The Case for Trump: Serbia and the European Spring

I briefly got into this the other day.

It was Hillary Clinton who convinced Bill Clinton to attack Serbia in 1999. We generally oppose foreign wars as wasteful, but what happened in Serbia was the worst kind of foreign war from our perspective: a bombing campaign against a European country in the name of “human rights” on behalf of the Muslim minority.

Hillary has already demonstrated that she is willing to kill Europeans on behalf of Muslims. She was instrumental in creating Kosovo which has become an ISIS beachhead in Europe. For this reason alone, Hillary must never become president. The precedent she set in Serbia is proof that she poses a threat to any European country which elects a government with the will power to defend itself from the Muslim invasion.

Donald Trump may be many things, but he is clearly not a crusading SJW ideologue and warmonger on behalf of “human rights.” Unlike Hillary, we can rest assured that Trump isn’t going to lead us into another European war to protect Muslims. If the Netherlands or Hungary or France acts to rid itself of this festering problem, Trump isn’t going to condemn it as “ethnic cleansing,” convene the UN Security Council, and dispatch aircraft carriers to overthrow an elected national populist European government.

That’s why every European nationalist of note has explicitly endorsed Trump: Nigel Farage in the UK, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen in France, Victor Orban of Hungary, Filip Dewinter in Belgium, and especially Vladimir Putin in Russia. The last thing that European nationalists want is President Hillary Clinton breathing down their necks and lecturing them about “human rights.”

A Trump presidency gives European nationalists a free hand to act to secure their future. A Hillary presidency will have the exact opposite chilling effect. No Western European country has elected a national populist government since the Second World War.

As the so-called “Leader of the Free World,” America sets the tone for the rest of the West. Most Americans don’t realize how overwhelming American influence is overseas. During the Cold War, every Western nation from Australia to Canada to the UK to Germany to Sweden chose follow the US down the road to racial and cultural suicide at roughly around the same time. They all followed the US off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings. In places like Germany and Sweden, they debate civil rights, integration, and multiculturalism as if they were provinces of an American Empire.

If America radically changed course though (the seat of the globalist empire), it would shake the global liberal order – particularly in Western Europe – to its foundations. In the absence of American leadership, the liberal regimes in Europe would be destabilized and would succumb to nationalist rebellions. It’s probably why they haven’t done so already.

Trump is already on the campaign trail comparing Hillary Clinton to Angela Merkel’s disastrous leadership in Germany. As president, Trump would not only destabilize the liberal order in Europe and give the European nationalists a free hand to act, but he would also encourage them to do so from Washington.

Don’t underestimate Washington’s power, reach, and influence. Obama and Hillary Clinton set the Middle East ablaze by fomenting the Arab Spring. Just by using the powers of the presidency, a Trump presidency could bring about a “European Spring” as early as 2017. Now that’s a delicious thought. Striking a blow against the US Empire here could set off a chain reaction not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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  1. This is why I’m tired of the pseudo-right carping about him. It’s a once in a generation opportunity.

  2. Trump does not need to stoop to petty squabbles that is what we are for. Reagan didn’t he alluded to siding with his side of the squabbles and calmly and with class and humor discredited the other side’s views

    The “Evil Empire” quip was the summation of a trillion words against Soviet communism and done with confidence and humor

  3. Occidental Dissent is the go to place I go upon awaking to get the real news that the system would rather I not know. If Hillary wins then hate speech laws are coming and websites like this will disappear. The Supreme Court will not save it as Hillary would have added a few chosen Justices or two. Imagine what a independent Southland could do to the world scene and the Neo-liberalism and free trade that empowers globalism in its quest for a New World Order. Instead we would have a more natural order.

    • We will still be able to get around the Hate Speech Laws if we use fake servers and foreign websites which can be done which is why they are obsessively playing Whack A Mole now trying to stop us. They cannot completely stop us unless we are all dead. I think any effort to mass murder WHITE AMERICANS and ESPECIALLY SOUTHERN WHITES will be met by opposition. Harsh Oppisition at that.

      The US Government is bloated, corrupt and I don’t think it will survive another decade.

        • We are thinking along the same lines. The Negroes will vote 99% for Clinton putting her in there, its said Trump may only get 1% Negro support so there’s the shooting match in Ohio and those states where the groids are 99% Democrat shills. Of course knowing Hillary she will soon turn on the groids once they began rioting and their Black Lives Matter disruptions begin harming her bottom line IE THE BANKSTERS and of course the backstab will lead to more riots and eventually the police will just say screw it and pretty soon all of our cities are burning. Then the fun begins.

          If one thing we know about Hillary Clinton is that she has a profound talent for overstepping her bounds which will always blow up in her face. She isn’t Bill if she is killed or something else happens President Kaine who is an obvious wuss, will crash it. Simple as that

  4. “During the Cold War, every Western nation from Australia to Canada to the UK to Germany to Sweden chose follow the US down the road to racial and cultural suicide at roughly around the same time.”

    The US Jews do a lot of networking with the Jews in European countries. I think it’s the Jews in European governments and institutions who opened the European gates to immigration. But I guess that would have been impossible without the example of the USA.

    Jewish influence probably works a lot through international institutions. That’s why the Brexit referendum was a good thing. I’m sure that NATO, as well as the relations between American and European universities, are also a means to strengthen Jewish influence. It will be a good thing if NATO becomes less virulently hostile to Russia under Trump. Unfortunately, he is unlikely to start purging all the Jews in his administration!

    As for Hillary Clinton, I wonder what’s the problem with her. Unlike Obama, who is a crusading anti-White SJW, crooked Hillary is supposed to do everything for money. If she was a SJW, why would she make wars for Israel? At the same time, she already has enough money to live very comfortably. If money was her only motivation, she wouldn’t run for president. But what’s the point of becoming president only to do the bidding of the Jews? I have never understood why old politicians do not tell the jews to go jump in the lake.

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