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  1. Juveniles? Unarmed teens? People from Chicago? Is there some reason why they simply aren’t referred to as blacks?

    Hog Wild Days have been replaced by Nog Wild Days. The coloreds ruin EVERYTHING. But we’re not supposed to mention that, lest we hurt somebody’s feelings somewhere.

    • I thought you were joking about the Mohammedans in Iowa. Unfortunately you weren’t.

      I guess us White folks aren’t supposed to have any place we can call our own. Not one damn country, not one damn state.

      • The Mohammadens were brought into parts of the Midwest in the late 1800s to work building railroad lines and later in the Automobile plants. After the Immigration Act of 1924 they began to assimilate and disappear as they moved to large cities. Now theyre flooding back

      • Here’s another scan from the 1962 World Book Encyclopedia. The one I posted five days ago, in the post headed “There Are No Successful Black Nations,” revealed how the encyclopedia treated the emergence of what would now be called post-colonial Africa. What strikes me about the following is the opening paragraph’s final sentence: “Moslems in the United States number between 10,000 and 30,000.”

        O blessed epoch …

        • And I bet a good portion of them were American Blacks who fell for the Spaceships from Egypt Nation of Islam scam. Balkan Immigration also brought a few like the ancestors of John Belushi. Doubt we had any Pakistani lowlifes running around in America back then.

          • Interesting you say that, Nightowl–re the Nation of Islam, that is. I, too, had wondered whether such “black Muslims” are part of that ancient tally there, in the World Book.

            Hadn’t been aware Belushi’s ancestry was Balkan–Albanian, as I’ve just seen at Wikipedia. Belushi’s own family seems to have been Christian (Albanian Orthodox), as was the one Albanian family I knew, here in Philadelphia, when I was growing up. I wonder whether there was some sort of de facto restriction of Balkan immigration–religious restriction, I mean.

  2. Obama beat Romney 52 to 46 in Iowa. I expect Trump to do better, (it would be dishonorable if he didn’t) but a 6 pt swing is hard to fathom.

    For longterm planning purposes, Iowa can be reached. We would need to challenge their current religious habits, though.

  3. Simple solution: No black “youths” allowed. Of course that’s “racist”. Better to let them into a White event and have them destroy it. At least we prove we’re not “racist”. Better to let them destroy our country too because black lives matter!

  4. Dreher’s latest piece is a clue how we can proceed since even the cucks and some of the Left agree that the left is highly authoritarian. Any cuck can now be smeared as boot lickers to authoritarians

      • I thought what the Haidt fellow had to say was interesting and useful, but of course Dreher is a cuck

      • Hunter, how do you manage to square your White Nationalism and your belief in Jebus Cuckster? Aren’t all believers, nigger and White alike, one in Cuck?

        • Your insulting tone indicates that you don’t really want an answer to this question, even after having posted it. I can’t speak for HW, but I can speak for historic Christianity.

          The faith that was known as Christianity arose out of the white people, and for the white people, of Christendom; i.e., the nations of Europe. Up until roughly the time of Francis of Assisi, the only people that ever were dealt with by the truth claims of Christianity, were the white man.

          Around 1100 A.D., The west adopted a perverted form of Christianity that affected everything they did, including their views of, and treatment of, the non-European hominid.

          This system, known to both the east and the west, changed the locus and focus of who was to be brought into the kingdom. It is not, and has not been, true Christianity for over a 1000 years. And it is this false sect of Christianity that gave rise to the theological error you allude to… as if that mattered to you, anyway.

  5. Repeat after me everyone IF THERE WERE NO JEWS IN OUR WORLD THIS WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE. The Jews coddle them and keep them from their just desserts.

  6. It has been all down hill since we let large numbers of the Roman Catholic cult into the USA. Electing Roman Catholic politicians is next to useless if you want to control non-Whites or any type of bad behavior. Heck, we have not even civilized all of the Italians.

