The Case for Trump: Killing #TruConservatism

I had planned to wait until tomorrow to write the second installment in this series, but (((Ben Shapiro))) has taken to the pages of The Washington Post to reinforce the point I just made and to further make the case for Trump:

“If Republicans aren’t careful, they’ll soon see true conservatism banished from their party.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s campaign announced Breitbart News chairman Stephen Bannon as its new CEO — shocking no one in the conservative world.

Conservatives joked openly for months about “Trumpbart” and the transformation of into, essentially,, but it was still something of a surprise that Trump would so publicly embrace Bannon, a man who helped transform a mainstream conservative website into a cesspool of the alt-right. It also comes as a surprise — or at least it should — that the Republican National Committee appears ready to go right along with the Bannon-Breitbart-Trump takeover over the party, even as the Trump campaign’s latest move means RNC Chairman Reince Priebus now sits, effectively, side by side with alt-right Trump fans.

The takeover, now a virtual fait accompli, represents the dangerous seizure of the conservative movement by the alt-right.”

Why is Ben sounding the alarm? We’re headed toward a Hillary landslide, right?

The latest USC Dornsife/LA Times Daybreak poll shows the presidential race is tightening up as we move further away from the conventions and the Khizr Khan news cycle. Hillary is at 44 percent to Trump’s 43.4 percent. The RCP Average also shows Hillary’s lead has shrunk to 6 points as her convention bounce begins to fade.

Anyway, (((Ben Shapiro))) lays out the second most compelling reason to vote for Trump: a Trump victory in November would be fatal to #TruConservatism, which is why Ben and all his #NeverTrump pundit friends are trashing Trump 24/7 on Twitter. Seriously, Trump can’t enjoy eating a Big Mac or a box of KFC on his plane without these people finding some reason to hysterically attack him for it.

It’s an emotional moment for the #TruCons. I mean … I get it. They’re fighting for survival here. This is a life or death situation for their movement … maybe even the end. If Trump wins the presidency over their strident opposition, it is a verdict on their dwindling influence as gatekeepers. It illustrates their inability to police the Right. It endangers their traditional role in maintaining the managerial state.

All their precious careers and their future access to power is at stake. The “base” has revolted against them because they have lost all credibility. The donor money that sustains the whole Beltway ecosystem that is Conservatism, Inc. could start drying up. It took several decades for them to do it, but the dog got angry enough to scratch off the tick and now the parasite is desperately trying to reattach itself to the host.

“Constitutional conservatives can’t stand the alt-right. Conservatives — real conservatives — believe that only a philosophy of limited government, God-given rights and personal responsibility can save the country. And that creed is not bound to race or ethnicity. Broad swaths of the alt-right, by contrast, believe in a creed-free, race-based nationalism, insisting, among other things, that birth on American soil confers superiority. The alt-right sees limited-government constitutionalism as passé; it holds that only nationalist populism on the basis of shared tribal identity can save the country. It’s a movement shot through with racism and anti-Semitism. …”

If Trump wins, well, it means that the #TruCons won’t be leading us into the glorious colorblind future based on MLK’s Dream and the “Constitution.” The “base” will have wised up and rejected that vision as a con on the White majority.

All the #TruCons are counting on Hillary to win in order to discredit nationalism and populism and give them a new lease on life. It is their only ray of hope in a dismal year. If Hillary wins, they will justifiably be blamed for stabbing the “base” in the back and throwing the election to the Left, but as devastating as that fate might be, they prefer that scenario to their certain loss of power and influence over the Right.

They fear the Alt-Right more than the Left which makes sense since their one job – the price of their “respectability” and being certified as “mainstream” – is to pretend to put up a fight and lose gracefully on every important issue. They want to be in a position to lead, police, and exploit the Right while counter-signaling to their leftist peers on Twitter, CNN and MSNBC all day that they are “one of the good ones” unlike all those unwashed bigots in the “base.” A con-artist fears being exposed for what he is above all else.

If Trump wins, the #TruCons fear above all else that he will expose them because they don’t control him. The “base” spent decades electing these people. They have given them billions of dollars. Just imagine what would happen if Trump gets in there and all these millions of people find out they were the victims of a fraud!

It can’t be allowed to happen! #NeverTrump!

If Hillary wins, we basically get a continuation of the Obama years, which means more unfocused anger and alienation. If Trump wins, he likely kills #TruConservatism and opens Pandora’s Box by eliminating their power to police the Right. The latter scenario is more promising for us than the former.

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  1. Trump today in a tweet said they will be calling him Mr. Brexit. He is insinuating that his internal polling is telling a different tale or maybe he is gearing up for a major push back against the media that will turn it around. Either way, the media is extremely triggered by that statement. He is basically thumbing his nose at the polling.

    Second, the polls are tightening. Reuters is polling women by +20 and YouGov is using a D+16 sample. Why would they need to be doing this if Hillary is so guaranteed and so far ahead?

