as far north as Smyrna (near Nashville), it encompasses Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, parts of Columbia, and the mountainous regions near Chattanooga. It’s rural, it’s beautiful, it’s religious, and it’s extremely conservative. In other words, it just might be one of the safest Republican seats in the South. It’s the perfect home for a principled conservative, someone who can use a secure seat to build a base of power and influence in Washington — perfect for someone who can actually lead. Instead, district voters are represented by arguably the worst man in Congress, Scott DesJarlais. …

And survive he does. Last cycle he squeaked past a primary challenge from Tennessee state senator Jim Tracey by a mere 38 votes, winning 44.9 percent of the vote in a multi-candidate race. This cycle, lawyer Grant Starrett is challenging DesJarlais. I know Starrett. I met him when he worked with Mitt Romney in 2012 and again when he was a conservative activist at Vanderbilt Law School. He’s a conservative, he’s intelligent, he has far more political experience than most people twice his age, and — critically — he’s a person of energy and integrity. Conservatives from Mark Levin to Erick Erickson to National Review’s own Ramesh Ponnuru have lined up to argue that Starrett would be vast improvement over DesJarlais. …

Inertia and incumbency are not sufficient reasons to keep a man in Congress. My friends and neighbors (the line for the district begins exactly one mile south of my house) deserve to be represented by a politician with the potential to lead, a person who can, free from the cloud of hypocrisy, face down the president of Planned Parenthood. The voters can do better. They have a better choice. Cleaning Scott DesJarlais out of Congress would be an act of public hygiene. On August 4, please vote, and please send Mr. Starrett to Washington.”

Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Jennifer Rubin and David French gave Grant Starrett the #NeverTrump kiss of political death. Scott DesJarlais endorsed Donald Trump early in the race and worked to bring other congressmen on board.

In 2014, DesJarlais won his primary by 38 votes, which gave #NeverTrump hope he could be defeated in tonight’s primary. As of right now, DesJarlais is beating Starrett by over 4,000 votes, 52% to 43%. What is responsible for this huge swing? Could it be the same thing that brought down Tim Huelskamp in Kansas?


Note: Grant Starrett, or “Mr. California” as Scott DesJarlais tagged him, is an effeminate trust fund brat who moved into TN-04 for he could run for Congress. He had all the key #NeverTrump endorsements and spent nearly a $1 million dollars on his campaign before losing tonight. The guy who lost by 38 votes last time in 2014 spent nothing. Sad!

Rep. Scott DesJarlais' first TV ad launches Mr. California broadside against challenger Grant Starrett from Chattanooga Times Free Press on Vimeo.

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  1. (((Conservatism))) is dead. Americans have awakened to the colossal scam played by Neocon Jews who tricked rank and file conservatives to vote for the Republican party in order to advance the Likud agenda of destroying strong Arab states that threatened Israel’s regional dominance.

    • If Iran gets nukes and delivery systems they are immunized from suffering the fate of Saddam, Ghaddafy and (nearly) Assad.

    • Yes, and our thanks for it? Endless wars and open borders. Since Trump said “America First” the neocohens must be having nightmare visions of a little guy with a moustache coming back from the dead.

  2. This fits in with the Partition paradigm. The white half of the United States wants out of the existing paradigm.

    Should Trump lose, it’s on.

    • Not the White female half. That will be Trump’s challenge, to get enough of the White male vote to counter the White female vote.

    • By the late 300s farmers, craftsmen and builders all wanted to check out of the Roman Empire. Tax burdens and regulations and obligations were onerous. Germans with swords adorned with gold amulets were a blessing. By the 400s the beast was gone.

    • Considering that Hollande and Merkel are on the verge of being removed in a coup I find it hard to believe Clinton is going to muster more than 45% on the final ballot.
      The mood in Western Europe and the US if not the same at least rhymes.
      Her voice is literally grating too.

  3. 2016: When I came to hate the word “conservative.” I credit the National Review with starting the process.

  4. Does any of this really mean the candidacy of Trump himself isn’t collapsing? It’s now been a year that he’s been destroying himself in the polls every two weeks or so with a mishandling of something or other. Evidently, I’m the only one here, at Occidental Dissent, who’s tired of riding the roller-coaster.

    Trump, in my view, has only one strong move left: quit. That would be a shocker, and it would leave the cucks holding the bag. Let them scramble to choose which of their losers-to-be they prefer.

    At http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/donald-trump-polling-226649#ixzz4GMQq8iX2 is an interesting August 3 story that I think I’ve seen at a few other places, too. Having remarked on the size of the crowds he’s drawing, Trump, at a rally in Florida, says the following:

    “I hear we’re leading Florida by a bit,” …. “I don’t know why we’re not leading by a lot. Maybe crowds don’t make the difference.”

    Why would he say such a thing? One reason would be that he’s getting ready to quit.

    • PS Also, caught a snippet, on the radio, a day or so ago, of a speech in which Trump says something like: “Even if you don’t like Donald Trump, vote for him to make sure that good justices will be appointed to the Supreme Court.”

      Does that sound like the rhetoric of a man who doesn’t think his campaign is collapsing?

      • Yeah, Bonaccorsi strikes me as incredibly naive here, along with some others. But what else is new at OD?

        It’s not that Trump hasn’t misstepped, although ironically his anti muzzle solider ‘gaffe’ was only a virtual coup – for the media. The same demographic he courts could care less and might even have rooted for him. They don’t want the token ‘sacrifices’ of a bunch of marauding invaders, thank you very much. What was injurious (although not a death blow) was Eric Trump’s blaming of women as ‘weak’ who face sexual harassment, etc. on the job. That’s just pure rich kid entitlement fermented into a spirited exploitation. It’s a huge turnoff and might resonate more among those ‘weak’ lower working class men who face discrimination for being white (women do particularly in that lower class as well), and even among the hurting middle class.

        But the media couldn’t make more hay out of it because it would just remind people of how hypocritical Hillary is regarding ‘women’s rights.’ So in the end it didn’t hurt that much, hopefully. In spite of Trump’s flaws the real score falls farther in his favor than the media will ever let us know. They’re setting up a rigged election that won’t look stolen. The fires of white rage and resistance will not be put out without resorting to mass fraud. The question is then what happens to this election’s embers? Will they fan into something bigger or just get squelched?

        • What is happening with Brexit is a good indication.

          May has apparently staunched the bleeding but we now see Hollande and Merkel face oblivion.

        • Lucky for us Americans have short memories so this will all blow over. There will definitely be another big terrorist attack between now and November and there are still more DNC emails to be leaked.

          As for after the election, who knows. If Trump loses things will get very bad for us. The Jews and the traitors will most certainly take revenge against White people for having the chutzpah to stand up to them. Under Obama we went from him being opposed to gay marriage when he first ran to tranny acceptance now. By the end of Hillary’s second term pedophilia acceptance will probably be a thing.

    • Trump reminds me of a high profile defendant who doesn’t listen to his attorneys to stay on a narrow script because everything he says can and will be twisted by hostile prosecutors and press against him. The Khan thing was a send up that a short script should have been carefully prepared, stated, and then refused to talk about the way a lawyer will steer a client through a hostile interview. All he needed to do was stay on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, look they shipped them all to China, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!” and he could have won, but he can’t resist the bait the enemy media is laying out. Trump is nothing like Putin, Putin is much too clever to run his mouth and give his enemies what they want. Trump is more like an old Big City Boss Mayor from the early 20th century who can’t woo over the church ladies in a national campaign to ever rise beyond mayor of meat packing town.

      • Possibly. However, I was in the UK for the run up to Brexit.

        If you looked at the media Johnson, Farage and Gove were bumbling losers on the highway to total defeat. Everyday Farage had to apologize for some outburst or ad. Johnson was howled at. Gove made to cuckface it.

        You even had Siddiq Khan doing his thing very aggressively.

        Yet Brexit won by over a million votes.

        This is a survival election other instincts are kicking in.

      • Bonaccorsi is an anti-southern Sicilian. His posts are always troll-worthy in these articles.

        • I see, “Geralt,” that you’re continuing the grand Southern tradition of dismissing the messenger. Appomattox Court House, here we come.

          • More like just pointing out a “shit for brains” history. No one on their right mind thinks the best thing for a candidate to do is to drop out for no reason. It’s clear your low-IQ opinions are media manipulated.