    And for those of you who want to bitch about the kikes find a Roman Catholic politician who doesn’t have a lip lock on Jew anus.

  7. Did you hear Trump’s recent anti-radical-Muslim-terrorism speech?

    It’s so full of crap.

    I like the part about how Obama and Hillary’s policies led to the spread of ISIS and other terrorists.

    But the rest of the speech is pure caca.

    Trump says Israel is an essential ally against terror in the Middle East? What? Did he ever hear of Irgun? Israel was founded on terror. Also, Israel has used terrorism and assassination against Iran and other nations. Iranian scientists were bombed to death by Mossad in Iran. If Iran did that to an Israeli scientist, there would be hell to pay. But when Israel does stuff like that, NYT calls it ‘terror’ in quotes. And Israel still occupies West Bank, and it won’t give Golan Heights back to Syria.

    Israel and Neocons were the ones behind much of US foreign policy under Bush and Obama. It was the Israel Lobby that played a key role in pushing US more to wars in Middle East.

    Andrew Bacevich says that prior to the 80s, almost no soldier died in Middle East. But since end of Cold War, virtually all US casualties were in Middle East. Who drove this foreign policy? Israel Lobby. But Trump mentions only the puppets but not the puppet masters.

    Trump also says Iran is the #1 sponsor of radical Islam. Where does he get this BS? Iran has hardly been the aggressor in anything. It wasn’t Iran that invaded Afghanistan. USSR did. It wasn’t Iran that funded the Mujahadeen who would turn into Taliban. US did. It wasn’t Iran that attacked Iraq. Iraq attacked first, and US aided Iraq that even used poison gas.

    Iran didn’t invade Kuwait. Iraq, armed and aided by US, did. Iran had nothing to do with 9/11. Saudis provided most funds and men for that operation. Iran didn’t invade Iraq. US did that in 2003. Iran didn’t wreck Libya. US did that. Iran didn’t fund and arm the crazies in Syria. US and its allies Saudis and Turks armed Al Nusra front and indirectly even elements of ISIS.

    If anything, Iran has been working with Russia to defend Assad’s regime from crazies.

    BUT, Trump says Iran is the #1 supporter of radical Islamic terror. Total slimeball crap.

    If anything, Israel had committed more acts of terror than Iran in the past 20 yrs. Also, Israel has 200 illegal nukes. Iran has zero, but it got hit with sanctions.

    I hope Iran does get nukes. It would prevent more US wars. If Hussein and Gaddafi had nukes, there would have been no Iraq War, no Libya War, and etc. Nukes are insurance against US aggression. Any nation threatened by US should be GIVEN nukes.

    Trump attacks honor killings in the Muslim world, and yes, they are awful. But what about Pride Killings in the US? American culture is Rap, which is about blacks saying they will kill anyone who be dissing their pride. This culture of macho pride leads to 1000s of murders in America every year. US shouldn’t be one to preach to other nations about culture of violence. US music industry promote rap thug culture of macho pride of murderous psychopathy.

    And consider all the dead white people from suicide, meth, alcohol, and etc. US may not have many Honor Killings, but it has lots of Shame Deaths. Lifestyles of excess, decadence, wantonness, and etc that lead to shame and dementia. White Death in the US is shameful.

    And is it really so great to raise women like Emma Sulkowicz and Lena Dunham and hold them forth as ideals? That is a culture of health and freedom? If anything, they sort of make one feel that maybe Muslims aren’t entirely wrong with their honor killings. I mean how can any self-respecting father allow his daughter to end up like Emma or Lena? Or Brian Williams daughter who gets a rimjob in a TV show? That is what Americans are so proud about? That is Western values? That and the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner as a woman? Or associating marriage with men who do fecal penetration?

    Trump, like Hillary, says US is an exceptional nation with best values, and that newcomers should assimilate. Assimilate to what? Mindless worship of homos? Trannies?

