Texas Secessionists Gaining Momentum

If Hillary wins in November, it could be a watershed moment for Texas secessionists:

“Fortunately for Unionists, a clear majority of 59 percent of Texans said they’d rather stick with the Stars and Stripes, while just 26 percent said they wouldn’t. But that number dropped when the pollsters followed up by asking whether voters would support secession if Clinton won the election. Forty percent said they would, including 61 percent of Trump supporters. (While PPP is run by Democrats, it has a solid grade in FiveThirtyEight’s pollster accuracy ratings. …”

I’ve long believed the Trump campaign has been nothing but an unalloyed good.

Some of my Southern Nationalist friends have disagreed this assessment. I think it is a case of missing the forest for the trees. In between 65% of Whites being ready to support a national populist third party and 40% of Texans – including a majority of White Texans – being ready to secede from the Union in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory in November, we are seeing the same the growth of the same movement.

“Make America Great Again” isn’t your usual conservative patriotism based on “values” and “American exceptionalism.” The slogan is based on the perception that America Isn’t Great, that it is rapidly becoming a Third World dystopia, that America under Obama is run by a hostile elite that enforces political correctness, nurtures lawlessness in the streets, and has left the borders open to hostile invaders that want to kill you.

It is a conditional statement. In Texas, we can already see there is no contradiction between supporting Trump and turning on a dime and supporting secession. As national populism spreads into wider swathes of the White electorate, we increasingly share a common language and perspective with these people. We can communicate with them now in a way which we couldn’t before. They react to events more like us now.

National populism is the wellspring out of which White Nationalism, Southern Nationalism, European Nationalism and so forth are growing. Sure, there are important differences, but there is a common ideological root. Just as Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in the 1990s sowed the seeds that sprouted through the 2000s into Trump’s campaign, this campaign will have a similar long term effect regardless of the outcome.

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  1. An independent Texas would have to face off with the US and probably Mexico too. There should be a Russian-Texan alliance.

    • An Independent Texas with the help of the South would steam-roll Mexico and any other competitor like Cuba. The U.S. once deprived of the South would eventually completely collapse in itself in 4-6 years depending upon if there is a war or not. Preferably not.

    • Offer them a 99 years lease on a warm water port in the new red states nation and you would have that Russian alliance!

  2. This is why I am not concerned with a Trump loss. The future I expect involves power to the states and ultimately succession as needed. KanExit in this case.

  3. If Texas leaves, then the rest of Dixie, and several western states my go too. I think mainly the North and parts of the PAC Rim might.., maybe.., stick to the “Union.” But not necessarily so. Who knows fer sure?

    • The new Red State Nation better offer Russia a 99 years lease on a warm water port or else its Lincoln part II!

  4. Warning: Mind blowing historical change ahead!

    Look at some old maps of the world, in most instances the governments that were there are no more, but it comes it cataclysmic leaps, like WWI, WWII, the fall of Rome and so forth.

    On average, 2 nations are decimated per year in our “Enlightened” world.

    Who is next?

  5. If Trump loses you can expect a massive amount of new refugees in Texas and all of the red states thus rendering a Texit vote a lost cause.

    It is clear that if Trump loses, the days of voting our way out of this mess are gone and will never return because the demographic shift will not be in our favor.

    • We launch November 9th. We can’t wait for Clinton to open the borders. The alt right needs to get on the same sheet of music re Partition, no more nostalgia for “the way things were”.

      Do you long for the return of Vinca culture? Assuming youve ever heard of it, of course not. It, like the nation of Washington and Jefferson, is a thing of the past!

      • Thomas Jefferson was an enemy of the Republic he was the one who opened our borders to build his Democratic Party in 1801. President Adams in 1798 had instituted a 14 year waiting period for citizenship, replacing the original 5 and was establishing a border security force. Jefferson revoked that law in 1802 and left all policing of the border up to the states. Thanks to Jefferson we got a flood of Jews and other vermin who Jefferson eagerly signed up to be Democrats in fact most don’t know that under Jefferson the first JEW graduated from West Point and Georgia had who was believed to have been a Jewish Governor David Emanuel. All good Democrats.

