The History of Trumpism

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“The Republican party, its leaders like to say, is a party of ideas. Debates over budgets and government programmes are important, but they must be conducted with an eye on the bigger questions – questions about the character of the state, the future of freedom and the meaning of virtue. These beliefs provide the foundation for a conservative intellectual establishment – thinktanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, magazines such as National Review, pundits such as George Will and Bill Kristol – dedicated to advancing the right’s agenda. …”

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My own journey started in the wake of Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in 2001 when I stumbled across his book The Death of the West. Buchanan wrote a series of great books including The Great Betrayal and A Republic, Not An Empire that laid out everything we now see happening in the world around us today.

Back then, Sam Francis was writing for VDARE. Stormfront was launching as a vBulletin forum. Dr. William Pierce was shaking his fist at the Jews on his radio show. The neocons were committing their world-historical blunder in Iraq which set the entire Middle East on fire. George W. Bush was making his first moves to throw the conservative base under the bus by pushing “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The Ron Paul movement was another important factor in the rise of Trump. The same is true of the Tea Party. Lots of people who started out as Ron Paul libertarians or Tea Party supporters eventually found their way into the Alt-Right. The talk radio crowd – Hannity, Ingraham, Limbaugh – is following the shift going on among their audience.

When I started out in 2001, Free Republic was the standard bearer of George W. Bush-era movement conservatism. I must have gotten banned there a dozen times for my “radical” views. Now, the site has completely changed its tune, and what used to be “radical” among movement conservatives is now the conventional wisdom.

I’m not even really an “extremist” anymore. Virtually everything I used to write about – except maybe the negative impact of Jewish influence, which still isn’t kosher – is now covered by Breitbart or World Net Daily or The Drudge Report. Seriously, by what standard am I an “extremist,” but what Breitbart writes about is “mainstream”?

Regardless of the outcome in November, Trump’s wake is going to dwarf anything we have seen with Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul. So many people have started their own journey with this campaign like I did in 2001. It is not going to stop there. If Trump goes down in November, they are going to going to become even angrier, more alienated, and more radicalized than they are now, which is saying something.

Just a few years ago the #LyingPress and the Republican establishment thought the Tea Party was bad! They defanged, coopted, neutered and milked the Tea Party and what they got was Trump’s national populism. If they stop Trump, what do these people think they are going to get in 2020 or 2024? Marco Rubio?

15 years ago, I was the radical fringe. I haven’t changed a bit and I am slowly becoming “mainstream.” In a few years, I will be tagged as a “moderate.” In a few decades, I will probably go to my grave as a “liberal”!

Note: These people are blissfully ignorant of the cliff we are about to go over when 40% of Texas is ready to secede from the Union. Islamic terrorism is bad now, right? That’s going to be nothing compared to what is coming up down the road.

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  1. Agreed. It’s funny to see people come round to Nationalist perspectives after all these years.

  2. Trumps true destiny: to lead Partition?

    Three legs of the Partition stool:
    Facts on the ground

    I hunger for the day when the “alt right” concludes the ideological phase and begins the logistical phase.

    • I don’t think the United States will make it to 2020 the nations so fractured now, Hillary may in effect be good for us if she brings about the collapse. I support Trump because I want the collapse to be less awful than it will be after Hillary but the Collapse is still coming

  3. The United States is as a nation finished. The end is here, the question for us is what shape will the new future take? I expect Nuclear Winter to set in sometime around 2018 if Hillary keeps pissing Putin off eventually Russia and China will have enough and then adios amigos.

  4. Trump says the system is rigged. Obama says it is not. I say it is rigged, and Obama is part of the rigging. He is a rigger. He is the rigger-in-chief. In fact, he is one crazy rigger.

    By the way, if the system is not rigged, why do Obama and Hillary say that something must be done about ‘white privilege’? The very concept implies that the system is indeed rigged in favor of whites.

    Of course, the funny thing is the system is rigged in favor of privileged whites who make the most noise about how ‘white privilege’ must end.

    When rich whites whine about ‘white privilege’, they are trying to secure and expand their own privilege by sacrificing whites without privilege who are to be discriminated against in favor of non-whites. Those who denounce ‘white privilege’ do not target whites with privilege. If anything, whites with privilege mouth PC slogans and pay off the right kind of people. The final agreement is to sacrifice the basic rights of whites-without-privilege in favor of Diversity.


  5. I already consider you a liberal in the classic sense of the word. Most people in the Snowosphere would call you a moderate.

  6. Good article Hunter. The Overton Window is moving rightward. That’s Trump’s biggest contribution, directly or indirectly. In a few more years saying “White Genocide” and “Traitors” in public will be mainstream.

  7. I remember what were called Tea Party events in Atlanta during the late 80s and early 90s, where Republicans and Libertarians gathered to protest taxation by dumping tea into the Chattahoochee river. They mostly wanted lower taxes and smaller government, and have definitely moved to the right since then.

  8. And Blacks, BLACKS! want separation. Give it to them! Let them go. Go away. We go our way. This is a gift to Whites!! Let’s capitalize on it.

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