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  1. Trump: Build a Wall. Secure what is real.

    Hillary: Bust the Dam. Welcome the fantasy.

    One must admit reality is always darker than fantasy. In our pop-culture-saturated world, it’s no wonder that so many people prefer Hillary’s feely-good invade-the-world/invite-the-world globailsm.

    The Alt Right must be in it for the long haul. Because of its youth, there is a sense of impatience and too much excitement about Trump.

    But Alt Right must think in terms of centuries. It must think of the world when current Alt Rightists are in their 70s and 80s. The question is, “what kind of children and grandchildren will they have by then?”

    And “Will the Alt Rightists have passed down their vision and values to their descendants who will carry on as torch-bearers?”

    And to go in it for the long haul, Pepe the Frog isn’t gonna do it when the other side has real mytho-icons like MLK and Mandela. And surely, Obama will be turned into Reagan of Liberalism by the Democrats in yrs to come and media and academia will play along.

    Fratboy culture ends in college. Because the current mainstream culture is so trashy, stupid, and infantile, the Alt Right can own the style of sobriety, intelligence, passion(real passion than hysteria), depth, and insight. And honesty. Alt Right has much to build, but it can build on firmer ground because it is more honest about the facts of reality: race, history, biology, morality.

    One advantage the Alt Right has over Neocons and other such rot is they are more grounded in the essentials rules and values of a people, culture, and land. But Alt Right must weed out the deranged, decrepit, delusional, and demented. Especially the 14/88 lunatics who might as well be working for the SPLC. It’d like the Alt-Left aligning themselves with Stalinists and Maoists.

    14/88 is just as crazy as the Neocons. They have no sense of history and reality. They go through life with blinders on. You know the type that insist Hitler was a hero or holocaust never happened. They are either vile or nuts or stupid.

    Also, Alt Right should be speculative but be wary of far-out conspiracy-theorizing of the kind peddled by Alex Jones. It’s too bad Paul Craig Roberts goes for too many of these nutty theories.

    Anyway, even if Trump loses, neocons don’t have much of a future. For one thing, Zionists don’t need the GOP when the Democrats are their whores too. Neocons were always working both sides of the aisle.

    But even if neocons were to all come back to the GOP, most White Conservative voters no longer care about Wars for Israel. And they no longer care about ‘free trade’ when it only fattens Wall Street and Silicon Valley that are all Democratic anyway or at least socially liberal(and may support GOP only for lower taxes). Even if neocons say, “GOP lost because of Trump”, they will offer nothing since the GOP lost with neocucks McCain and Romney. Neocons cannot even convince the GOP base. How are they gonna convince the Dem base?

    I really think the GOP is cooked. Sure, it can come back and win. How? Just become the other Democratic party. But then, it won’t be conservative anymore. Still, it is amazing how the Democratic, once a southern party, is now the northern party, and how the GOP, once a northern party, is now a southern party. So, switcheroos have happened all the time in US politics.

    Anyway, suppose US becomes a one-party Democratic Party. There will be advantages to this. The Liberal Coalition will begin to crack up. indeed, we already saw this happen this year with Muslims in Orlando, BLM attacking white libs in colleges, feminists bitching about misogynist pop culture(ruled by liberals), and etc. The only thing that holds these groups together is hatred for the White Party. But if the White Party folds, there will be less unity among the various groups. Each group will demand, “where is my pie?” . And in this, white people should side with ANYONE against Jews and white Liberal urban elites.

    In any struggle, one must focus on the Main Enemy above all. It is the Jew.

    Bringing down the Jew is like cutting the head of a chicken. The chicken body will flap around but won’t know what to do and die.

    And then, there lies the road to power.

    Chop off the chicken’s head.

    We need to understand one thing about human nature. People tend to lose what is most essential and meaningful when they are most happy or most unhappy. Happiness makes one favor the pleasures-of-the-moment over the big picture. Much of Pop Culture is like soma or opium. It fills people, esp the young, with fantasies of bliss, pleasure, thrill, and joy. It makes them forget about reality, time, history, and morality. It’s like people high on drugs will not listen to reason. They are having too much fun.

    But people also lose a sense of what is essential when they are most happy. Falling into funk and depression, they become lost in their morbid pain and find no meaning or purpose in life.

    Much of truth is not about gaining some super-knowledge but regaining what we have lost. Its like the final speech in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The dream of having lost something that our forefathers had.