        Thomas Jefferson, supported the Priest Killing Nun Raping French, supported Miscgenation with the Native Americans to solve the Indian Wars and fought to keep Religious Litmus tests out of our citizenship laws. What an a$$*&#

        • There is no one version of America like liberals would have you believe. America has always born torn between white nationalism (How many non-whites signed the DOI or were at the Constitutional Convention?) and universal egalitarianism. Today the UE ideology reigns supreme but that does not mean it is the only legitimate American ideology since a white racialist concept of America predates it.Before bashing Jefferson on race you might want to read his autobiography “Notes on the State of Virginia” to see how he really felt about race. The DOI has universal egalitarian ideology(All men are created equal) but it also has racialist ideology because it used the term Consanguinity and takes a rather dim view of Indians and those whites who would advocate a slave uprising (Lord Dunmore) against their fellow whites. Indeed the racialist concepts out number the UE sentiment in the DOI.

          • Thomas Jefferson was a man of moral convenience who spoke out of both sides of his mouth. Yes he supported the prohibition of Interracial breeding between Whites and Negroes in Virginia, but he seemed to have no problem with the Revolutionary French Government, which imported Negroes to France to serve as soldiers and occupiers and had Negroes sitting in the Convention and not only that was killing every Catholic Priest Monk and raping every Nun in sight, The same Revolutionary government declared all slaves in French West Indies free and set off an apocalypse in Santo Domingo. Thomas Jefferson praised France as a wonderful project of a people seeking liberty meanwhile they were enslaving the White population of France, using Negro soldiers and allowing the Negroes in Santo Domingo to rape and kill every white man woman and child in sight. There is a reason why George Washington fired him and Martha hated him.

            Here’s another thing to remember. Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry both proposed the encouragement of Interracial Marriage between Whites and Native Americans to bring about the end of the Indian problems in the west. They actually proposed giving free education to halfbreeds and tax exemptions to White/Indian couples. Does this sound like a Pro-White concept? I think not.

            As for the Declaration of Independence, John C Calhoun declared it the source of one of the greatest lies ever uttered by man and that was ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL a line quoted by every demagogue every since.

      • One conservative wants to create a new nation out of parts of Georgia, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle called Reagan. He even wrote a best seller about the project a few years ago.

    • Look how federal workers moved into Virginia so it could be a closer commute to DC turning the land of Lee, Northern Virginia, into just another blue state.

    • We can’t vote ourselves out now for various complex reasons. We need to use both in-the-system and outside-of-it tactics at the same time.

    • I suspect Abe was a strong, smart leader, which obv made secession very hard. Hillary couldn’t beat her way out of a wet paper bag, making secession much easier.

  6. There is not going to be any secession. Put down the crack pipes. The majority of white people and their allies have spoken. It is going to be a mullato, diversified, pro-homosexual and Clintoneese-type socialist future.

    When white liberalism vanquishes Trump in November and the media and liberal coalition rub it in good, most of the fight will be gone from rural whites, and after a month or so, they will lose any remaining interest anyway. Rural whites just don’t have the revolutionary mentality to defeat this zeitgeist. They don’t have the education or the mentality or even desire to be in positions of power. In fact, they disdain power. They want to be left alone to carry on as peasants, working in fields and factories, doing lawn and garden work, and hunting. This is fine, it is just not commensurate with power and calling shots.

    All of this was decisively settled decades ago, many of you are just now realizing it. All is not lost, however. All of this such as on these sites is obsolete as you write, and would do little anyway. If this is puzzling to you, you need to find out why I say it.

    • If not secession, there will be realignment after the Nuclear Winter and everything that’s coming down the pipe. The Jew means to kill the entire human race and bring in his Transhumanist Brave New World and the Whites are the first target on his list. I personally believe there will be a nuclear terror war long before this and civilization will in effect End. Then our rise can began. That is those who are left alive

    • History is full of the unexpected. Neither the unification of German, the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of radical Islam, or even the AIDS virus was foreseen by the experts. So shall red state secession come upon them like a storm in the night. I may not live to see it but if the mind can conceive, and the heart can believe it, then the will can achieve it!

    • You’re dead wrong. Many of us are going to see a post USA world. The question will be just how many countries the US splits into and when, and what will be in the new constitution(s) and whether the breakup will be bloody or peaceful.

      I do concede that most Southerners are just not interested in power or activism and really just want to be left alone, but the ability is there and more and more they realize the need for action. The “last straw” analogy couldn’t be more applicable. Present trends are guaranteed not to go on forever.