          • Shooting the messenger? Check.

            Cowardly concealment behind a macho screen name? Check.

            Vulgar insults (“shit for brains,” “low IQ”)? Check.

            Yes, you’re a Southerner, all right–“Geralt.”

    • Most of the polls I’ve seen that show Hillary in a strong lead use D+7 and are of Registered Voters. In regards to the former, I think that D+7 is very generous, and I suspect intentionally so. Using Registered Voters as opposed to Likely Voters is also advantageous to Hillary if you ascribe to the theory that Trump is bringing in white working class voters who were formerly non-voters. Also, I forget the politician/election where they named an “effect” for, but its where the person being polled says he’s going to vote for a candidate to appease the pollster or be politically correct, but actually votes for the other candidate because he secretly wants them to win. If there ever was a presidential candidate who would benefit from this effect, it would be Trump.
      I don’t view Trump as the odds on favorite, but I don’t think he’s a longshot either or collapsing. Hillary is performing weaker in most areas of the liberal coalition than Obama with the exception of women, where she performs strongly. I’m not sure how he can do it, but if Trump can shave this advantage a bit, he can win.
      I think Trump’s pull with working class whites in Swing States has been grossly underestimated. In my lean blue state, in a dark blue, white people county where Obama nearly 70 percent of the vote in 2012, the Republican primary accounted for nearly 46 percent of the total primary vote. If Trump can pull 45 percent in a general election in my county, he’d probably win the state. And I’m talking a lean blue state.

    • As I said on Twitter:

      1.) A garbage news cycle, which will inevitably move on.

      2.) A convention bounce, which will inevitably fade.

      3.) Cucks inflaming the situation to induce panic, which is what they did after Curiel in June.

      Polls are notoriously volatile around conventions. Chill out and check back in after Labor Day.

      • These polls at the best are only snapshot sampling of certain voters. In the case of the post convention poll for both candidates these polls are being cooked. This can be seen by the number of voters who turn out for Trump as verses those who show up for Clinton. The former gets thousands while the latter gets hundreds.

        • Look at it this way, if they are this panicked and desperate now in the first week of August, imagine late October.

          They are very afraid and they’re pulling out all the stops against Trump this early in the game. They can try to sustain but it will have diminishing returns. Nothing is sticking. Look at the crowds Trump is pulling. She couldn’t even fill a tiny union hall in an uber union friendly town like Las Vegas. Hell, all they had to do was buss in some illegal hotel housekeepers to augment the crowd. They couldn’t even manage that.

          • If everything you say is true, AH, then why has Trump himself questioned the importance of the size of his crowds? Trump, I repeat, said the following …

            “I hear we’re leading Florida by a bit,” …. “I don’t know why we’re not leading by a lot. Maybe crowds don’t make the difference.”

            I’ll put the question again: Why did he say that?

          • I believe that’s “Litten,” with an “e,” Captain John–and I don’t get the comparison. I’m not at all hostile to Trump; I’m simply trying to determine the situation.

          • Are you being sarcastic? I’ve been a Trump supporter here, at Occidental Dissent, all along.

          • Two reasons, I guess. The first is that you’ve been sarcastic with me in the past, and the second is that I didn’t understand what you meant by “Sure thing.” If you were simply acknowledging my statement that I am trying to determine the situation, then I now understand.

          • @J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia:

            Okay, you may choose to disagree with me. But here’s my theory. He’s implying that the polls are rigged (and they are). I used to temp for a polling company and they tweak their questions and word them in such a way to get the results they want.

            They count on most people being too busy or distracted to ask for clarification or give these questions much thought before answering.

            Then you have people who lie to pollsters especially if they themselves support an unpopular position, because they rightfully fear some sort of retaliation, be it social or financial. They worry about being put on some sort of list to be doxed and harassed out of their livelihoods.

            And the threat of retaliation to any Donald Trump supporter is explicit. You have articles instructing Never Trumpers on both sides of the aisle how to probe someone you suspect of being a Trump supporter. You have people being instructed to ban and unfriend any acquaintance who makes a pro-Trump statement.

            Donald Trump, gaffes and all, is still drawing record crowds who stand in line for hours hoping to see him and cheer him on as he speaks.

            Hillary is drawing about the same number of attendees to her speeches as Jeb Bush, the Republican candidate who also had a huge war chest and big money backing him. IOW, she cannot fill up a room and the cameras put tight shots on her to HIDE her miniscule turnout.

            The only difference between Jeb and HIllary is that he didn’t have the press (AKA the Democrat PR wing) in the tank for him the way they are for her.

            Throughout Obama’s initial run, the press was in rhapsodies over the size of his turnout for his “hope and change” speeches. All the sudden, size doesn’t matter. It’s telephone polls that say it all. Pffft

            Anyone with two working brain cells knows that Clinton cannot win this election without massive voter fraud. The problem is that those trying to rig it have to figure out a way to do so without being too obvious.

            If they yield to the temptation of bussing in voters to vote early and often, they will only have the ability to do so in certain cities of key states. The outcome would probably be that Clinton gets the electoral vote, but Trump gets the popular vote. The result is there is hell to pay. Black minority outrage over Gore losing the electoral vote to Bush will be a cakewalk to the reaction of a White majority if Trump loses the electoral vote to Clinton. Especially if, as I think, Trump will have a far higher popular vote than Gore did.

            The peasants are revolting and both establishment Democrats and Republicans are scared witless. They are scared to let Trump win (as he assuredly will without Diebold interference ) and they are scared to rig a Clinton win.

            The media plays up the Never Trumpers for all they are worth, but they ignore the Not Clinton Again Contingents. I am talking about not only the enthusiastic Trumpers, but the disgruntled Bernie Boyz (and Girlz) who despise how the DNC colluded with Clinton to help her beat Bernie.

            If Trump wins, a lot of the government establishment is going to be purged. If Hillary wins, there is no way either many Republicans or Democrats are going to see her win as legitimate. They are too familiar with her dishonesty, corruption, and blatant cheating.

            Either way, both parties are in for a serious shakeup. The Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment were challenged by patriotic populists in both parties. I realize that not many here think much of Bernie Sanders, but I do believe that he opposed globalism which appealed to progressive patriots every bit as much as Trump appeals to more conservative patriots.

            Unlike many of you, I am more optimistic about the future regardless of whether Trump wins or loses. In a way, it would be better if he did lose, because I can see nothing but covert sabotage of everything he attempts if overt opposition doesn’t work.

            But if the globalist establishment yields to the temptation of engineering a Hillary Clinton win, then the outright anger of the Trump supporters is going to be the lit match to the fuse which is the Bernie supporters still seething with resentment.

            There will be a serious political realignment. The Democrats will end up stuck with all the neo conservatives and “true” conservatives that stomped their little feet and refused to endorse Trump. They will also remain stuck with Black Lives Matter (which will ultimately drive out the other minorities who will be sick and tired of the Dems kow-towing to BLM).

            The Republicans are going to go the way of the Whigs. Their constituents are going to hold them responsible for Trump’s loss. They are going to bitterly regret not maintaining party discipline. They made a big mistake in allowing NRO to launch its big anti-Trump manifesto. They should have forced the losers to support and endorse Trump. They should have prevented any defectors from publicly defecting to the Clinton camp. They should have stopped any leaks by “True Conservative” saboteurs to the press to broadcast.

            The GOP will be destroyed and the Democrats will be stuck with a big tent of clowns that annoy the hell out both sides and both sides implicitly and explicitly detest; the neo-cons and BLM, i.e ZOGBRA and fear, i.e. Islam.

            I see the disgruntled Bernie Boyz and Trump supporters forming a new nationalist party that will no longer indulge in fulminating against settled law (i.e. abortion, gay rights) and focus on wresting the country away from the gobalists. Further, I believe they will ultimately be joined by both the Asians and Hispanics who will be repelled by BLM antics and the DNC’s efforts to appease them.

            So, it’s all good to me.

          • If you’re right, Clytemnestra, that Trump was implying that the polls are somehow false, his wording was poor. Rather than say, “Maybe crowds don’t make the difference,” he should have said something like, “Maybe there’s something wrong with the polls.”