    Or consider Arthur in EXCALIBUR who loses the meaning of life because he becomes so distraught over personal angst about his wife and best friend Lancelot who betrayed him. He is a king, and there is a kingdom to rule. He still has stuff to do. People depend on him. But he becomes so lost in his unhappiness that he sees no meaning in anything. The Grail is often right in front of our eyes but we don’t see it because we think it is in some special place. Alt Right must rediscover and regain what was lost by their fathers and grandfathers. In the postwar boom, white people took things for granted, grew apathetic, lazy, hedonistic. They lost their way. They became like the hare that takes a nap while the tortoise passes it by. Alt Right is a kind of paradox. It pays respect and tribute to forebears but also must sit in judgment of them who squandered the Western heritage with their excessive Liberalism, decadence, dead conservatism, neo-imperialism, and materialism.


    • We’d better off without the Republican Party if all that it’s going to do is start wars, flood the country with third world types, and pass crappy trade deals that benefit nobody but the donor class.

    • “…14/88 is just as crazy as the Neocons. They have

      no sense of history
      and reality. They go through life with blinders on. You know the type
      that insist Hitler was a hero or holocaust never happened. They are
      either vile or nuts or stupid…”

      Now I know Hunter doesn’t want to see a lot of 9-11/Holahoax talk but
      you can’t let Gubbler Chechenova tell blatant propagandist lies like
      this that have no validity with no rebuttal.

      I don’t worship Hitler but he was 100% correct about the Jews. As for the Holohoax. 6 million Jews were not rounded up, put in trains, sent to camps, gassed and burnt in ovens. It didn’t happen. Lots of Jews died but lots of everybody died in WWII. If they hadn’t been subversives they wouldn’t have been in the camps.

      “…Also, Alt Right should be
      speculative but be wary of far-out conspiracy-theorizing of the kind
      peddled by Alex Jones. It’s too bad Paul Craig Roberts goes for too many
      of these nutty theories…”

      You mean 9-11 and it’s no theory. Building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock for roughly 108 feet. This means the density of the lower section had to be the same as air to fall at the same speed or it was demoed. Well we know the lower section didn’t dematerialize. What happened was impossible if fire was the only agent causing the collapse of the building.

      • “As for the Holohoax. 6 million Jews were not rounded up, put in trains, sent to camps, gassed and burnt in ovens. It didn’t happen. ”

        Why is it so damn bard for otherwise intelligent people to embrace the self evident middle ground on this subject? Namely, that while the “6 million” figure may be significantly inflated, and some of the more fantastical tales of methods to the extermination may be false, that there WAS indeed a concerted program to rid Europe of Jews! I don’t know why the hell people still futilely deny this.

        My uncle liberated one of the camps and showed me the dozens of emaciated Jewish bodies stacked like cordwood in a photo he took with his own freaking camera! It happened! (And no, I’m not a Jew and neither was he!)

        There needs to exist an environment where questioning the “6 million” figure isn’t a jailable or reputation-ruining conversation to have, AND where people don’t feel the need to embrace the other absurd extreme that the Nazis, whose entire political platform was rooting out a Jewish menace to society, didn’t do ANYTHING whatsoever to its Jews.

        • meh. truth of the camps and what killed the prisoners is not what you think- do some research. what happened to the german civilians and surrendered soldiers after the war was far worse. it takes courage to question the narrative. or nothing left to lose.

  2. This is just taking the “Dems are the real racists” idiocy to it’s logical conclusion. Couple more billboards and Laquavious and D’Shawdra will surely be waving the confederate flag and living in peace and harmony with their white brothers and sisters.

  3. I respect others opinion. However the problems is these billboards will never do anything at winning over people. The Cuckservatives, CuckChristians, Minorities, and Liberals will never agree with our views on the South. We’re a different people. These folks have nothing in common with Southerners. That’s why we should focus on a Free South. It’s how you get things done! Deo Vindice !

    • The thing is thousands upon thousands of these are Southerners themselves. The problem is and this has always been the problem, Southern Schools always used textbooks produced in the North.

      Even your Southern Colleges PRE 1954 still had Liberals Evolutionists and others there and notice how fast the leftist faculty got behind integration. They were afraid to voice their opinions in public when the All White Football Team could beat their asses, but as soon as Daddy Fed said it was okay look at how fast they did. David Duke was shouted down at LSU when he gave a speech on immigration in the Sixties. George Lincoln Rockwell was shouted down at Wake Forest. Integration was a minor problem compared to the total Jedi mind trick that was being played through the textbooks and media on everyone. The fact is all the integration nonsense which the Klan focused on and rightly so, they didn’t get into the deeper roots of the problem nor did they see how far it went.

      Thanks to the internet we can see these now. Unfortunately these Cucks are the products of 70 plus years of Jedi Mind Trick and mind control

  4. The real motivation for these kind of claims is the fact that in our culture today a political or social movement is only considered legitimate if it has blacks in it and is oriented towards promoting non-white interests. Whites are not considered to have legitimate interests nor is it politically correct for Whites to openly promote their own interests. We must destroy this unwritten rule of American political discourse and openly challenge the anti-White bigotry behind it.

