The Case for Trump: Hillary’s Signal Boost

As I have explained, the most important reason to vote for Trump is that he is expanding our base by converting ordinary conservatives to national populism.

Hillary’s Alt-Right speech was a massive signal boost. She has put the Alt-Right on the national stage at the center of a vast rightwing conspiracy. Even better, she held George W. Bush and John McCain up as examples of the neutered, non-threatening mainstream conservatism that Democrats are used to whipping.

By making the Alt-Right into the new Democrat boogeyman (a role formerly held by the Tea Party), she could keep the national spotlight on us for years. If she goes down in November, it will follow that the Alt-Right which has hijacked the Republican Party is to blame for her defeat. White Nationalists will have taken over America!

Hard Alt-Right, not merely Alt-Right Lite, will be a media sensation. In regrouping for 2018 and 2020, the Hard Alt-Right will be an irresistible target for the Democrats and the media – these are the “racists” and “sexists” who are oppressing you, or so it will go. In other words, the days of the “no platforming” strategy will be a relic of the past.

The media will give the Hard Alt-Right a national platform at a time when 55 percent of White America says life has gotten worse for people like them. The vast majority of these people have never been exposed to our message because of the “no platforming” strategy of the media which denies us a voice.

What could go wrong? It won’t be just the numbers of Alt-Right Lite going up.

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  1. This is why the criticism of Trump is getting tiresome. Here’s a guy who has chucked away his “good name” and the whining from the professional-national-socialists just increases. It’s as if no one wants to test the thesis of nationalism against something actually happening, reg.

    • Do you not remember that period, a few months ago, when it seemed Trump really had shifted the Overton window? On the internet, right after that Islamist train-station attack, in Belgium, I saw a clip from that morning TV show, “The View.” The women on it were saying things like, “Is Trump right?” As I pointed out a couple of days ago, Trump had pulled even with Hillary, in the polls, a month or so ago, without his having to compromise on the wall, the Muslim ban, etc. Now, he seems to be making one compromise after another, apparently to recover electoral support he threw away, with a series of missteps. Why should those who’d been supporting him not be bothered by that?

        • No way at all (unless you’re counting things like cheering for him at websites like this one).

          • It’s fascinating that the Alt-Right speech by Hillary comes a few days before the key policy delivery by Trump.

    • Haven’t heard that.

      I seriously doubt it. I know he hired Mark Krikorian the other day. I’m about 90 percent sure the “immigration pivot” will be Roy Beck/Mark Krikorian orthodox restrictionism. Changing the Muslim ban into a silly ideological test was another Krikorian idea.

      • Hiring anti-immigration stalwart Krikorian is huge. It would be incredible if he cucked on immigration now.

        • He’s unlikely to cuck on immigration.

          If he was going to do it, he wouldn’t do it in front of a large audience. He wouldn’t be boasting about it on Twitter. He wouldn’t have hired Krikorian.

          The much anticipated “pivot” will be unveiled as another Krikorian too-clever stylistic reframing of the issue. The media will scream “amnesty” when all he has done is walk back his rhetoric to the NumbersUSA platform.

    • A wall is a very easy thing to do. The 6,000,000 deportations back to Mexico will be hard work. I hope your sources are wrong.

      • Very simple if you have the balls and there’s probably 30 million illegals minimum here. 1st. You tell employers that they can keep working their aliens for 6 weeks while they save to vacate the country. Tell employers all 4B immigrant workers can work for 8 weeks while they train their American replacements. Tell the aliens that after that point all funds will be confiscated from them to pay for their incarceration and deportation. Tell all employers they will be prosecuted under the RICO act and it will not be fines but jail time and a total asset forfeiture. The the final bold stroke. Bribe the Africans in the Congo to take all “migrants” that we catch in the US for a settlement fee. Fly them all to the Congo and drop them off to a tent city in the middle of the Congo with some shovels and seed to plant. We wouldn’t have to send more than a few plane loads and all illegal immigration would come to a complete halt.

    • Is Bob Whitaker still running?

      Just kidding, I can put up with Trump for 73 more days.