    Trump attacks radical Islam as religious bigotry but he overlooks how homomania has become the new fundie religion of the West. Homomania goes after heretics. It destroys businesses that won’t make homo wedding cakes. It vows to destroy any state that allows moral freedom and dignity of those who won’t cave to homo demands. Didn’t Mozilla CEO lose his job because he’s for true marriage? Homomania uses the threat of violence. If you won’t bake a ‘gay wedding cake’, the state will fine you and shut your business down. If you try to open your store and refuse to pay fine, men with guns will come after you to lock you up. If you resist, you will be shot and killed. Homomania is a thug ideology and pseudo-spirituality. But Trump is sucking homo cock.

    Trump is bitching about Sharia of all things. It’s Gayria that is ruining the West. Also, homos have spread a culture of death. Their debauchery in the 80s led to mass deaths via HIV epidemic. Homo excesses murdered homos, but homos only play victim to ‘Reagan’s indifference’.

    What else should immigrants assimilate to? Rap culture of Pride Killing and macho pathologies? Or Disney encouraging little girls to dress like hookers? Or how about full-grown men taking stuff like BATMAN movies seriously(instead of worthier stuff like The Godfather)?

    Trump bitches about bigotry and hate, and of course, he’s answering back the critics who accuse him of ‘bigotry’ and ‘hate’. Trump is playing a cynical game. He is making himself out to be the ‘progressive’ defender of angelic darling homos from bigoted and hateful Muslims.

    But it was homos who supported the Zionist and Obama/Hillary plan to wreck the Middle East. Washington DC is 10% homo, and fruitkins are crawling all over government. The are in NSA, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and etc. and they’ve been key players in the US empire. Homos did far more damage to the Muslim world than vice versa.

    Speaking of hatred and bigotry, what comes closest to Nuremberg rallies in the US are AIPAC conferences where all politicians salute undying loyalty to Israel. Hess said, “Hitler is Germany, Germany is Hitler.” Trump, Hillary, Obama, and Romney say “Israel is US, US is Israel.” If bigotry and hate are about favoring one people over all others in a spirit of supremacist devotion, then there is nothing more bigoted in US politics than AIPAC.

    But neither the media nor Trump point to this fact. The biggest Bigotry and Hatred in the US is the supremacist devotion to Israel and Jewish interests.

    What I find really hilarious is that the media is silent about Trump’s huge baloney like “Iran is the number 1 sponsor of terrorism.” It is such a blatant lie. The media are committed to making Trump look like a fool by exposing his falsehoods and gaffes. But they don’t bother to correct Trump’s HUG BS on Iran. That is the one fat lie that the media endorse since the media are controlled by Zionists. So, Trump is attacked for telling lies only when it goes against the narrative. Indeed, he is attacked for telling truths if they go against the Narrative. But since the lie about Iran fits the Globo-Zio Narrative, there is no complaint about Trump’s BS.

    Trump could have given a truly great and brave speech. It was good of him to connect the dots between US foreign policy and rise of terror all over the Middle East. War on Terror became War for Terror.

    Instead, he turned it into a cheap diatribe about Iran. He also turned GOP into a bitch of homomania. Just like Romney posed as defender of Israel and Jews against Obama(despite the fact that most Jews were totally with Obama), Trump poses as defender of homos when most homos detest him and side with Hillary. And indeed, Homos have been working in Pentagon and State Department to further the aims of US imperialism all over the world.

    And of course, nothing about black crime and black thuggery, especially in a year in which tons of blacks call for murder of police and white people. Trump acts tough but is a total coward on Jews, blacks, and homos.


    • I feel a tremendous gratitude to have read this brilliant post. It is all gold. So much so I almost feel to share with others. Thank you.

    • You make a lot of great points in this comment. However, Trump’s election and ending mass immigration should be our priority right now.

      Firs we make America great again. Then we make America straight again.

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