Update: Switzerland Train Attacker Was a Crazy White Guy

The Switzerland train attacker has been identified as Simon S., a non-immigrant native, who was a socially isolated loner:

“A witness who saw the Swiss train killer stab passengers before setting one woman alight has described how there was ‘blood everywhere.’

Swiss police confirmed that the attacker, 27, identified as Simon S, and one of this female victims, 34 succumbed to their injuries after the incident in the train carriage in the eastern canton of Saint Gallen. …

According to the Blick daily, Simon S.had been subletting an apartment in the 16062-square-mile principality of Liechtenstein for the past three years.

The paper quoted one neighbour as saying: ‘The police were there for several hours and took pictures.’

Neighbours also described the attacker as a ‘loner’, who was tall, thin and lanky, with glasses, the paper said.

‘He was a quiet, friendly guy, but I have a feeling he had problems with himself,’ Blick quoted one acquaintance as saying.

‘You could tell he had been teased his whole life,’ he added, saying the man ‘had no friends. He was often alone… He never answered when you said hello.'”


In other words, a nut with mental problems like James Holmes or Jared Loughner. There have been so many terrorist attacks lately that we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this is another recurring problem.

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  1. “Swiss citizen.”

    So, it is either a nut or a terrorist. Islamic terrorists aren’t even necessarily immigrants or refugees. See the recent arrests in Canada, Charlotte and DC.

    • “Swiss citizen” my tuchas! It doesn’t matter if they are born here or are “immigrants”, they are wild, nonwhite heathen savages who cannot be domesticated.

  2. Swiss train attack: 6 passengers, including 1 child, suffer burn, knife wounds
    “Mentally ill 14 year old with full beard accidentally spills his can of petrol and tries to put it out with a match. Then innocently stabs a few people by pushing them away from the fire with his knife.” ~ Comments Orange Glasses
    Don’t know if this is accurate, but the public might be told this way.

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