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Tfw when you pick up Time magazine and see they are running a cover story about Weev and the Alt-Right:

“This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit–these several thousand words–is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.

It would be smarter to be cautious, because the Internet’s personality has changed. Once it was a geek with lofty ideals about the free flow of information. Now the web is a sociopath with Asperger’s. If you need help improving your upload speeds it’s eager to help with technical details, but if you tell it you’re struggling with depression it will try to goad you into killing yourself. Psychologists call this the online disinhibition effect, in which factors like anonymity, invisibility, a lack of authority and not communicating in real time strip away the mores society spent millennia building. And it’s seeping from our smartphones into every aspect of our lives.

The people who relish this online freedom are called trolls, a term that originally came from a fishing method online thieves use to find victims. It quickly morphed to refer to the monsters who hide in darkness and threaten people. Internet trolls have a manifesto of sorts, which states they are doing it for the “lulz,” or laughs. What trolls do for the lulz ranges from clever pranks to harassment to violent threats. There’s also doxxing–publishing personal data, such as Social Security numbers and bank accounts–and swatting, calling in an emergency to a victim’s house so the SWAT team busts in. When victims do not experience lulz, trolls tell them they have no sense of humor. Trolls are turning social media and comment boards into a giant locker room in a teen movie, with towel-snapping racial epithets and misogyny. …

The alt-right’s favorite insult is to call men who don’t hate feminism “cucks,” as in “cuckold.” Republicans who don’t like Trump are “cuckservatives.” Men who don’t see how feminists are secretly controlling them haven’t “taken the red pill,” a reference to the truth-revealing drug in The Matrix. They derisively call their adversaries “social-justice warriors” and believe that liberal interest groups purposely exploit their weakness to gain pity, which allows them to control the levers of power. Trolling is the alt-right’s version of political activism, and its ranks view any attempt to take it away as a denial of democracy. …

Andrew Auernheimer, who calls himself Weev online, is probably the biggest troll in history. He served just over a year in prison for identity fraud and conspiracy. When he was released in 2014, he left the U.S., mostly bouncing around Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Since then he has worked to post anti–Planned Parenthood videos and flooded thousands of university printers in America with instructions to print swastikas–a symbol tattooed on his chest. When I asked if I could fly out and interview him, he agreed, though he warned that he “might not be coming ashore for a while, but we can probably pass close enough to land to have you meet us somewhere in the Adriatic or Ionian.” His email signature: “Eternally your servant in the escalation of entropy and eschaton. …

In a later blog post about our emails, Weev clarified that TIME is “trying to destroy white civilization” and that we should “open up your Jew wallets and dump out some of the f-cking geld you’ve stolen from us goys, because what other incentive could I possibly have to work with your poisonous publication?” I found it comforting that the rate for a neo-Nazi to compromise his ideology is just two bitcoins.”

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Weev might be one of the most dangerous political operatives of the future!

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  1. So I’ll open the discussion with a bit of ‘trolling.’

    It should serve as a lesson to the CtrlAltRight (yes, I happen to agree with Renegade types that more of the AltRight is either same shit, different decade or outright controlled opposition) that (((they))) consider your attitudes towards women and feminists easier prey than your stance on racial ‘diversity.’

  2. The alt right is a vehicle, not a destination.

    The destination is a balanced and defensible white republic.

  3. “And this little bit–these several thousand words–is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.”

    Baklava? Even bear jokes, I guess, are now required to be multicultural. Yogi, we hardly knew ye …

    • I guess Yogi too realized which way the political winds were blowing – he always was smarter than the average bear.

  4. “Why we’re losing the Internet to the culture of hate.”

    The incantatory we: aurally inclusive, functionally exclusive. (((Rhetoric 101)))

  5. “I found it comforting that the rate for a neo-Nazi to compromise his ideology is just two bitcoins.”

    I’m not surprised, (((Joel))).

  6. Look at the bright side the Left is now the side caught up in the Daily Outrage game. Everywhere on every day forces of evil never rest

    Those low IQ mentally unstable emotional wrecks are going to suffer

    • LOL, you do know that Trump’s daughter and son in law are Jews, right? The main is aligned with the Jews. I’ll still vote for him, though. Just sayin’ though.

      • That what the Jews say. Are you Jewish?? How is he aligned with Jews when so many Jews hate and despise him?? Do you believe Trump does not know how much Jews hate him?? Do you think Trump does not know that it was Jews behind this latest offense , that naked Trump sculpture?? How does Trumps Jew son-in-law control the rage in Trumps heart?? Kushner is a weak man don’t count on him saving anyone but himself.

      • And what happened to Jews always being at the cutting edge? Stein there is recycling MRA and Gamergate bullshit from years ago. I’m sure that Koester girl the “journalist/comedienne” is a Jew, whom he somehow uses to prove his point. I thought this was “yeah, we own Hollywood, haha!” hip guy Joel Stein, he seems like a witless relic with this article.

  7. From the article:

    There’s also doxxing–publishing personal data, such as Social Security numbers and bank accounts

    Who does the author think is doing this? It’s the left that loves this tactic. We don’t do it nearly enough, even though the younger alt-right is starting to. The American right, beyond the lamestream clipper ships, is really bad about tactics; we’re either too genteel or too ridiculous. Doxxing and choke point manipulation is the ideal middle ground. It’s why I’m doing whatever I can to make the life of the founder and CEO of Chobani yogurt a living hell.

