France Invaded By African Migrants

Now happening on the French/Italian border: a Camp of the Saints-style barbarian invasion of the West by refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa:

“More than 100 migrants have broken through police barriers at the Italian border town of Ventimiglia and made their way into France, the local Italian police chief said.

They stopped on rocks near the port at the French Riviera town of Menton after breaking through on Friday afternoon and were still there in the evening under the surveillance of French police, said the Ventimiglia police commander, Giorgio Marenco.

“Both the Italian and French forces at the border were taken by surprise,” Marenco told Reuters. The French interior ministry and representatives of the Alpes-Maritimes region around Menton were not available for comment. …”

Among other reasons Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president, the destabilization of Libya, Iraq and Syria, and the resulting influx of refugees into Europe is near the top of the list. The “worse is better” theory of letting it all go to hell applied here has massive, unpredictable downstream consequences for Europe.

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  1. Jean Respail ‘s “Camp of the Saints” novel is my favorite Alt Right book.

    I can t understand how any sane Western White person can read this book and then still be clueless.


    Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House

    • I looked at the top fold of NYT today. They quoted some apparent veteran Cuck that Trump is a “loose cannon” and he plans to sit it out in 2016. Greatest Generation anyone?

      How any white man can conclude this from Trump is a mystery.

  2. A good advert would be morphing Merkel into Clinton and fading to a line of Syrians marching through Bosnia.

    It’ll be killer. Nigel Farage unveiled such an ad the day Jo Brown was assassinated by Tommy Mair.

  3. Trump needs to see this as a cumulative game of many plays. He KO’d the cuck lineup of the GOP so easily that he’s not being very cautious. It’s like a boxer who had an easy record of KO’ing out easier opponents suddenly coming up against a fighter who won’t go down and return heavy blows. It is suddenly dispiriting. Hillary alone isn’t much of a candidate. She proved that when she was defeated soundly by upstart Obama. We need to learn a few tricks from Obama. One thing Obama did was remain aloof. He didn’t go after her much. He focused on all the hopeful and positive things he was going to do. It was as if what he stood for was ABOVE Hillary. So, Hillary was left flailing alone. To be sure, Obama had the media on his side, and the media colluded against Hillary. Now, media are on Hillary’s side. With hostile media, Trump cannot run on a Hopey campaign as effectively as Obama did. But the lesson of Obama’s decisive defeat of Hillary is that HIllary is nothing without the support of the Vast Democratic Conspiracy. She doesn’t know how to fight alone. She is a company woman, and needs the support of the organization. This time, the organization of Democratic Party and media were soundly behind her. And they are now even more behind her against Trump.

    Still, Trump has enough pizzazz and charisma to project an image that is hopeful and positive. This side of Trump will have to play like Obama and Reagan in the 80s. And Clinton too in the 90s.

    If this were Hillary vs Trump one-on-one fight, Trump would win. Hillary without cover of media was lackluster and lost against Obama in the 2008. And Obama didn’t even have to try. He didn’t even have walk over her. He could just walk around her. She couldn’t touch him and looked pathetic trying to connect with the audience. She just sounded tired and dull. And she is more tired and duller this time around. The DNC worked for her because she was surrounded by so much noise, buzz, hype, and hubbub. That is what carried her through. It wasn’t her but her seen with other people and with so much razzle dazzle.

    But alone on the stage in stadiums, she is a zero. She excites no one. She convinces no one. It is only with the super-help of the media that she is able to maintain some kind of positive smiley image.

    As it happens, it’s a Trump vs Hillary + Media fight. But if Trump plays savvy, he should be able to counter-punch, intercept, and judo-move on the attacks. In boxing, every punch offers an opportunity for counter-punch. In football, every throw offers an opportunity for interception. In Judo, if the opponent pushes, you pull. If he pulls, you push. You use the opponent’s momentum against him. This is what the Hillary team did with the Khan-game. Trump shot back, but Hillary team took Trump’s aggression against him.

    Anyway, you don’t win the game with one play, no matter how fabulous it is. No matter how big a home run or touchdown, it doesn’t win the game. The game is won by accumulating points by going through one play after another.

    Each play offers a different opportunity and calls for different action. One must constantly adjust the play. You can’t score a touchdown with a big pass with every play. Sometimes, you have to run the ball. Sometimes you have go for short passes. Sometimes, long passes. Every day comes with a fresh news story, fresh controversy, new scandal, new issue, new opportunity. Each story, incident, or topic calls for a different play. Maybe Trump got a bit lazy because he could use the same play over and over in the GOP race. The rest of the field was so lackluster, dull, and boring that Trump could just show up, act funny, be cocky and charming, and win. He can’t do that anymore. Trump said his supporters would support him even if he killed someone. This was true enough of the hardcore Trump supporters in the GOP. This is a fatal attitude going into the general election. Every day comes with a new play that has to be handled and executed differently. It’s like the quarterback sometimes has to give the ball to running back, half back, tight end, passer, or he has to run it himself. He can’t do the same play over and over and over. The other side will know what it is.

    And boxing isn’t just about power. it is about skill. No matter how big and strong you are, if you know the same punch over and over, the opponent will see it coming and beat you with effective counterpunches. So, the play has to have surprises. There has to be energy and sharpness. Trump doesn’t have to pander so much to his core constituents. They are with him. He must play for the middle and possible Trump-Democrats. He must look for wedges in the Democratic coalition. He must makes blacks wonder about immigration that replaces them with newcomers. He must look for wedges between Democratic big money billionaires and Democratic working class who’ve been left behind. He must look for cracks between urban centers that get richer while suburbs fall behind.