      • Which person or group wanting secession has the resources to bring it off? What course of action are they going to use? Those are two perfectly fair questions to be asked.

        • This isn’t 1860. The empire is collapsing. We need to harness the opportunity for an independent Southern ethnostate and make it greater than USA ever was.

          Just because we don’t have a great army standing and ready today does not mean we cannot have one 10-20 yrs from now.

          We just need to grow our movement ever stronger while the empire grows ever weaker. The tipping point will come when it comes.

          • The empire is not collapsing. I didn’t ask you about an army, I asked you which person wanting secession has the 8 or 9 digit resources we know is necessary for political action (You’re right, it damn sure is not 1860. At least 8 or 9 digits you better have). I asked you about a course of action, your answer indicates you don’t have one. Your answer is also pretty much essentially all I have heard and read from all these secession discussions. Nothing but vague ideas.

          • You have to think in terms of the passage of time. Noone has claimed that we will be independent within the next month.

            Of course we speak in vague ideas. We are at the beginning stages. Those vague ideas will become more specific as time goes on. Almost everything great starts as a vague idea, and oftentimes poorly funded to boot. Why should this be any different?

            Regarding finances, they will grow as the movement grows, whether we ever get a billionaire donor or not.

            Again, at this point we’re dealing mostly in the exchange of ideas, which go into a giant mashup and become our strategies for independence and our founding documents thereafter.

          • Yeah, decades. No one doubts things like borders will probably be different 100 years from now. But that is quite a different thing than what is being discussed here.

    • Secession may not come by popular vote but by way of the power vacuum created when the USA has its brains nuked out by our enemies because of all of the sins/abominations the Left embraces and tries to push on everyone else.

    • Don’t besmirch the name of Robert Burns with your liberal rhetoric. Go post on Hunffington Post or someplace more to your ilking…

      • That is my real name and my real picture. It is not liberal rhetoric, it is an accurate observation of our people. Which statement in my post do you deny is a demonstrable fact? As far as the first paragraph, look at election results and talk to people. Hell, it is the subject of this site. The first part of the second paragraph is beyond question . The second part, about rural whites it true. Do you deny this?

  7. Texas and Alabama are the keys to the Southern Future, you must hold the biggest state and you must hold the linchpin. Right now any attempt for a New Confederacy must be understood from this point of view. There will not be a miraculous secession of the original 13 plus Oklahoma, this will be a slow building process. I have written elsewhere how I say that it will take a great deal of effort to secure six of the original seven, forget Florida for the time being. The next step will be to secure the Middle and Upper South, and the third will be the reconquest of traditionally Southern lands. This will take upwards of half a century to a century to complete. None of us will live to see it’s end. That is unless they perfect cryogensis but dont hold your breath

    • It took the Spanish over 700 years to expel the Moors but expel them they did and thus dawned the golden age of Spanish exploration much like a new American age will dawn when we crush, or separate from, diversity..

    • Respectfully, I think you’re wrong. Whenever the first state (probably TX) secedes the rest of the South will go like dominoes. From a purely pragmatic position, it looks like TX is in best shape to go first but we’ll see.

      When will that first state vote to secede? It could be 1 yr from now or 50 yrs from now. It’s just hard to say bc things can really happen fast and unexpected, but it it takes 50 yrs then the peaceful democratic option will likely be long past.

      • I think if this vote was taken with the same Demographics the South had in 1940 Secession would happen orderly, but you are forgetting Florida is in effect part of Cuba or Jamaica now with a large dose of Jews and Northern Whites. I am sure the Panhandle over to Jacksonville would support a move to secede, but anything from Orlando on south wouldn’t and therein lies the problem, you’d have to split off a state of North Florida from the rest. North Carolina, Middle Tennessee and Northern Virginia will also be absolute nightmares because of all of the immigrants and outsiders.

        The only hope for secession now is this, get the original seven, including a state of North Florida, forget the rest of Florida for now, then figure out how to get the rest of the South. I expect what you will have will be most of Appalachian areas from North Carolina to the Ohio River will support the New Confederacy but there will be severe resistence elsewhere especially in all the urban/suburban corridors in North Carolina Tennessee and No VA. West of the Mississippi I expect Arkansas and Oklahoma will be there on the second day.