    • I like to dox

      Not things like social security #

      Just name place of residence employment etc

      Dozing is very effective

    • There is an absolute art to this, both in terms of exactly how it’s done (what information is doxxed) and to whom. If you notice, ‘the left’ chooses their targets very carefully as well as their exact method. Note that they rarely if ever go after women, no matter how ‘controversial’ one might be.

      Again, there’s a reason for that. Promoting the idea of using SS #’s is sketchy in my opinion, and publicizing them even more so.

  8. Awesome piece. Cracked me up.

    I first got online about 20 years ago or so. AOL chat rooms. I recall arguing with some Jew about the holocaust and he reported me. Some rep from AOL actually called me up and politely asked me to refrain from insulting people. lulz

    Later, I found out where the living veterans of the commie Abraham Luncoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War and their family members hung out online, and I began harassing them, causing a lot of distress. Most of them were elderly Jews, unrepentant about their service.

    In London I created a minor stir online and in the print media by harassing Zimbabwean diplomats and their families living in London.

    Good times, good times.

      • A lot of publications are dropping comments altogether. We’ll need to adapt if that trend continues.

        • The idea is to set up new websites, direct people there then if they’re taken down we set them up again. Other nations such as Serbia, Montenegro, Russia they will not care if we have to use their servers or even Asian countries if it comes to that. We will have to go into the Deep Net and I think it can be done. Weev shows us that

    • I got started some twenty years ago too. Mostly Usenet newsgroups (similar to today’s reddit, I guess). I might be misremembering, but I could swear there was something called alt.hate.niggers, though I at the time I was waaay too much of an anti-racist goody-goody to take it (and newsgroups like it) seriously.

  9. Meanwhile, I continue to wonder why I care whether whites are obliterated …

    (“Police Say Security Guard, Not Robber, Pointed Gun at Ryan Lochte”)

    I wonder how this story would be treated at alt-right websites if Lochte and the others were Negroes.

    Notice, by the way, how the local Olympic officials are letting these vandalistic white drunkards off the hook …

    “’No apologies from him or from the other athletes are needed,’ Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the Rio Olympics organizing committee, said. ‘We need to understand that these kids were trying to have fun. They came here, they represented their country to the best of their abilities.'”

    Right: “kids.” Lochte, I gather, is in his thirties.

    • There has been a subtle campaign to undermine the respectability of male swimmers. This is because a. almost all are white and further, WHITEY white as opposed to mediterranean b. they embody ‘aryan’ ideals in a number of ways, one being that they’re less commercialized, less violent generally, and prior to the Stanford case (which is an absolute aberration) less misogynist. I say this as someone with ties to both the swimming world and the pro football one.

      • Whether that’s true, it has nothing to do with this story. I say that as someone with ties to reality.

        • Didn’t you mean…North Africa? I think you did!

          And rest assured, most WHITES notice that there ain’t a lot of YOUR kind who excel in WHITE sports.

          Do us all a favor and speak for your own people. We don’t need your ‘help,’ least of all us ‘crazy white bitches.’

          Only the shantiest of irish take up with italians.

      • Having read a little bit more about this, I’m now not sure what happened. Maybe you will be shown to have been right, Lorax, that there is some kind of animus against these Aryan swimmers.

      • If you think there’s no connection between their lying, drunken, public-urinating vandalism, Denise, and the ease with which whites are manipulated by Jews, you’re not thinking things through.

      • The more likely scenario is that they got drunk, so what. The natives had probably already peed all over the place anyway (Rio is notoriously dirty not to mention beyond dangerous, american corporations are known to hire bodyguards to defend their employees who have to travel there) and the aryans weren’t overly respectful of a city whose water supply and river literally smell. The video does not show (to the best I can see) any proof of claims they ‘vandalized’ beyond peeing. The cops were called in to shake down whitey american. Lochte may have truly believed he was being robbed at the time, and later decided that it was just in a different way so his original impression remained legit.

        While the jew media whores try to mar these young men’s character, reporters on the ground admitted the $11,000 was paid ‘in the company of ostentatiously displayed firearms.’ It is not uncommon, BTW, for cops in these latin american countries to plot with their own criminal elements to prey on europeans generally, whitey particularly. They get a cut, of course. This article describes tensions between Brazil and America, but I’m not sure that was a main pivot if true:

        I believe Lochte’s sister may have set some of the course for how her brother’s antics would be spun:

        • To conclude since I couldn’t finish technically, male swimmers are generally the embodiment of ‘aryan,’ and this comes from someone known to decry the cowardly hatred of women in both the pro-white milieu and sometimes America generally. You couldn’t find a more authentic expression of the values that distinguish the northwestern europeans (who dominate in the US and Australia). Besides that until late puberty, male swimmers train in the same pool with girls (even in high school usually), their success depends on the virtues of self control and humility. No one ever wins against Nature, so the victor is the man who learns to conquer not it but his own ego. Most endurance sports involve this yielding to some power greater than oneself, but swimming draws on such reserves in a more dramatic way as it involves exerting most of one’s muscles with a chronically limited supply of oxygen (it’s also pretty boring to practice!).

