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  1. In other news one of my favorites Rep. Tom Tancredo is savaging the LDS Mormons for sabotaging patriotic immigration policy, re electing McInsane.

    The idiot LDS governor of Utah or maybe Idaho is saying insane things against Trump and supporting mass Islamic immigration under the idea that LDS Mormons were once a persecuted religious immigrant community .

      • My experience is that LDS Mormons are good people

        They betray us for the same reason that Liberation Theology Catholic Pope Francis is doing photo ops licking the boots of Black Muslim migrants invading Italy.

        Mormons want to be nice want to go with the flow

        Don t try to use reason with these types

        Treat them
        Like puppies who poop in the family home

        Rub their noses in the poop

        • Charles Murray noticed that back in the spring, Trump was weakest with the kind of white people who: (A) Live in pretty much all white areas, AND (B) Have some sort of sense of community for some reason, ethnicity, religion. Which explains Mormons

          • Those were different Mormons

            Today ‘s LDS Mormons are a club of clean nice well dressed White people and converts that want to dress the same

          • Weird as they are they did have a good reason for resentment. They left the United States and crossed the border to found their own land by the Salt Lake and next thing you know the Union Army shows up and says “this is ours now and you better do things our way.” Its as if some group goes and founds their own independent colony on Mars to get away from the New World Order and suddenly Earth Troops arrive and tell them it’s over and they are once again subjects of political correctness.

        • They are NOT “good people”…good business owners but they teach that Jesus and Satan are brothers.

    • Since the puritans came to America and established their “colonies”(companies).they have been playing that jew victim game.Even the free and accepted masons play it,these demons have always hidden behind that victimhood narrative.

      • The Calvinist Puritans believed the Jews were the Nation of Israel, going against 1600 years of doctrine at that point recognizing the Jews as lost and Christians as the true Israel and Israelites. Freemasonry pushed this! Unfortunately many Southern Leaders were also Freemasons and were serving the enemy, most never realizing it at the time. I wonder how much of the South’s gold that Jew Benjamin absconded with is now in Israel?

        • The English puritans were early investors in the Dutch East india companies.
          Sounds like how they looted Spain in the Spanish civil war.
          There is a good book called “iron curtain over America”Beatty.1951 that is full of esoteric information.He put the blame on khazars which I don’t completely agree on,and he made white Christians to be without fault,Must have book for Historians.

    • Islam and Mormonism is basically in my eyes the same thing, neither recognize Jesus Christ as GOD’s SON because if the Mormons did recognize Jesus as God’s Son they wouldn’t believe he sent another book to be written especially to them ie BOOK OF MORMON which is in my mind a Mormon Quran. Jesus said not to add to nor take from. Paul said that if an angel came to your church or to you personally and told you “other things contrary to Biblical revelation” tell him to get behind you because it’s Satan. Simple enough

    • It will also effect Nevada, which is a swing state Trump needs. Loads of Mormons in Nevada, and they all vote.

  2. You heard it here first: When people go into the voting booth to vote for President—they will not vote for a woman.

  3. Catholic Martyrs and American Patriots have at least one thing in common, the blood of both of these rare individuals is the seed of institutions they are trying to preserve, the Church, in the case of Martyrs and Liberty, in the case of American Patriots. It looks like a lot of seed is about to be planted.

    • Your church has genocided millions of TRUE Christian martyers for refusing to bow to you demon poopes. There are also the Huguenots, the Waldenses AND THE INQUISITION. Your church is the most cruel and evil institution on earth…Islam was founded by the Augustianian monks.

  4. Farage, a great man, was careful not to trigger the antiracist immune system. They still called him racist, but it didn’t stick.

  5. Farage should flash mob Hillary. Would be fck in hilarious if he were in the studio audience during debate.

  6. Alt Right is the ONLY anti-PC zone.

    Conservatism Inc or Cuckservatism will not touch on many issues pertaining to race and Jewish power because they serve the donor class and want approval from the cocktail party crowd.

    Liberalism Inc or Globalism is now the Ruling Elite, and it cares most about its power. It fears any truth that undermines the Narrative that buttresses their power and privilege. It is totally Jewish-Homo dominated and promotes MLK cult and Homomania are new religions.

    The Left is ideologically dead. At one time, the radical left did play an provocative and effective role of challenging the status quo and critiquing power. Of course, this coincided with Jewish radicals being resentful of Wasp elites who held the commanding heights of power. But now that Jews are the ruling elites, many on the Left(still dominated by Jews) don’t want to take on the elites all that much. Tribal Courtesy. Also, PC came from the Left, and it stifles debate, controversy, and free exchange of ideas. Because the Left is so hampered by PC, there are many things it cannot say. And since the Left is funded by the likes of George Soros, it has essentially become Left Inc. A fraud. Idiot Left gave us ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘microaggressions’. Such ideas are a great advantage to the ruling elites. It means the silly SJWs will be so worked up over petty nonsense that they will never see the Big Picture. They will be too busy going after ants to go realize who has real power over them.

    So, there is only the Alt Right that is bold and brazen enough to say it like it is. And to keep things this way, Ramzpaul is right. Alt Right must steer clear of 14/88 types who are essentially the SJWs of the Right. Shrill, stupid, and ignorant, they just know a few slogans and symbols, and that’s about it. And they are total philistines when it comes to culture.

    Alt Right needs to form core visions and principles, but it must always foster a culture of free discussion. 14/88 types have no understanding and appreciation of that.


