Video: Annihilate The Hateful Christians

A video has surfaced of a jihadist taking a stroll through a neighborhood in Verviers, Belgium wishing death and destruction on the hateful Christians.

This is exactly the type of individual who Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama wants to settle in your neighborhood. Their counterparts in Europe have already done so which is why a police officer in Belgium took a machete in the face from an ISIS soldier over the weekend. In an unrelated incident, another neighborhood in Belgium had to be evacuated because a Turk was walking around with a machete.

Remember, it is “unconstitutional” to exclude these people, even though it is completely constitutional to do so. According to Paul Ryan, it is not “who we are” to turn them away at the border. BTW, Khizr Khan’s people blew up a hospital in Pakistan this morning where they killed nearly 70 people. There are so many of these terrorist attacks in their own countries – Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, etc. – that I didn’t bother to include them in the Summer of Blood round up.

We know the enemy is inside the gates here too: 9/11, Fort Hood, Boston, Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, and Moore, Oklahoma are all foreshadowing larger, more serious attacks like we recently saw in Paris and Nice.

Note: Trump was heavily criticized for his remarks about rampaging Mexican rapists who are crossing our borders and how we don’t even know who they are. But that’s an accurate description of what is going on in Norway and the terrorists in Charleroi, Ansbach, and Würzburg.

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  1. “According to Paul Ryan, it is not “who we are” to turn them away at the border.”

    Race-remplacement is an old American tradition.

  2. Some day and in some way there will arise a man who can give a Bane speech like the one you posted a week or two ago.
    Trump is a shadow of a Bane speech, a mere beginning. Bane did not slash at the emotions like the grind of the usual Daily Outrages and the calls for phony violence he reached into the soul. Once you are into the soul that person becomes weaponized on the Moral Level of war and conflict.
    Conservatism is but a mere appeal to patronizing facile virtue signaling, literally patting the jigaboos on the head and telling them how nice they are. None of the jigaboos buy it, I assume they hate it and that makes them prime for the Left’s version of Bane’s speech, good.

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