#LyingPress Attempts To Justify Milwaukee

This article in The New York Times about Milwaukee is the perfect illustration of why confidence in newspapers has reached an all-time low:

“The burning buildings, smashed police cars and scuffles between police officers and angry protesters on Milwaukee’s north side over the weekend might have seemed like a spontaneous eruption.

But for many in the city’s marginalized black community, it was an explosive release decades in the making.

Milwaukee is one of the United States’ most segregated cities, where black men are incarcerated or unemployed at some of the highest rates in the country, and where the difference in poverty between black and white residents is about one and a half times the national average. There are barren lots and worn-down homes all over the predominantly black north side, while mostly white crowds traffic through the restaurants and boutiques downtown, or inhabit the glossy lakefront high rises.

Add to that the disrespect that many black people say the police show them, and many of Milwaukee’s African-American residents are unsurprised by the volatile response after a police officer fatally shot a black man on Saturday — even though, as it turns out, the officer also was black. …”

Let’s imagine for a moment if the roles were reserved: a White cop in Milwaukee shoots a White career criminal carrying a gun fleeing the scene from a routine traffic stop. A White mob assembles in the streets, engages in looting, sets several businesses on fire, and attacks the police. The White mob begins to shout WHITE POWER and GET THAT N****R and beats up every random black person in sight. Scenes of black people being targeted, pulled from their vehicles, and beaten up by a White mob are shared on social media.

How would The New York Times report the story then? Would they completely ignore the white-on-black mob violence and pretend it never happened? Would they go out of their way to justify OUR actions? Seriously, if I was out there screaming WHITE POWER with a bunch of robed Klansmen and Neo-Nazis and inciting a White mob to attack black people, what would be the reaction from the #LyingPress?

Oh wait … we all know how THAT would play out. We all understand how The Standard works in practice. It would be “a story about race in America.” Poor innocent blacks under attack by the racist White man. 12 Years a Slave. Roots. MLK had a dream. Mississippi Burning. We would never hear the end of it – it would be a Hollywood movie – because such a story fits the anti-White narrative the #LyingPress wants to tell.

A few years ago, we would have noticed it. I would have written a story about it. Racially conscious Whites would have talked about it. Now the glaring anti-White bias in the #LyingPress is so obvious that tens of millions of Whites are seeing it from our perspective. It has become POLITICAL now in a way it wasn’t before.

Whites are getting uppity enough to call the #LyingPress out on their bullshit.

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  1. Take note, Wisconsinites. Now matter how much you cuck yourselves, the liberal elit will always side against you.

  2. Discredit the virtue signaling that comes along with the lugenpresse the narrative collapse will be swift.
    Memes must be created out of our distrust and disgust with the narrative. It is one thing to create essays for the choir, but to truly be effective simple easy to say and believable.
    Think Ronald Reagan’s memes, “Evil Empire”, “Tear down this Wall”, and yes RR was lambasted by the “intellectuals” of the day as simplistic, RR prevailed.

  3. Is the 14/88 crowd a flea problem of the Alt Right… or a rabies infection?

    If a flea problem, it can be controlled.

    If a viral rabies infection of Alt Right nervous system, Alt Right has no future.

    Its critics would be right that it’s just hipster version of neo-Nazism.

    Hopefully, it’s just a flea outbreak, but too many Alt Rightists flirt with the ideology that waged war on fellow whites and killed 50 million as a result.


    • Fuck off. The/ NAZIS are the ones breaking open the Overton Window. You can go back to fellating your rabbi now. HEIL HITLER.

      • You want dead Poles and Russians. You are anti-white. You love Germans gunning down Polish women.

        • Oh PISS off. You sound a like a Kike. FYI – KIKES did that, are still doing THAT, and are doing EVERYTHING possible to foment an attack on Russia. Hitler’s been DEAD for almost 80 years. It’s the KIKES.
          And in case you haven’t noticed – the NAZIS of the Right Stuff, and the DS et al, are the ones MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. So go piss up your leg.
          HEIL HITLER.

    • Gubbler Chechenova,”Is the 14/88 crowd a flea problem of the Alt Right… or a rabies infection?”

      The Nazis never burnt my town down. The Nazis never called me a racist. The Nazis never tried to pull me out of my car and kill me because I was White.

  4. Milwaukee is totally Democratic.

    The black and white divide is no more starker than in NY.

    But Milwaukee is still mostly black and white.

    In contrast, NY has a huge immigrant population to serve as cushion-buffer-bulwark between whites/Jews and blacks.

  5. The national media is ignoring the destruction of Milwaukee. The media thinks ignoring it will make it go away. Not gonna happen. This is the end result of the forced integration of the races. Nobody’s happy. We need a pre 1960 World View. Like a Free South world view! Deo Vindice !

