Tim Pool: Why I’m Pulling Out Of Milwaukee

According to Tim Pool, Milwaukee is about to blow. The racial tension there is worse than Ferguson. Blacks are targeting and shooting Whites and attacking reporters.

Note: The dead thug’s sister is on the third video below screaming “we need our shit, we need our weaves. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn their shit down!” You probably haven’t heard about any of this in the #LyingPress.

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  1. The anti-Whitism couldn’t be more transparent.

    Diversity means chasing down the last White person in Milwaukee.

    • Mmmm, not so sure. It would be a case of competing pieties, to be sure. But in the end, nothing ever wins out over the making rationalizations for the angry groids!

  2. You can bet your life that if the negress would have been calling to have Jewish neighborhoods burned CNN would not have edited that tape!

    • Imagine if those enraged monkey-mobs burned down syno-zogs and Holohoax jewseums instead of their own neighborhoods? Now that would be real progress!

  3. “Another instance, a reporter was smacked upside the head by a local ….”

    It’s been decades since I first heard that locution–“smacked upside the head.” In my view, it’s a negro-ism.

  4. We should have had our inevitable race war around 1970, when Charlie Manson predicted Helter Skelter was coming down fast. Now that war is going to be even worse than it would have been 45 years ago.

    • This lowlife the black police officer shot is as worthless as career criminal Charlie. But if Charlie got shot by guards trying to break out of prison, I doubt whites nationwide would burn down their neighborhoods over it. Yet blacks make this piece of shit their martyr?

  5. Nationalist Revolution on Hold in Janesville…but it’s on in MillllllwwwAarrrkkkkkkeeeee!

  6. Sean Hannity actually dedicated most of his show tonight, about THIS issue. He showed THOSE videos. Including the Nigger’s Nigger sister.
    He had a bunch of Dindus on, too. He set ’em up to knock ’em down. Alas, he had a bunch of Magic Negroes, like Sheriff Clark, too.

  7. I had no idea their was a substantial amount of niggers in Milwaukee. I had always assumed it was a predominantly White area with niggers scattered around.

  8. Hunter – Sean Hannnity is in Milwaukee now. He’s doing a Town Hall with Glorious Leader, Our Trumpenfuhrer, tomorrow night. It ought to be interesting, in view of this weekend’s Gran Mal Chimp Out, targeting Whites because Niggers are in Full RaHoWa.

    • To Hannity’s credit he ran the sound bytes of the ‘sistah calling for burning down the suburbs instead of their hood joints. His has upped his act from a decade ago which was Bush Jr. worship going so far as to portray Bush Jr. as a “deep thinker.”

  9. I have my doubts that standard conservative “nigger hatin” has much effect these days or is even useful to whites.
    On one hand I have empathy to “our” tribe of whites, but on the other hand I could frog march all the SJW moral exhibitionist whites into the ghetto for what they deserve.
    So while all us old whites are on the internet pretending its 1972 when if we say the magic word “nigger” enough that a Dick Nixon will come along and make it all better after we vote GOP, I think you youngins should count on the American Empire being in a state of collapse and your need for tribe.
    I’m reading a rather expensive self published book called “Forging the Hero” and I think it resonates rather well with what a young man like Tim might actually find useful.

  10. The whole “let’s take this to the suburbs” line gets trotted out every time this happens. Guess what? They won’t do it. They would’ve done it by now. They either don’t care to go all the way out there, or are afraid t do that.

    • They ARE in the suburbs and chasing Whites further out into the hinterlands. That’s what Diversity is all about.

  11. One “remedy” will definitely be to Section 8 disperse the worst ghetto Black hood rats to suburbs and towns throughout Paul Ryan’s still very White 1st Congressional district.

    “the plan” is for Midwestern central cities to be gentrified with students, artists, gays, empty nesters, with the underclass pushed out via section 8 to towns like Ferguson MO. If everybody votes Lib Dem or some Lib RINO like Paul Ryan the political system is fine with it – make everyplace a blue state Vermont like voting place.

    Yeah, there will still be BlackLiesMatter groups mouthing stuff, but if it’s on a pretty State university campus like the University of Missouri and the protests result in the hires of $100,000 a year professors and administrators of “DIVERSITY STUDIES” that the Left, including the hate White people BLM Left are OK with it.

  12. It appears these BLM burning parties are sponsored by the kikenvermin. If they were really about hating on white privilege wouldn’t they target really rich places such as: Las Vegas strip (high end hotels like the Belaggio or Ceasar’s Palace), Bel Air, Malibu, Newport Beach CA, Martha’s Vineyard, Howard Beach in Brooklyn (heavily Hasidic Jew) or Wall Street, Rodeo Drive, etc???

    I mean if they really want a nice white area why not go there? What’s the problem?

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