German Girls Are Getting Temporary “No” Tattoos To Ward Off Muslim Rapists In Swimming Pools

Judging by what I have seen in Germany and Austria, the little boys are probably going to need them too. Their sons might even have a greater need for them given the sheer number of “sexual emergencies” we have seen so far:

“The small press-on designs also sport angel-like wings and are part of a new prevention campaign launched in the Bodensee district in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Veronika Wascher-Goggerle, the Women’s and Family representative of the district, is behind the launch and said the press-on tattoos would also help raise awareness over the growing issue of sex attacks in swimming pools.

The Bodenseekreis is famous for its bathing and boasts numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Alleged sex attacks by migrants have caused heated debate in the area over the last few months and some pools are hiring extra security – or even banning asylum seekers altogether. …”

The Bastardstate is governed by an anti-White liberal clique which has openly declared its intention to imprison the “vermin” that objects to Angela Merkel’s insane immigration policies. In their own words, these refugees are more welcome in Germany than the native population, and German corporations are encouraged to hire them over Germans. The German government invited over a million refugees into Germany and is literally teaching them how to fuck their country. I’m not even joking.

This is what Hillary Clinton wants to bring to America. We’re already starting to see the small scale terrorist attacks in out of the way places. The Germans who have been gagged and disarmed are further along the curve into the leftist dystopia than we are in the United States. Their own government is literally trying to destroy them in the name of social justice and political correctness.

After all this, maybe Germans are starting to think Hitler wasn’t so bad after all.

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  1. You banned Christ, and castigated him over his Badge Fag post. Where are the GERMAN Badge Fags, protecting German women?

  2. Alt Right is self-made but Alt-Right PHENOM is a media-made circus to discredit Trump by associating him with ‘extremists’. But Alt Right can cleverly use this free publicity to its advantage if it acts with wit and humor. And charm…. like 007.

    Buckley knew how to play the game. Give him that. He had style and charm. He could be smooth and aloof when his opponents were so eager to drive the stake through him.

    Buckley lost it with Gore Vidal because Vidal was even smoother. And charmier.

    Alt Right has a lot of clowns and bad boys but not many snake-charmers.

    The media are taking a gambit. In the short run, Clinton may benefit from this by tainting Trump with ‘guilty by association’ even though Trump has no real direct association with the Alt Right(any more than Hillary has any direct association with American Marxists).

    But in the long run, this is a huge gamble for the media because they are giving massive free publicity to the Alt Right.

    People say Trump campaign made the Alt Right. Not true. Most of Trump’s supporters never heard of the Alt Right. They are just ordinary Americans sick of open borders and 8 yrs of Obama.

    Alt Right became a ‘thing’ when media hyped it and tried to tie it to Trump. Sure, Trump flirted with Alt Right a little on Twitter, but that was about it.

    If Alt Right did have an impact on this race, it was indirect. People like Sailer, Taylor, and Brimelow influenced mainstream people like Ann Coulter and maybe even Peggy Noonan who wrote an anti-globo-elite piece. But there is no direct connection between Trump and Alt Right.

    Anyway, Alt Right has pros and cons. Its core premise is sounder and firmer than what is offered by Cuckservatism and Democratic Party(a wild coalition of everyone from billionaire Jewish Zionists to urban hipsters to angry Muslims to black ghetto dwellers to Mexican lettuce pickers to misogynist rappers to feminists to homos, all of whom are held together by KKKrazy Glue or white-race-as-bogeyman-for-all-evils).

    After all, whites-for-white-interests makes more sense than whites-for-Jewish-Zionist-interests(especially when most Jews shit on whites). Alt Right is also morally more consistent than Jews. Alt Right has NOTHING against Jews being for Jewish interests. Alt Right doesn’t oppose Jews being for Jews, blacks being for blacks, browns being for browns, etc. It is Jews who are a**holes because they demand that whites give up white interests to serve Jewish interests. Hillary and Romney, who berate white interests and identity, go all out for Jews, Jews, Jews, Israel, Israel, Israel. So, who is the hypocrite? Alt Right who is for identity/interests for ALL groups or Jews who say whites must abandon their own identity and interests… to serve Jewish identity and interests?

    So, that is the Pro of Alt Right.

    The con(minus) of Alt Right is the all-too-real connection between itself and 14/88 garbage.