            In the primary season, it seemed to me, Trump won the primaries the polls said he would win, and he lost the primaries the polls said he would lose.

          • I am right, Mr. Bonaccorsi, that is exactly what Trump was so sarcastically implying. I would not lose a lot of sleep over Trump’s lack of political polish if I were you..

            No matter how much or even whether if he finesses them, Trump’s positions on the issues is the point of contention. No amount of eloquence on his part is going to woo his detractors to him.

            Conversely, no amount of bluntness is going to make his supporters defect to Hillary Clinton or waste their vote on a third party candidate.

            You fail to take into account that many of those who will vote for him are under no illusions that Trump is a miracle worker. He simply represents the best way for them to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the status quo. I’d say the represents the majority of voters out there right now.

            You are right about the primary election polls, but I believe you will be wrong about the general election polls. I’m using a wrestling analogy, but the Republicans are the candy-faced wrestlers who try to fight fair and square, because muh image. The Democrats are the wrestlers who are very aggressive, get in your face and show no compunction about fighting dirty and cheating like hell, because they know the referee (the press) is too busy penalizing the Republicans for anything and everything.

            Donald Trump is no candy-faced wrestler. The Republicans are absolutely correct in their assertions that Trump is no “true conservative.” Like them, I believe Trump is a Democrat. Moreover, I think Trump would be running on the Democrat ticket if that spot had not already been assigned to Hillary.

            With the press so in the tank for Clinton, I think it is great that Trump is a counter-puncher and does everything he can to draw flack from the press. What Trump gets that the press doesn’t is that the press has absolutely no credibility
            with the public any more. In fact that assessment is an understatement.

            After years of being inundated with articles accusing them of being genetic racists who are responsible for every antisocial thing Blacks do and the inevitable and relentless immigrant sob stores, the public has had a belly full and loathes them with a purple passion.

            Trump intuits not only the public’s gigantic dissatisfaction with status quo, but their antipathy for the press which is why he does everything he can to whip the press into an hysterical passion against him.

            No, Mr. Bonaccorsi, Donald Trump is NOT trying to throw the election. He does that when all these despicable RINOs stop whining to the press about him, when he sucks up to the minority voters to make them stop protesting against him and when the press starts praising him (like they did McCain).

            Everything Trump is doing will appeal to those Americans who will only enter the voters booth to push that button with their middle finger. And there are more out there than any one realizes.

          • Clytemnestra: “He simply represents the best way for them to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the status quo.”

            People want immigration to stop. Trump wants to slow down immigration and expel the illegals. So, the enthusiasm for Trump does not just come from general anger and dissatisfaction with treacherous and corrupt politicians. The fact is that Trump and the people share the same views.

            According to the jewsmedia, the populist view is that all politicians are corrupt ; people are ready to vote for Trump out of spite for the political system.

            But actually, people do not think that Trump is corrupt. It’s the jewsmedia that want people to take the unsophisticated view that all politicians are just the same, and that Trump, and Nehlen, and Duke, are no better.

          • I agree with you that Trump is not trying to throw the election, Clytemnestra. Maybe a suggestion to that effect was in something I copy-and-pasted from another website, but no, I don’t think Trump wants to lose. I do think, on the other hand, that he can’t win.

            Trump’s problem is not a mere “lack of political polish.” It’s an almost complete lack of understanding of social interaction. As I mentioned here, maybe two months ago, a friend of mine has remarked to me how strange that is, in the light of Trump’s business success.

            Yes, you’re right that there is an anti-Trump faction that Trump could never have won over, as well as a pro-Trump faction he could never alienate; but you’re overlooking a small but decisive intermediate group, uncommitted either way. That group was within his reach, maybe even briefly in his grasp, but it now seems to me to be almost permanently out of reach for him.

            If the election-eve polls are as bad for Trump as the polls presently are, well, I think he’ll lose.

          • I respectfully disagree, Mr. Bonaccorsi, because the polls are now rigged and will no doubt remain so until the final vote on election eve is counted.

            I submit the following two videos that back me up in my contention for your consideration:

            [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLf63B1R5aY&w=566&h=318%5D

            [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pXLGdVlxqk&w=614&h=345%5D

            The upshot? Trump wins by a landslide in social media while Clinton has trouble squeaking past Trump in polls which have been proven to be rigged to look like Clinton is leading.

            Yes, Trump’s abrasive attitude and his tendency to shoot from the lip rather than saving his ammo by holding his fire for the more important duels is disconcertingly hair-raising, but what is at the heart of The Trump Phenomenon is a backlash movement by working and middle class Americans who are fed up and determined to take down/pout globalist backstabbing politicians whose default position is to accuse them of xenophobia and racism whenever they fight to have their own interests acknowledged and addressed.

            These folk love Trump because the establishment composed of RINOs, globalist Republicans and Democrats and leftwing Culture Marxists and their lackeys in the press despise him. These more these guys whip themselves into an hysterical frenzy, pointing and sputtering at Trump’s latest “faux-pas,” the higher Trump rises in social media.

            Trump would be an idiot to soften his message and swing to “the middle.” This has been done both with John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 and not only did they not win any Democrats, they alienated their base who threw up their hands and stayed home.

            Luckily Trump has intuited the anti-Washington establishment mood of the people which is why we are seeing all these reports about his campaign collapsing, his estabishment “supporters” trying to “stage an intervention,” while all these neocons are fleeing the Republican Party to support Hillary.

            I say Trump LOVES this kind of reporting. If I were Trump, I’d be worried if all his detractors took a more mellow approach to everything he did and said. The new people who came out to support him have either never voted before or stopped voting altogether, because they had been let down by the establishment too many times are justifiably wary of all these people now jumping into bed with him. The negative press he generates reassures them that he is not another backstabber leading them over a cliff.

          • Okay, Clytemnestra —

            I’ve watched the two videos you linked, at YouTube. Starting at 2:31 of the first one, the “reporter” says the following:

            “[P]olls the day before the Florida primary showed the race between Trump and Rubio to be exceptionally close, but the next day the vote turned out to be a Trump blowout.”

            I have taken the trouble to assemble for you the following graphic, in which the results of the Florida Republican primary are compared with the final FiveThirtyEight prediction (of March 14, the day before the primary itself) and with the final six polls, five of which go right up to March 13, i.e., just two days before the primary. You will see the polls and the FiveThirtyEight prediction could hardly have matched the actual results more closely.

            Visit http://www.politico.com/2016-election/results/map/president/florida
            and http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/election-2016/primary-forecast/florida-republican/ if you’d like to see the pages from which I created the screen captures.

    • If Trump was actually imploding, the media and left would be having a victory dance and hurling insults, not screaming about Trump’s transgressions at the top of their lungs.

      • They are having a victory dance, prematurely perhaps, but the polls do not suggest that the fundamental divisions in America are changing.

        Trump is not running a good campaign. That’s objective. In the primary it didn’t matter, because we had the numbers to overcome Trump’s weaknesses (no discipline, no ground game) against a divided field.

        We don’t have that in the general.

        Is Trump preparing for the debates? Or just winging it?

    • Come on now, you’re the retarded Sicilian who badmouths Southerners all the time. Trump’s next big move is to quit? What is wrong with your brain?

      • How do you know I’m Sicilian? Maybe I’m just hiding behind a screen name–like you.

  5. There’s something about a cuck face that’s just a complete turnoff. The face ID’s them just like (((echoes))) ID someone else.

  6. Excellent news. Regardless the fate of the Donald, I’m DONE with the GOP, if this brand of eunuchs who obsess over irrelevant issues is what they think is the wave of the future.

  7. Trump needs the advice he gave to Jeb Bush: More energy. He needs to always be on the offensive than defensive.

    Also, when going on offensive, choose big topics, not small ones. Now, it’s the big time. Cute twitter posts don’t cut it. The regular season is over where you could lose some games. In the play-offs, losing means you’re out.

    Trump should avoid petty issues and fixate on Hillary and break down her image.

    To do this, Trump should expose her HYPOCRISY. Nothing brings down a person’s character more than hypocrisy. It is worse than mere dishonesty and crookedness. Trump should run on the meme of WHAT SHE SAID AND WHAT SHE DID. He should expose the stuff she said but actually did.

