Trump’s Comeback Is Getting Stronger

Take a look at this:

National Polls

LA Times/USC: Trump +0.7
IBD/TIPP: Hillary +1 (2-way), Tie (4-way)
People’s Pundit Daily: Trump +0.8

The LA Times/USC and People’s Pundit Daily polls have been oscillating lately with Hillary and Trump exchanging the lead, but the Reuters/Ipsos, FOX News, and Rasmussen polls have all shifted toward Trump and now show a 1 to 2 point race. Now the IBD/TIPP poll shows the race is a dead heat.

State Polls

Virginia: Hampton University Hillary +2 (2-way)
Virginia: Emerson Hillary +1 (4-way)

Iowa: Emerson Trump +5 (4-way)

These are incredible polls of Virginia. Trump was down 13 points in the RCP average. This was one of Hillary’s best swing states. Two polls in two days have come out that show a 1 and 2 point race. Now Trump is up 5 in Iowa. Wow. Something is going on here.

What’s next?

Update: The Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll is the latest poll to tip to Trump. Trump is +0.9 in a 2-way race.

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  1. I don’t see the debates helping Hillary much either. I hope Trump brings up her plans to put no fly zones in Syria in front of the anti-war base, but the Black part of the poser “anti-war” movement will send it in one ear and out the other.

  2. It’s true, Trump is surging ahead as White Americans begin to realize exactly what is at stake. The kikemedia polls are deliberately under-reporting just how popular he really is.

  3. It will be interesting to see how he’s doing a week from now, which is to say, nine or ten days after T-day, as I’ll call it, Trump day, August 31. If he prevails, that will prove, I think, to have been the day in which his campaign achieved full vigor, after a fitful fourteen months. It was the day of the Mexico visit and the Arizona immigration speech.

    • T-day was when he said, ‘They have to go back.’ Everything since has been gamesmanship from various political camps.

      • If that’s the day he said, while he was being interviewed, standing, something like, “We either have a country, or we don’t,” well, then, I’d have to say, yes, that was a pretty big day, Sam. It was the day I was reminded of Nietzsche’s phrase, which I recently mentioned to Captain John: “one who commands.”

    • I think there was a reaction to Farage after the speech. Sorta like a political crush that Trump developed.

      He saw a Moses like figure, who like him spent 25 years in the wilderness. Suddenly it hit him that if you can’t barrage the Farage Trump must make himself Unstumpable.

  4. As far as I’m aware, the Trump campaign itself has not yet made use of the below clip, which, I would not be surprised to learn, they’re saving for the contest’s final weeks. If Trump can stay on path and get good position on Clinton via the debates, this is the kill shot …

  5. I doubt that Hillary will make it to or through the first debate. She could have a stroke or completely lose it before the debate. I’m not joking. Hell, Kaine looks like Chester the Molester. That’s probably why he was picked, in case Hillary had serious health issues.

  6. In today’s hit piece on Trump at NRO, the pudgy-faced NRO cuck, John Fund, wrote the following:

    “Even as he climbs back to within hailing distance in the polls against Hillary Clinton…”

    He also called Trump a “shape shifter,” and lots of other alternate reality type bunk.

    Meanwhile, the Krauthammer is insisting that Trump has essentially adopted the immigration policy of Obama(!), and that Trump pretty much conceded a de facto amnesty, and as such, an actual amnesty is the only viable solution. This is after Wednesday’s speech in Phoenix, mind you.

    When the revolution comes, on day one you’ll be able to find me at the NR offices pouring gas on everything before lighting the match. After that I’m headed straight for the FOX News studios.

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