    To an extent, this is understandable because Alt Right is just coming into being. It’s not done deal or a well-formed movement. It’s still in the stage of THE GATHERING OF THE TRIBES, and this means there is everyone from sane Steve Sailer to nutjobs at Infostormer(who, I must admit, do come up with funny headlines).

    There will have to come a time when Alt Right makes a distinction between itself and neo-Nazi nuts. Otherwise, it will just be Daily Stormer lite.

    When I think of David Duke, I wonder how far he could have gone… if he hadn’t done stupid things like joining the KKK. Why tarnish one’s name with such association? Especially if you know who controls the media, why do them a favor by making oneself look ridiculous by wearing a KKK hood?

    Why not be creative and come up with a new smart movement.

    And in a way, Alt Right has been that concept, a new creative beginning. To go further, it has to clean itself 14/88 fleas.


    It is often said by the PROGLOG(‘progressive globalists’) that white nations and white people don’t deserve identity, pride, and history(except one of blame) because whites are dominant in the West.

    Using that logic — only ‘victims’ deserve identity, pride, and heritage — , Iranians have no right to identity, pride, and heritage in Iran since they are dominant there. And Chinese have no right to identity, pride, and heritage in China since they are dominant there. Turks have no right to identity, pride, and heritage in Turkey since they are dominant there. Nigerians have no right to identity, pride, and heritage in Nigeria since they are dominant there. Mexicans have no right to right to identity, pride, and heritage in Mexico since they are dominant there. Israeli Jews have no right to identity, pride, and heritage in Israel since they are dominant there.

    Who believes in such nonsense? if dominance negates the right of identity, pride, and heritage, then Iranians, Chinese, Turks, and etc. should all abandon them in their homelands.

    In truth, it is in your homeland where you should care most about your identity, pride, and history/heritage. Outside your homeland, you have no right to push your identity and pride onto others. But in your own homeland, you have every right and indeed the duty & obligation to preserve your race, culture, and land. I mean if you can’t be proud of what you are in your own home, where can you be proud? If you cannot survive in your homeland, where can you survive? I mean diaspora Japanese all over the world may just assimilate to other cultures, but at the very least, Japanese should try to survive as Japanese IN JAPAN!!! That’s why it’s called Japan. Land of the Japanese!

    But globalist Jews have inverted this rule for whites. PC Logic says whites have no right to identity, pride, and heritage in their own homelands. Why? For some reason, white power/dominance is evil(even in white homelands) because white history has been rewritten to emphasize nothing but evil, sin, and guilt that led to the Holocaust. So, whites are not even deserving of their homelands which much be surrendered to massive tides of invaders to be manipulated by Jews against whites.

    But as globalism picks up steam, Jews are pushing this madness on non-white nations too. And in a way, massive immigration to the West is bad for non-whites as well because non-white immigrant children in the West become brainwashed by PC and urge people in their homelands to emulate Western policy of open borders and racial suicide. We see this in East Asia, Iran, Turkey, and etc. A lot of younger generation in those nations who were influenced by MTV, Hollywood, homomania, and Western PC want to follow the Western lead in Diversity-mongering and open borders. There are homo parades all over the world, even in Third World. The elites of all stripes all talk like Harvard PC classrooms. Globalism is, after all, a network of elites in every nation conspiring against masses everywhere. Not only do white elites betray the white masses but Latin America, Asian, and African elites betray their own peoples. South African black elites do nothing for South African blacks. They import other blacks from neighboring nations while ignoring the demands of native blacks to stop immigration. This is a worldwide problem.

    Anyway, even if we play the Proglob playbook that says ONLY VICTIM GROUPS DESERVE IDENTITY, white peoples in the West are deserving of identity since they are now under attack, invasion, displacement, dehumanization. Whites are being used as scapegoats for all the ills in the world. In the US, Jews fleece whites, homos defile and pervert Western values, blacks assault whites, immigrants displace whites, white wombs are being conquered by blacks, and white collaborator elites serve the Jewish globo-oligarchs(like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg and Google moguls) & betray the white masses.

    White masses are now under attack, and they are fighting for their humanity, good name, culture, and values. So, even by standards of the PROGLOB rulebook, whites are most deserving of identity, pride, and heritage.

