The Alt-Right Rises To Challenge Liberalism

We’re challenging the liberal world order now, folks. In fact, we’re the biggest challenger that world liberalism has seen since the fall of communism:

“But it is the underlying ideology of the Alt-Right, rather than its controversial policy positions, that is truly sinister. Alt-Right thought is based on white nationalism and anti-Americanism. The Alt-Right holds, in essence, that all men are not created equal, and that as racial equality has displaced white dominance, America has declined and no longer merits the allegiance of its white citizens. …

In short, this new strain of reactionary thought goes beyond the garden-variety racial prejudice of yore — which certainly was bad enough — to a root-and-branch rejection of American 21st century values. The Alt-Right represents the first new philosophical competitor to liberalism, broadly defined, since the fall of Communism. …”

I can’t say that I disagree.

I don’t agree with any aspect of liberalism whether it is the origin myth of the “State of Nature” or “Original Position,” its radical individualism, the blank slate, the notion that universal human rights exist like stars or planets, “freedom” and “equality” as the twin poles of politics, or social contracts that result in proposition nations.

Why should I believe in racial equality? I don’t see any compelling evidence that racial equality exists. If I had a good reason to believe that the races are exactly the same in every respect, I would readily admit it. It would make my life much easier. I don’t see it. That’s why I don’t believe it. It’s not because I hate or wish to harm anyone.

Every system of measurement known to man points to the conclusion that the human races are not equal in their genius or capacity to maintain a civilization. I don’t think it is my fault that this is so. I think the system we live under now, which has squandered trillions of dollars based on the false premise of human equality, is spitting in the wind.

I think it is a bald faced lie to say that blacks are suffering from systemic racism and that I am the beneficiary of white privilege. I’m the one who is discriminated against! I’m the one who is denounced from the commanding heights of the media and academia for being the villain of world history! Sorry, but if the Klan or some other pro-White group was secretly running the United States, wouldn’t we know about it?

Liberalism is built on an edifice of lies. We’re just pointing out what is increasingly obvious.

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  1. “The Alt-Right holds, in essence, that all men are not created equal”

    I don’t mind people saying that everyone is equal, whatever that means, but I don’t think that people are interchangeable, and I’m against the genocide of White people by race replacement, which is what Hillary Clinton supports.

    The Jewish theory that she advocates holds that White people, in the name of racial equality, can be replaced by non-Whites.

    (And the same Jewish theory of racial equality holds that non-Whites can never be replaced by Whites. For example, they say it’s unfair if the non-Whites are under-represented at the top).

  2. No one believes in any sort of equality, no one, it is merely an appeal to the moral authority of whites.

    We should ask to be thought of as their equals, they will laugh in our faces, we’re being trolled folks, troll back, better

  3. “America has declined and no longer merits the allegiance of its white citizens.” Multicultural America doesn’t have anything to offer white Americans.

  4. It seems the Alt Right has made the big time, if a professor at ((( Baruch College ))) is writing a book about it. As far as rejecting 21st century America, root and branch, I’ll accept that characterization. The rest was just standard SJW word salad.

  5. It is the democratic party with its belief in racial equality and equality of economic outcomes which is attacking the American achievement. The notion of racial equality has silenced whites from questioning Jewish power and Jewish privilege. It leaves whites vulnerable to Black, HIspanic and Asian racial agitatorswho blackmail whites for reparations and other benefits when there is a disparity in economic outcomes.

  6. Hunter have you ever read Asimov’s Foundation?

    Inadevertently the Alt-Right has generated something similar. I had no idea that a few alienated shit posters had formulated the basis for the state that will emerge from the wreck of the Empire.

  7. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party’s religious and cultural relativism leaves Chrisitans defenseless against homosexual who want to impose their degenerate values on America and Muslim agitators who want to impose on America.

  8. Let’s take guns.

    In white hands they produce no detectable increase in rates of violence.

    In black hands they produce casualty figures similar to low intensity warfare.

    Are guns bad or are whites and blacks unequal?

  9. The alt-right’s philosophies are the world’s first ideologies born in the 21st century. The alt-right is wielding today’s toys when all the other kiddies are playing with yesterday’s toys.

  10. “Why should I believe in racial equality? (…) If I had a good reason to believe that the races are exactly the same in every respect…”

    EQUALITY and SAMENESS are two different things. Unless you are comparing something specific, like IQ or height, “equality” usually has to do with your social status in a particular group.

    When the jews say the savages they invite into White countries must be given the same status as White people’s children, that’s an obvious plan to destroy White nations.

