Shock Poll: Ted Cruz Is Facing Oblivion In Texas

Good news: Trump is +11 in Texas.

Even better news: in the same KTVT/Dixie Strategies poll, 52% of likely voters in Texas now have a “very unfavorable” opinion of Ted Cruz. He’s locked in a dead heat race with Joaquin Castro in 2018. They are separated by less than 1 point:

“Our survey also shows if the election for U.S. Senate was held today, it would be a tight race for Cruz. Almost 32 percent of Texans said that they would still vote for Cruz over Democratic U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro of San Antonio, who recently told CBS11 he’s considering running against Cruz. The men are separated by less than a percentage point. …”

Ted Cruz’s #NeverTrump stunt in Cleveland will probably doom his political career. Nationalists will never vote for this SOB ever again.


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  1. From the beginning of Ted’s candidacy his colleagues always mentioned his lack of integrity and strangeness.

    Guess they were right.

  2. This guy is a complete——-. I don’t have to write out the word, you just plug it in. I wonder what Katrina Brown Sugar Pierson will have to release on old lying Ted

  3. There must be a white Republican with ambition in Texas who can defeat him in the Primary. They need to get the ball rolling quickly; too many of our type of candidate throw their hat in at the last minute and expect the rank-and-file to heroically bail them out.

  4. Cruz seems long to have had a movie in his head, a movie in which he’s Ronald Reagan II, who saves America. I’m not convinced his decision not to endorse Trump, at the convention, will decide his political fate, whether Trump wins or loses.

    • Considering Duke is the one running and it’s his campaign, maybe he should be the one reaching out to Nationalist sites and working for the donations and support he seems to be expecting.

  5. He’ll be re- elected, never fear, There are tons of cucks here and die-hard Rs who will simply vote straight ticket. While substantively there’s no real difference between one brand of Hispanic supremacist and another, Texas is red enough still that Cruz will squeak by.

  6. Let Texas go blue. If we’re gonna die politically as a nation, let it be Hari Kari by our own hand, not like fighting cancer for years!

  7. I can’t believe that Ted Cruz was so stupid. He could have finessed it by not attending but putting out a statement that he intended to honor his pledge to the RNC that he would support the party’s nominee even if it is Donald Trump.

    Of course, if he had truly been smart, he would have shown up, given himself a lot of free, favorable press by honestly alluding to the contentious battle he waged against Trump for the nomination, admitted that he still held hard feelings towards the man, but that Trump still had some great ideas that needed to be implemented so he was endorsing him over Hillary Clinton.

    I would have closed my statement saying, “I don’t like that jerk, but I recognize that he is our jerk, he will be America’s jerk and that is what the country needs, and in your face jerk who will be a bare-knuckled street brawler against anyone who wants to screw over the American people.”

    He’d have gotten a standing ovation and be positioned as a the nominee for 2020 assuming that Trump loses.

    Cruz cut off his nose to spite his own face.

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