      Breaking up a nation that has thrived in three different historical epochs (Agrarian, Industrial, Information) isn’t something you do between dropping off the dry cleaning and picking up the kids at day care. Yet it may come to it shortly.

      • Trump has sold us out on amnesty and maybe the wall too. You, John and Celestial Time wouldn’t be so blasé about a Republican conceding on amnesty if it were anyone but Trump.

        Trump at this point is doing what has been impossible for 10 years. He is doing what George W Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the GOP elite has been trying to do since 2006 which is get the GOP base to acquiesce to amnesty. They finally found the right guy to dupe people. Donald Trump.

        • It doesn’t matter because if in his speech on Wednesday night he says he supports amnesty and is not building a wall, Trump will lose, Hillary will win and we get everything – amnesty, open borders, mass Muslim flood, ALL of it with Hillary.

          So you won’t have to worry about any double cross because Hillary will win.

        • I’d say he loses anyway if he backs off of a commitment to combing out the Mestizo lice from El Norte.

          It’s the campaign’s purpose.

        • The “deportation force” was always going to be a president allowing ICE to do its job. Even NumbersUSA claims to be against “mass deportations” and “mass roundups.” They share the same goal, but prefer to use softer language.

          The media is spinning Trump’s “pivoting” toward the Roy Beck/Krikorianism rhetorical position as a huge change when its not:

          “in that nobody in this country illegally should be able to get a job or taxpayer benefits. Nobody here illegally who is apprehended by our government should fail to be put into removal proceedings, as required by law. However, I do not favor mass roundups and mass deportations, primarily because they are too expensive. Steady removals as described above, plus the ending of the jobs and benefits magnets would handle the problem for a fraction of the cost and in a way that would be much more likely to reach the public approval needed to get enacted.”

          • RoyBeck: “I do not favor mass roundups and mass deportations, primarily because they are too expensive.”

            The idea that it is too expensive to kick out the parasites is complete nonsense.

            Maybe when the government starts kicking out the illegals, the jewsmedia will start showing us non stop footage of sobbing Mexican families (paid to sob) being put on buses to Mexico. Roy Beck wouldn’t like that. But the media could do it now too. Even under Obama, there are some expulsions going on.

            If Roy Beck doesn’t like “mass roundups”, he should tell Trump to expel the Mexicans in individual taxis instead of using buses.

        • I hope you are wrong but it certainly seems that way. He has worked the ‘southern strategy’ to a T. We will see where we end up with Trump. I guess what remains to be seen is if Trump really moves to the center(or even worse) in spite of his early rhetoric where all this talk of alt-right and white nationalism goes now? Will it all be deflated or move on to something bigger?

    • ?”@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago From day one I said that I was going to build a great wall on the SOUTHERN BORDER, and much more. Stop illegal immigration. Watch Wednesday!”

      Um, yeah. Looks like “word” don’t know shit, Lew.

    • “Word is going around Trump is going to reverse himself on the wall on Wednesday.”

      ” On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable physical tall powerful beautiful southern border wall. We will use the best technology, including above-and below-ground sensors (…), towers, aerial surveillance and manpower to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels, and keep out criminal cartels… “

  2. How can the (((political – media establishment))) hope to fight back against a movement that has these two guys as its spokesmen?

  3. …Bill Maher (tv host and Cornell University graduate), has a blog and documentary (Religulous!), that claims Jesus Christ NEVER existed!…is he breaking freedom of speech, aka, the first amendment?

  4. My guess that one of the big messages after the election if Trump wins is that Putin was responsible. They will mention wikileaks and various other leaks.

    Another one to get ready for if she loses is that Russian hackers/Putin “hacked” into the voting machines to get a Trump win. The whining and cries of cheating will make 2000 look like nothing in comparison. Post election if Trump wins is going to be incredible. Trump winning is a LOT better than him losing.

  5. “Hard Alt-Right, not merely Alt-Right Lite, will be a media sensation. … [T]he days of the ‘no platforming’ strategy will be a relic of the past.”

    Since I don’t follow politics the way you do, I could easily be missing something, but I’m not sure why you’re so excited about that. You sound like Sally Field …

      • Why are you dependent on the communications media of your enemies? That’s the serious question: Why are whites servants in their own lands? What error is being avoided by the Jews and not being avoided by whites?