    Trump should also play the HUMANITARIAN card. The Dems would have us believe that Trump is a meanie who doesn’t care about refugees whereas HIllary the humanitarian cares about them. Trump should hit her over and over and over that she is a WAR CRIMINAL. Yes, a War Criminal. He should say he wants to end the human tragedy in the Middle East by reversing the horrors visited on Middle East and North Africa by Clinton as Secretary of State. He should say she ought to be tried at the Hague for lies and support of terrorists to bring down secular Arab governments. He should say when Bush left the office, Iraq and Afghanistan were on fire. But under Bush & Hillary, the fire has spread to Yemen, Libya, and Syria. And even to Ukraine. He should show images of smashed cities and dead bodies and tortured victims as the result of Hillary’s policies that led to breakout of ISIS and Alqaeda. He should also say US has been arming the very people who did 9/11. Al-Nusra front in Syria is Alqaeda by another name.

    Trump needs less Bluster and more Muster. He has to show he can muster the strength to remain focused and not be distracted by silly and trivial stuff.

    How to deal with the Media? If Trump complains about all the unfairness, he will just be made to look like a crybaby. He must say he ACCEPTS the fact that the media is just a Hillary propaganda machine, like it was for Obama in 2008 and 2012. He should say that is just a fact of American life, like flu in winter and zika virus in Brazil. Instead of complaining(or whining) about the media, he should have fun by mocking and lampooning its bias, lies, distortions, and etc. He should have a counter-media that just makes fun, fun, fun of media deviousness. Don’t bitch about it. Expose it in fun way

    Also, Trump should make a speech where he tells the people that the MSM is useless and same old same old. He should mention some news sources like Breitbart and Heatstreet that are doing real journalism.

    Trump should also run a campaign meme called Friends of Hillary. He should expose how the richest people who pushed globalism and did most to hurt American workers are with Hillary. He needs to name names. He should also say that under globalism, the downtown and posh areas of big cities get reap all the rewards. The world of Michael Bloomberg. Rest of nation gets crap. He should go Michael-Moore-ish and juxtapose the rise of urban affluence with decline and demise of small towns, suburbs, and rural America. He should juxtapose images of Hillary’s super-rich donors with the images of ordinary workers facing hard times.

    It’s down to Hollywood vs Hardwood. Illusion and Reality.

    To show that he is the candidate of truth, Trump needs to FACT CHECK stuff before he says it. This isn’t regular season anymore where you can make gaffes and lose a few games. The playing has to be very tight.

    Even if you lose some games in regular season, you can enter the playoffs in the NFL. But if you a playoff, you’re out. And if you lose the superbowl, there is no second chance.

    Another key factor will be those working OUTSIDE the Clinton campaign. This is where meme wars get interesting.

    Anyone can make a very clever anti-Hillary video. But hopefully, they will have no associations with 14/88 garbage because that is poison.

    The worst aspect of Alt Right is the thin line between genuine intelligent dissent and 14/88 neo-nazi idiocy.

    The great thing about the internet is ANYONE can make a political ad that can go viral.

    Maybe someone can compose a song around the theme of What Hillary Said and What Hillary Did.

    The Democratic Convention was seen as great success. But it can be Dukakised. Remember Dukakis got on a tank to look tough and manly. But the Bush campaign used that very image in a funny way to make him look absurd?

    The media worked hard to hype the Dem convention. But images from it can be used and spliced to make the thing look like a silly circus. I mean it had Lena Dunham. And that bald-headed Muslim dad and his jabba-jawed wife is pure gold if used right.


  8. Man, what is it with cucks and bow ties? George Will and now this guy. Bow ties must appeal to the low testosterone set. We should be glad, it’s like a signaling device.

    Also, a (((Mark Levin))) endorsement is the kiss of death, just like an Osambo endorsement is for the D-team.

  9. Oh, no! Another week and Trump is cooked yet again. Just how many times now have we seen “the end?”

    It’s so sad to see so many buying into the media narrative of Trump ending his campaign, of interventions, of an implosion. It’s all meant to demoralize you.

    Just what has Trump done to suggest that people should choose someone who lies in every other sentence, who is unbelievably corrupt, who was a disaster as Secy of State?

    He hurt the feelings of a muzz who writes in favor of stonings and honor killings.

    He made a joke (and got laughs) about a crying baby (who was not ejected from a rally).


    The media manipulates some so easily. Their polls are just another weapon in the arsenal.

    • A day or two after Obama’s reelection, in 2012, Mestigoit, I received e-mail from a California friend–a non-liberal–who was addressing me as if I were some kind of genius. How, he wanted to know, had I known Romney would lose? Not being a close follower of politics, I was surprised to learn from him that virtually all non-liberals–including his non-liberal friends other than me–had been convinced Romney was going to win. “All the polls were showing Romney would lose,” I replied.

      • We’re 3 months away.

        When polls showed him leading were you sure he’ll win? When the polls show him behind you’re sure he’ll lose? A miserable 3 months for you on a media-concocted roller coaster.

        Read Sam’s post above. The very same people who trash Trump constantly and make up controversies write, administer and rig these polls.

        • Gee, I don’t know, Mestigoit. What were you yourself saying a week or so ago, when Mr. W., our host, was relaying FiveThirtyEight’s report of Trump’s good position against Hillary? I don’t recall that you were saying the polls were rigged at that time.

          Trump is not politically adroit. It’s that simple.

          • Then why does Trump himself seem to be crediting them? Trump, as I originally said here–and as I just repeated for our fellow commenter Avenge Harambe, below–has said the following:

            “I hear we’re leading Florida by a bit,” …. “I don’t know why we’re not leading by a lot. Maybe crowds don’t make the difference.”

            Why did he say that?

          • Trump, like the media, is also trying to use poll results as a political weapon– the build confidence in his supporters and demoralize his opponents.

          • As a rookie politician he certainly is not “politically adroit.” That was part if his appeal. “Slick Willie” he ain’t.

      • Can you screen capture this exchange and black out the personal stuff?

        I knew Romney had lost during the debate with Crowley moderating because he backed off the Libya question and cupped his balls in his hands.

        After that you kinda knew he didn’t have any fight in him. He knew that the Libya war was a cover for transferring arms to ISIS.

        • What personal stuff, Captain John? I don’t see any personal stuff in this exchange–and why do you want it screen-captured?

          My point about Romney was that I, in my political simplicity, had done nothing more than look at the polls, which proved accurate.

          • You are talking to a friend in Cali over an email…and he bewilderingly asks you how you knew the result of an election? And you say polls showed it.

            Lol. Let’s get a screen capture of that email exchange.

          • Oh–I see. I thought you were referring to this exchange here, at Occidental Dissent. Yes, i’ll go back through my e-mails. As I was posting my comment above, I wondered whether the exchange between my friend and me had taken place over the phone, not by e-mail, but I’m pretty sure it was by e-mail. Give me a few minutes. If, as I think, it was by e-mail, it should be in the archives of an account I no longer use.

          • Scrub off personal data.

            As I stated I lost much hope for Romney in the Crowley moderated Debate. He was just so spineless.

          • I’ve found the old e-mails, which are four in number. I’ll post them in a few minutes, in four separate posts, after I’ve screen-capped and scrubbed them.

          • Below is the first of what will probably turn out to be five, not four, screen-caps. In the exchange, which is dated November 4, 2012, two days before the election, my friend asks me about some then-current news stories to the effect that Romney’s position in Pennsylvania (i.e., my own state) was good. He asks me whether the Republicans are fantasizing.

          • Okay–screen-cap 2, also dated November 4. In reply to my own reply that the Republicans are probably fantasizing about Pennsylvania, my friend mentions a Michael Barone column that says Romney is looking good in the state. My friend quips about the dangerousness of hope, and I reply with a Nietzsche remark on that subject.

          • Here’s screen-cap 3, which shows the final part of the November 4 e-mail exchange. After expressing appreciation of the Nietzsche remark, my friend says that, unfortunately, I’m not “picking [him] up,” i.e., not giving him any reason to think Romney will win. After I reply, cheeringly, that he and I are both having some hope, he says we’ll have a post-election phone conversation, in which I’ll be able to “pick him up.”

