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  1. What a waste of white skin.

    If he’d just said “Jews are too powerful to fight” at least you’d know he knows that we know he knows.

    He could have then apologized to the vermin and kissed the wall in penance!

    • Whats is so good about white skin? You have weak recessive genes. You hate people of color but spend all day in the sun tanning for dark skin. You people are delusional.

      • whats so good about straight hair and bronze skin? my ex ran a hair accessory store in the hood many years ago, your women folk spent their entire checks there. black pornography features light skinned black women.

      • I’d say the proof is in the civilizational pudding. Whites build advanced societies. Blacks build shit holes.

  2. A few weeks ago, while waiting in the car on someone who had a doctor’s appointment, I listened to his show for about a half hour. He was bemoaning Trump and his supporters for using Saul Alinski tactics, particularly the ridiculing of liberals.

    Beck’s entire rant consisted of denouncing effective tactics, as well as reality. In this, of course, he is not alone. It is one of the outstanding characteristics of conservatives. While I listened, Beck also lamented reaching young people with racial awareness and instilling other non conservative ideas in them. All my life I have wondered what takes the place of thinking in these people. If they were generals, they would not allow their army to use aircraft or automatic weapons, on the theory that the enemy was using them.

    • They would be double agents telling you never to use a wonder weapon while they smuggle the blueprints to your enemy.

    • People like Levin/Beck treat the Left like sporting opponents – that they must operate within the rules of engagement, while Trump treat them like enemies in a war where anything goes

  3. Hunter is RIGHT ON. I made a post the other day to alert Hunter about the fact that he should do a story on Glenn Beck the traitorous psychopathic Mormon and now he is. Thanks Hunter. This guy is SCUM

  4. Beck lost mind years ago. Anything he comes up with now is just a reflection of his insanity.

    I remember when bathhouse Barry was first elected and Beck was playing the nigger MLK’s speeches everyday on his show.

    And his attack will be a meaningless waste of his time. He is only around now for entertainment, similar to when people gaze at a car accident or watch a crazy person yelling at imaginary people. Nothing he says is taken seriously.

  5. ‘Note: Is Beck still flirting with the idea of moving to Jerusalem?’

    When are these Jew worshiping clowns going to wake up to the fact that Jews consider them to be nothing more than useful idiots.

    An Orthodox Jewish writer in Israel spells it out.


    1) Jews and Gentiles have no common goal to be “a light to the nations.” This is uniquely Am Yisrael’s mission and Gentiles have no share in it.

    2) There can be no “unity” between Jews and Gentiles – even those designated “righteous”. Am Yisrael must be united internally around loyalty and service to our God and King.

    3) “Humanism” and its “moral values” do not always align with the Creator’s will as expressed in His Torah. It is based on human thought and feeling rather than on the revealed Divine will.

    4) Only Mashiach can bring peace to the nations. Only when HKB”H slaughters the yetzer hara will peace reign on earth.

    5) As the Ramchal explains, Jews are God’s children and the Gentiles are His creations. There is a vast difference between Jews and Gentiles, which is why there can be no marriage between them. References to all mankind being God’s children and there being this kinship of brotherhood between Jews and Gentiles is patently false.

    6) All mankind will benefit from the final redemption, but the Gentiles have no part in bringing it about. That is uniquely Am Yisrael’s mission and destiny. Am Yisrael is uniquely equiped and qualified with spiritual gifts which a Gentile does not possess.

    • I would agree with all of this… Except for two small but important points. Jews are the Gentiles, and white men who are true Christians are gods Israel. And have been for 2000 years the messiah has already come and we are his chosen people.

    • I think John Hagee would agree with that. Besides his book about the four blood moons bringing about the Apocalypse and the second coming did not pan out. Good thing he doe not live in Old Testament times because they stoned false prophets.

  6. Holy dogshit Glenn Beck is stupid. Even if I were a conservative constitution cuck I’d want to halt immigration and make the country White again, because without those two things the constitution doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.

    • I have hated this man for years now. When he began worshipping MLK who had more Communist Connections than you could shake 20 sticks at, I said ya i know who this guy is

        • Many people still don’t! Have you ever heard of Diana West’s book ‘American Betrayal?’