        Any plan for a New Confederacy will have to understand these basic issues. ONE will be how to facilitate a mass relocation plan TWO will be how much power a New Confederate government will need to clean up the mess and THREE how to boost the Southern White population growth so that the war losses will be offset. I suggested elsewhere we may have to consider things such as Sperm storage and even Polygamy if a war to secure the homeland decimates the White male population.

        Hunter needs to write a good article on war strategies and how to establish the nation. We are right now spinning our wheels talking politics and the news, we need to have a concrete proposal of how to make it happen and have our new governmental apparatuses ready to go ASAP

        • There are definitely a lot of Yankees living in the South that would screw it up for us if they can at the democratic level, but if it comes down to civil unrest, as in armed militias, I think the yanks will turn tail and run like Jesse Owens. But their hijacking of our democracy is definitely a threat just like the brown hordes are hijacking our democracy in some places.

          Regarding the sperm banking I’m in total agreement. Now that we are in the nuclear age, a national sperm (and egg, but especially sperm) repository is a very important point of national security. Sperm, being in constant production are especially vulnerable to nuclear event, and will likely never rebound in quality even if it rebounds in quantity. Sperm supply is by nature more vulnerable to nuclear event than egg supply since eggs are essentially “sitting on the shelf” in the diplotene stage of meiosis while sperm are actively dividing. (Radiation hits the dividing tissues hardest–That’s why it makes hair fall out and causes stomach ulcers.)

          A nuclear event could dramatically hurt a man’s sperm for the rest of his life, leading to very high miscarriage rates and birth defects, if he’s able to actually fertilize the egg in the first place. It would be a nightmare, not just for a few individuals, but also for our race. But given that eggs are by nature in shorter supply than sperm in the first place, it makes sense to bank them too.

          A national sperm/egg bank could also help us out in increasing ethnic purity as well as eugenics in general. (Oh, dear, I said eugenics. I guess everybody has to disregard everything else I say because I’m a mad Nazi scientist that wants to create a dystopian science fiction movie reality.)

          1) Increasing ethnic purity:

          Suppose we were free to racially cleanse the South tomorrow. Where would we draw the line for how white is white enough? Would we get rid of all the whites who have 1% black DNA? I doubt it. Suppose we give everybody that is 1% black DNA. I’m betting most of those individuals are just barely above 1%, but whatever. So those individuals are not black enough to warrant kicking them out of the country, but we could certainly exclude them from being sperm/egg donors. So if we maintain 100% pure sperm egg repository and ban interracial/international adoptions, then we’re looking at a small but significant percentage of white couples that would be using the sperm banks. Let’s say 1-5% of them would. That would help our race to slowly reclaim purity over multiple generations via positive eugenics.
          Now it only makes sense that most (but not all) of these admixed persons are around the lower end of the gene pool, so if we also have policies to sterilize deadbeat fathers, welfare mothers, drug addicts, repeat offender prisoners (or just keep them locked up longer) then the amount of nonwhite DNA in the population would become vanishingly small over a couple generations.
          2) eugenics in general:
          It only makes sense that we would favor higher than average quality donors, but I would not use famous/elite donors, such as celebrity athletes, people famous for having high IQs, national beauty pageant winners, celebrity models, etc. but I do think I would try to select for donors that are smarter than average, more athletic than average, more honest and patriotic than average, etc. Well it’s pretty easy to measure IQ and athleticism, but what about other factors?
          Here’s what I would do for sperm donors:
          While maintaining ethnic purity standards, I’d try to get men from various special forces (navy seals, army rangers, top air force pilots, etc.) to donate for free as an act of patriotism. Men in these positions are going to generally be smarter and more athletic than average, and the mental illness afflicted individuals mostly should get weeded out in bootcamp. Additionally most of these men are probably going to be more honest and patriotic than average. Their superiors might be selected as a character reference also. Asking the men to donate for free as an act of patriotism would select for generosity. The men who didn’t want to give because they weren’t getting paid would weed themselves out of the sperm supply.
          Here’s what I’d do for egg donors:
          I’d target pretty young nurses, and perhaps other stereotypically female occupations. In the case of nurses, I’d probably try to get them while they were still in school. If she can pass nursing classes, she’s probably got plenty of sense and having chosen nursing, she’s probably pretty strong on the female virtues also. I might also hit up beauty pageant contestants, maybe at the state level, but not the winner. I’d try to get eggs from 2nd, 3rd, 4th place winners since the first place winner will be a semi-famous individual while the runners up are still in obscurity, but I’d want some way to verify intelligence if I were using pageant contestants. Getting eggs from the girls will probably not be as easy as getting sperm from the men. Girls will probably want pay and will probably require a little more coaxing rather than just freely giving as a gift.
          Regarding polygamy:
          I know a lot of Southerners are going to want to define marriage as “one man and one woman as husband and wife” but I’d caution against being to strict. I’d include a loophole that allowed men to take multiple wives in the event of a shortage of men, so that the sex ratio was maintained at an effectively 1:1 level. If the actual ratio dropped to 0.9 men :1.0 women then I’d allow 11% of men to take a second wife, so that it effectively adjusts to a 1:1 ratio. And I’d make it something the men had to be approved for, such as criminal background check, minimum IQ, etc. Maybe restrict the right to veterans only, but at any rate they would have to pledge the good faith intent to have at least 2 children with the new wife. I would want monogamy to remain the cultural norm though, just enough bigamy to meet whatever biological needs may apply.

