The Case for Trump: Leadership

Continuing from where I left off:

#7. Organizing – It will be easier for us to organize under a Trump presidency.

#8. We’ve Been Attacked – Hillary Clinton is going to directly attack us as an “Enemy of the Republic” or something like that in order to distract the public and divert the news cycle from her exploding scandals.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running to be the next leader of the United States. A leader is someone who meets people where they are and leads them where that person thinks they need to go. We take Hillary at her word when she promises to lead us forward into a borderless, globalized, social justice dystopia.

That’s actually the case for Hillary: her leadership will prove to be so awful, so incredibly polarizing that four years from now White people will be even angrier and more alienated. I completely agree with this analysis. That’s exactly what we can expect from a Hillary Clinton presidency. In a limited sense, worse is better.

But why do we have to wait? We’ve already been through eight years of Obama’s awful leadership and polarizing presidency. We already have an intense backlash. We have a shot at scoring some points now. We don’t know if the same opportunity will come along again in 2020. There’s always a chance that the anger and resentment could be hijacked and squandered again on a conservative movement like the Tea Party.

Trump has made it clear where he wants to lead the country on immigration, terrorism, political correctness, trade policy, foreign policy, and so on. Even if he softens his positions to win the general election (we all know it is a nod to political realities), he is still promising to deliver, say, 90 percent instead of 100 percent of his original bid for our support. We can always revisit the issue after he wins the election.

As president, Trump can be pressured by his base. If Hillary is president, she will prove to be a tyrant and as hostile to our interests as Obama is now. Trump will continue to lead the country closer to our positions across a wide range of issues. Hillary will take us over the falls into a world that could quickly spiral out of control.

By quickly spiral out of control, I mean that we have a better sense of what we can expect out of a Trump presidency. We know that things will get somewhat better in a number of areas. If Hillary is elected though, the only thing we know for certain is that White people will be angrier and more alienated than ever before, and how that will play out is a bigger roll of the dice. The consequences of a Hillary victory are less predictable.

1.) Scenario #1: Hillary wins.

Temporarily, it might actually be good for the Southern Nationalist movement. There will be a strong bump in support for secession. I don’t believe any state will secede from the Union. Just like in 2012, I think the moment of rage will fizzle and it will fade, but the anger and alienation will intensify. Likely.

2.) Scenario #2: Hillary wins.

Apathy sets in big time. All the anger and alienation is redirected inward into depression. A demoralized White America continues its long term downward spiral into drugs and becoming Brazil or South Africa. Likely for some.

3.) Scenario #3: Hillary wins.

Somehow, Conservatism, Inc. reestablishes its power over the Right and harnesses all the rage to elect its candidates in 2018 and 2020. This is the great hope of the establishment, but I find this highly unlikely. There will be too much bad blood.

4.) Scenario #4: Hillary wins.

It’s more likely Conservatism, Inc. emerges from the primary season – after they are blamed for stabbing Trump in the back – even more hated and discredited than they were before by larger numbers of people. The Right devolves into a Wild West scenario with several factions – including the populist/nationalist faction – fighting for dominance. Very likely.

5.) Scenario #5: Hillary wins.

Shortly thereafter, RAHOWA begins. I don’t believe this is likely to happen at all, but feel compelled to include it in this list just because so many people believe this. As more people lose faith in the System, I do think an insurgency is likely to begin, but I don’t expect the shooting war to start until the mid-2020s at the earliest.

6.) Scenario #6: Hillary wins.

There is a huge spike in lone wolf vanguardist violence because the movement is repressed, but there is no outlet for peaceful change in the mainstream. Basically, there are more Roofs and Millers, but this shooting here or this bombing there by suicidal people isn’t a threat to the System. It does, however, become a convenient excuse to seize guns or repress speech by an increasingly tyrannical government. Probable.

7.) Scenario #7: Hillary wins.

Trump’s supporters conclude the System is rigged and Hillary’s presidency is illegitimate. After she assumes power, she proceeds to reward her supporters with further provocative acts like amnesty for illegal aliens. This huge groundswell of populism and nationalism doesn’t go away. Instead, it intensifies and morphs into something much more radical and anti-democratic without Trump to restrain it and give it direction. Possible.