    • Being openly PRO-WHITE in the United States has been discouraged since the very beginning. They began discouraging it at the Constitutional Convention when bills were put forward to ban Jews from entering the nation or becoming citizens. They discouraged it when Thomas Jefferson opened our borders. They discouraged it when the Democrats went after the Know Nothings saying that we needed Immigrants to do the jobs White Americans just wouldn’t do. The Republicans discouraged it because “Negroes have souls too”. The Jews like Pulitizer called it by many names, Xenophobia, Antisemitism, Close mindedness.

      The Confederacy was proslavery, not necessarily Pro-White as it allowed nonwhites to own land and even serve in the Confederate Army, but it was a quadrillion times better than Lincolnland. We went through a bizarre period where an EXPLICITLY ANTIWHITE RECONSTRUCTION was foisted on the South called Reconstruction, but the North remained largely lily white PRO WHITE and safe the entire time, Notice the ANTI WHITE PROGRAM WAS ON ONLY THE SOUTH Charles Sumner would have never asked Massachusetts to put up with the same laws his buddies forced on Mississippi. In fact when the people of Boston got wise, they at one point i believe stoned him but he escaped

      The only time the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA explicitly became Pro-White was briefly in the 1920s when we passed the Immigration Restrictions. However at the same time we became Majority Urban and Jewish values, along with Jewish media and Jewish Money crushed our voices so severely that by 1933, Madison Grant’s Anthropology book about the History of the White Race was all but forbidden to be distributed or sold in the United States. Since March 4 1933 we have been EXPLICITLY ANTIWHITE for the entire nation. It wasnt obvious in 1933 but Adolf Hitler commented on it calling our culture Half Judaized and Half Negrified. Der Fuhrer was is and will forever be ALWAYS CORRECT

  5. Absolutely sickening. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has become a Cuckservative organization I remember reading awhile back it even refused to allow the KKK to demonstrate at a Confederate Cemetery. They now even have Jewish Confederate Monuments and camps dedicated to Judah P Benjamin and others who were clear traitors. Yep folks, the Confederate Gold in the treasury just up sprouted legs and walked away, and Judah P shows up in England as a respected barrister for Queen Victoria. Things that make you say hmmmmm I wonder

    A good example of liberal filth in the Sons of Confederate Veterans were Woodrow Wilson (His Papa was a Confederate Chaplain) and Harry Truman who integrated our army, took part in the war crimes against Germany and Japan, not to mention the Korean fiasco. Truman’s Pro-Negro stance was so horrific to Southern people, that Strom Thurmond opposed him in 1948. Strom Thurmond was a real Southern man and never apologized for it, though he did make some mistakes later in life.

    Until Whites at large and ESPECIALLY SOUTHERN WHITES understand the stakes, we are finished.

  6. It’s really hard to hide 75,000 negro Confederate soldiers. I have come upon these claims several times. I have asked for the names of the units in which they served. I never received a proper response. Not one single regiment or battalion.

    The negroes drove wagons and dug trenches. Very few fought.

    • No Negroes fought for the South. Some took personal servants with them to cook, and do other chores early in the Civil War. As the war progressed, the Negro was just another mouth to feed and clothe and were sent home.

      There were some Negro ditch diggers, but, the Confederates for the most part dug their own ditches. Lee was known as the “King of Spades” by his soldiers.

  7. The vision I have for the future of the USA is very very bleak. I am praying that God will spare the South from total nuclear destruction since it has suffered for the last 150 years.

    Ezekiel 6:6
    (6) In all your dwellingplaces the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be desolate; that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and your idols may be broken and cease, and your images may be cut down, and your works may be abolished.

    Ezekiel 5:12
    (12) A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee: and a third part shall fall by the sword round about thee; and I will scatter a third part into all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them.

    May God save the South…

  8. We are the only race for which it is taboo to talk about race. So, what do we end up with? Magic Negroes, 3rd world invasion, in short: Diversity which always means less White people.
    Anti-Whites are scared to death of our people getting free speech back. They see in Trump a symptom of that and that’s why they hate him.

  9. I always liked to joke about how my great-great grandfather, a Cornfederate soldier, was buried under the 9th hole of a golf course in WV, that was back in the way back on his wife’s farm in WV. Actually, his son my great-grandfather sold it to an “outdoor” company back in the late 1950’s. I always thought that made for a funny joke. Turns out he may well be buried there or under the 19th hole for all I know. He’s not buried where everyone thought he was buried in an ancient Methodist church graveyard. His obituary is wrong. I went over every foot of the graveyard and I couldn’t find his grave. He died in 1894.

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