          The true alpha of the aryan people exercises self control, not exploitation of others as he evolved in a natural environment which rewarded selfless industriousness and decency to his fellow man. He doesn’t ‘win’ in a zero sum but in the contribution to his tribe. If Ryan Lochte on occasion has strayed from a path of near total discipline, it’s more his lack of serious misbehavior and a tendency towards irreverence that has opened him up to jewish media attack. And attack the last remaining symbol of white male pride they will…

          • /// This. Considering the rape attempts by assorted Orcs and Dindu affleets – why the horror over 4 drunken White men?

            FUCK the shitskins, and Anti White Race Traitors.

  10. Well…

    On the “snitches get stitches” phenom.!

    Speaking of this phenom in the black community(where those who tell the truth get jumped on or killed by thugs), don’t we have the same phenom in America as a whole?

    PC is about ‘snitches get stitches’. PC doesn’t beat up people and leave them bruised or killed, but it destroys the careers of those who ‘snitch’ the truth. Take Jason Richwine and Rick Sanchez, now famous cases. Richwine noticed the data and snitched that many immigrants have lower IQ. Rick Sanchez, though an ass, noticed that Jews are prominent in the media and make a dubious ‘victim group’ in today’s America.

    For their snitching of social truths, they got stitches alright. Richwine was hounded out of his job by the atrocious Jennifer Rubin(an admirer or Rachel Abrams who calls Palestinian children ‘savages’ and worse), and Sanchez was pretty much blacklisted from MSM for life. It’s just a genteel form of “snitches get stitches”. And James Watson got SGS-ed for saying the obvious: Black Africa remains poor and backward due to lower IQ and impulse control. He noticed the truth and snitched on it. He ended up with lots of stitches as he was hounded out of the very institution he founded.

    • Yes he did. The Edomite Devil will never admit it though even if he was confronted with his own writing. SONS OF JACOB ARISE AND RAISE THE SWORD. ITS TIME ESAU GETS WHATS COMING TO HIM.

  11. I find this odd. Stein bitches about ‘hate’, but what about Rap music culture that’s been around forever now? It’s about hate, chauvinism, braggadocio, violence, mayhem, and etc. Indeed, consider entire generations of blacks who grew up for whom the first thing they heard was “I’m gonna blow yo’ head off ni**a… dat be ma bitchass ho… Dis ma turf, mofo…. Kill da pig… sheeeiiit.” American music industry raked in billions peddling this garbage, and there is mayhem all over the black community. To be sure, black communities were falling apart even when they were singing, “Ooh baby baby” and “What’s Goin On” by the great Robinson and Gaye.
    But Rap culture just turned everything so ugly and hateful. Just look at those low-pants ass-flashers with bling. Black Panthers were scum, but at least they dressed better and had some serious themes. Today’s black thugs and punks are into nihilism of hate.

    And PC is the new ‘antisemitism’. It is one thing to discuss and critique the true facts of American History that favored whites over others. It’s one thing to discuss the inherited advantage whites have over non-whites. But to say whiteness is the source of all evils and problems is like the Nazi gripe that EVERYTHING must be blamed on Jews. We see this in the 14/88 community. If you tell them that Hitler invaded Russia and killed millions of Slavs, the typical 14/88 response is “Jews made him do it.”

    PC works along the same logic. Whatever happens, whites(esp white males, and esp white male conservatives) are to blame. So, Trump is blamed for whatever happens. A Hispanic kills a Muslim over ethnic strife? Blame Trump.
    If blacks kill blacks in Milwaukee? Blame whitey, even social democratic whitey.
    If blacks do most raping in college campuses? Blame whitey and find Haven Monahan. There was a time when it made sense to focus on white power since whites did have most of it and sometimes did abuse it. (But then, whites did most to push for social reform in the US. Look at black Africa. Who is pushing social reform?) But it’s now a handy excuse for every ill, and the logic of anti-Caucasism is same as logic of radical anti-Semitism that blames Jews even for stuff they had nothing to do. And Liberal elites, especially Jewish ones, have been the main purveyors of this crazy hate.
    But hating whites is not ‘hate’ according to PC. It is ‘hating hate’, a double negative, therefore a positive. Now, it’s one thing to hate extremists like KKK. But pretending that Trump and all whites who oppose rabid xenomania are ‘haters’? That is nuts. In contrast, illegals who come here and spit on the US flag are ‘dreamers’? Downright delusional. And where is the KKK today? It’s gone. It’s not around anymore. It’s just bogeyman, like calling everything Hitler. Hey, did you hear Putin is the new Hitler??!!

    And then you have AIPAC and US foreign policy that are truly hateful. It also looks out for ‘new hitlers’ and invokes WWII to smash nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria.
    It invokes the Holocaust massive invasion of EU by ‘refugees’ who will totally change the racial and cultural character of the continent.
    Now, imagine if China destroyed Syria and pushed its ‘refugees’ into Israel to the point where the Jewish-Israel population is being inundated by these newcomers. Would that not be hate? But when Zionists, Turks, and Saudis destroy Syria and push its population to EU, that is not hate. That is the gumbic logic of globalism.

