Hillary Is Clearly Sinking In The Polls

The polls are now showing an unquestionable trend back to Trump:

National Polls

LA Times/USC: Trump +2.6
Rasmussen: Trump +1
People’s Pundit Daily: Trump +2.0
FOX News: Hillary +2 (4-way)
FOX News: Hillary +6 (2-way)
PPP: Hillary +5 (4-way)
Reuters/Ipsos: Hillary +1 (2-way)
Reuters/Ipsos: Hillary +2 (4-way)
Economist/YouGov: Hillary +5 (2-way and 4-way)
USA Today/Suffolk: Hillary +7 (2-way and 4-way)

LA Times, People’s Pundit Daily, and Rasmussen now have Trump in the lead. Reuters/Ipsos and FOX News have Hillary with a slight edge. The rest of the media polls have come down to the 5-7 range from double digits.

State Polls

Arizona: Gravis Trump +4 (4-way)
Arizona: PPP Trump +3 (2-way)

Missouri: PPP Trump +6 (2-way)

North Carolina: Emerson Trump +2 (4-way)
North Carolina: PPP Hillary +1 (2-way)

Wisconsin: Marquette Hillary +3 (2-way and 4-way)
Wisconsin: Monmouth Hillary +5 (4-way)
Wisconsin: PPP Hillary +7 (2-way)

New Hampshire: PPP Hillary +6 (2-way)

Ohio: PPP Hillary +4 (2-way)

Pennsylvania: Franklin and Marshall Hillary +7 (2-way), Hillary +5 (4-way)
Pennsylvania: PPP Hillary +5 (2-way)

Trump’s support has firmed up in Arizona and Missouri. North Carolina has been pulled down to a razor thin margin. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Ohio are all out of double digits and back within striking distance.

Update: Huge news if this holds up.

Virginia: Hampton University Hillary +2.

Hampton University had a Tie in July. Hillary’s convention bounce has faded. She is currently sitting at Hillary +13 in the RCP average due to all the bouncy convention polls. This is the first sign she is crashing back down to earth. Even if Trump loses this election, I don’t want Hillary to win anywhere in the South. I don’t want this to be on us. At a minimum, I want Trump to win the entire South.

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  1. I don’t think it hurts when her coalition goes off into fits such as the negroes, let em burn out some hipsters. Wouldn’t mind some gay marriage or else hysteria as well. Hispanic race warriors, kick it up guachos. Mooslims you know what to do.
    Best of all the axis of SJW and Cucks lecturing whites on our untermensch status in ‘Merica 2.0.
    Obama united his fringe with promises of utopia via faith now its basically down to aged Hillary and her white harpies finessing a “Reservoir Dogs” ending of the same batch of looters.

  2. I don’t think Hillary “My Diaper is Full” Clinton is going to be able to win with just the support of angry old lesbians, lonely cat-ladies, metrosexual hipsters and those La Raza/BLM bums. But the antiquated and manifestly un-democratic Electoral College is a cause for concern.

    If only taxpaying White citizens were allowed to vote (which is how it ought to be) then Hillary wouldn’t even be an issue.

  3. Trump would win Ohio easily if not for the 13% Negroid Population, which thanks to the 2005 voting revision laws can vote 10 times for an entire month stuffing the ballot box not to mention OH now has no residency requirements to speak of. I believe Romney won Ohio in 2012 but the ballot box was so stuffed. Now any change to the Ohio voting laws has to be precleared in a sense even though the Voting Rights Act was basically rolled back a couple years ago, they are using the federal district courts in OH to review any change to Ohio laws. In fact a recent change was thrown out by an Obama Fed Judge

    I think its absolutely bizarroworld how suddenly Ohio is getting the Mississippi Treatment when it comes to voting. I mean it could be poetic justice or something not quite sure how to categorize it

    • Hillary is running ads in NJ which is highly unusual; some call it a purplish state but it’s really reliably blue for decades and decades. I think she doesn’t fear it won’t go democrat, but considers it a way to pump up the popular total so that when they stuff the boxes in the real swing states it goes less noticed.

      • New Jersey has one main problem, the same problem Ohio has, the same problem Virginia and North Carolina has and the same problem Florida has. We spell that problem N E G R O E S, Of course New Jersey and Ohio have another gigantic problem especially in Cleveland and North Jersey called J E W S

        • NJ wasp’s might differ with the ‘one main problem’ part: https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/the-two-faces-of-government/

          And we would know, as it’s the home of said jewish/italian mafia. What most don’t understand is that they’ve built a criminal network all over the country, and that it’s taken over NJ almost completely. Jewish judges preside over all white towns that have italian prosecutors and majority or a quorum of italian council people run their various types of rackets and corruptions. We’d tell you the problems can’t be divided, as the black gangs operate as part of the entire crime syndicate. Sometimes they aren’t even necessary, as the mediterraneans are happy enough to exploit whites on their own.

          Southerners’ problem is they see things in black and white. They, you, think the yankees imposed the blacks on them and the jews just sort of dropped in, when it was only a slender element of yankees, mostly Boston Brahmin types, who really cared about imposing blacks on southrons. Most weren’t that vindictive. At least, that’s what I can assure you of from this area.