    Oh wait a minute. I should say white MASSES are deserving of such since they are the ones who’ve been betrayed and left behind. As for affluent, privileged, snotty, and contemptuous white elites(who got rich by betraying their own people), they deserve NO identity, NO pride, and NO heritage since, as cuck-collaborators of the GLOB, they hog so much wealth and privilege.

    While it is true that white people have more wealth than other races, many of these rich white are Jews who, though only 2% of the population, compose 43% of the top 1%. Also, with the COMING APART scenario, most of white wealth is hogged by the globalist elites and affluent ‘creative class’. Those with lots of money and connections don’t need an identity or homeland. With all their wealth, affluence, and privilege, they can travel all over and live anywhere. For them, open borders means living like Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, and etc. They live in Elysium with their own rules. They belong to the VIP class. Very Important People indeed. They don’t need a nation of their own since World is their Oyster.

    But for ordinary people without great privilege and wealth(like Chelsea Clinton the spoiled brat of Elysium), the most important thing in their lives is family, culture, heritage, tradition, and meaningful attachment to land. That is most valuable to them. If they lose that, they have nothing since they don’t have a VIP ticket to Elysium. A man, no matter how limited in means, feels rich to know that he has a nation to call his own and that his children will inherit this land. Libertarians are all about individual rights and private property(with $$$ value), but a nation is a sacred communal property that belongs not to individuals or to globo-elites but to the race, culture, and tradition that settled it, built it, lived and died on it for many generations. Homeland is priceless, and it belongs to the race and culture that came to define that homeland. Homeland is where your ancestors are buried.

    Surely, Jews understand this because they have a deep and rich attachment to the Holy Land as the home of their forefathers.

    Yet, Jews willfully mock such notion when it comes to gentiles, especially white gentiles.

    Perhaps, Jews fear ending up in gentile nations like ‘Palestinians’, a minority that must respect the majority.

    But while Jews in Israel insist that minority-Arabs must defer to the power/pride/authority of the Jewish majority, Jews in gentile nations insist that the gentile majority must defer to the power/pride/authority of Jews(and homos, their #1 minority ally).

    Funny, ain’t it? Whether Jews are majority or minority, all peoples must get on their knees and kiss Jewish butt. I call that Jewish Supremacism.

  3. “After all this, maybe Germans are starting to think Hitler wasn’t so bad after all.”

    There are quite a few folks here in America who reached that belief years ago.

  4. After burning in low PH scale acid, it may be time to think that making contact with cyanide, fire or a high PH base isn’t so bad. Since it’s not acid.

    Hitler probably made the politics of the Jewish question 10 times worse and arguably was a necessary component of WWII. If you didn’t have Hitler WWII may have been averted. Warfare and genocide are basically both forms of mass murder. Plus Jews certainly weren’t the only group Hitler was against in Europe.

    • Judea declared war on Germany,in 1933.They outlawed German imports in about 8 jew controlled economies.The Germans were forced into war.
      Bombs not butter.

      • As far as I know the Strasser Brothers, who were Hitler’s main ideological opponents within the national socialist party, were in favor of the socialist party of national socialism and wanted to reach a (real) agreement with Stalin. Also the Strasser Brothers were only politically anti-Jewish, they were not in favor of strict racial laws.

      • As far as I know the Strasser Brothers, who were Hitler’s main ideological opponents within the national socialist party, were in favor of the socialist part of national socialism and wanted to reach a (real) agreement with Stalin. Also the Strasser Brothers were only politically anti-Jewish, they were not in favor of strict racial laws.

    • I knew a German woman married to a Hungarian man who were small children during the war. I went to high school with their son and every time I went over both railed on endlessly against the jews never getting to detailed so at the time I thought they were tin foil hat types. I asked her, so you like Hitler then? Expecting praise instead she went on “He got us CONQUERED AND LOST OUR COUNTRY” The guy is basically a full on dictator version of the same story of someone in the business community with bad judgement who makes risky decisions out of touch with reality. Someone who builds a giant resort in Flint Michigan expecting tourists to pour in for millions of dollars only to bankrupt the investors would be a small scale example, other product flops, “New Coke” etc. Only he could have risen to where he went and only he could have led them to disaster. Truman and the State Department after the war were also quite worried about Stalin, but came to the conclusion that Stalin was a cautious man unlike Hitler, show him some force and he will not make a wreckless decision and the Russians never did start WWIII (nor did Reagan counter to the liberal narrative.) A unique personality who will be more objectively studied a hundred years from now, but ultimately proven to be a loser.