          Without reading that book and knowing what she has exposed, most Americans are as dumb as Glenn Beck… Or worse.

          • M Stanton Evan’s biography of Senator McCarthy is majestic. I hope to see a memorial to him one day.

            Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies, is a 2007 book by author M. Stanton Evans, who shows that Joseph McCarthy Was proper and correct.

  7. Looks like Beck “reinvented himself” with Smart Glasses and a Trotsky goatee.

    He’s still a mormon douche.

    Prophesied that Cruz was this, that, and the other, and all Cruz really is now is a much-hated dickhead with no Presidential prospects at all.

    Hey Glen, way to go on the prophecy stuff. What’s your next one?

    • I should not say this but Mormons tried to recruit me once. What they don’t tell you they believe in is more important that what they do tell you. How can grown men take that ideology seriously? God being once a man and man capable of becoming Gods and creating their own universe complete with spirit children once they go through secret Mormon temples ceremonies? I also deny they are truly Christian because they believe Christ is not co-eternal and that he was created by God, which means there is a time in which he did not exist.

  8. Beck is a great alt-right asset, he is more trollable than a school of hungry snapper.
    Give him two years and he is wearing a Pepe mask
    Think outside the contard box my friends

  9. I’ll take a pro-White Fascist government any day of the week over the anti-White ZOG “democracy” we have now.

  10. Beck is programmable. Just swipe a credit card down his butt crack and enter the amount transferred. His face is the decimal. Punch him on the left side to enter digitally how much money you want to spend. Punching him on the right side is a 10X multiplier.

    With enough money, Beck will say and do anything.

  11. Beck is why I will not renew my subscription to Sirius XM. If only another 100 would do this I think he would be done on that system. They are a very weak company and pay attention to even small loses. It didn’t take long to get rid of Mike Church from the morning show, he now only runs an obscure blog. Toward the end no one was even calling into his show.

  12. Alexander Dugin has endorsed Trump. Beck finds Dugin threatening and dangerous. Beck is thinking of the totally insane possibility of Russian, European and American whites uniting in their own best interests against their (((common enemy))).

  13. Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    To crave defeat and humiliation in order to signal your own personal virtue, respectability, and status is the essence of cuckservatism

  14. I heard Alex Jones on Info Wars go on on him. Apparently they hate each other and while I am not a Jones fan and think conspiracy mongering is the bane of the Racialist Right I had to agree with Jones on this one.

  15. Well since this post is dealing with lunacy, as it deals with Glen Beck, I also must confess I have a gulity pleasure. I like listening to Coast To Coast. Surprisingly they often have good political annalists on like Trump’s former adviser, (I forgot his first name but his last name was Stone.) Anyway they had a psychic on who predicted a nuclear attack on the U.S by Iran after the presidential elections. He would not say who was going to win but begged everybody to vote and not boycott or stay home. I took that to mean he was talking to Trump supporters and that Hillary was going to win. I would have more faith in psychics if they predicted in bold clear terms and not vague references Nostradamus was famous for,

  16. Nobody on the right or left is “refuting” this so-called “BS on alt right websites” because they CAN’T, Beck! Not because they’re negligent in their duty, the facts and data needed to do the refuting simply don’t exist.

    Which is why even the supposed soldiers of Truth and Light like yourself aren’t doing anything but clinging to politically toxic labels rather than cede there is a much more refined, intellectually serious argument on race to be made here beyond shouting, “N****er!” in some cow pasture!

    But when you’d like to talk IQ and the discoveries being made by the human genome in your “refuting,” let it fly!

  17. Hunter, I ‘d like to write an updated blog on my experiences hanging out with White Latter Day Saints/Mormons. This will help readers understand how LDS/Mormons like Glen Beck, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid and the cuck governor of Utah who refuses to discriminate against mass Muslim immigration – how these LDS types filter up to the top in politics, media, academia.

    I would also like to repost my earlier LDS Mormon blogs I and II as OD classics.

    Thanks Hunter.


  18. We exposed this pudgy, manic, cuck for what he is.

    I hope he starts to blubber again.

    That never gets old.

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