          • You’re speaking my language and thats what I said elsewhere but I was slurred by others for bringing up situational polygamy and I said make sure you know this, we are headed for an apocalypse before things get better. If we need to allow Polygamy to restore the population then we will have to consider it. As a Christian i detest it but I know that the nation sometimes has to come first

          • I don’t think Christianity and polygamy are incompatible, but I’ll never convince the sheeple so I don’t bother. All we have to do is consider the West vs Islam. Muslims are free to take more than one wife, so no matter how many of their men we kill, they are still making the same (or nearly the same) number of babies. OTOH, when they kill one of our men, it makes one less woman that gets a husband. That’s a horrible long term consequences as it pretty much guarantees that muslims will eventually win against Christendom if we don’t adapt.
            I think Europeans, being a K selected race, evolved to be (mostly) monogamous but if half of our men get killed in an apocalyptic event, we must allow enough bigamy/polygamy for our race to rebound numerically. It doesn’t take a genius to see it once it’s explained.
            BTW, I’ll point out that the polygamy option and the sperm repository serve two different needs. Sperm bank is for a shortage of male fertility (most likely due to nuclear event) while poly option is for a shortage of men period-as in massive losses in battle, or perhaps some disease could come along that only killed men.
            I forgot to mention in the sperm/egg bank proposition that the materials donated could also serve as a private reserve for the person that donated them. For instance, a man being deployed for military service may save sperm in case something happens to his fertility in the line of duty (radiation, chemical exposure, testicle trauma). If he ever needs it later he can use it to build a 2 parent nuclear family with his own wife and biological children, and if he never needs it then he can just give it away to someone who does. Simple.

          • This is precisely why Europe is in the straits it is in now. France lost the flower of her youth from 1789-1815 and then later from 1914-18 and has never been the same since. England was in a state of almost constant war somewhere on the European Continent or after 1700 in Asia, Africa or the Americas and on the world’s 7 seas from the time of Crecy in 1346 until 1945 of course from 1707 forward Ireland and Scotland bore some of the brunt as well, but it still was largely England’s show. Germany lost the flower of her youth in the Thirty Years War and suffered damage during Napoleon but WW1 and WW2 brought her low. In fact I dare say the reason you see the cuckold like weakness in England France and somewhat Germany is the loss of her fighting men over so many wars.

            No one truly studies the effect of war on a nation’s gene pool and I think it does need to be studied. The South lost much of its aristocracy during the war but because of the high birthrate of Southern women recouped most of its population in 40 years, the Yankees never did recoup theirs thus the need for Immigrants

        • My reply was getting so long I decided to do it in 2 parts. This is the second part.