        • That has nothing to do with it. The Northern cities were flooded with Judenschwein starting in the 1840’s. Before 1840 most Jews were in Dixie, after 1840 the only Southern city that saw a huge Jewish boom was Baltimore. The difference was this, the North Segregated and Concentrated their Jews, in the South the Jews spread out as traders and could be found in every two bit whistle stop running a company store.

          A simple mantra is SAFETY IN NUMBERS. As the Jews in the North herded together and gained wealth by 1910 they were able to select their rulers and influence city politics if not run it outright by 1930 they ran the cities outright. They owned about 80 % of the US Media and Radio by the 1930s. Within a century of the Jewish influx into Yankeeland, Yankeeland saw all of her cities JEWED.

          The Jews then seeing their chance at true domination, moved to the suburbs but kept ownership of their old city houses and rented them to Negroes. Look folks there is a reason every Negro Ghetto was originally a Jewish Ghetto. Even outside the United States in England, the Nonwhites all moved into formerly Jewish Ghettoes because the Jews always rent to them when no one else will as they are leverage. By 1970 these Negroes in the formerly Jewish Ghettoes were so numerous and with Jewish money behind them they controlled these cities. In fact I read a Jewish author who said in Los Angeles when the Negro Tom Bradley was elected mayor in 1973 the Jews were afraid to admit that he worked for them, because they didnt want a White backlash.

          Now what you see is a Jewish divestment in the Negroes and a shifting of their money to White Shabbos Goys as in Detroit.

          • You have to reverse engineer this just a little further to get the full picture. Jews mass migrate – in the first place – to where they know Jewish bankers have already taken control of the currency of that nation – such as Wiemar Germany, post revolution Russia/USSR, the UK since the Bank of England Act and the USA since 1913 and the Federal Reserve System.

            They know that there will be a trickle down via their networking from the central banksters to acquire control of the vital organs of that people, such as the media and political parties. This is their system of conquest. Then comes the deliberate race mixing with Negroes to produce a lower IQ population over whom they will rule more easily. It was the flooding of the Rhineland with Negroes that essentially produced the backlash we call the Nazis. Today they are flooding us with the whole world, with the help of useful idiot lefties.

          • Jewish Banksters have in effect controlled the USA at some level through their Freemasonic Friends since Day One. Sint Eustatius the Jewish Island in the Carribean was arming the American Revolutionaries and afterward many of those Jewish traders came to the USA.

            Both the Union and the Confederacy had Jew problems, the Union financially although not in the Government and the Confederacy both financially and in the Government itself. I do believe the South might have been able to surmount that, but it was very difficult as the Southern Planter class had a positive viewpoint of the Jews. The reason Northern Jews were overall more powerful was exactly because they were concentrated in the port cities like New York, where they had been since the 1600s.

            The indigenous Southern Jews were largely displaced after 1865 by Ashkenazic Jews moving south and opening up businesses.

            The end thing is this, we would have no Jewish Problem without the Freemasons and sadly enough most of our leaders, Washington, Lee, Davis, all of them were Freemasons. They didn’t know they were enabling their enemies.

  6. They would have saved money had they said from the start that the armed thug was killed by a black cop.

    JYT: “it was an explosive release decades in the making.”

    Just another phony Jewish sociological study. It’s like a broken record. No one is going to read that. People no longer read the newspapers anyway. I think what’s needed to counter the Jewish propaganda is not a pro-White newspaper but a pro-White TV station.

  7. It’s the Jews not the “media.”

    While there is no doubt a lot of extreme hivemind/groupthink at work in the media circles that drive a lot of these double-standards in the reporting and commentary, Jews mostly control the upper-level positions.

    Anyone who comes along, therefore, and many do, and starts talking in terms of Jew obsessives is either a troll or confused.

      • I think a Mexican billionaire is the NYT largest single shareholder now at 20%. The Sulzberger family controlled NYT for years and still has influence over it, and there are a ton of Jews in key editorial and business positions.

      • Carlos Slim, from MeHEEco, has a controlling interest. He’s actually of Lebanese genetics, though. Loads of Semites in MeHEEco. I don’t think he interferes w/ content. He allows his kosher Semites to do their Nation Wrecking thing.

        He’s a very savvy tyrant. We could learn a lot from him. He’s what Trump is referring to, re: Anglos getting killed in trade deals.

      • Pretty much so

        That’s why I call it the Jew York Times

        The Arthur Salsburg (sp?) family

        Now Carlos Slim Lebanese Mexican richest man in the world is largest share owner,

        It s New York Lib Jewish paper of record.

  8. The more the MSM goes out on a limb to justify black riots and black criminality, the more Trump gains supporters, in spite of the MSM wanting Hellary to be the winner. Because everyone rightfully equates Hellary with encouraging and enabling and fully supporting black rioting and black criminality. Quite a few blacks who are victims of black criminality don’t like Hellary very much either.