    He must put the Democratic elites on the moral defensive as warmongers and global elites who hog all the profits.

    Of course, he can’t just blurt these issues out of the blue. No, he must pick and choose depending on the play-of-the-day. Every day has a new issue that makes the front cover. Sometimes, the candidates can start the play by bringing up an issue or making an accusation or proposing a certain policy or agenda. Sometimes, the issue is made by some crisis, such as terrorist bombing. Sometimes, the issue is raised by the media in search for a new hot topic.

    Whatever comes up, it offers a new opportunity for the play-of-the-day.

    And it is by accumulating points day by day that a candidate wins. Of course, there are sometimes KO’s that are so fatal that it’s pretty much all over. Dukakis got KO’d when he gave a bad answer to the Death Penalty issue at the debate. Carter got KO’d by too many crisis with economy, Iran, and etc. He got buried. But most elections are not a matter of KO. It’s about accumulating points day after day after day. If a candidate keeps winning the plays-of-the-day, his overall image will improve and increase his chances of winning.

    An election isn’t some slot-machine you pull on for jackpot. It is a long poker game where you have to be smart, sharp, patient, observant, and of course lucky.


    • However we call this the Europeans are a lot better off than us Americans. We’re fucked. They’re at around 10% minorities. Us in 1965. Among the young we’re already a minority. If we don’t do something drastic in a reasonable amount of time we’re screwed. If Whites in this country don’t get a screw you everybody attitude like everyone else we’ll be in trouble. With the right Whites first attitude we could change things radically. One of the things we’re going to have to do is change voting rules and to do that we’re going to have to start impeaching judges. The only reason we need is they’re stupid and not following the constitution.

  4. Their final destination isn’t France anyway. They all want to go to the UK or Sweden. France won’t allow them to stay and have them fart around all day waiting for the early month wellfare check. France isn’t as ”generous” as Germany or Northern Europe. And can’t hire most immigrants as their current unemployment levels are skyrocketing already.

  5. In other news, today in France:
    Centuries-Old Flea Market In France Canceled This Year Over Terrorism Fears

    The mayor of Lille who took the decision to cancel the event (which is a very big thing) is the socialist Martine Aubry, an awful woman who is the daughter of Jacques Delors, a former president of the EU commission.

    People like to repeat what she said ten years ago: “Some people say: oh la la, 35% of North-Africans… Well, it’s great. I get bored in cities where we are all the same” / (35% de Maghrébins c’est génial. Moi je m’emmerde dans les villes où on est tous pareils).

    “Among other reasons Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president, the destabilization of Libya, Iraq and Syria”

    In Lybia, one of the culprits who helped Obama and Clinton was Sarkozy, following Bernard-Henri Lévy’s advice. Sarkozy would like to be elected president again next year. The last time, in 2007, Gaddafi allegedly financed his electoral campaign against Hollande.

  6. The opening Olympic ceremony is a little un-PC.

    Indians, Whitemen and Slaves…kudos Brazil!

  7. European nations should begin placing sea mines along the coastline areas where the niggers and sand niggers are shoring thief sea crafts.

    And we should also have a dead zone across our southern border with landmines up and down the border. Illegal immigration by land would end in one day.

    • Hunter- the Europeans need to GUN THESE INVADERS DOWN. Id this inciting violence – NO! It’s stopping violence.

      • Everybody wants to gun down the invaders, but the only way you can do that is if you first get rid of ZOG in some way. And then, as much as it is frustrating, it will no longer be necessary to gun down the invaders. It will be enough to tell them to go home and not come back (I hope).

    • Bingo! The traitorous politicians make this out to be a complicated problem but it is not and can be halted in a week. No entry, no coast guard saving your dumb african ass, no ‘gibs’, you’re going back hajji, so don’t come!
      Unfortunately, they do not want to stop it. Brown the population and create a slave state. Why change your policies and not get paid by the money changers when you can change the population and get rich in the process.

      • “no ‘gibs’, you’re going back hajji, so don’t come!”

        – The media say we have to accept the illegal invaders so they won’t drown. That was the whole point of the media campaign over the picture of the dead Kurdish kid on a beach.

        Obviously, the best way to prevent drownings would be to no longer accept anyone coming by sea. They would soon stop trying and they would no longer drown.

        – The invaders are supposed to be fleeing the war in Syria, but they happen to be Black Africans.

        – They are supposed to be refugees, but they are single men.

        – We are told they keep coming because many White people still have compassion for them, but it seems about the only ones who feign compassion are in the government and the media.

        – We are also told that they are going to pay for our pensions.

        – And so on.


        The government and the media are full of BS. They just like to make fun of the goyim. The reason they won’t even try to give a credible explanation is that it’s funnier when it is totally unbelievable.

        But so far, most White people still can’t believe the government is out to get them.

        • The Beach Boy narrative was particularly sinister since he was a kid from Turkey ( no war) whose father wanted free dental care for himself in Germany and put his family on a rickety boat while allegedly making no effort to save his son but only himself.
          ‘The White Phoenix always rises from the ashes’

    • The message is defeat Ryan in the primary and yet he is forced to support this Obama shill along with McCain and Ayotte. All 3 must go.

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