  7. We blame the elites for globalism and lack of patriotism. But we must blame the masses too.

    After all, so many ordinary people in the Third World want to abandon their homelands, identities, cultures, and values to come to the First World because they want a better material life. They don’t care if their children don’t know their own history and don’t preserve their identity & culture. They don’t care if their kids just become generic ‘Americans’ and indulge in little more than American hedonism and Pop Culture. In so many immigrant communities in the US, and the young ones imitate MTV and Hollywood. The girls dress like whores, and the boys emulate rappers. This is true of Mexicans, Filipinos, Turks, Koreans, Russians, Cubans, Pakistanis, etc.

    And they want to race-mix like crazy and lose their own identity. So many Hispanic and Asian women prefer to mix with white men and produce mixed-race kids for white fathers.

    So, it’s not just the elites. Even the masses are willing to surrender their identities, cultures, and territories in exchange for material advantage and more fun. The great majority of Japanese say they want to emigrate. So, they don’t mind going some place else, race-mixing, and abandoning their own identity and culture. These self-centered masses of Japanese don’t care if Japan will be taken over by other peoples.

    Even immigrant parents who work hard care only about their kids becoming rich and successful, not about their kids preserving and passing down identity and culture(or caring about the homeland whence they came.)

    Why do so many non-white immigrant groups oppose Trump when he opposes globalism that is spreading American neo-imperialist supremacism all over the world? Doesn’t globalism undermine the sovereignty of their homelands? No matter. All that the non-white masses care about is having the chance to come to the West and living in a McMansion. For that, they are willing to leave behind their homelands and sell their culture/identities down the river.

    It’s the sad way of the world.


    • These Chinese come here with the exact same attitude that the public school system textbooks mock the settlers of Jamestown with: expecting to get off the boat and set out picking up gold nuggets off the ground. They have no ethics and would peddle Rock Hudson’s aids ridden blood to a blood bank if they could get away with it. True “Ferengi” types peddling shoddy goods straight out of a Deep Space 9 episode.

  8. Is Trump betraying his voter base? Given that he still supports a wall on the border, extreme vetting of immigrants, and deporting criminal aliens, he is still far better than Clinton. However, the media is already claiming his “softening” of his position on deportations is a radical change and is hypocritical. Since Trump hasn’t actually stated what his new position is yet, there is still a chance that he will still support deporting illegal invaders. Yet, if he accepts that those that have invaded our borders can be permitted to stay in the country then he has begun on the road toward the globalist, open borders position and away from his nationalist campaign. He also opens himself up to continued attack on the rest of his immigration platform.

  9. One area in which Alt Right is ahead of everyone, even Trump, is that it accurately, honestly, courageously, and correctly identifies Jewish Power as the MAIN FORCE behind the dehumanization and dispossession of white people.

    This is where even Trump fails. All this “We must hate on Muslims to protect Jews and homos” totally misses the point.

    Unless we aim for the main enemy target, the white race cannot make real change and save itself.

    Imagine in a war where all your firepower are aimed at everything BUT the main hilltop with the biggest cannons.

    It doesn’t matter how much firepower you have if your aim is off and not hitting the area that is shooting volleys at you.

    Suppose your enemy has a pistol with one bullet while you have a machine gun with a 1000 rounds. Suppose he aims the pistol at your head while you aim your gun at everything but him. You can shoot all you want, but it won’t make any difference. In contrast, he need to pull the trigger only once to kill you.

    It’s like in boxing. The boxer beats the brawler because the boxer knows the sweet science of hitting the opponent right on the button. Brawler just flails, missing most of the punches while tiring.

    It’s the politics of aim. If you don’t have the aim, you can’t win the game.

    Jews aim for white power. In contrast, whites have been aiming at everything but Jewish power that has been most instrumental in the destruction of the white race. All those conservatives who worry about Sharia in America, Russia(in ‘new cold war’), or Iran… what a bunch of dummies. Maybe they think they can appease Jews by hating on nations and peoples that Jews hate, but Jews are insatiable and never reciprocate in kind.

    Alt Right is in the vanguard because it identifies the proper target. Jewish Power. Alt Right doesn’t hate Jews as a people. But it knows that Jewish Power is out to destroy the white race. Too many powerful Jews are like George Soros.

  10. (((Neo-cons))) or (((Neo-libs))), they are the Neozis hellbent on destroying the world. What an irony. Jews who bitch so much about the Nazis have become the Neozis.

    Read this article: http://www.unz.com/article/provoking-nuclear-war-by-media/

    Hillary is part of this murderous globo-cabal, but she accuses the Alt Right(that has no money and no institutional power) as the ‘dark’ menace to the world.

    Too funny. But the (((media))) are owned by you know who.


  11. Off topic, but was surprised to see Sarah Jessica Parker looking like Melania Trump last evening (Wednesday, Aug 24), at the supermarket checkout …

    • A large minority of jews support Trump…Billy Joel, Roseanne Barr, Gene Simmons, Carl Icahn. There must surely be others, but if so they are being bullied into silence by their “co-religionists”.

      • LOL. Rosanne Barr.
        Trump has Roman Catholics & Jews on the payroll, but, won’t use or even defend legitimate White Protestant leaders & intellectuals.

  12. Inviting Mr. Farage to speak is a smart move by Trump, it shows where he stands on the increasingly important issue of nationalism vs. globalism.

    I love the quote given below. What other major party candidate would say such things? Go Trump!

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