Serbian Nationalists Protest Joe Biden

There are many reasons to vote for Donald Trump.

If you are still searching for a reason to vote for Trump though, the Serbs would like to remind you what happened to their country last time a Clinton was president. Bill Clinton and NATO bombed a proud Christian European country into submission in order to create a breakaway Muslim state in Europe.

If Trump loses and a European nationalist party triumphs somewhere in Europe, we can’t rule out the possibility that Hillary Clinton and NATO might launch an invasion on behalf of “human rights” or some such nonsense in order to protect Muslims. The neocons might also try to start a war with Russia over Ukraine.

Does that sound far-fetched? When I was in high school, the #LyingPress declared that Slobodan Milosevic was Literally Hitler and NATO attacked Serbia.

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  1. NATO was set up after WWII as a defensive force to protect against a Soviet invasion of Western Europe. It should have been disbanded when the Cold War ended. Since then it has become an aggressive, anti-White force that is trying to start WWIII.

  2. Nato might bomb them but remember tactically the Serbs ruled the ground decisively, so if it happens again count on many thousands of dead Mohams

  3. Milosevic, Trump, Putin, Saddam, Assad, David Duke…there sure are a lot of “Literally Hitlers” on the loose!

    • And then there’s Qadaffi, who willingly have up his chemical weapons program and got stabbed in the ass for it.

      • Yup. Appeasing the Jew, aiding the Jew, carrying water for the Jew – it gets you murdered worse than opposing the Jew.

        • It’s dangerous to be an enemy of the US but it’s much more dangerous to be a friend —(((Henry Kissinger)))

  4. The problem the problem with Jews is this.

    I don’t see any problem in Jews being for Jewish identity, interests, and unity. If anything, I admire Jews who keep the identity, heritage, and culture. I disdain Jews who don’t care about any of that and end up like Amy Winehouse. Disgusting.

    I’m for all ethnic groups in America preserving their identity, heritage, and tradition… even as they share in the Common Things that unite All Americans. So, Polish-Americans should keep their language and culture, Italian-Americans should keep their language and culture, Mexican-Americans should keep their language and culture, and etc. But they should all know English and know about the core narrative of US history going back to 1776. They would have their own identity but also share in the Common Narrative of America going back to its founding by the Anglos.

    So, if Jews are into Jewish identity, Jewish interests, and etc., that’s all very good. Just like it would be for Irish-Americans and Chinese-Americans and Indian-Americans and German-Americans and Lithuanian-Americans. I mean if you met a Lithuanian-American who knows his language of origin, history, and culture(as well as American history and English), you’d likely be more impressed than with a Lithuanian-American who knows NOTHING of his ancient homeland and culture and ONLY knows hollywood, pop culture, and tattoos on his arse.

    So, why do we have this problem with Jews? Unlike most groups, Jews aren’t content to just keep their identity and mind their own interests among themselves. They must force all of us who are not Jews into serving Jewish identity and interests.

    Take the Greeks. A sneaky corrupt bunch, but Greek-Americans don’t pressure the rest of us to respect, admire, serve, praise, celebrate, and die for Greek identity and interests. Greek identity and interests are a matter among Greeks. It’s an issue within the Greek-American community. There is no Grecopac(like AIPAC) that requires all politicians to sing hosannas to Greece and pledge to do everything to serve Greeks and Greece.

    Even the Irish who played dirty politics and used all sorts of lowlife machinations didn’t try to make All Americans bow down to Irish identity and interests. Sure, there is the St. Patrick’s Day parade where everyone is supposed to be Irish, but it’s all just for fun.

    But Jews have disingenuously ‘universalized’ Jewish identity and interests. Jews demand that we all care about Jewish identity and interests, indeed more than our own. After all, a Polish-American politician, Irish-American politician, Mormon politician, Swedish-American politician, German-American politician, English-American politician, Italian-American politician, and etc are more likely to yammer about how we must do something for ISRAEL than for nations of their ethnic origins.

    Mitt Romney almost never talked of Mormons and Mormon interests in 2012. Mormon identity and interests are supposed to matter to Mormons within the community. But he talked about Jews, Jews, Jews, Israel, Israel, Israel. Jewish identity and interests are supposed to be matter to all who are NOT Jewish. Imagine if Mormons didn’t just act in Mormon interests among themselves but demanded that we non-Mormons also serve Mormon identity and interests, even as the sacrifice of our non-Mormon identity and interests. Imagine if non-Mormons are made to favor Mormon interests over non-Mormon ones.