      • Berlin was to be the communist capital if not for Hitler and the WW1 veterens rising up.
        10s if not 100s of thousands of German men were commiting suicide at the end of the weimer republic.
        millions of Germans did not believe What Hitler told them about Stalin and Russia,until they were shipped to Russia (4 million civilians,1 million pow’s)to the slave camps of Siberia,or gang raped,after the war.
        Hitler played by the rules,who would of known the All lies would carpet bomb all there cities.
        Like a dying man who has a moment of clarity,the glorious 6 years of Germany(1933-1939)was the death of the Roman empire.

  5. Adolf Hitler was the last good European leader PERIOD and the greatest man of the past 1000 years. A true defender of righteousness. The saddest part was Dixie never really knew him, wouldve been neat to have had a Waffen SS Confederate division.

  6. Muh daily outrage. The left sips your tears, you’re being trolled folks

    Flip the script and ask the Mohams what they think of the tattoo, and when they mock it they mock the left. Let the Left and the Mohams fight

      • The Left has the mind of a woman. They care not for any German girl, and the invaders are cats in their moral play, but it is important as women that their place in the hierarchy is respected so they will spend more time policing the thoughts of those people whose thoughts they can police and that would be the “contards.”
        I say let them police the thoughts of the invaders.
        It is a new era, those who troll best, WIN.

  7. Okay, Hillary will dump on the Alt Right, and Alt Right will fire back. It will be No Holds Barred. Unlike cucks who feel they must prove that they are not ‘racist’ and etc. whenever they are attacked by Liberals, Alt Right won’t give an inch. It will not act defensive or apologetic.

    It will stand its ground and push back.

    Alt Right will tell Hillary that she is a shill of the globalist-supremacist Zionist imperialists who robbed us through Wall Street, drove US into wars that destroyed entire nations, and promoted anti-white PC all over college campuses. And speaking of hateful and divisive, what’s with Obama sticking his nose into Martin-Zimmerman case and other racially charged incidents? What’s with Hillary blessing BLM that caused so much violence and rot? Did Alt Right kill those police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge? Did Alt Right loot all those stores of innocent businessmen?

    Did Alt Right kill all those people in Libya and Syria? Did Alt Right push policies that led to massive migration into EU and terror attacks? Did Alt Right cause the havoc in Ukraine? Is Alt right calling for new cold war with Russia? Did Alt Right spread hysteria by calling Putin a ‘new hitler’?

    Did Alt Right start the ‘rape culture’ hysteria as in UVA case? Is Alt Right responsible for all the rapes? Or is it the blacks? Is Alt Right making all those violent rap music that are truly anti-women? Who makes money off rap? Blacks and Jews. Did Alt Right spread homomania as the new religion? Did Alt Right declare war on religion and moral freedom by forcing worship of homos all over and threatening to destroy any business that won’t bend over to ‘gay marriage’?

    Did Alt Right come up with financial instruments that brought down the economy in 2008? Did Alt Right take millions of fees from Goldman Sachs? Did Alt Right ship all those American jobs to Mexico and China? Did Alt Right create panic on campus with trigger warnings and microaggressions? Did Alt Right kill those Palestinians in Gaza? Is Alt Right occupying West Bank? Did Alt Right create Isis and Al-Nusra terrorists by trying to take down secular and tolerant Assad? Did Alt Right kill 500,000 Iraqi children in the 90s with sanctions? Or was it Bill and Hillary at the behest of Zionists?

    Speaking of exploitation of women, who controls porn and prostitution? Alt Right or the Jews? Who is using white women as sex meat for the Negroes? And what Bill Clinton and his buddies who use women as whores? And what of Chelsea’s husband who loses a ton of money but still has a secure place.

    And who looted Russia in the 90s? The Alt Right or Jewish oligarchs with the aid of Larry Summers?

    And if Libs like Hillary love blacks so much, why all the gentrification and section 8? Why did she refer to blacks as ‘super-predators’? And why did her husband lock up record numbers of blacks?

    By the way, who controls the drug trade in the US? Alt Right or the Mexican drug cartel who exploit loose borders?

    Who rioted and burned down cities in Ferguson and Baltimore? Alt Right or those ‘teens’ and ‘youths’?