    But when they insist that Europeans and Africans are the same people (apart from skin color), it’s harder to guess what’s in the back of their minds. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Maybe they want to destroy truth and common sense as well as White people. Or maybe it’s a way to humiliate us by showing off their political power. They say a bald faced lie and then wait for the funny reaction of White people who are afraid to call the jewish BS. Maybe we are being gradually conditioned to shut up and accept the jewish dictatorship?

    • Clinton wins, Merrick Garland becomes 4th Jew on Supreme Court, with a strong chance that a genuine Sanhedrin (5 Jews out of 9 justices).

      That would be a dangerous situation, no? Why, then, are so many still trying to salvage the paradigm of the United States?

    • But when they insist that Europeans and Africans are the same people (apart from skin color), it’s harder to guess what’s in the back of their minds. It doesn’t make any sense.

      Of course it makes sense. It makes accepting other races a lot simpler if whites are convinced that they are equal to whites in their capacity to maintain the living standards that whites are accustomed to. If whites believed – as whites once did – that an influx of stupid, violent niggers would make their cities unlivable and white people walking targets for nigger crime and anti-white hatred, then it would be a lot harder to convince whites to accept the influx.

    • We are slaves, indeed. Slaves to shekels and the cult of Baal. Vox Day speaks of the lie of “Judeo-Christian” values, and how that meme cucked our Christian nation and it’s people into shabbos goys.

  11. As I’ve said before, all this “anti-racism” is just a phony attempt to put a moral face on what is just a grubby, vicious cat-fight for the most valuable commodity on the North American continent: not oil, minerals, agricultural or manufactured products, but white slaves. Even Conservatism, Inc. and the Republican party trade in white slaves. The value of these slaves puts the combined value of all other commodities in North America in the shade, and it’s important to keep that market going. Which is why white interests, and ONLY white interests, can never be deemed legitimate by the system. Whites must remain atomized in order to keep the exploitation going. Whites believing they have common interests is in fact the beginning of a slave revolt, and the potential ruination of those in the slave industry. It’s only natural that Republicans and Conservatives are hit first in a slave revolt since their job in the industry is that of overseers, they’re the ones in closest contact with the slaves and the ones directly responsible for keeping most of the slaves on the plantation and working for Master.

    Racial inequality is a fact, and while it’s OK to acknowledge that fact it’s rather beside the point. Whites, like everyone else, have a unique culture and people that we want to preserve regardless of the qualities of other people or cultures. Bringing the argument down to racial differences suggests that your right to exist as a people rests on some performance criteria, typically materialism, and that if your opponents can make a plausible case that diversity increases material comfort your right to exist is null and void. (Of course in the real world, they don’t care about prosperity or anything else, they just want you dead. They’re an irrational racist mass-murder movement. They’re even willing to ally themselves with Muslims and Islamic terrorists, they don’t care about what sort of society comes afterward, they just want you dead.)

    • Racial inequality is a fact, and while it’s OK to acknowledge that fact it’s rather beside the point.

      I agree, BUT it’s still very much worth pointing out because it draws attention to the fact that “liberals” or “multiracialists” (or whatever you want to call them) aren’t going to get the kind of society they think they’re going to get by ignoring race. They need to be made to realize that the fact of racial inequality ensures that it just won’t work the way they want it to. If all you do is drone on about whites having a unique culture and that it’s legitimate to want to preserve it, these people tune out, because they’re not interesting in any of those things. Pointing out the facts of racial reality is one of the few ways to snap them out of their delusions.

  12. The state of nature early humans lived in was unrelenting cruelty towards each other. It is clear that the more “primitive” a society is the bigger prevalence of “witch hunts” which goes on to this day in Africa and New Guinea. While an Alpha Male would definitely need to have the respect and loyalty of most of the men to rally into an Army, (the idealized version found in Shakespeare’s (DeVere’s?) King Henry V rallying the men before Agincourt), just like in grade school primitive societies always have to cast a small number of outsiders as the villains and outright kill them at times. Hunter Gatherers probably killed the unpopular as witches during disease outbreaks the way the elder Papuan Highlanders describe to Anthropologists. In such a society such an unpalatable creature like Andrea Dworkin would quickly have the finger pointed at and be ridded of as a witch.

  13. I would point out that the term “patriotism” is much abused. What passes for patriotism under the current American system is actually pseudo-patriotism, the negation of original patriotism. Patriotism, from the Latin word Pater, denoting father. Thus in its most pristine sense it implies loyalty to a kindred stock. That is what Jefferson meant when he used the world “Consanguinity” in the Declaration of Independence.

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