          • The following screen-cap, number 4, is the e-mail my friend sent me on election night, November 6, after Obama’s victory was reported. The subject line of the e-mail is “You called it!” The body of the e-mail is “Depressing as it is ….”

          • Here’s the final screen-cap, number 5, which is dated November 10, a few days after the election. In a previous e-mail, which is also dated November 10 (and which I’m not screen-capping here), my friend had linked a Huffington Post piece by conservative radio talk-show host John Ziegler, who had predicted a Romney loss. In the e-mail that’s screen-capped below, my friend states that Ziegler and I are now the only two persons whose electoral prognostications he’ll credit.

            Whether my friend and I eventually did have the post-election phone conversation he informally scheduled in screen-cap 3–and whether I mentioned in any such conversation that my prediction of an Obama victory had been based solely on the polls–I don’t recall. In a post-election, kitchen-table conversation I had with a non-liberal Philadelphian friend, who had been as shocked by the Romney loss as my California friend had been, I did say, as I happen to recall, that my prediction had been based simply on the polls.

            As I indicated in my original post, my own following of the 2012 election had been slight, so much so that I was startled when my California friend e-mailed me, as is seen in screen-cap 4, above, “You called it!” I hadn’t been aware that the Republicans were all really anticipating a Romney win.

            The Ziegler piece, by the way, is at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-ziegler/a-conservatives-take-the-_b_2074122.html? and is in the form of a pre-election postmortem. It’s dated November 5, the day before the election.

          • Your friend was falling for the Pandora problem, hope was the only evil that did not escape.

  10. http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/176172/tomgram%3A_andrew_bacevich%2C_pseudo-election_2016/

    I think I sort of know where Bacevich is coming from.

    He is an academic, and he works in an environment where proper manners and form matter a lot. Professors are expected to dress, talk, and act in a certain way.

    Whatever the ideology, studies, specialty, department, or function, there is the Professional and Professorial style. It is supposed to be objective, intellectual, cerebral, restrained, and cautious. Of course, there are differences. Some professors have pony tails. Some dress loudly. Some talk shit in class. But there is an predominant Academic Culture. It is pervasive and becomes a way of thinking, acting, feeling, and being.

    To an academe, Trump’s style is all wrong. Professors are not supposed to talk or even move like him. Serious students are not supposed to see him as model. And with PC dictating college values, no one is supposed to say the sort of things Trump has said. Serious academic types(professors and students) hate the party fraternities, and Trump acts like one-man Animal House. He rubs academes the wrong way like Rodney Dangerfield did in BACK TO SCHOOL.

    Academes are devoted to studying the world, and they become specialists in certain fields. But because they function in a social bubble, they don’t rub up against reality like Trump and the Dangerfield character do in the REAL WORLD. It’s the difference between a boxer who’s been in the ring and the locker room AND the scholar of sports who knows statistics and such but don’t know what it’s like to have a punch in the face and blood spurt out of the nose.

    In the academic world, proper form matters at all times. Professors must dress properly and talk properly. And there is rules of classroom conduct. This is all very good and necessary. But such a culture creates a false impression that the world should be like the school environment, where theory and reality are complementary.

    Paradoxically however, it is the very culture of proper form that had led to the takeover of certain colleges by the lunatic fringe of PC-triggered madness. We see how this happens in David Mamet’s OLEANNA. In the film, a Liberal College professor is into being very professional and academic. He is part of that culture, and he lives it, inhales it, exhales it. He probably thinks and acts academic even at home, like Dustin Hoffman’s character in STRAW DOGS.

    So, when a crazed feminist wench in OLEANNA makes a crazy accusation against the professor, he doesn’t know what to do. He’s so committed to maintaining the proper form that he hasn’t the guts to get angry and call her a vile, disgusting, stupid, ludicrous, lying, hag bitch. Why, such an emotional response would mean loss of form and dignity. It would seem barbaric in the eyes of academic culture, just like Barry Lyndon’s loss of temper in front of the aristocratic folks.

    Professorial dignity is closely tied to proper form. So, even when up against great pressure, one’s respect depends on maintaining that form. Lose it, and you’re seen as a boor. So, rather than risking one’s loss of form and respect, many academics just have let the crazies run rampant on the campus. (This is why British society is so defenseless against PC lunacy. When one see nuttiness, one must show anger and take rough action. But such boorish behavior is beneath the dignity of the preening British elites. So, they just choose to make gentle assurances and accommodate the craziness by offering it a place in the power structure. That way, the British elites get to be ‘good whites’ and the radicals direct their ire at the ‘bad whites’ who aren’t so accommodating and offering of bribes. Social Justice Cult is just an extortion racket. The rich can keep their style of ‘dignity’ by buying off the radicals to attack something else. In the UK, the ‘bad whites’ are the ‘working class racists’ who voted for Brexit.)

    Indeed, when the professor finally loses it in OLEANNA and strikes the no-good bitch,

    he knows he’s lost everything, just like Barry Lyndon. It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you must live by the culture of form, you can’t fight back against lunatics who insult and impugn you. You must take the smears and taunts. But if you do lose it and fight back, it will only confirm the taunts and smears that you’re an oppressive brute and barbarian. (It’s like radicals often provoked cops into violent reaction and then cried foul.)

    The elite worlds of academia, military, and government all rely on the culture of form, propriety, and dignity. Necessarily so. But such emphasis on form has a constricting effect on the thoughts and emotions of people in it.

    This is why academic types usually don’t make great artists. To be an artist, you have to be free, wild, imaginative, and passionate. To be an intellectual, one’s emotions have to be checked and controlled, and the mind has to be focused on critical assessment. If Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, Sam Peckinpah, and Elia Kazan had taken an academic course in life, they never would have been artists. On the other hand, intellectuals, scholars, and critics must be more cerebral and objective than passionate and subjective.

    Bacevich worked in military, government, and academia. He went from a culture of form to culture of form to culture of form. He is about control, order, system, form, and dryness. His culture is different from the culture that made Trump, the wheeler-dealer who had to be shifty, ‘artful’, bluffy, clever, crafty, bullying, and etc.

    Trump is a player in the very game of money and power. Also, Trump had to be more savvy to rise up in his field. If one works in military, government, and academia, there are clearer rules as to what you must do to rise up the ranks. In business, so much depends on the ‘art of the deal’, charisma, handshakes, and instinct.

    Trump’s world is about the play. You have to play to win.

    Bacevich’s is about the program. You follow the program to rise up.

    It’s the difference between Belfort and the Fed in Wolf of Wall Street.

    Now, I’m not saying Trump is a douche like Belfort(though he could be, what with the Trump Chump University scandal) but merely making a point about the difference of personalities in different endeavors.

    Anyway, people like Bacevich feel somewhat superior to the rest of us. They feel superior to us unschooled dummies because we don’t have Ph.D’s and other credentials. We don’t read books and don’t have access to special information in departments and archives. Also, people like Bacevich are wealthier than we are.

    But people like Bacevich also feel superior to rich folks like Trump. They see people like Trump as having hustled and swindled their way to great wealth. Or even if super-rich folks didn’t cheat to rake in the dough, all they ever cared about is money, money, money. It’s like Bill Gates never got much respect as anyone other than a businessman. Even Steve Jobs said Gates got no culture, no taste. He only knows geekery and money and business.

    People like Bacevich see themselves as Human Ideals. They are wealthy(or wealthy enough) and deserving of privilege. But they are not all about money. They are about knowledge and truth. They devoted their lives to studying the world and coming up with useful theories. They play the role of scholars and critics of power. And they have mastered a proper form of manners and behavior that epitomize dignity, seriousness, maturity, and integrity.

    From their angle, there is nothing lower than someone like roguish Trump. Even if Trump agreed with them 100%, his talk-radio-like populist style would rub them the wrong way. It’d be like Rush Limbaugh coming on NPR. The only kind of conservative that such folks can maybe tolerate is Bill Buckley or some tweedy type with proper manners. Trump is too much like the Wild One in the Brando movie. Or maybe like the Lee Marvin character. It’s like how Jimmy Stewart reacts to the tough guys in THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE. It’s like how Gregory Peck the Eastern elitist reacts to the boors of Texas in THE BIG COUNTRY. Reagan was more bearable because he was more like John Wayne than Lee Marvin.

    But, with all due respect, let us knock people like Bacevich down a few pegs.