    Globalism uses economic sanctions to destroy Iran, one of the saner nations in the Middle East in the last 30 yrs. Sure, Iran chants Death to America, but why shouldn’t it when US installed the Shah over the Iranian people? When US aided Iraq’s war of aggression against Iran that cost 1 million lives? When US has worked with Saudis to sponsor all sorts of terrorism to counter Shia power. (By the way, Shias came to power in Iraq ONLY because US invaded that country.) Besides, is the Iranian chant of ‘Death to America’ any worse than Jewish-American of ‘Death to White America’? Jews like Tim Wise, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher seem to be ecstatic at the prospect of white gentiles becoming minorities in the nation of their own founding. The Newsweek cover of the Obama Conquest is equivalent to chanting to ‘Death to White America’. Even the phenom of White Death was buried in the media and suppressed in the academia because it doesn’t fit the Narrative that “All whites are overly privileged, and America needs more diversity for the good of all.”

    And Newsweek’s cover of Obama as ‘first gay president’ with halo over his head is essentially “Death to Christian America”. I mean the idea of taking a religious symbol and putting it over some lowlife hustler mulatto whose idea of marriage is a bunch of men doing fecal penetration or a guy having his penis and testes removed to get a fake poon… That is HATE against biology, morality, and spirituality.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/gay14n-1-web.jpg

    Also, what are AIPAC conferences but ‘Hate Fests’, essentially Nuremberg Rallies for Israel that totally shi*s on the Palestinians as a people, culture, and history.
    US can play a constructive role in patching things up between Israel and Palestinians. Ending the Occupation and sending Jewish invaders in West Bank back to Israel in exchange of moving Arabs in Israel to West Bank: the only solution that will work long term. But instead, US hysterically cheers on Israel and everything it does while saying NOTHING about Palestinians, a people who ended up like the Kurds after the British carved up the Middle East with no nation for Kurds. That is Hate.

    And then you got the mindless hate against Russia, a nation that wants to get along with the US. Russia used to be bitter rivals with China. They patched things up. Russia wants to be on good terms with EU and US. So, why all this anti-Russian hate? All because Jews fear that Putin’s vision of Russia ruled by Russians is threatening to their globalist ideal of the West ruled by people like Soros, Saban, Bloomberg, Google Boys, and etc. Jews hate gentile national sovereignty.
    That is the ONLY reason why this ‘new cold war’ is on. It is ridiculous. The entire Russian economy is smaller than Apple company. Its military spending is 1/15th that of the US. But Globerals are acting like it’s a bigger threat than under Stalin. I mean talk about hysteria.

    Now, imagine if Putin had done to Libya what the US did. US would be calling him an imperialist and monster who wrecked an entire nation and reduced its people to death and poverty. But Hillary and Obama done it, so it’s all okay, folks, just move on along.
    Indeed, the very notion of ‘American exceptionalism’ and ‘America as indispensable nation’ is pure jingoism, supremacism, imperialism, and arrogance.
    And such notions go against Liberal ideals. Imagine if white Americans said “white Americans are the exceptional and indispensable race, and as such, they are above the law and should do as they please over all other Americans since they are so much better, wiser, and nobler than the rest.” Progs would be shitting and would denounce it as ‘hate’, even ‘racism’. But when US as nation talks and acts that way toward the world, that gets cheers from BOTH parties. Both Hillary and Trump pass out this swill of American Exceptionalism and Indispensablism, though this time around, Hillary is much worse for it. At least Trump is calling for fewer wars of intervention and less hostilty with Russia. American ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘indispensablism’ means that US is so better and wiser and nobler than the rest of the world that it is beyond the law, beyond the norms, beyond everything. US is not just a superpower but a superhero, the superman-nation that has the right to fly around and ‘save’ the world. There was a time when many Libs would have scoffed at such notion, but now, they are bigger pushers of this mantra than the Cons are. Of course, the main reason for this is Zio-Globalism. American ‘exceptionalism’ gives people like Neocons a handy excuse to mess up the world. Though called ‘American exceptionalism’, in practice it’s really about Zio-Globo-Homo Exceptionalism.

    Anti-communism of the 50s could sometimes be ‘hysterical’, but there was no doubt that communism was indeed a world threat back then.
    But Russia today is no threat to anyone. US exploits ancient hatreds and fears to keep anti-Russian hatred burning. US keeps adding fuel to the fire that should naturally die down and fade away in Eastern Europe.
    Baltic states and Poland have nothing to fear from Russia today. But they do have ancient bad feelings of Russian imperialism. US plays on these fears that are no longer warranted. Also, US pays off the elites in those nations to spread fear, hate, and hysteria. Surely, Polish elites know Russia isn’t going to invade Poland. But they take payoffs from the US government. Or US puts conditions on doing business. Wanna do business with US? Want more loans from EU? You have to have massive homo parades and ramp up anti-Russian rhetoric. How hysterical and hateful.

    So much of US culture is filled with hate in Rap and PC.
    So much of US foreign policy is shaped by tribal hatred of the Cabal that seeks to destroy any rival to Israel and Russia, an alternative to the globo-homo model.

    Yet, this Joel Stein bitches about how internet trolls are spreading ‘hate’. Yes, there are 14/88 types(even in Alt Right community) who are hateful and nuts, but most of Alt Right is only mounting counter-hate against a mainstream culture that is filled with hate via Rap, PC, feminism(that only targets white males even though blacks rape in the US and Muslims rape in EU), and crazy neo-imperialist foreign policy that seeks domination than cooperation.