        In all the years I’ve been reading your posts, you have never, as far as I can recall, demonstrated any awareness that that is the question.

        • Whites are hyper individualistic. Jews are neurotic collectivists. It’s not just Jews. The Indians and Pakistanis who buy up hotels and gas stations are another less problematic example of this.

          Are there White owned hotels and gas stations? Sure, there used to be plenty of them, but Whites are being outcompeted by an ethnic mafia in the free market.

          With the media though, Jews gain the power and influence to manipulate our culture. The Pakistanis and Indians who own all the gas stations and hotels don’t have that power, but they would if they were similarly positioned.

          • You still miss the question.

            “With the media though,” you say, “Jews gain the power and influence to manipulate our culture.”

            You take cause for effect. The Jews don’t have power because they have the media; they have the media because they’re powerful.

          • Reading between the lines you appear to
            be saying this group of assholes are ordained to rule.

          • If I were you, Cap’n, I’d stop reading between the lines. You’re not good at it.

          • Because we destroyed our aristocracy for the sake of “ideals” thinking we’ll all now be equal, but the jews were there to step in to the power vacuum. Sure you might have had intelligent upper class whites, but they didn’t have the type of solidarity necessary that the old nobility had to keep other groups, and other dangerous ideas in check.

            Just listen to jewish experts in non-social science areas such as the hard sciences give lectures. They tend to be brilliant. Essentially a new aristocracy, problem is turning society over to the blacks, etc is just an awful, awful setback in civilization period. How long can this go on? Don’t these Bilderburger meetings not secretly see there are now billions of worthless black and brown hominids sucking up a diminishing petroleum reserve and food production. Low IQ, low impulse control, and worthless in a technological civilization? How can there not be a Malthusian die off as a result? Like when an old crazy cat lady feeds the strays, ends up with 50 feral cats, then dies and they all starve or get put down by animal control? Is an “animal control” put down on their secret agenda? (How can really smart people not at least have broached this subject? The train is heading down the tunnel straight at us.) With liberal social policy, that well managed cornfield has been neglected and is now full of stalks with genes that cause, shrunken misformed ears, kernals that don’t dry and fall of the cob when run through the harvester, bad starches that foul the guts of the animals you feed it too. Thats the result of liberal policies allowing the African population to grow to billions.

          • To be fair, these are often family businesses where the enormous amount of hours necessary to look over the operation are shared amongst those with an interest in the stake. Not only do a lot of whites want 9-5 jobs (distracted on iPhones all day) those with the ethic to stick it out still can’t do it all on their own and instead will have to hire strangers to cover the slack. In some areas your applicants will be overwhelmingly lazy blacks looking to put in a partial year on the job so after a bit they can qualify for going back on unemployment. And as I said don’t think whites will always be that good of employees either. Your family to help? Well I don’t know about others but I can give an example of what post war culture has done to my extended family, no one lives in the same town anymore. (most of this scattering took place in the 70s so you can’t really blame the last decades of total cultural meltdown) My Dad and two siblings were born in Chicago during the 20s to Polish steelworkers. My dad is the only one who stayed in Chicago, his brother took a job in Nevada and his sister’s husband was transferred first to Philadelphia and then to Eastern North Carolina. My Aunt’s kids live in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and one is miserable in Paul Ryan’s WI district and plans to move back to NC after her divorice. My Uncle’s kid lived in Massachusetts, then St. Louis, now Atlanta, he’s also real weird and his wife seems like a “beard” for a downlow or self suppressed gay. My mom is an only child so can’t compare any ability for Capitalism INC to scatter family, but her parents were North Dakota farmers who moved 1000 miles to Milwaukee in the depression where she grew up. I myself moved 100 miles out of Chicago because I hate the place and can’t afford the ridiculous rent due to out of control Mexican and Hindu immigration. Don’t know if this pattern is indicative of American as a whole, or if it is just that Chicago is such a nasty place only immigrants who don’t know better like the place and the next generations smell the coffee and get the hell away. But the idea of a “family run business” that the south asian mafia has taken over won’t work with atomized whites.

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