          You guys will never get the jew and no matter how much you claim to straddle worlds, Billy Ray, you’re still southern at heart. What accounts for the northern jew-coddlers in the pro-white scene is harder to say. Some are just corrupt and some seemingly bent in some way. But never underestimate them and their italian partners.

          • I never have misjudged the Jews, the Jews have been behind all of the evil against our people for 4000 years as the truth is the Jews are all imposters and I wont go into all of that. Those Sicilian Gangsters are all from Sephardic Families brought from Judea by the Roman Government after the fall of Jersualem in AD 70 to work in the sulfur mines. Later an entire horde of them were taken by Vespasian to Rome to build the Colusseum.

            There are certain Sicilian Mafia Rituals which go back to the Talmud and Kabbalah

          • You’ve claimed to have come ancestrally from the South but to have been raised in the North, on another website in the past. We’ve knocked heads on the net before…

          • There’s no secret here. My father’s family came to Ohio from Kentucky in 1967 for work I was born here. I have always been clear on that to anyone that asked.

          • I really don’t think all the vileness in the italians is strictly jewish, so sorry to say. This comes from someone who would know. While that makes things worse, it doesn’t account for all of it. Their culture is corrupt without jewish admixture.

          • The Jews werent the only Semites in Sicily. There were Lebanese, Syrians, Assyrians, Arabs, Chaldeans, Hittites, you name it. So you literally have at the base a Complete Semitic stew

    • If we know how Blacks stuff ballot boxes, there is nothing stopping us from doing the same.

      We are struggling for our people’s survival, so a bit of cheating isn’t out of the question. I’m not advocating it (wink, wink) but it’s a possibility.

      • Won’t happen.

        Blacks get away with fraud because everyone at the polling station is on the same team and encourages cheating. Obama’s Justice Department is in on the scam.

        Not so with whites.

  4. I hate to say it but so much will depend on the cucks. Will they vote Gary Johnson. Or will they come back to the trump. I’ve noticed a couple of my nevertrump Cucked relatives staring to say they are reconsidering.

  5. I was shocked she wasted cash in Missouri so many ads, I laughed. Money blown.

    Same down south. Total splurge on nothing in the Carolina’s.

  6. New poll by Hampton University shows Clinton only up by 2 in Virginia. If he can get that state back in the column that would be YUGE.

  7. Problem is that Trump needs to carry the old Union states. There’s no way the South and the West can out vote the North. Especially with California, Oregon and Washington State voting along with the North.

    • It’s all going to come down to the Rustbelt. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

      New Hampshire is the only Northeastern state that is possibly in play, and I think the Massachusetts transplants are probably too much to overcome.

      • Ohio would be safely in Trump’s column but in 2005 facing massive lawsuits by the DNC and Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra leading the Charge if memory serves me correctly she was in Ohio in 2004 and of course even though a NEGRO REPUBLICAN was Secretary of State Ken Blackwell she accused Ohio of running a JIM CROW ELECTION. The Cuckservative Republicans in the Ohio Legislature passed new laws making a Month voting period and allowing Provisional Ballots and stripping all of our residency laws. Since then there have been multiple tries to throw out these hideous laws but Obama’s justice department sues Ohio every time they try to change their voting laws.

        I actually believe Mitt Romney (I VOTED 3rd PARTY BTW) won Ohio in 2012 but the Jigs stuffed the ballot box

    • Everything from the San Francisco Bay to the Canadian International Line was largely an extension of New England, so I call the Pacific Northwest Little New England. This was because so many Yankees jumped off the cowhide ships at San Francisco and stayed they didnt want to go back around the Horn. They also jumped at Seattle as well.

      • Delaware always votes with the North, so does Maryland they have since the 1940s. If we go by the 1860 map throw Kansas with the North, it would be the only Red State.

  8. Hillary’s Alt-right speech did too work. Just not for her.

    And now that Trump is ahead in the polls, I fully expect FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC to start talking about Hillary’s “derailed campaign.” Hillary’s “campaign in disarray.” Hillary’s “campaign meltdown.” And “Hillary’s going to lose.”

    After all, that’s what they were doing when Trump was supposedly behind.

  9. I don’t want Hillary to win anywhere in the South.

    She is going to win at least three Southern states: Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

    • Delaware’s technically a Northern State as it rejected Secession outright its only Southern on the Census. I mean if we want to be technical that would make Joe Biden a Southerner.

      The Scary Part of this whole thing is by being born in Maryland Nancy Pelosi is a Southern Woman though most would rather swallow lava as to say that. Makes me want to barf just for saying it

  10. I don’t believe in the “Monster Vote”*, but if Trump wins, something like it will be the reason: people will understand in their deep psyche that if Trump doesn’t win, America is finished, and people won’t want to say goodbye. Compared to the individual, the society can be stronger and last longer, and people draw strength from that. If America dies – mere decades after the triumph of the Moon Landing, then what it this world can last? Nothing. They will look at the ballot and see Clinton and Trump, and think “America needs a Hail Mary” and they will not be afraid / repelled by Trump as much as they love what America was.

    69 days.

    * The 2016 total votes cast will be on par with 2008, adjusted for population growth

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