Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech Targets Cuckservatives

I watched Hillary’s big speech this afternoon on Donald Trump and the Alt-Right .

The speech had been hyped by the media as an attack on the Alt-Right. We have been eagerly anticipating the attack for days now. After watching the speech though, I was struck by the fact that Hillary wasn’t so much attacking the Alt-Right as much as she was agreeing with us on one of our central arguments.

The cornerstone of the Alt-Right has always been its critique and rejection of mainstream conservatism. The Alt-Right is composed of disparate factions, but the one thing that unites the Alt-Right is its hostility to the conservative movement. Donald Trump is a somewhat unifying figure, but the Alt-Right’s rejection of conservatism goes back years before he arrived on the scene. I can say without exaggeration that more people on the Alt-Right hate conservatism than support Donald Trump. In fact, the Alt-Right’s support for Trump in the primary was driven by its antipathy toward conservatism.

The “cuckservative” slur emerged last summer when the Alt-Right began targeting mainstream conservatives on Twitter. To be perfectly honest, the Alt-Right relishes fighting mainstream conservatives more than fighting Hillary Clinton and the Left. Why is that? Why does the Alt-Right hate mainstream conservatism so much?

It’s because the Alt-Right has a grudging respect for the Left. The Democrats are composed of a number of client groups: LGBTs, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, blacks, environmentalists, SJWs, Wall Street donors and so on. The Democrats aren’t at war with their own base. They identify with their base. They aren’t ashamed of it. Liberal pundits aren’t constantly antagonizing their base and signaling to their base how much they agree with the Republicans. They deliver substantial victories for their base. They’re not champions of our interests, but they are legitimate champions of the groups they represent. Hillary is just a machine politician.

The cuckservative is the exact opposite of a faithful champion. They are not champions of the rightwing base they claim to represent. They are a group of rent seeking frauds who are running a scam on White America. The vast majority of them are secretly ashamed and embarrassed of their base. There are plenty of cuckservative pundits who will now say this openly. Many are them are just grifters who graduated with journalism degrees and landed a job in the corrupt apparatus of Conservatism, Inc.


By definition, a cuckservative is a weak man or woman who suffers from status anxiety. They are people who engage in failure theater for the sake of perpetuating a financial racket. They honestly don’t want to win. They crave defeat and humiliation. A cuckservative is someone who craves “respectability” that can only be bestowed upon them by their leftist peers. They are constantly virtue signaling to their leftist peers on television and online how much they desire their praise and respectability, for instance, the highly coveted title of not being seen as a racist, or being seen as “one of the good ones.” The ultimate score is to transition from a conservative pundit to landing a job writing for the #LyingPress.

The Alt-Right perceives this loyalty/disloyalty divide as the cardinal feature of conservatism. That’s why they draw an analogy between mainstream conservatism and an adulterous wife and her punked, humiliated, cuckolded husband. A cuckservative is always waiting for an opportunity to signal his or her disdain for the people who are supposedly the political allies and clients. They are born losers whose weakness invites aggression.

Hillary Clinton agrees with our analysis. That’s why she is singling out the cucks for praise in her speech below. She knows they are harmless. She knows they have only been pretending to oppose the Left to perpetuate their own lucrative careers. She knows they want their base to lose the election. She knows all the cuckservative pundits in their #NeverTrump circle jerk are signaling 24/7 on Twitter their readiness to stab the base in the back in order to *prove* they are “one of the good ones”:

“Hillary Clinton’s speech today on Donald Trump and the “alt-right” was, in no small part part, aimed at telling moderate Republican voters and GOP-leaning independents that their values aren’t truly represented by the nightmare ideology otherwise known as Trumpism. He may be the GOP nominee, but he has perverted and distorted Republicanism into something so twisted and horrifying, so unlike anything else we’ve seen in modern times, that they shouldn’t feel bound by party loyalty or political habit to stand by him. …”

The Washington Post agrees with what I am saying here. To borrow a phrase I keep hearing on Twitter from liberal pundits, she’s trying to create a “permission structure” for the cucks to display their status that they are “one of the good ones.” It’s all right. Trump is so bad that you had no other choice but to snub your “base”!

Will it work?

I don’t know. Trump also has their number is fighting hard to prove he is not a racist to win The Battle of Cucked America. He is trying to show these voters that you can vote for him and still be “one of the good ones.” They need permission to vote for him – some kind of fig leaf that allows them to assuage their status anxiety.

Note: I’m about to turn on the television now. There should be a a school of cucks on the cable networks tonight all flashing and signaling to the “base” their thoughts on Hillary’s badass speech. Let’s take a look!