    I noticed the hiring of Bannon really triggered the media on both sides. Just like the speech in Wisconisn triggered the hell out of them.

    • Even Hillary admits that there’s a Duke Effect (the reverse of the Bradley Effect) at work, that Trump is doing better than polling suggests. And the more they demonize him, the more of his support will go into statistical hiding.

      And no, I don’t believe that Gary Johnson is doing that well. Some of these national and state by state polls showing him getting 9-15% are outright ridiculous. Libertarians nationally are lucky to get above 1%, and Johnson is a certifiable nutcase and his running mate is even worse. Are we to think that he’s really gonna get 9-15% of the vote nationally or even in one state? No, I just happen to think that’s where a lot of Trump’s support is statistically hiding. Also hiding in the supposed undecideds, which are also running high single low double digits.

      Duke Effect comes from David, of course, because his ballot box numbers outperformed his polling.

  2. If Trump loses, we cannot afford to be “unfocused”. We will be sitting on an ever dwindling stock of political capital and will need to quickly parlay it into an alternative paradigm.

    Just as the type of deals our ancestors could have struck are far out of reach today, it is likely that our children will long for the days when Partition was even concievable when the Hatian Revolution comes to America.

    • If Trump loses the Jews get blamed. And all the missteps, mistakes and anti-white policies that Hillary implements get blamed on the Jews too.

  3. It’s like I wrote about a year ago when the Trump Train really started rolling, that the biggest losers from the whole series of events would be lamestream doctrinaire Buckley style conservatism. That ideology had already been suffering from problems of irrelevance and obsolescence, because it had already solved the major problems it was formulated to solve. Trump coming along forced the issue and forced them to confront reality, though that was inevitable, it would have happened sooner or later, if no Trump or Trump like figure would have come along, then standard issue boilerplate conservatism would over time have seen fewer and fewer election wins and would have slowly dissipated and dissolved over time.

    (((Ben Shapiro))) proved my theory right.

    He writes:

    Broad swaths of the alt-right, by contrast, believe in a creed-free, race-based nationalism

    Give the broken clock credit for this being one of only two times today he will be correct.

  4. HW wrote:

    If Trump wins, the #TruCons fear above all else that he will expose them because they don’t control him.

    I respond:

    It will mean that there’s a path to power for rightists outside of Buckley-style conservatism. The last thing that any respectable ideology needs from a PR perspective is for people to get it in their heads that political victory can be achieved besides them or in spite of them or apart from them.

  5. It is over for the never Trumpers, you can hear it in the voice of Kyke Levin. His sour surly, miserable tone to every Trump supporter, brings a great joy to my heart. High Five Donald.

  6. “helped transform a mainstream conservative website into a cesspool of the alt-righit.”

    Oh, this is rich! Breitbart as a mainstream website! Please…Can we talk about the vast overwhelming number of Jews involved in the pornography industry, and how that has made what used to be art cinema into slut cinema- call the way up to Hollywood-all because of Jews?

    No of course not, because that would be calling out the guilty. Much better to do disinformation and smear white Americans, who are the founding stock of this nation.

  7. I stopped watching the Walking Dead when they killed Merle, and the main character couldn’t even hold a high security prison facility for his crew, protect his wife and child, and hooked up with a coal black scowling Negress.

  8. Even worse for the Cuckservantives is that they are irrelevant. None of the Republicucks, much less Trump, are even listening to theyz masturbatin’s:


    “Hope springs eternal for the Republican Party-in-exile. The vast apparatus of right-wing policy, built up over decades and seeded with millions of dollars to promote a conservative vision, has never seemed more quaintly irrelevant than it does today. Despite various attempts to allude to the world beyond this leafy campus, an air of unreality hung over the proceedings. In a presidential campaign year in which no candidate seems remotely interested in the fine points of conservative policy, what was it all for?”

    The Atlantic, home of the Trump-haters, isn’t doing much of anythang for their blight-wing cucktard counterparts to the gliberal whiggers other than commiserate as to how they are irrelevant to anything. Over at the Hoover Institution it sounds like the minimum-security Nuthouse where they warehouse all the senile nuts no longer very dangerous to theysselfs or others.

    Winter’s cum-cum cum-cummin’ to AmurriKwa. Not only is there not enough tards to eat, soon there won’t even be enough tardshit to live off’n either.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  9. Yup, anti-racism is just an effort to keep white slaves. An artificial excuse to stay close to whites in order to exploit them in various ways. And white slaves are what Conservatism, Inc. and the Republicans trade to Wall Street and the culturally dominant Left for cash and prizes. Remember, when some cuck, leftist, or non-white is pontificating on the immorality of white “racism” – anti-racism is just keeping white slaves, that’s all it’s really about. There’s no real morality in anti-racism.

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