There are a number of ways this could go.

If Hillary wins, we know for certain that the present trend of anger, alienation, and disillusionment will intensify, but that could play out in any number of ways some of which are constructive while others are totally destructive. It is a big leap into the unknown. Conservatism, Inc. could mount a comeback. Secessionists could get a boost. Lone wolves could howl for the next few years. We could see the beginning of a real fascist movement or White America could just sink into a hazy cloud of heroin and opioids.

Given the hand we hold now, I would rather cash in my chips than gamble on the unknown. Even if Trump won the presidency and DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for four years, the result would be better than what we could expect from Hillary.

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  1. Well thought out. I game out Hillary’s words and actions in binary fashion.
    On one side she supposedly has a guru attached to the campaign whose specialty is influencing people, Roissy wrote a must read piece on this guy. If she takes his advice she will be the kind grandmother figure gently scolding the morons to avoid the alt-right.
    The flip side, Hillary and her fem cabal are women, so her response if they win out will be the usual for women whose position is threatened, small minded, petty and vindictive.
    60-40 that guru wins out tomorrow and she is stern granny scolding the bad boys, but if correctly trolled she and her moron flacks go into Fem Bitch mode, small minded, petty and vindictive.
    Those who troll best, WIN

  2. Trump is selling out his white supporters on deportations. It wasn’t as it turns out just a manufactured story. Eric Trump confirmed it.

    • I am discouraged by Trump’s hinting that not all illegals will be deported but even so he is still much better on immigration than Hillary. If Trump wins then he will have a mandate to get tough on illegal an legal immigration because everyone knows that immigration is his signature issue. I know he is trying to broaden his appeal, but I don’t actually see what it gets him. Anyone that is voting based on how well a candidate caters to the illegal invasion will never vote for Trump anyway.

    • He’s softening his tone because the suburban cucks aren’t supporting him. Same with all the new appeals to blacks. It’s all about showing those people he isn’t a “racist.”

      • If it happens, substantive caving (as opposed to just changing tone and rhetoric) on deportations means caving on the whole idea of national sovereignty itself, which is the basis of his campaign. A better way to appeal to that type of suburban cuck and especially to the females is by promoting women’s healthcare, more time off for child care, more worker protections, more environmentalism and no more sending young people to die in wars, and by making the moral and practical case for immigration restriction as a public safety measure. Trump is getting bad advice.

        • Blacks are hurt just as much if not more than whites by illegal immigration and mass immigration. Blacks that want to improve their standard of living and assimilate into mainstream America should support Trump. Blacks that are more interested in revenge against whitey will never support him.

    • We don’t know if that’s for real, or if that’s a media head game to try to dislodge Trump supporters from Trump. But, even if Trump did soften his immigration agenda, it’s still way better than Obama/Hillary.

      When you’re stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert, and someone offers you a cup of water, you don’t preen over the exact fraction the cup is filled.

  3. If Hillary wins, I’d expect to see a combination of 1, 4, 7. We may also see a bit of 2, 6. Like you, I don’t think whites are mad enough to go full scale race war yet. Aside from a few Dylan Roof jobs, I’d say mid 2020s at earliest sounds pretty probable to me too.
    I also think that regarding #1, there will be long term benefit for secessionism. There will be a boost, and much of that buzz will fizzle, but a portion of that boost will be retained. Also, every time there is buzz about secession, it legitimizes the idea, so many people who did not become active will already be primed for secession when we approach a tipping point.
    In short my position is this:
    Trump win–>Resurgence of hope in “America” with our demographic decline mitigated, but not a long term reversal. This will likely slow down our path to independence vs Hillary win.
    Hillary win–>More loss of hope in Americanism with corresponding uptick in secessionism. Many Constitution loving Tea Partiers get redpilled.
    We can keep rolling forward, no matter who wins, but the November outcome will determine whether we secessionists are on rollercoaster or on slow and steady mode.

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