    Is it Alt Right or Big Pharma that got so many people addicted to drugs?

    Hillary needs to know one thing. Whatever Alt Right may or may not be, it has had NO POWER in the US. It has no power in media, academia, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, etc. Alt Right had no role in all the ruin, damage, and destruction visited on the US and the world by Wall Street and Pentagon that peddle the arrogant, chauvinistic, supremacist notion of US as ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation is above international law and free to subvert, invade, and destroy other nations. Alt Right had ZERO ROLE in all the disasters(financial or military) that engulfed the world under Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. It was Obama’s actions that destroyed Libya and sent arms to alqaeda fighters in Syria. It was Obama and Hillary’s policies that aided the Neo-Nazis in the coup in Ukraine. Yes, Zionists and Neo-Nazis are allied in Ukraine against Russia, just like US and Alqaeda terrorists are allied in Syria against Assad. What role did Alt Right have in all the gang killings in black neighborhoods? What role did Alt Right have in the death of Ambassador Stevens and those Marines in Benghazi? No matter what the ideology, it isn’t responsible for anything without the power. Alt Right has had no power in government and institutions. Hillary and her ilk had all the power. Well, look at the mess they caused. Yet, Hillary can’t face up to what she did, so she wants to bitch and whine about Pepe the frog, the Kermit of Alt Right.

    Alt Right has only the power of honesty, courage, and truth. It has the willingness to break PC taboos and say it like it is. Hillary will be reading a script written by others to push the same old Narrative. Alt Right people write their own scripts without looking over their shoulder for approval.

    Alt Right may have no institutional power, but what they say challenges the Narrative.

    Alt Right is David and Hillary & her masters are the Goliath. Alt Right has only slingshot and stone, but it stings because it speaks the truth and aims for globalist BS. In contrast, cuck tossed mere pebbles at Goliath and begged for mercy for a smaller piece of the pie.

    Alt Right is the wasp with the sting… unlike cucks who are nothing but maggots feeding on shit.

    Also, Alt Right is not partisan. It will not knee-jerkedly endorse anything put forth by GOP elites. It will criticize and attack Conservatism Inc as well as Liberalism Inc. Unlike Hillary supporters who’ve just surrendered to the Party Line, Alt Right are those who challenged the Establishment dogma of the GOP. So, which side has more integrity? Yes, there are the nutty types in Alt Right. There are the extremists. But when it comes to honest criticism, no one beats the Alt Right. Indeed, I do not exaggerate when I say Alt Right is the ONLY anti-PC political voice in the nation if not the entire world. It is the only truly independent voice that will challenge ALL TABOOS and refuse to cower and apologize to the commissars.

    In contrast, the Establishment Media have fired and blacklisted even Liberals like Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas for challenging conventional wisdom.

    And it is not Alt Right that is threatening, intimidating, and silencing college professors. It is the blacks, homo/tranny activists, and SJW freaks who are doing that. But then, it was the educational class who created this very climate by teaching nothing but PC to students. If Alt Right is so extreme whereas the Liberal Media are so rational and fair-minded, why is the Media so blatantly anti-Trump and pro-Hillary? And why were the media so silent about Obama’s extreme connections in 2008? And why didn’t the media condemn Obama’s sensationalization of racial tensions that led to even more riots and trouble?
    And if all people matter, why did the media suppress the news about White Deaths in America? Why does Hollywood make movies like Imperium and new Birth of a Nation that stirs up hatred? Or Django Unchained?

    Anyway, Hillary’s bitching is bound to set off a firestorm of Alt Right fury… but how much of it will be the Heil Hitler dumbass kind?

    I wonder if Jews snuck in a whole bunch of 14/88 types into the Alt Right movement to give it bad rap. If 14/88 types respond most loudly as the voice of Alt Right, it’s not going to be good.

    This is why Alt Right has to be wary of 14/88. The Globalists would love the Alt Right being associated with neo-Nazis. It’s like the new Hollywood movie Imperium that features the radical right as Nazis and KKK.

    I suspect a good number of HItler-worshipers at other Alt Right sites are either morons or SPLC agents.

    Alt Right needs house-cleaning one day. Fumigate and gas the 14/88 vermin out of the movement.

    Have them go to Daily Stormer or other dumbass neo-nazi sites.

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