    Didn’t Joel Stein write a piece about how Jews do control Hollywood? Now, if an Alt Right person wrote that, I’m sure even he would have called it ‘hate’.

    PC is about “snitches get stitches”. PC, like Mao’s cultural revolution, is blind to its own hate. It’s like a hindu dotkin cannot detect his own reeking curry smell. It’s like a Negro who over-consumes onions cannot detect onion smell on his skin.
    PC threats has been effective with people with lofty professions. If people with good positions in life say anything that goes against PC, they could be deemed ‘hateful’ and fired from their jobs. Snitches Get Stitches.
    But the elites are pissed about the internet because it’s hard to smoke out the nameless ‘trolls’ and have them SGS-ed.

    MSM and elites would do better to take heed of certain Alt Right criticisms. Yes, some on Alt Right are nuts and some are just lowly 14/88 types in sheep’s clothing.
    But some Alt Right are saying crucial things that are simply not allowed by PC whose agenda is “snitches get stitches”. On the professional level, PC’s SGS policy means anyone who says anything controversial will lose his job.
    And now, we see the violence even in the streets where Trump supporters have been attacked by hateful mobs of deranged SJW’s and POC’s. Some Trumpers have been left POC-marked.

    But because ‘trolls’ are often anonymous, they can say their say. They can snitch on real social reality without getting stitches. This is what pisses off the elites. Elites controlled the Narrative in media and academia by meting out stitches to snitches. So, people were shhhhhh since they could lose their jobs and careers.
    But since internet allows people to tell the truth without getting destroyed, the media are calling them ‘trolls’. While there are real trolls who just like to make trouble, most Alt Right people are NOT trolls in the original internet sense of the term. They are dissidents who snitch on reality. It’s like Colin Flaherty and ‘Paul Kersey’ snitch on the true nature of the black community. They can’t get gigs in establishment or top-notch media, but via the internet they can get their message across. And the globo-elite smugots hate, hate, and hate this.

  12. If it is ‘racist’ to say ‘all blacks are thugs’ because some blacks are thugs, it is also ‘racist’ to say ‘all whites are privileged’ because some whites are privileged.

    PC racially profiles ALL WHITES as privileged. Even those whites who have lost everything and are in the throes of White Death.

    Such racial profiling and vilification of ALL WHITES is the great crime of the 21st century.

    Such racial profiling leads to ZERO COMPASSION for poor white victims of black thugs. Since ALL WHITES are seen as ‘privileged’, even poor white victims are seen as ‘over-privileged whites who got their just desserts from blacks as noble victims.’ Since all blacks are racially profiled as ‘noble victims’, even its thugs are justified and lionized by PC. Since all whites are racially profiled as ‘privileged folks’, even poor whites who are attacked by black thugs are seen as ‘rich people who got just desserts from the have-nots.’


  13. Joel Stein: “When sites are overrun by trolls, they drown out the voices of women, ethnic and religious minorities, gays–anyone who might feel vulnerable.”

    LOL. That is precious.

    We can counter… When US institutions are overrun by Jewish influence, it drowns out voices of whites, Christians, and the majority. Jews are only 2% of the US population but they control all of media. Even Joel Stein said in an LA Times article that Jews control Hollywood. And Jews have promoted Homos(only 2% of the population) so much that Americans think 25% of the people are ‘gay’.
    And American music is mostly Rap crap or techno-whore. It’s black or imitation of blackness, and drowns out much of everything else.
    And Jewish control of media and academia have led to PC that drowns out all alternative thought and dissidence.
    And Jewish control of foreign policy via AIPAC has drowned out all alternative voices.

    Consider Buchanan’s piece about how the Neocons purged the Arabists.

    The problem of America is not the majority drowning the minority but vice versa. Jews took over all the elite institutions and industries of America. They forced minority-elite-supremacism on the nation. And Jews are using massive third world immigration to reduce the white majority into a minority so that Jews can play dive and rule over gentiles.

    It seems to me that the ‘troll’ phenom is a means by which the white majority is pushing back. They do on the internet since they are banned from ‘respectable’ discourse as enforced by Jews in MSM and academia.
    When Jewish influence has led to campuses being taken over by the likes of Trigglypuff and when white voices are purged and destroyed in the MSM and academia, whites have only the internet.

    It’s like Conservatives took over Talk Radio because EVERYTHING ELSE was taken over by Liberals.

    The fact is Google, Facebook, Twitter, and etc all rig the system to favor Jews, blacks, homos, and etc over white gentiles.

    To the extent that the Jewish elite banned free discourse in the public sphere, they created the Alt Right ‘troll’ phenom. If we get rid of PC and have a honest debate about race, crime, immigration, culture, morality, and etc, then we would have fewer ‘trolls’.

    But such free debate isn’t allowed. Certainly not by Time, a total Jewish-run outfit that promotes Angela Merkel’s plan to destroy Germany with massive hordes of foreigners to the delight of vicious Jewish globalists(who btw is okay with Israel taking in zero refugees even as Israel tells Hungary to take in refugees).