    For one thing, despite the culture of form, dignity, and propriety — and all those POMPOUS ceremonies with tassels, real and honorary degrees, highfalutin titles in Latin, graduation speeches, and etc — , much of the academia is corrupt, crazy, repressive, dishonest, radical, careerist, opportunistic, privileged, lazy, demented, partisan, nasty, vindictive, backstabbing, tribal, fiendish, scummy, and no good.

    Bacevich says Trump is pompous. No, he’s boorish. Pompous would be something like all those graduation speeches where honorary guests make bloated statements about hope and etc. Pompous would be the 2008 election that presented Obama as The One, the messiah, the black jesus, ‘like god'(as one reporter said), the second coming of MLK and Camelot, and etc. Pompous would be all those ‘esteemed’ professors talking like they are philosopher kings. Pompous would be all those armchair revolutionaries with millions of dollars in their bank accounts but yammering about Marx and Social Justice. Consider Cornel West and Henry Louis Gates.

    So many academics are actually cowards who don’t want to face the real world. So, they hide in the bubble, in the ivory tower. But they tell themselves that they are committed to studying the real world and critiquing what is wrong with it. But most professors have no idea of human nature since they have no contact with real people. They live with theories of reality. Many of them have no sense of reality beyond what they got from PC from cradle. Many are children of privilege pretending to be fighting privilege. But of course, they need privilege to study and oppose privilege. Just look at Harvard and Yale and Princeton. They are filled with kids of privilege and elitism, but they pose as ‘progressives’ and talk of equality and social justice.

    Bacevich assumes that since Trump’s style is wild, his substance must be crazy. But in fact, the substance of Trump’s proposals are some of the most sane we’ve heard in many yrs. Indeed, they may sound crazy precisely because they sound TOO SANE. Fix our borders. No more crazy wars. Favor national interests of American people than globalist interests of elites. Stop with the new cold war business.

    In contrast, so many academics have the form of integrity and dignity. They seem and sound so smart, balanced, thoughtful, critical, skeptical, and retrospective.

    But, we must judge people by what they do, not what they say.

    Weren’t the financial instruments that nearly brought down US finance in 2008 the creation of Ivy League-trained academics, economists, and investors?

    Aren’t the people in the US intelligence, US military, and US state department mostly the graduates of top elite universities? Yet, the so-called Best and Brightest gave us stuff like Iraq War, War on Terror that actually aids terrorists, the disaster in Libya and Syria?

    Bacevich speaks of Trump’s bad manners. Well, Colin Powell was one of the best-mannered men in government. Yet, he sat before the UN council and lied through his teeth that Hussein had nuclear weapons program using aluminum beer cans. John Yoo, the well-mannered professor from Berkeley argued that US could torture prisoners. The Best and Brightest planned for Iraq War that led to Abu Grahib, endless escalation, the looting of Iraq museum, civil war that no one anticipated(or maybe they did and wanted it), and etc.

    And who were the advisers to the privatization in Russia in the 90s? It wasn’t Trump and such boors. No, it was the philosopher kings, the professors of the best schools. Larry Summers. Jeffrey Sachs. It was the Harvard Team. (To Sach’s credit, he must be feeling some remorse since he is opposed to Hillary’s nutty call for New Cold War against Russia.) And what happened to Russia as a result? Didn’t Larry Summers also push deregulation of Wall Street? And Yale-educated Clinton signed on it.

    People say Obama is so smart and knowledgeable. But what has he accomplished in office? He didn’t know jack shit about Wall Street and just gave the banks everything they asked for. He got Obamacare only by lying to the public, and we don’t know how it will turn out. Almost surely badly. His foreign policy has been a total mess. Middle East and North Africa got worse than during Bush yrs when only Afghanistan and Iraq were burning. Now it also Libya, Yemen, Syria. And it may well spread to Turkey. And then, there is the massive ‘refugee’ crisis and terror attacks spreading all over.

    Crime is up due to Ferguson effect. Whatever economic recovery has been largely due to printing money and borrowing, with debt now at over 20 trillion. Illegal immigration is totally out of control, worse than in Bush yrs. Obama’s SC appointees are PC commissars, not defenders of any Rule of Law based on Constitution. A ‘wise Latina’ and some Jewish lesbian who, in her stint at Harvard, filled the Law school with her tribesmen while bitching about ‘white privilege’.

    Obama certainly perfected the academic style, and he became the darling of white/Jewish Libs who want to appear pro-black but had problems finding Negroes of real caliber. But as smart as Obama is, what has he done academically or professionally prior to becoming a politician? Zilch. He got by on style. He didn’t even become a professor at University of Chicago. He just hung around and made connections with the right kind of people who found him useful as ‘our Negro’. Jews went so far as to call him the ‘first Jewish president’. So, even though Obama did absolutely nothing as instructor and politician, he got to be president because he had the right kind of ‘style’ and knew the right kind of people.

    So, before Bacevich gets all high and mighty about the academic world and its nice manners of civility and dignity, he should ask himself how so much of the academic style and prestige have been used for some of the most insane, irresponsible, reckless, stupid, vile, hideous, nasty, ugly, sick, and demented policies one can think of.

    This is true of finance. Wall Street is run by Ivy League graduates. And there is a open door policy between Wall Street and Ivy League business schools. Those who work on Wall Street later become academics. Academics find plush positions in Wall Street.

    And look at foreign policy. You’d think academics would be honest and tough critics of power and politics. But we’ve seen so many academics whore themselves out to Republican and Democrat warmongers. There were plenty of academics advising the Bush administration in the reckless Iraq War. And there were plenty of highfalutin academics supporting and making excuses for Obama-Hillary’s war in Libya and subversion in Syria and Ukraine. Victoria Nuland is related to a Yale academic.

    So much for honest critics of power. They act so professorial and dignified, but so many are partisan hacks or tribal opportunists(mostly of the Zionist kind). Jewish money and media pressure are so pervasive that Norman Finkelstein was robbed of a job at Depaul(and other universities) because the odious Alan Dershowitz made phone calls. And Steven Salaita couldn’t get a gig at U of I because of impassioned remarks during the Gaza massacre.

    And do law schools really teach the law? Just how does law school produce idiots like Sonia Sotomayor the ‘wise Latina’? Just how does the academia justify something so bogus as ‘hate speech’ laws? I mean who decides what is hate and not hate? The powers that be, right? And how can any serious person say stuff like “I believe in free speech but not hate speech”? And how is it that the best law schools produce people who reinterpret and redefine marriage as between a man and man and between woman and woman? How is that the leading academic theories of justice advised NY to fine businesses for $250,000 if they confuse a ‘he’ with ‘she’? What are they teaching at Harvard Law School when they say a guy with a woman’s wig should use a woman’s washroom? What is this, farce?

    And if academic life is about truth, dignity, and sanity, how is it that some of the craziest ideas in recent yrs came out of the academia? And if the academia has such high standards, how did it allow so many moronic or crazy lunatics to become tenured professors? How did colleges come up with stuff like ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘micro-aggressions’ and other hysteria? And how do universities react to stuff like false KKK sighting at Oberlin? They treat them as if they’re real. And when the Milo the homo poofter was interrupted and threatened at Depaul, where was the principle of freedom of speech? If anything, the Depaul administration sided with the thugs. How did Emma Sulkowicz get away with such rot. Even after she was exposed as a nut and fraud, NOW gave her the courage award. But this is a nation where Bruce Jenner won both the courage award and woman of the year award. And we live in a world where Obama got the Nobel prize for nothing. Well, how much peace did Obama spread around the world since then?

    And look at the media. A massive lie machine. Now, so many journos are products of top journalism schools. So, how come so many are more committed to PC, the Narrative, and BS than to the truth? How come black thugs are called ‘teens’ and ‘youths’? Why did NBC’s Diane Sawyer say bombed out Gaza is Israel. How come Helen Thomas lost her job for saying European Zionists should return to Europe? How come NYT and rest of media cheer-lead the Iraq War? Why have they let Obama get away with so much spying, lack of transparency, and war-mongering? Why did they go easy on Wall Street that fleeced us blind in 2009 with bailouts? How did the whole media fall for the UVA rape hoax? If not for a handful of bloggers who exposed the fraud, the whole world would still be believing the story and the crazy bitch who wrote it probably would have won the Pulitzer.