Update: Radix sees Hillary “making a direct plea for Conservatism Inc. to merge with her rather than risk a hostile takeover by the Alt-Right.” They’re born losers. They want to lose. Will they do it?

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  1. Excellent piece, Hunter. As you know, my grudge with the cuckservatives goes back at least 20+ years. They keep losing and losing and losing. They’ve hoodwinked our people for too many years now. In their hearts, they are cowards from lower middle-class backgrounds who want to erase the shame they feel over their origins by signaling and stabbing their fellow Whites in the back. They have to go.

    • That is true, although there is an elite consisting of folks like George W. Bush, his brother Jeb, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan that are extremely wealthy and extremely influential.

      I guess a somewhat accurate analogy would be some of the rich Brits that stabbed South Africa in the back during the 80’s and early 90’s. Note that I mean those that lived/live there.

      • That’s a good analogy.

        The fucking soutpiels looked down on the Afrikaners as dumb, violent brutes and sold them out to the globalists and their pet kaffirs.

        There’s something wrong with modern Anglo conservatives.

        • One of the main reasons for Negro-Run South Africa was that it began paying rent to the Queen again. They were immediately reinstated to the League of Nations and British Companies were free to exploit again without fear of protest. It was the Boers who banned Interracial Marriage and lived apart while under British Rule it was a multiracial multicultural sh=t pit

        • You mean the (((soutpiels))) like Harry Oppenheimer, self-described “quiet engine behind the ANC”?

  2. I’m watching that faggot Chris Hayes. Julia The Jew Ioffe is on as well. They are coming for US. Trump must not fail, or apologize. RaHoWa is NOW.

  3. Why does the Alt-Right hate mainstream conservatism so much?

    There is an important practical reason, which is that the mainstream conservative establishment blocks explicit white identity politics. They say, “vote for us or the left will win.” They are essentially controlled opposition.

    • The nucleus of part of the alt right were traditional paleo conservatives that were fired from William Buckleys cuckservative rag National Review. People like Sam Francis, Joseph Sobran, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire and Ann Coulter usually for the crime of “noticing” Jewish behaviour in politics and Black criminality. You might throw in Pat Buchanon etc.

      These people were ineffective until the hard alt-right started what is called somewhat incorrectly trolling. This is an unashamed attack and critique of the left and parasitic minority welfare groups often using irony and paradox to expose their inconsistencies and double standards. Up till then we had tried polite reasoned debate, something which was a failure and got us called names since this was beyond reason and compromise.

      Reminds me of the Saga song “Hypocrite”.

  4. “His latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. And all I can say Donald is ‘dream on’ ha ha ha ha ha cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough excuse me I’m about to have a bobble-head seizure.”

  5. Mainstream “conservatism” at best does nothing, at worst aids the worst liberal policy. See Ryan’s Obamanibus, and the earlier Gang of 8 that got Eric Cantored. Bush? Medicare part D and two quagmire wars. McCain? TARP. Romney? Romneycare was Massachusetts Obamacare prototype he was proud of. Crony capitalism.

    A quarter century of cuckservativism as come to an end.

  6. On this so called speech

    1) Wrestle with a pig and you both get covered in filth, bu the pig likes it

    2) Hillary Clinton has no idea what the alt-right is, you think she is exposed to “fashy memes”, The Daily Shoah, anti-Semitic remarks? No way. This speech was written for her

    3) They pulled back on the speech fearing it would backfire, this is not a full-throated attack.

    4) The gears of history are turning

  7. Cucks before primary: We can’t let Trump become our nominee because that will give the general election to Hillary.

    Cucks after primary: We have no choice but side with Hillary just to keep Trump from becoming president.

    Cucks after 1yr of Trump’s presidency: I was actually proTrump all along.

  8. One of the most prevalent arguments made in favor of illegal and mass immigration is that we need workers to do jobs that Americans won’t do such as in construction and agriculture. While I don’t agree with this, I will concede the point for the sake of argument. However, there is a smart way to bring in workers and a stupid way.

    Have you ever been to a gulf nation such as Kuwait? I have. If you visit Kuwait you won’t see one worker who is Kuwaiti. They bring in temporary workers, let them work for a few years, and then send them home to be replaced by new workers. The Kuwaiti’s benefit from the labor without having to permanently support immigrant workers and their families with medical care, schooling, language services, and entitlements. The nations that supply the workers also benefit by having their citizens return home to spend the money they have saved.

    Contrast that with the US. We import workers and their families through both legal and illegal avenues. Corporations benefit from the cheap labor while pushing the costs onto the American taxpayer. Eventually the workers and their families become citizens, become eligible for entitlements, and soon realize that they no longer have to work for low wages. This necessitates bringing in more workers to replace them. Americans become saddled with millions of more poor people and the nations that supply the workers never benefit.