    As for misogyny, has Stein ever listened to Rap music made by blacks and sold by Jews? Why did that Gamergate whore go after silly geeks but not tough blacks? Because geeks are the easier target. Now, who is more likely to beat up and rape women? Black thugs into rap culture or geeks playing video games?
    Black thugs of course. But Gamergate bitch and Stein dump on the geeks.

      • Hahahah Denise, you really know how to get under the skin of people. Serves right for some.Stay strong and healthy sister. Heil Denise!!!

      • Gee, I guess Hillary’s right: it takes a village …

        “Our social welfare system is so much more than just charity. Because we do not say to the rich people: Please, give something to the poor. Instead we say: German people, help yourself! Everyone must help, whether you are rich or poor! Everyone must have the belief that there’s always someone in a much worse situation than I am, and this person I want to help as a comrade.”

        Of course, you don’t want to get yourself overburdened, with care for the genetically unfit …

      • Replace “Germany” with “America” and we have the groundwork for Trump’s victory speech in November.

    • Well you’ve gotta admit that women, ethnic minorities, and sex weirdo minorities are underrepresented. We almost never hear them voice their valid concerns. Their interests are definitely underrepresented.

  14. What’s most amazing, is the Jews don’t realize they are the imposters in the destroyers of culture, and have been for over 20 centuries. That is the great irony of this article. No one so blind as those that will not see.

    • They also seem to have forgotten that this is not their country. They are only guests here, and quite atrocious ones at that.

      I’m tired of being lectured by Jews. Enough already.

    • Well I say this Denise, how are they going to stop all of us and stop us everywhere? Like the Whack A Mole we keep popping up somewhere else every time they chase us off one website. There are all sorts of ways to keep the message going even with code words. Right now we have begun to shape the debate. We need to just hammer them worse.

      • I totally agree. We do not EVER give up, or quit – but this is a centuries’ old war, and we’d be better prepared to deal with what’s coming.

        • Denise did you see my comments on Katherine Vetrano elsewhere? You didnt comment and I wanted to know what your opinion was

          • Hang on. I did. Let me review them. To remind myself. It’s difficult to reply on that type of a Comment thread.

          • Denise I been going hell bent for leather shredding all of the historical lies and killing sacred cows lately its too much fun. I still love provoking the Constitutionalist Idiots when I tell them that Jefferson was wrong that Equality is anti-nature. Their heads explode

          • I agree with your “take” completely, the Hellstorm of Romanticism/Feminism/Jew Depravity & Nation Wrecking.
            Jefferson? He’s a paradox. Have you read the 1 book he wrote? If you really want to explode head, of any kind – read this rhapsodies on what he really thought of Negroes.
            I not heard of the slaughter of Christian children, by deranged women. Women, when left to our own devices, become Atavistic MONSTERS. Have you ever heard of the ancient Greek festival of sparagamos? Look it up. I’ll post a link; Disquis only allows so many links. I’m not surprised to learn of this, though. The “French Revolution” began about 15 seconds after the Jews were emancipated. The Hebes immediately began exterminating the Anciene Regime. The bleeding of Chirstian children is the central rite of Talmudic Judaism.

          • Well Denise I have always said Jefferson is a good example of why INTELLECTUALS make poor leaders. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were intellectuals who somehow thought Immigration Restrictions and Restrictions of Communist literature was somehow a violation of our rights and they both loved those wide open borders. They saw fit to involve us in a War with England while England was busy trying to save Western Civilization from the godless cabal running France. The third Intellectual President Woodrow Wilson sided against Germany who was trying to save Western Civilization and caused the present mess we see today.

          • I agree with your analysis of the havoc that intellectuals wreak – but Jefferson was a man of his time. When he wrote the Created Equal nonsense – he was referring to WHITE men. Not Dindus. Formal Communism – Talmudism made politically manifest – appeared decades after his death. Do you REALLY think that he, or Madison, or any other White man of that could ever envisioned the horrific racial cuckoldry of present day Whites? Don’t you think our Founders would have structured the USA VERY differently, were they given a glimpse into the future?

          • Well of course Denise but even if he said All White Men Are Created Equal it is still wrong. As John C Calhoun stated on the Oregon Bill men are not created only one man was created Adam. All have since been born and molded by their families and by society. To say the son of a London chimneysweep in 1776 was equal to the Prince of Wales was utter rubbish and thats what incensed George III so much.

            Unfortunately for TJ France took his statement at face value and enshrined it into law and went so far as using it as the excuse to dismantle the Catholic Church in France and ended up mass murdering Priests, Nuns, and at times anyone who admitted they believed Jesus Christ was the Son of God. The French Revolution is one of the main reasons I dislike Jefferson, he told Washington to side with them that it was the cause of liberty meanwhile they enshrined full equality and engaged in total Negro Worship. Look up Jean Baptiste Belley who the convention named Mars who was allowed to stud as many French women as he wanted, God knows how many he and others possibly sired. Washington and Adams wisely refused, Adams only recognizing France after Napoleon stopped the madness.