    And as I’ve said before, the academia has been either too cowardly or too complicit in the rise of PC craziness and hysteria in the campuses. The cowards didn’t speak out against the rise of PC lunacy and witch-hunt mentality. The complicit were the very professors — mostly in sociology, humanities, political science, and law — who filled the minds of millennial morons with paranoid lunacy about Evil White Males, Patriarchy, KKK, ‘homophobia’, and etc. If academic environment is so sane and rational, how come some of the most vile, aggressive, hateful, and bilious movements have emerged from the universities?

    And what has come of college debates? Now, winners are usually shucking and jiving black wanna-be rappers. This is what US colleges allow, and the likes of Andrew Bacevich never lodged a complaint. Yet, he is bitching about Trump’s ill manners and craziness?

    When Bacevich saw PC lunacy on his campus, did he ever speak out? Or did he just keep his head low and walk away because he didn’t want to lose his proper form as a dignified academic? If we want craziness, we don’t need Trump. We only need to look at colleges newspaper to see what the latest hysteria, craze, fad, or nutjobbery is.

    But, the crazy stuff in colleges is cloaked with the conceit of intellectualism, rationalism, critical theory, or some such. So, it gets a pass while Trump is said to be crazy, extreme, and nutty because he said… let’s fix our borders(how mad!!!), end the stupid new cold war with Russia(how loony!!!), let’s stop messing up Muslim nations(how ludicrous!!!), let’s be careful about which Muslims we allow into America(how frightening!!!), let’s think about the American worker and not just the globalist urban class(how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!).

    What is truly crazy about America is that a NY real estate hustler and blowhard makes more common sense, moral sense, and good sense than all the experts of media, academia, military, and government combined. But in a world where the law of the land says 2 + 2 = 5, someone who insists it is 2 + 2 = 4 must be mad.

    Trump is not the emperor who has no clothes. He is one who notices that the Empire has no clothes. Also, unlike the ridiculous expectations of Pompous Hope and Change of Obama that couldn’t be fulfilled(not least because they lacked specificity), what Trump is calling for can be achieved.

    They are realistic about the real world. We can fix our borders if we really want to. We can lower immigration to give US workers time to breathe and catch up. We can end the stupid new cold war with Russia. It’s easy cuz Russia doesn’t want it. We can let EU carry a bigger burden with NATO. We need to stop seeing EU as a vassal state of US. We can stop the wars in the Muslim world and let Muslims and Arabs pick up their own pieces. It was US intervention and its collusion with allies that led to hell in Libya and Syria. Dealing with the big banks is a much tougher call.

    Despite Trumps overstatements and boorish style, what he is calling for is doable, sensible, and right.

    But then, we have too many people feeding on crisis caused by globalist interventions. They don’t want a fix to the problems. They thrive on problems. And that is why they see Trump as a threat.

    The remarkable thing about Trump is his style is sometimes over-the-top and ‘crazy’, but he is, at the core, totally sane. He’s not like the man in NETWORK who really loses it and screams ‘I’m mad as hell’.

    The way of Trump is to be ‘Sane as Hell’. In a world gone nuts as the new normal, he is wildly… sane.


    • That’s why these people have assassins off the books bumping off opponents.

    • Bacevich doesn’t seem to know the meaning of ‘pompous’.

      I think he has it confused with bombastic and self-promoting. Trump is certainly that. He has a salesman’s instincts, and he knows how to throw a pitch. But the salesman style generally isn’t pompous. It can be boastful and swaggering, and Trump can be that too.

      Pompous would be Obama, writing books with titles like ‘Dreams from My Father’ and ….. ROTFL ‘Audacity of Hope’. LOL. It must be more awesome than the mere City of Hope.

      Awe-Day-City of Hope. Shoo!

      Obama’s father was some drunken lout who stuck his dong into anything that moved. I don’t what kind of ‘dream’ Obama got from him. The lout didn’t even raise his own son and left his other sons to be raised fatherless too. Typical black male behavior.

      But didn’t King tell us that he had a Dream? Obama is so pompous that he calls Illegal Aliens the ‘dreamers’. And even PC can be awful pompous. Consider terms like this: “Justice-Involved Individuals”


      It’s like gentrification of PC. ‘Body positivity movement’ for fatkins. ‘Vertically challenged’ for munchkins.

      But then, we live in a nation where discrimination in favor of rich blacks over poor whites is called ‘Affirmative Action’. Shoo.

      Just think. What in the hell is ‘audacity of hope’? Why would it take any audacity to hope? If I hope I have a million dollars, is that audacious? Did Obama get to where he did by hoping? Or did he scheme and make cold-blooded decisions with the backing of people with billions and control of media?

      Trump is rich and shows off his wealth. But his nouveau-riche style lacks pomposity. It’s a honest way of saying, “I got it and I like it.” The really pompous ones are people like George Clooney and Bill Clinton who have it all but pretend like they are global saviors of poor and helpless and make pleas for the ‘refugees’ whom they themselves don’t have to deal with.

      Trump’s rich style is more transparent. He makes no bones about it.

      Pompous would be like Chelsea Clinton who married the son of some billionaire. She yammers about how she doesn’t care about money. Yeah, cuz she doesn’t have to think about it cuz she’s surrounded by it. Her hubby lost 100s of millions of dollars for an investment firm, but he is well-connected and taken for.

      It’s like in THE AVIATOR. Those with money can pretend they don’t care about money. Pompous would be Mitt Romney, a real shark who claims to oppose Trump out of some higher principle. Mr. Bane cares about higher principles.

      Also, there is a sense of fun and irony around the Trump campaign. All that stuff about ‘god emperor trump’ is supposed to be campy. It is meant as circus. It is a kind of shtick.

      They are not like the gushing fools who fainted at Obama’s rallies in 2008 as if they were face to face with messiah as some smooth jazz operator.

      Trump is just being flattered as big boss, chieftain of the hour.

      Obama was hailed and revered as if descended from heaven or born miraculously.

      And whenever there was some crisis in or outside the nation, Obama could be counted on to deliver the most pompous utterances that may sound lofty but mean absolutely nothing in their highfalutin bathos. Indeed, no presidency has been as bathetic as Obama’s. Obama has been to politics what Oprah was to TV.

      Also, the Obama camp is so deep into kitsch that they have lost all sense of irony about themselves. They don’t even know how ludicrously pompous their ‘vision’ is.

      I mean the association of homosexuality with the rainbow. The lighting up of the white house with homo rainbow colors. Bruce Jenner in wig and woman’s panties as a figure of courage.

      And who can forget this precious picture?


      So, the very people who call themselves secular and rational promote obama the slimy snake as some messiah(the one) who is blessed with homo holiness from…. god?

      Does Bacevich see nothing pompous in all this?

      Trump is more like the Big Bad Wolf who is going huff puff and blow the PC house down.

      He is a blowhard, but I prefer it to PC blowtard.


      • “Also, there is a sense of fun and irony around the Trump campaign. All that stuff about ‘god emperor trump’ is supposed to be campy. It is meant as circus. It is a kind of shtick.”

        Very true, GC–but for every strength such as that, Trump has two or three weaknesses. His strengths are struggling in the toils of his faults.

  11. Don’t trust the polls.

    Pat Caddell on ‘Cooked’ Reuters Poll: ‘Never in My Life Have I Seen a News Organization Do Something So Dishonest’


    “They not only changed their formula, to put Hillary ahead. They went back and changed the results, for a week of results where Trump was ahead, and then they turned those into Hillary leads,” said Caddell. “They also erased all the former polling off the site. They didn’t tweak their procedure – they cooked it.”

    • Again, the very same people who attack Trump 24/7 and manufacture “gaffes” and controversies write, administer, decide the parameters and rig these polls.

  12. Many think the debates are where Trump clobbers Hillary. Don’t be so sure. I have such a low opinion of this ultra-corrupt country that I suspect Hillary will get the questions ahead of time and the moderators will aid her against Trump (Candy Crowley on steroids). This will be a rough ride.

    The way I look at it is that this election is a sort of referendum on whether this country and its people are worth saving.