    In the US, non-Jews must serve Jewish identity and interests EVEN WHEN doing so hurts their own non-Jewish identity and interests.

    Universalizing Jewishness is problematic because Jewishness isn’t like Christianity that at least applies or can apply to anyone who is either Christian or can convert to Christian.

    Jewishness is tribal and only applies to Jews. So, when non-Jews are made to serve and care about Jewish identity and interests, it’s a rigged game, a false perverted kind of ‘universalism’. Everyone is ‘invited’ to join in the ‘universal’ party, but all the goodies go to the Jews.

    It’s not a universality of equality but universality of servitude to Jews. Jewish demand on gentiles doesn’t lead to sense of equality among all groups. Instead, it leads to a sense that all non-Jewish groups must place Jewish identity and interests at the top of the totem pole.

    And now, homos are up to the same shtick with homomania. 98% of people are not fruitkins, but they are all expected to cheer on the homos, join in the parade, sing praises to homos and trannies, push homo agenda, attack people hated by homos, turn churches into homo-worship centers, and etc. But why? If homos wanna do their homo thing and have their homo culture in their own community, okay. But why must most people who are not homo be on their knees in service to homo identity and interests? How does it serve them?

    Most groups in the US are like planets that mind their own business and revolve around the Sun that is supposed to be Common America. But Jews are like a planet that demands that other planets revolve around it than around the sun. Indeed, it’s almost as if the Jewish planet demands even the sun to revolve around it.

    Judeo-Ptolemaism is deeply problematic.


  5. Looking forward to what you have to say about Trump’s speech on the “Africa Americans.” I might agree with everything he said but the thing is, I just don’t care. I stay away from them and its not hard to do.

    Re Serbia, I recall something about Trump opposing Clinton’s bombing of Serbia because they were our allies in WWII. Albania is a “narco-state;” Albanians moving into Kosovo were up to no good, certainly.

  6. I did some volunteer work for the Serbs in London during the bombing. That was a turning point for me.

  7. When the fictional country of
    “Yugoslavia” broke apart, it split along the lines that Hitler had originally set out in 1941. This is what really put a weed up the Trendy Lefties’ asses. That Hitler was right, and they were wrong. And that the Croatians, Slovenians and Bosnians looked to Germany during the Baltic wars of the 90’s, not Leftists in America and Western Europe. “Yugoslavia” had been their pet project since 1918. But it was another in a long list of SJW failures.

  8. What any person from the Balkans’ will tell you though, is that it wasn’t a religious war. It was a factor, sure. But Slovenia and Croatia declared independence mostly due to economics. They were wealthier than Serbia and wanted to secede and then the conflict started. Your analysis are correct overall, Hunter. Especially on NATO. You see, before Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslavia was ruled by Tito who managed to not dismantle the Balkans. His death was a big blow to the fragile peace in the Balkans.

  9. Sir, several Serbs have joined the North Carolina Secessionists, and one of them is the man who brought me to Chryst – a Serbian Orthodox monk.

    No more enthusiastick Confederate than he, and no nation hates the Yankee Government more than they, not just because they were bombed by the Clintons, but, because they know we stand with them to see the end of the globalist Bolsheviks.

    Wishing you the best, as you tour my state, Junius Daniel

      • Thank you, Dear. You affection touches me. No, I have not been here because I started a group called, ‘North Carolina Secessionists,’ at Facebook, and it has been nearly a full-time chore, above my normal work.

        Miss Denise, we made it to 5,700+ members in the first two and a half months – though, we would have been 30-50,000 if the social network administrators had not thrown every conceivable difficulty to do so, in my way.

        One day, I awoke, only to find that Facebook had deprived me of my my ability to add people to our group, or any group – under the charge, ‘going too fast’.

        So, that’s the reason, M’am.

        I hope all is well at home with you and yours – and that you are eagerly anticipating the return of winter, and thee obligatory snow-blowing.

        After a very cool spring, in The Olde Confederacy, it has been a hot summer – but then : that ain’t no surprise.

        God bless you, Miss Denise; and thank you, again.

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