    Hellary’s first job when she got out of Law School was an attorney for the Black Panthers and she fully supported the black panthers KILLING White Police Officers and fully supported the black panthers KILLING White Americans. She still supports the KILLING of White Americans, both White Americans in the police force and White Americans out of the police force.

    Trump is going to Win in a Landslide Victory this November. The riots in Milwaukee yet another reason Trump is going to Win Big in November.

    • Donald Trump is a dead duck, the Mossad MI6 and CIA have our voting machines hacked. We might as well prepare for the next step which will be massive resistence. Peaceful if possible bring the whole system of government to a halt. If all white people would just stay home from work for a month it would collapse the entire system. In fact thats all we need is a mass general strike by whites. Unfortunately everyones too dang greedy to do it. Don’t work for them dont pay your taxes make them come after you. Let the entire world see what the Borg really is

      • It goes against White nature to refrain from working for prolonged periods of time, or to participate in civil disobedience. The jew knows these things and uses them to its advantage.

      • Well, I see nothing much has changed in Mayberry. Still the same old Mayberry. I like Mayberry re-runs on TV, not sure if I want to deal with online Mayberry re-runs. I could never say the simple most basic truthful thing without getting slammed from one direction or another, as if I’m the stupidest commentator on the worldwide web. I’m out of here before I get slammed from each and every direction. I don’t deserve it. I’m like so outta here.

        Go stuff some Aunt Bee home made Georgia peach pies up your opie assh*le, Jenkins, and go to town. I’m leaving town.

  9. This has been the MSM, anti-White narrative for decades. Every time there’s a chimpout it’s predictable: Blacks are justified committing murder and mayhem because of “racist” whitey.

    This NYT story was on Microsoft news this morning. The good news: Perhaps two thirds of comments or more are not sympathetic. There are a lot of pissed off White folks out there. It isn’t the 60’s anymore. Anti-Whites can’t understand Trump’s popularity?

  10. I watched “Morning Joe” for an hour this AM. Not 1 mention of this latest chimp-out. Not 1. It was all “Trump is a dumpster fire” trash.

    • Joe Scumborough didn’t mention this weekend’s coon-fest because the cop who shot the unarmed teen was also a Negro.

      • Yup. Joe is allegedly the “Conservative White Goy”, but he’s a Dindu Worshipper from WAY back. NEVER met a single Coon he didn’t grovel to and swoon over. May he end his days in a cannibal’s pot.

  11. Now they want to riot in the rural, White areas? I’m sure when it’s over and they do a head count at the bus, they will realize it was a BAD IDEA.

  12. The Twilight Zone effect of all of this is the fact that a Negro Cop kills a Negro Perp and somehow the White Race is to blame. This is Twilight Zone BS

      • White cop unjustifiably kills unarmed black: “Kill that cop & all whites.”

        White cop justifiably kills armed black: “Kill that cop & all whites.”

        Black cop kills black: “Kill all whites.”




  14. At http://www.radixjournal.com/blog/2016/8/15/hearts-of-losers is “Hearts of Losers,” which includes the following:

    “No doubt Donald Trump was thrown off his game by what … an incredible bunch of mendacious losers occupy the GOP and movement conservatism.”

    Yes–the alt-right continues to think it can scorn its opponents to death.

    I commented:

    “He has no game. He’s an oddity, the political equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters. His startling creation of a large, devoted following has been a news story for a year, but that’s all it is and will be: the story of an unusual figure who completely disrupted the Republicans but who never gained voters beyond those whom he originally inspired.”

    • More constructive criticism, eh John? You really know how to rally the troops. With friends like you Trump doesn’t need enemies.

      • To be honest, Sam, I considered offering constructive criticism, but I figured I’d heard “Shut up, faggot” enough for one month.

      • Maybe if Trump followed John’s advice, he would be winning right now in a landslide instead of heading for certain defeat in November.

    • If that be the case then the establishment Republics are the Washington Generals, the team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters.

  15. Blaming others for the epic failure that is your race is definitely the most effective solution to becoming less marginalized. The rioting helps, also.

  16. Do anyone honestly believe the Jews do not know exactly what they are doing?? And is there any doubt that this very same conduct led to the German people electing Hitler?

  17. By the way, Hollywood is rewriting history with a new movie coming out portraying early NASA rocket science as the endeavor of black women. They couldn’t let this glaring example of what an all white America could do go unmolested. It has to get airbrushed Stalin style.

  18. Kersey is 100% correct.

    National Review ?@NRO
    2016 is a winnable year for the GOP: Trump losing would be his fault alone via @JimGeraghty http://natl.io/efjwuv

    Paul Kersey
    @NRO @jimgeraghty Fuck you, Jim. The Never Trumpers, Neocons, and Glenn Beck nuts have attacked him since Day 1.

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