The Case for Trump: Hillary’s America Would Be Pottersville

With that speech last night in Phoenix, Trump put to rest any lingering doubts among the base that he would sell out on immigration to win the general election. We all know that no one but Donald Trump would have invited the mothers of children killed by illegal aliens to join him on a national stage.

I guarantee you that gesture resonated in White America. It hasn’t escaped our attention that Hillary and Bernie Sanders debated whether “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” in the primary. For the people who scream “racist” and “bigot” at us, it is an open question whether our lives have value at all in this country. We don’t have any rights worthy of their respect. We’re at the very bottom of the social justice pyramid far below militant blacks, illegal aliens, and bizarre people who suffer from gender confusion.

Once again, they don’t believe in equality. For them, White Lives Matter is an evil hate group that must be condemned and marginalized, but Black Lives Matter which spawns virulently anti-White cop killers is a cause worth celebrating. The Confederate flag had to come down because of Dylann Roof. Micah X., Cosmo Setepenra, and Vester Flanagan can murder Whites and it is not a racial problem. Blacks can abduct, gang rape, murder, and throw a White girl into a swamp to be eaten by alligators. The #LyingPress doesn’t treat that as “a story about race in America.” Similarly, it is not a “hate crime” when blacks firebomb little old White ladies on the way to church with Molotov cocktails.

Anyway, it is revolutionary that Trump acknowledges that the lives of White people have any value at all under the norms of the present radical regime. He notices what is going on. He isn’t afraid of stepping on politically correct taboos.

If there is one issue on which Trump has been consistent, it is the economy. Since the 1980s, Trump has been calling attention to free-trade, the loss of manufacturing jobs, and the growing national debt. As far back as the Reagan era, Trump has been warning that America is evolving into a gigantic version of Pottersville because our so-called “allies” are ripping us off due to Washington’s foreign policy considerations taking precedence over negotiating trade deals that benefit American workers.

Trump looks at our crumbling cities and exploding social problems in White America (it’s not just a racial problem, I can see the same blight and dysfunction all over the Lower Midwest), and then overseas to what has happened in East Asia during the same time period, and is disgusted and wonders aloud why it is allowed to happen. Every other “conservative” is utterly blinded by orthodox neo-liberal economics.

That’s a huge, decisive difference with Hillary Clinton: she is unquestionably a true believer in neo-liberal economics and was praising the Trans-Pacific Partnership until she could no longer politically afford to do so. Whether it was NAFTA, the WTO, PNTR with China, deregulating Wall Street, or letting Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin run the economy in the 1990s, the Clintons did more than anyone else to create the present neo-liberal world economic order. George W. Bush and Obama have only built on it.

If Hillary wins in November, nothing will change. We will get more of the same and present trends will continue to get worse. We will get the Trans-Pacific Partnership which will dwarf NAFTA in its negative impact. The oligarchy will get wealthier, the upper middle class suburban gentry will reap the remainder of the benefits, and everyone else will continue sinking into the Third World. The resulting economic stress will lead to more social dysfunction across the board as more people turn to drugs and crime.

This isn’t a prophecy. Drive through much of the South and the Midwest outside of the suburban collar counties and you will find countless cities and towns – many of them as overwhelmingly White as Bedford Falls – have already turned into Pottersville. Meanwhile, life in the ghettos is descending into Lord of the Flies conditions.

I suppose you can argue that all the pain and suffering that Hillary would cause in White America is good in the “worse is better” sense that it will inevitably lead to further radicalization. Surely, that is true, but that can be avoided because we finally have someone who has diagnosed and will address the problem now.

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  1. Trump is correct about many things, chief of which this will be a last election. The Dept of Jewland Security is taking over the election process.

  2. Personally and this is just my opinion Hillary Clinton is so crippled politically now that even if she does somehow win which I think she will barring something crazy, she will be so politically damaged its hard to say how long her Presidency will last. Of course Putin may have some say on that as well. #WW3

    • He is in Ohio quite a bit now and will be until the election but I doubt it will make a difference as early voting (THANKS DEMOCRAT JEW SLIME) begins in October and the Nigs will all stuff the ballot box. My fear anyway

  3. I notice how many average white guys with jobs, wives, and kids are now covered in tattoos the way only criminals were back in the 80s. Saw a hot, lower class chick in the store then notice behind her was her (probably common law) husband and kid and his calf was covered in tattoos, arms had some too, she had one on her shoulder. Neither was Flanders Family churchy upper middle class, but otherwise their grooming habits weren’t Meth lower trash either. What on earth is going on with this tattoo thing? My alcoholic brother covered himself with these disgusting marks too, wonder if he regrets in now that he’s in AA?

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