            One of the other reasons is Jefferson’s spitting in England’s face while England fought to preserve Christian Civilization against the scum in France. Was England our friend? No but opening our borders in 1802 as Jefferson did to allow for French Refugees bringing the Revolution here helped to sew the Social Justice Warrior seeds in our nation. His Democrats enshrined Jewish Equality in fact 1802 first 2 grads of West Point one was a Jew. His friend James Madison did the same got us into an unwinnable war meanwhile England was preoccupied with defending Western Christian Civilization. Sickening.

            The Founders never intended the Constitution or the Present government to last, they intended that the Constitution be revised, unfortunately it never was. As I stated elsewhere the problem with Lincoln and the war was that it forever stuck us with the 1787 Illuminati Inspired Constitution which was subtly ANTI-GOD/JESUS and ANTI-WHITE. Notice Madison defined Negro slaves as PERSONS not as slaves. This one word enshrined in law the idea that a Negro was a human being. This was never corrected unfortunately.

            Thomas Jefferson and James Madison I personally believe were Illuminati or at least Illuminati influenced, their truckling to the Jews and endorsement of the murderous French are enough. Plus Thomas Jefferson’s proposal that Interracial Marriage between WHITES AND NATIVE AMERICANS should be encouraged so that it would create in his words a uniquely American race. Wait a second does that sound Pro-White to you?

          • One correction Denise dear, Talmudism was on full display in 1776 it was called the Bavarian Illuminati founded by a Jewish Born ex-Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt who was an agent of the Rothschilds ie RED SHIELD ie EDOMITES for the overthrow of White Christian Civilization. The sad part of Jefferson is that he embraced Weishaupt’s beliefs in France and in fact praised him. This was because Weishaupt appealed to Jefferson’s intellectual side. Washington learned of the Illuminati and feared them, wanting to keep them out. Jefferson did his damndest to allow them into our country after gutting our immigration laws in 1802.

            Thomas Jefferson whether knowingly or unknowingly Anti White or Anti Christian it doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter whether Abe Lincoln wanted to kick out the Negroes, the results are all that matter. Jefferson like Lincoln served the Illuminati’s purpose whether they knew or not and the sad part was Jefferson (I BELIEVE LINCOLN WAS A BUMPKIN WHO DIDNT REALLY GET THE ENTIRE PICTURE) Jefferson for some reason embraced them.

          • Look up a book called the Jefferson Lies. Its spot on but I did notice the author left out his discourse on racial differences which you just posted. He does, however, go into great detail about the whole Sally Hemmings affair and blows it out of the water with incontrovertible evidence!

          • I love the picture of one white guy in a pool with hundreds of blacks. The caption says, ” You still have the Constitution”.

          • The Cuckservative Constitutionalists and the Cuckfederates aka Thomas DiLorenzo who always says, “Well the Confederacy was actually for all people, it was Lincoln who wanted a White America” and I say to that um Thomas didn’t you read a d-d thing John C Calhoun wrote?

            Now it is true the Confederacy was not Pro-White in the modern sense it was Pro-Slavery and Pro-Aristocracy which was how they understood White in those days, It also did allow for wealthy Native Americans and even wealthy mixed-race people in the former French areas and Spanish areas ie New Orleans to have White status that is also true. Even Ben Tillman’s brother argued that Quadroons and Octoroons whose families supported the Confederacy should be equal to whites in 1895 South Carolina.

            The problem is when the Confederacy came to be in 1861 Charles Darwin’s ORIGIN OF SPECIES was two years old and Gregor Mendel’s genetic experiments were yet to be released. Eugenics didnt really get going until 1880s long after Lee’s surrender. The Confederacy was still the best shot at a White nation in it’s time and better than the alternative.

            The problem with the Lincoln Government was this precisely. The Declaration of Independence which is our founding document and the 1787 Constitution enshrined the Atheistic/Deistic Enlightenment within its very ink and James Madison even referred to slaves as PERSONS. No mention JESUS CHRIST would be found in either only a generic Creator who I say is the Masonic Grand Architect NOT YAHWEH/JEHOVAH who said that mankind is forbidden to approach his throne but through the Blood of Jesus Christ making the Creator inaccessible to NON-CHRISTIANS

          • The Declaration of Independence clearly says ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. The Articles of Confederation gave States the rights to bestow citizenship, thus most states excluding VA, NC and GA held Negro men and women to be citizens under the law, albeit not completely equal but citizens nonetheless. Citizens who could vote, bear arms and even at times marry whites.

            When the Constitution was passed it established a second citizenship Federal Citizenship. State Citizenship was preserved via the 10th Amendment and Congress had no authority to invalidate state citizenship. Congress however did have authority over the territories and it was clearly dileniated in the new territories that Negroes were never to be given citizenship of any type. Negro citizenship in 10 of the 13 colonies was grandfathered in. The Naturalization Act of 1790 merely covered Federal Citizenship. I will give you an example. In theory a Negro male citizen couldn’t be elected President as he wasn’t a Federal citizen but he could be elected a state governor. As the Feds covered the territories, no Negro was ever to be allowed citizenship in the Northwest or Southwest Territories and by extension Louisiana Purchase Oregon and the Mexican Cession.

            Kentucky and Tennessee also recognized Negro citizenship, Kentucky until 1799 but Tennessee, who inherited North Carolina’s law invalidated Free Negro citizenship the same year North Carolina did 1835!!!!!. Read my lips Free Negroes were State citizens in the Volunteer and Tarheel states until 1835!!!!

