Watch: Ferguson Protester Gets Run Over

First, I was over here with my homeboy Carl the Cuck. Then, I was like over there. #Ferguson

“This is the shocking moment a Ferguson activist was mowed down by a speeding car before his fellow protesters opened fire on the vehicle.

Video footage shows a vehicle plowing straight into a group of demonstrators who were blocking a street to mark two years since Michael Brown’s fatal shooting by a white police officer.

People screamed as a man, named locally as Jacoby Thomas, was flung into the air and landed by the side of the road on Tuesday.

Ferguson police said several of the protesters chased the car and opened fire, shooting the vehicle numerous times but missing the female driver. …”

Are you kidding me?

Note: Daddy must have never told him not to play in the street. #SickOfThisShit

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    • This appears to have been an accident. She was terrified, panicked, floored the gas pedal and hit the black who standing in road. But if she’s white, her life is over even if it was clearly an accident. She’ll be charged with attempted murder, convicted by a jury of blacks and whites that ignores the exculpatory facts, and spend the rest of her life or at least 20-30 years in solitary confinement -23 hours a day in a toilet with bars- so blacks don’t assault and murder her.

      • Unless she is a feminist (they drive like shit), and was menstruating. Then, the Patriarchy will go up on trial, and she will be re-inserted in to the hive mind.

  1. It’s a law of nature. Wherever blacks go, death and destruction follow. It’s just how it is. Of course, it doesn’t help that the (((media))) is always riling them up.

  2. Black guy dressed in black standing in the middle of the street gets hit by a car. It not easy to see them at night time.

  3. Every white man’s car near a place like Ferguson ought to be equipped with a snow plow attachment. That way, when they encounter these black SJW, they can be pushed aside, and they can continue on their way.

  4. We need a way to coordinate it, so that When Blacks Riot and Whites push for secession, both sides have agitators that are on the same side. Every subordinate doesn’t have to understand, but the key to revolution is to have both Blacks and Whites advocating it at the same time. Revolutionary minded Whites should support Ferguson and Revolutionary Minded Blacks should support secession, so that everything fractures.

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