Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech Didn’t Work

The polling since August 25 is clear on this:

LA Times: Trump +3
People’s Pundit Daily: Hillary +0.2
Monmouth: Hillary +7
PPP: Hillary +5
Reuters/Ipsos: Hillary +3, 4-way Hillary +2
Emerson: Ohio (Tie), Pennsylvania (Hillary +3), Michigan (+5)
NBC/SM: Hillary +6, 4-way Hillary +4
Gravis: Hillary +1
Morning Consult: Hillary +3

If Hillary’s goal in Reno was a “kill shot” intended to brand Trump as a racist through guilt-by-association with the Alt-Right in order to hang on to the cucked suburban voters that Trump is now aggressively courting, it plainly hasn’t worked yet. Trump is still losing, but he gained across the board in the polls last week.

Trump improved in the LA Times poll, the Monmouth poll, the Reuters/Ipsos poll, the NBC/SM poll, the Morning Consult poll, and the Gravis poll. In the state polls by Emerson, he completely changed the nature of the race by reaching a Tie in Ohio and a Hillary +3 race in Pennsylvania.

If Hillary’s Alt-Right speech had drawn blood, we should be seeing it by now. We’re not seeing it. That’s significant. Evidently, voters don’t believe Hillary on the vast Alt-Right conspiracy and it may have reinforced her image as a liar. Unless more polls come out that show otherwise, Trump seems to have won this round in The Battle of Cucked America.

Note: She did manage to give the Alt-Right a massive signal boost. At least she succeeded in that.

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  1. Local unions had to gin up turnout just for anyone to show up to it, and as we all saw with that video, next to nobody who went had the foggiest idea what the alt-right is. Had the unions not gotten involved, the only kind people going to it would have been alt-right hecklers and trolls.

  2. No matter how hard she tries and how much damage control MSM does for her, the “Crooked Hillary” meme isn’t going away.

  3. It worked well for us:

    Some Jew, probably Cass Sunstein, wrote the speech and like a dutiful servant she read it. Has Clinton been following our movement? Exposing her self to Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff? No way in hell!

    The speech was preceded by the usual coordination pieces in the Jewish media to “set the stage”. My impression was that the 30 minute speech was a redacted version of a longer speech with the most combative rhetoric pulled.

    Someone probably guessed that it was a bad move for Clinton, but it was too heavily advertised to back down. If she wins, expect a full frontal assault from the New World Order. We must be vigilant and ready to play the game!

  4. Why would it work? No one knows what the alt-right is aside from a handful of journalists and internet trolls.

    • Not so: seeing lots of “alt-Righters” at Trump rallies across the country. Even heard a fellow once, a young man, “The alt-right is the newest thing. Screw conservatism!” It’s way bigger than just the people posting on Daily Stormer or Occidental Dissent. There has been a real awakening. That said, whether most people are aware there has been an awakening beyond internet trolls and journalists is a different question.

  5. What’s happening to white America is so clearly genocide that blaming the victim is starting to fail. It’s only the protection of that genocide from the cucks of conservatism that prevents a full scale political revolt. That, of course, is their job in the system.

    • She actually said “White Genocide” and then proceeded to call for more displacement of whites. This is seriously the end of days for the Multicult.

    • Continue the the people’s revolt against immigration. Stop third world/Muslim immigration to USA at once. The reason is simple for this government program to make whites a racial minority in a country founded by their ancestors: you are silent. This slow motion genocide is moving forward because most aware people are doing nothing. The invasion will stop and these troubling trends will start to reverse only when we say enough:
      – join the 2 million citizens’ army at numbersusa.
      – become members of immigration reform groups like FAIR.
      – always go to the polls.
      – when you get letters begging for money, return, in most cases, the free Business Reply envelopes with letters protesting our demographic replacement. For envelopes not free, it’s worth your while to send back.
      – Mow your own lawn and avoid restaurants.
      Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the correct solution. ALL patriots must take action.

  6. White Suburban Professional Class Cucks are beginning to Feel the Vibrancy. They are still obsessed w/ Being Nice – but the Rising Tide of Shitskins is finally beginning to wash up in their nicely manicured neighborhoods.

    I am well-known, in my 3D sphere, as an un-apologetic KIKE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATING NIGGER HATING FULL ON NAZI. I am not shy about voicing my 100% accurate beliefs. Most of the men I know have no problem with me, and are highly amused by me. Most of the women disdain me, or avoid me, because I am “Not Nice”.
    That’s beginning to change.
    A local well-known company has been bought out by a Sand Nigger, and the Haji is selling off all the assets. The Nice Middle Class Tolerant Above Race Suburban Professionals are going to be out on the ASSES. They are frightened.
    They are ready.

    • I went out to the Poconos recently for a summer trip. There was a Shoprite maybe, up in the Bushkill area I stopped in to. I could feel the tension and chaos about to erupt, and I’ve traveled around in the northeast of Pa a fair amount over the years.

      I find it validating, but the chaos factor is what’s upsetting. I don’t see the unity or organization to foment a solid resistance, but I don’t live out there either.

    • Being nice only works in homogeneous White communities. Once the coloreds move in being nice is a weakness, not a virtue.

  7. This is why I support Trump. Every politician who encountered Ali G fell for the routine and pandered to the composite Paki-Yardie-TV-wigger presenter character. Long after the absurdity became evident. He’s sharp.
    Trump figured out that this was a candid camera type event or a blithering idiot about as quickly as is humanly possible. He may have even smelled the Jewish creator Sasha Cohen. Anyway, he just walked off and told the guy good luck pal.


  8. Hillary’s aggressive foreign policy may be tied to her cultural relativist viewpoints. If cultures are easily brushed aside, it explains much of neo-con foreign policy. On the other hand if cultures can only change from the inside, then neo-con foreign policy be definition can’t work.

    • The trip to Mexico was Bannon’s idea: a bold, populist move to underscore Trump’s populist immigration message. Ulfric also heard on MSNBC that Bannon and Miller wrote the speech.

  9. Sheldon Adelson has Trump’s ear on immigration according to unnamed sources. Obviously very bad news if true.

    • Does Trump really believe this? Or is he just pulling a “Clinton” and saying what he thinks he needs to say to win? Surely he must know that if by some chance he does win, Amnesty will result in and instant Democratic Supermajority eliminating any hope for reelection.

      • I don’t trust trump. I was worried he was going to cuck in his convention speech. To my surprise, he ended up giving a solid speech that was written by Miller, but then he went back to borderline cuckin not long afterwards. So I don’t where he stands. He may not know himself.

        There is also the issue of whether moderating on immigration is a winning issue with the middle. There are many other ways to move hard to the middle besides caving on immigration.

    • Here are the reasons to believe this will turn out good:

      1.) The trip to Mexico was Bannon’s idea.

      2.) According to Ulfric, Miller and Bannon are writing the speech.

      3.) Trump is bragging about it on Twitter.

      4.) Trump hired Krikorian as a consultant.

      5.) Mexico has everything to lose if Trump wins. Why would he go there? They are going to do everything they can to help Hillary. It is not in their interest to help Trump win. He’s not going there to win them over.

      I predict the speech and trip to Mexico will reiterate Trump’s support for his basic immigration plan and the only difference will be he will tweak the language to make it more in line with Krikorian and NumbersUSA.

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