The Nationalist Party

If Trump loses in November, which seems increasingly likely, the ideal result would be for Trump to quit the Republican Party and organize a nationalist third party:

“Over the past 14 months Donald Trump has upended much of what we thought we knew about American politics. He won the Republican nomination easily with no prior political experience, no filter, and an entirely new kind of political platform—one that, in an almost total rejection of conservative orthodoxy, is anti-free trade, isolationist and doesn’t really seem to care that much about the size of government.
He’s also raised a crucial question: Is the Trump campaign about the man or the message? In other words, will Trumpism survive Trump? …

For people who feel that way, I have some discouraging news. As part of a broad study of white working class politics, I solicited white Americans’ support for Donald Trump, but also for a hypothetical third party dedicated to “stopping mass immigration, providing American jobs to American workers, preserving America’s Christian heritage, and stopping the threat of Islam”—essentially the platform of the UK’s right-wing British National Party, adapted to the United States. How many white Americans do you think would consider voting for this type of protectionist, xenophobic party?

65 percent.

Clearly, Trump’s allure is bigger than Trump himself. …”

The Front National has never won in France.

In France, the nationalists have their own party, and the conservatives have their own party. That’s the way it needs to be here. If we had a parliamentary system like they do in Europe, we would have had a nationalist third party a long time ago, but a Trump loss in November after a stab in the back would be the ideal catalyst for it.

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  1. If we had a parlemetary firm of government like in Switzerland the populist nationalist Islam immigration restrictionist party would be ~ 30% and the largest party which could form , break governments.

    Here it s 2 party winner take all it’s 51% or nada – this the huge push to recruit criminals undocumented single women that resent men peal off a sort of White immigrant group like Armenians or Boston Irish Joni’s LGBT

    Boston Irish were the only straight White males allowed to speak a Dem convention.

      • It’s this clinging to outmoded, invalidated paradigms like ‘the republican party is nationalist’ that holds americans back.

      • The word white needs to be in the title so our message will not be watered down into meaningless conservative babble. Something like the United White National Party- UWNP a title that is simple, self-explanatory, and denotes strength and resolve.

    • Switzerland is much freer than the United States. People are get to vote on issues in national referendums.Cantons (what we call states ,are sovereign with the right of secession) I would much rather live in a smaller more homogeneous state(nation) than I would a large multiracial empire with visions of godhood like the U.S. of A. has become. I call such a concept Democratic Nationalism, or Folk Democracy, and it can work in a racially homogeneous Ethno-State.

    • I doubt congress vs parliament model makes a significant difference in the end. It boils down to who’s doing the voting and if/who’s bribing the candidates. All western countries are in the same tailspin regardless of parliament structure.

      Also, we could just make all elections use instant runoff method to help bust up the 2 party phenomenon.

  2. If Trump loses in November this country doesn’t deserve to be saved. Let it burn, let it collapse into anarchy. Trump will be too busy enjoying his semi-retirement in Mar-A-Lago to care aout it.

  3. Win or lose this is only the beginning. A Trump win is only a much needed slow down of this downward spiral. A Trump loss will only grow this political movement and actually expedite it. The days of the left wing steam rolling over America are coming to an end. The future may be united we fall divided we stand.

    • Agree. Part of me wants Hilary to win just so we can get this show on the road. Best case for us is for Trump to be *obviously* robbed of the election so that even the race denying trucons are outraged by the corruption.

  4. The Democrats and Republicans are 2 wings of the same Buzzard. No care for the People and White Americans. We need a strong third party in America. However that only happens when the People stop being ignorant and support a Third Party. The sheeple are the problem. We have the solution! Deo Vindice !

  5. White People are the world’s global minority. We all know this. Most White people STILL live around other White People, and are utterly oblivious to the reality of being surrounded AND outnumbered by racial alien SAVAGES. For now. Our demographic en-swampment is accelerating. ALL White People are going to be FORCED into “racism” – racial solidarity and cohesion – in order to survive. It won’t be a choice anymore.

  6. The Republican Party is pretty useless. Trump after Gang of Eight made that clear. They can’t win presidential elections because they’ve allowed so much immigration, legal and illegal, and immigrants of all kinds (except Serbians?) vote for Democrats. Its been going on for a long time and Republican voters don’t understand why it was allowed but suspect there was a reason they wouldn’t like if they knew it.

    I even worry that Republicans will make a bargain with a President Hillary where the thing she gets out of it is rescuing Obamacare and the thing Republicans get out of it is Paul Ryan’s Medicare vouchers, a dagger aimed at Republican voters.

  7. If Hilary wins it will be too late for a Nationalist party at the presidential level, but we could have a Nationalist/Secessionist party at state and local levels.

    I agree that this changing political tide is much bigger than Trump, though lying MSM will ceaselessly claim it is all based on a Trump cult of personality, and when they can’t get away w that anymore they will claim it was started by Trump. BS. Trump just happens to be a charismatic leader, the man of the hour.

  8. I find it hard to believe that there’s not enough support for Trump in the North that he will lose but that may be the case. If he does lose we need to find some way to push diversity into the Northern States. I don’t understand Northerners. Do they hate Southerners so much that they will destroy the whole country to prove that,”they’re not like those Southern people”?

    If Trump loses how can we protect ourselves without a civil war? I don’t want that. I want the whole country not just a little part of it.

  9. I am at a loss for seeing how splitting the opposition in half benefits us at all within an electoral context. Sure, winnowing the cuck chaff from the nationalist wheat will be good, but it won’t win any elections. What it will do is create a meta-political force which may use non-electoral means to gain power. But if you’re talking about elections, how could splitting the opposition possibly help?

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