            From 1789 until 1845 all states excluding MASS, NH, and ME made Negroes Non-citizens. New York State gave them citizenship if they owned land. Rhode Island invalidated Negro citizenship in 1818 but then re legalized it in 1842 and as it was one of the 13 it could do so via grandfather clause.

            The Dred Scott Case was a whole lot of uselessness as Judge Taney knew good and well he had no police powers over the states. Though Taney was right, Negroes were chattel, he had no power of enforcement and no way to invalidate State Citizenship laws which were via the 10th Amendment unassailable. Negroes had by 1860 voted in every American election. When John Wilkes Booth said of Lincoln, THIS MEANS NIGGER CITIZENSHIP Booth was obviously ill-informed as Negroes were already citizens and had been since 1789 in certain states.

          • Now you understand why the South had to get out. The Declaration of Independence and the 1787 Constitution were at their core Antislavery Enlightenment documents (RE ANTI GOD) and only through writing New Laws and a New Constitution could this be corrected. The Confederate Constitution had it’s own issues as Benjamin and the Jews were successful in keeping Jesus Christ out of the Preamble but it did the following. IT ESTABLISHED UNIFORM CITIZENSHIP, no state could set its own guidelines for citizenship and IT ESTABLISHED SLAVERY AS A LEGAL STATE, defining slaves as slaves thus eliminating Madison’s ill worded Persons clause.

            Unfortunately for us the 1787 Constitution was preserved. The ideas held within it and the Declaration were via the 14th Amendment incorporated and this amendment also invalidated State Citizenship and established a Uniform American Citizenship for the first time. The 14th Amendment also gave Wash DC full enforcement powers to make said states comply with the ideas of the Declaration and Bill of Rights. Lincoln’s NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM was merely these ill advised Enlightenment Ideas which denied GODS LAWS, denied SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION and denied COMMON SENSE now being forced down our throats via gunpoint.

            The US Constitution lasting 229 years is nothing to be lauded, that document was out of date within 40 years of it’s passing. Unfortunately we are stuck with it.

          • Read Anti-federalist critiques of what the Constitution would degenerate into in the decades to come and you see they were spot on!

          • Use Jefferson quotes on Negroes from his “Notes on the State of Virginia” autobiography. It should drive them nuts.

          • Yes but Jefferson also encouraged Interracial Marriage between Whites and Native Americans.

            “You will unite yourselves with us and we shall all be Americans. You will mix with us by marriage. Your blood will run in our veins and will spread with us over this great Island.”

            Did he wisely say no intermarriage with Negroes? Yes he did. However he seemingly wasn’t opposed to interracial marriage with other groups. That doesnt sound Pro White to me.

      • By marginalizing us

        Smearing us

        Spreading lies, taking stuff out of contexts quoting real idiots saying we support ISIS want to gas Jews lynch innocent Blacks who just want to go to church or become doctors etc

        • That’s what they’ve been doing for 50 years with their hold in a bottle necked media

          The internet broke that, which is exactly why there are more and more of us in younger and younger age groups.

          Listen to what Jared taylor says on the latest episode of the Darwin Digest podcast. The damn had broken and the old kike tricks aren’t working anymore.

      • See my post to Denise, above. The Internet is being turned over to globalists by Obama. The American people, of course, were not asked if we wanted this to happen. We are never asked about anything.

    • Obama is turning over the American-made Internet to global authorities. There are murmurs in Congress of trying to stop him, but since they have yet to stop him from doing anything else, they will be of no effect.

      And when the globalists do get their hands on the internet, they will bare their teeth, snarl, and go straight for the Alt-right.

      If Trump wins, I hope he we’ll take back the Internet, as it is rightfully ours, and the globalist do not care about the 1st Amendment.

  15. In the second paragraph he thinks the anonymity of the web is a problem then in the third paragraph he thinks doxing is a problem. Their willingness to contradict themselves is amazing. As far as I’m aware doxing has mostly been revealing the name, location, workplace of an anonymous online person.
    Notice how the autor introduces doxing “There’s also doxing…” He doesn’t actually say who is doxing whom. He just insinuates that it’s a one way thing where we’re the one’s doing it to them.

  16. I’ve said many time the Internet, especially social media and cheap, easy wordpress blogs with comment sections, has been a gamechanger. It’s like the printing press revolution all over again. Like the printing press revolution, it has tremendous capacity to change the balance of power. Let’s make it count.

  17. I just love his definition of cuck: Men who don’t hate feminism.

    Lying Jew.

    Ben Shapiro is getting in on the act, too. He said that the Alt-right believes that being born on American soil confers superiority.

    Another lying Jew.

    They’re getting nervous. They should be.

  18. The main problem in the end isn’t Muslim terrorists.

    It is the Africanization of Europe.

    But it’s not permitted by PC to sound the alarm about blacks.

    Muslims are culturally messed up. Blacks are a biological threat.

    With each passing year, more and more new ‘Europeans’ are Afropeans.

    The Afro-Americanization of Europe.


    All white!!!

    I guess Polacks are not the dumb ones. Frogs are the dumbest morons ever. They pissed away their great nation to a bunch of Africans and Muslims out of May 68 self-hate and idiotic notion of sharing French culture with the world.


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