  13. So, Trump comes out of the convention looking good. Then the Demonrats hold theirs which was a total disaster. Speakers getting booed, delegates walking out in massive numbers when Clinton spoke and protesters in the streets. Huge rift between Bernie and Hillary supporters then on top of it all Bernie caves and pisses off his base.

    The Wikileaks were a public relations nightmare proving the media and Wasserman conspired to rig everything against Bernie and conspired to plant false stories about Trump. Two movies have come out detailing the Clinton Foundations’s mammoth corruption. But supposedly all that was for naught because Trump’s train was derailed when he criticized the Muslin Sharia Law advocate who lectured him on the Constitution?

    Not buying it.

    • It’s Muslim not Muslin, watch out because Bonnacorsi is spellchecking the rednecks.

        • Besides that I think that the fate of Ryan is going to be the big thing this summer.

          If Ryan is consigned to political oblivion next week the system will get medieval on Trump.

          Ryan just got flustered and mentioned the Alt-Right recently. That’s a bad verbal slip on his part.

  14. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Accurate polling? In Kansas, #NeverTrump Huelskamp lead by 9. He lost by 12.

  15. In 2008 the media told us that Obama would win because of the throngs at his rallies and the enthusiasm of his supporters.

    In 2016 they suggest that large numbers of enthusiastic attendees at Trump rallies means nothing.

    The American media are trash.

  16. I suppose this will make Trump fall even further in the polls,
    Allah Akbar.
    Sharia supporting attorney Khizr Khan is still making the media rounds.
    Khizr Khan who waved a US Constitution at Donald Trump at the DNC Convention was interviewed by Dunya Pakistani News this week.


    ‘The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.’

    • Yes, Trump is unacceptable to a shariah “expert” who endorses stonings and honor killings. What were we thinking when we nominated him?

  17. Paul Kersey ?@sbpdl
    That Khizr Khan wasn’t laughed out of USA by now shows how our country is truly irredeemable.

    Paul Kersey ?@sbpdl
    The reports of Trump’s death at the polls are greatly exaggerated, orchestrated by a (((Media))) bent on stopping him whatever the costs

  18. Trump is “not there yet” on endorsing Paul Ryan only 3 days out. Ted “The Messiah” Cruz WON’T endorse Ryan. Dare we hope that this guy is history?

  19. CNN has reported that Trump will endorse Ryan tonight in Green Bay.

    Mark Belling is giddy over the prospect.

    Talk show hosts here believe one of the biggest reasons for Trump getting killed in WI. was his decision to attack Governor Walker which they claim caused huge resentment and backfired on him.

    Unfortunately, that smarmy weasel Lyin’ Ryan is very popular in this cucked up state.

    Word is Trump needs Ryan and his supporters to win the state or he is toast.

    Perhaps, but I loathe Ryan and have contributed to Nehlen’s campaign.

    • Sad news for Nehlen.

      Maybe Cruz can endorse him. He won the district. Make himself useful for once.

        • Didn’t Obama win his district? If so, the Dems might be viable there and another chance comes up in November. I view getting rid of Ryan the 2nd most important election of the year.

          I’ll never forget Ryan’s saying that he considered his job in Congress to be “putting himself in the shoes of those around the world who want to live in the US.” That’s right– foreigners first.

      • 1 step at a time, people. We have an uphill battle. I know Trump is not perfect – but Hellery’s a NIGHTMARE

  20. Re: polls.

    Just a couple of days ago the Reuters poll showed a landslide-style lead for Hillary.

    Now it’s 2.4%.

    That’s within the margin of error.

    And remember Pat Caddell’s comments.

    Check your hysterics.

  21. Hunter Baker is “honorable and decent.”

    He probably cares about illegals and negroes and is horrified by Trump’s time-out on Muslim immigration. Being a good conservative he probably thinks, however, that “white working class communities are morally indefensible and deserve to die.”

  22. 1. U believe MSM 2. U will always under estimate the Trump, your ego blinds you.
    3. Trumpsters are watching all the Never Trump, will never elect anyone U endorse.
    4. America First – Its not about U, your ego again. 5. Why did Trump let Cruz speak? Simple, he ratted himself out by putting himself first like always. Selfish people can’t see two steps in front of their nose. Cruz is a vile reptile and not even American.
    6. Trumps over flow to get into his rallies surpasses Hillary’s attendance in her rallies. He fills stadiums and they have to turn people away.
    7. His campaign has never been more united. Mr. Kahn was paid $375,000 from Hilbots Foundation scam. He is Musim Brotherhood and Sharia Law comes before US constitution. America First!!!!!

  23. The main planks in the anti-Trump platform are open borders, unlimited immigration, and free trade deals in which we get screwed for the benefit of globalists.

    All the BS about Trump’s manners and civility is bunk.

    (((RememberScalia))) ?@Mattfobrien Aug 4
    If anyone is wondering, Jeff Sessions is on CNN looking like a complete clown right now.

  24. In an earlier post, Hunter Wallace pointed out that U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not an inalienable right belonging to everyone who wants to immigrate here.

    The DNC was trying to win propaganda points by brandishing this Muslim couple who had lost their son on the field of battle. But how many other immigrants through the years have watched their sons risk and lose their lives on behalf of this country?

    For example, my paternal line came from the French part of Switzerland. They settled into Ohio and became yeoman farmers who saw their son drafted into the Union Army to fight the Confederates.

    What bugs me is the How Dare You Be Suspicious of Me, I Dindu Nuffin Attitude of Muslims after the antics of Muslim jihadis here and everywhere else become public knowledge.

    My maternal line came from Poland. That branch of the family had an incredible sense of timing. My great-grandfather stepped off the boat right after a Polish anarchist had shot and killed President McKinley. The Polish immigrants understood that Anglo Saxon Protestant Americans had every right to be upset about this and suspicious of them. We further understood that they had not invited us here and that they had nothing to prove to us, but we had everything to prove to them. So we doubled down on doing our best to assimilate by working harder and bending over backwards to behave ourselves, because we were “on probation” with the American people.

    Even then, the Polish anarchist fed fuel to the fire of the American activists who used this assassin to finally get the immigration restrictions passed that kept them from being swamped by ever cheaper labor from Eastern Europe, because there was no shortage of poorer and poorer people who work for less and less than they did.

    There was no Polish activism griping about Americans being anti-Polish or “Slavophobics.” Of course the American public would have laughed in their faces for even trying this kind of guilt-trip. There is no reason for the American public of today to allow this today. They have nothing to prove to Muslim immigrants who should stop with the arrogance and defensiveness. The American public has nothing to prove to Muslim immigrants. The Muslim immigrants OTOH have everything to prove to the American public.

    Just as this Polish assassin ended up representing my family in American eyes and played a big part in keeping the rest of my relatives from being allowed to immigrate here and probably resulted in many of them being wiped out by the Nazis and the Communists, like it or not, all these Muslim atttackers represent all Muslims to Americans unless they clean up their acts big time. They can’t get away with looking the other way if a couple is talking jihad and has put together enough of an arsenal to equip a small army. They need to drop the dime on them or be held accountable as accomplices.

    This Muslim soldier was the exception not the rule and American leaders are only under obligation to protect their own people, not use the exception to make them overlook the rule where Muslims in general are concerned. Trump needs to stick with the ban and that is all there is to it.

    • What’s missing in your comment is a racial point of view. Even if the Kahn family was very friendly, polite and unassuming, which they are not, there wouldn’t be any reason to invite people like them in a White nation and have them participate in the race replacement program.

      I’m sure non-white countries have a number of decent people, but there is no reason to regroup all the decent people in White countries. The Kahns would never dare go to China and start lecturing the Chinese about the Chinese constitution and the necessity to admit more Indians in China. The reason they are doing that in the USA is the Jewish anti-White ideology. They are collaborating with the Jews against White people.

    • I always read your posts, since you are an excellent analyst, and writer, but I find your annoyance with the Swamp Niggers to be touchingly amusing. You really, truly wouldn’t expect Mud Orcs to behave like honorable Aryans, would you? Ever?

  25. Erick EricksonVerified account
    Just officiated my first wedding. Opened it by reading Genesis 1 in Hebrew. I’m exhausted.

    Ricky Vaughn
    Retweeted Erick Erickson
    When officiating a wedding exhausts you, it’s time to lose weight.

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