    The Kuwaiti method is in the interests of their citizens while the US method is not in our interests. If the political class was really concerned about the need for workers and didn’t have other hidden agendas, then they would adopt the Kuwaiti method and not continue with our current policies.

  9. She basically went all-in on a meme war…

    …with 4chan.

    Note to self: go long on popcorn futures.

  10. Matt Lewis ? @mattklewis
    Strategically, Trump always does *exactly* what I think he shouldn’t; Hillary does exactly what I’d do…

    Well, of course.

  11. I don’t really care HOW Donald Trump destroys the Republicuck Party. I don’t care WHAT Donald Trump does today or tomorrow. What I do know is that Donald Trump has accomplished exactly what I hoped for back in 1996 running as a LibberToon for Governor of Missouri — namely destroying the Republicunt Establishment all across the Fruited & Nutted ZOG-plain.

    The Dem[on]ocrats cannot long endure the destruction of the [dis]Loyal Opposition [to whigger AmuriKwa]. Do any niggers or Hillary know how to run an AK-47 ammunition factory or how to plant, cultivate, or harvest Monsanto Roundup-Ready GMO corn or soybeans? How to do anything leading to providing mentholated cigarettes, grape drink or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

    Now growing agribusiness grain or meat or creating munitions requires a certain skill set that takes years to master. Hillary can maybe buck 31-trillion to one odds in cattle futures, but I greatly doubt that evil sick bitch even remotely knows how to raise a feeder calf & she is too sick and crazed to suckle.

    When the financial markets soon implode there won’t be credit or money to buy the petroleum-based GMO seeds, or fertilizer or herbicides or fuel for the quarter-million ZOGbux tractors, combines, or trucks to store grain or soybeans. Thus the crops in Iowa or Florida or California will not be planted, harvested or grown. And then there will be hunger.

    I am struck by how much hatred of piglice or whiggers there was displayed by that evil sick crooked bitch and the lying jewsmedia. Isn’t Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, and the Ashkenazi Defecation League and the $PLC “haet groups”?

    Hillary is scared rightly, that if the jewboy commie Bernie Sanders would have gotten mad at being cheated from the git go, what does anyone think if Trump is cheated in the general election — or merely loses? How is Hillary gonna win if there is no “[j]united Together” like 6th Day Beasts of the Field under the whip of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final?

    The Book of Jasher says that the Garments of Power given to Adam and Eve made of the skins of every beasts of the field giving them dominion over all of them — especially the lyings, tiggers, bears and niggers and gooks — which was stolen after the Flood from Noah by Ham — father of the Canaanites — and given to Nimrod to form ZOG/Babylon the Second over all the Beasts of the Field is doubtless getting mighty frayed after 6,000 years. no matter the care by the mischling Hittite/Khazars or the Amorites or the Sidonians.

    Only the lineage of Shem and of Japheth were immune to the glower of the Garments of Power, and they had to be enslaved through force or fraud. The fraud and the force is also wearing mighty thin.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  12. Pay close attention to Hillary’s remarks, and she basically confessed (which is not something any Clinton does that often) that D vs R R vs D C vs L L vs C politics are fan dances. All this love she has for Dole, Bush and McCain, when any other time they’re Nazi/Klan just like Trump? And we’re supposed to buy that?

    • Decades ago she was quoted as saying the Republicans stand for nothing, and she was right. The Dems know the system, and they know the correct part the Republicans play in that system. Confidence swindlers working for them and Wall Street by delivering their white “marks” up for exploitation.

  13. President Hillary Clinton is our destination and thanks to the Negroes being allowed to vote its a given. ASIDE FROM TERRORISTS BOMBING THE WHITE HOUSE NEW YORK OR HOLLYWOOD OR BOMBING THE SEARS TOWER she has this sewed up or she is IN LIKE FLYNN. She is estimated to bring near 100% of the Negro vote in Virginia and Ohio.

    Everyone read and study this link. We have no shot. If the ballot is basically worthless then we have to think about other ways.


  14. The Alternative Right has become mainstream. Just look at the establishment media like Fox News denouncing real Conservatives! Talking about nobody has ever heard of the figures in the Alternative Right. That’s the focus of the establishment and strategy. Just ignore anyone who’s not a Cuck or a Liberal! The Alternative Right is a real populist group in America. Deo Vindice !

  15. To any cuck that may be reading this, please be aware – and make your cuck friends aware – that should Trump lose, it won’t be long until a critical mass of righteous White anger is reach and boils over. All we’ll need is a catalyst.

    And when that happens, you should understand that we have every one of your names on our enemies’ list, and this is not for nothing.

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