          I’m in favor of having some kind of rite of passage built into the constitution, such as Swiss style mandatory military conscription, where all young men are expected to do a minimum military duty, probably just basic training. I would constitutionally require that they:
          –meet a minimum percentile ranking on asvab
          –pass an objective physical exam to get into bootcamp
          –pass strict fitness standards for passing bootcamp
          –endure enough stress to weed out the emotionally fragile/unstable and hippiefag types.
          In short, it should be based more or less on the 1950s era US military before SJWs screwed it up for equality sake. We must anticipate SJWism and make our standards SJWproof. Constitutional objective standards, especially percentile rankings are an SJW’s nightmare.
          Any man that passes bootcamp would enjoy a higher status in life, such as:
          –the right to vote or run for office (denied to other men)
          –getting to take a second wife in the event of a shortage of men.
          –having for himself, his wife and his children a preferential status in any triage situation, such as blood shortage, waiting on organ donor lists, vaccine shortages, prescription drug shortages, shortage of bunker space in nuclear events, etc.
          We would be in no way obligated to distinguish between those who simply can’t pass asvab or can’t pass fitness standards and those who simply fail or fake a disability as a means of avoiding their duty. The rule must be cut and dry: No Serve>No Vote. There would be no need for the government to chase down those who draft dodge. Draft dodgers will simply be denied all the privileges that the faithful and capable earn and enjoy.
          This strategy would have three main benefits to society:
          –it screens out a lot of low quality voters
          –it’s eugenic in that only the faithful and capable will be eligible for a second wife, and in that his wife and children will be preferred in any kind of triage
          –it cultivates a warrior culture (which is indispensable if we don’t want to go extinct), and probably helps to cultivate at least some other manly virtues, including masculine physical fitness

          • Finally real proposals instead of political talking points. The League Of The South has the right ideas, but I am not sure how much real strategy is on the table but we need to stop talking politics ie WHY SECESSION and start talking about HOW DO WE ESTABLISH A NEW NATION.

            The Old Confederacy was a failure in certain respects because at the time you had the extreme States Rights crowd who wouldn’t give up anything for the common good and for whatever reason President Davis did not follow the precedent of American History dating to Genl Washington and appoint ONE Commander In Chief over the field operations, Mr. Davis preferred to use his generals independently and thus placed undue pressure upon himself which had a negative effect on his otherwise brilliant performance. Thus every squabble ever picayune quarrel was placed on President Davis’s desk and whatever decision was made he had to bear the blame if it backfired. General Lee was appointed General in Cheif only in February of ’65.

            Lincoln on the other hand did follow precedent and this did insulate his administration from some of the problems Mr. Davis had.

            If I could go back and tell President Davis something to his face I would tell him to arrest those States Rights idiots and put their states under military rule for the duration unless they contributed fairly to the war effort. I would also tell him to have Stonewall invade the North under the Black Flag and burn and kill everything in sight as Stonewall requested permission to do. Wonder how History would been different if instead of Shermans March to the sea we had Stonewalls March to Lake Erie?

            A new nation must remember these lessons learned from the old. We must also know now that we will necesitate a much stronger Central government at least for a time to correct the issues with the culture the immorality and such and the breeding of a crop of warriors I estimate would take 20-40 years to truly change and complete. It is true the boys of ’61 had better stuff to start with, but like them we have to take where we are and make the best of it. Freedom over slavery. At the end of the day thems the choices

          • Yes, we definitely don’t have to convince Southern men why we should secede, we need to talk about how DOABLE it is and just how we will get things done.

            Regarding central authority, I don’t think it’s a problem if we are a homogenous group. I know lots of ppl want to dismantle federal government and do everything at state/local level. Wrong, we just need to have our own federal government that serves US (the pronoun, not the United States) and not everybody else.

            If Washington were run by Southerners, only Southern men with at least a reasonable IQ and minimum age could vote, politicians couldn’t be easily bought, and Jews weren’t allowed any influence or seats of power, we would all LOVE Washington.

            BTW, I think our new national capitol should be somewhere central, like maybe in Tennessee or North AL or North MS. I guess Washington was pretty central back when the White House was first built. But putting a capital well away from the coast reduces hurricane problems and makes it harder to invade by sea.

  8. As I’ve said before anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a religious cult, or a tyrannical government. If at first you don’t secede…

  9. ‘It was also when Spain kicked out the collaborators of the Moors, the Jews.’

    Always jews…always.

    Every major jewish group is behind the push for open borders and unlimited immigration to white countries.

    Hacked Memo: George Soros Lobbied Obama To Accept 100,000 Refugees Per Year — and Succeeded


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