The Case for Trump: Hillary’s Health

So this happened today during Hillary’s return to the campaign trail in Ohio.

Initially, I was skeptical of the theories that Hillary Clinton is in bad health, which was based on an image of her tongue, a few stumbles, and some coughing fits. The evidence is now steadily accumulating though that she is sick:

Dr. Drew getting fired from CNN.
– Hillary’s absence from the campaign trail.
– Hillary’s refusal to hold press conferences.
– Hillary’s coughing fits aren’t going away.

All of that was suspicious: why is she so inaccessible?

– There were reports that Hillary wanted to sit down at the debates.
– The FBI report in which Hillary couldn’t remember 39 things which she blamed on poor memory due to her concussion.
– Hillary’s refusal to release her medical records.
The defensiveness of the media on this subject.

As far as I know, Hillary Clinton isn’t a smoker. Why do you think she is coughing like this? Why has it been going on for months? Seriously, who coughs like that – not just once at her rally, but twice at the press gaggle – for that long who isn’t sick?

Later, on board her new plane this afternoon:

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  1. I would have preferred that the hangman got to her before the Grim Reaper did. But hey, as long as she’s gone.

  2. COPD—-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the most common conditions that make up COPD. Damage to the lungs from COPD can’t be reversed.Symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, or a chronic cough.Rescue inhalers and inhaled or oral steroids can help control symptoms and minimize further damage.

    • That doesn’t explain the neurological symptoms, COPD is usually from lifelong chain smoking or exposure to industrial chemicals over a career. No signs Hillary, unlike Obama, smokes.

      • Coughing fits are common side effects of ACE inhibitors. Those are medications like Lisinopril which are given for blood pressure
        management – to avert heart attacks….and strokes, especially after someone has already had one. Think about it. Many of the same symptoms of Hillary’s “concussion” are also symptoms of stroke: blurred vision
        (she wore glasses for a while), memory loss, confusion, etc.

        Another side effect of ACE inhibitors? Lethargy and fatigue. Might explain why she doesn’t do a lot of public appearances.

        Another side effect of stroke? Possible seizure. Might also explain why that
        weird black doctor guy is following her with a diazapam autoinjector (medication used to treat seizures).

    • Wow. It is gonna cough up a lung. It’s very ill. It may last to next year – but Kaine….he’s crazier than It is.

      • Pardon me but I’m actually feeling sorry for her. What is driving this cunt onward? She cannot be enjoying this process.

        • Hatred and a sheer lust for power. Why do you feel sorry for that evil Thing? It will do us immense harm.

          • She’s not going to win. The Alt-Right speech was her Waterloo.

            “It’s a vast Alt-Right conspiracy!…cough cough cough…I tell ya!”

          • Soros Der ewige Jude stated last week that Trump will win the popular vote, but the fix was in. (((Wall Street))) predicts a Hillary fix….errrr…(((win))).

    • Hunter O/T but not really – I’m watching the great Aryan film-maker D.W. Griffith’s (Cymru!) masterwork “Intolerance” on TMC. The movie weaves together 4 stories, of 4 different eras in Civilization. The reason I am mentioning this to you is that the “modern” segment details the absolute have and misery wreaked by School Marm Do Gooders. The film calls them “The Uplifters”. Check it out, if you ever get a chance.

      • Griffith made “Intolerance” to appease the (((critics))) of “Birth of a Nation”. “Intolerance” is a little too preachy and over-ambitious for my liking.

        • Actually – he made the film as a rebuttal TO his (((critics))) about their Chimp Out over “Birth of a Nation”. Re the “preachiness” – do recall the film was released in 1917. I find the photography absolutely fascinating. Have you ever seen “Orphans of the Storm”? One of my FAVORITE films EVER!

  3. If I were Trump I’d light up a stogie and puff a drag into her fucking face before that first debate.

    Barring that Idea I’d make sure I stank of tobacco and have my suit soaked in ragweed.

    You can’t smell stuff like that via the TV.

  4. Denise: ‘The reason I am mentioning this to you is that the “modern” segment details the absolute have and misery wreaked by School Marm Do Gooders.’

    Speaking of SJW Do Gooders.

    Not familiar with site but the analysis is very interesting.

    Gabon: A Breton leftist and mulatto girls killed by her “husband” Saharan (+ psychopathological analysis)

    Humanitarian leftists are actually elements narcissistic antisocial compensating for their lack of empathy toward their own people by an idealization of primitive tribal communities where they want to develop

    Breiz atao – ETREBROADEL (09/02/2016) In Britain, a number of marginal psychologically fragile, take refuge in the humanitarian neocolonialism to respond to serious personal problems.

    Affected by an inability to socialize within their society, these unbalanced go to Africa where the childish character of the African enables these individuals to re-socialize to their advantage and thus meet their deep motivation: self-valuation .

    This compensation strategy is to avoid the confliction Western complex societies where the high level of individual responsibility in these unsuitable elements generates a powerful psychological stress. This not assumed antisocial pathology is generally associated in the subject to a speech demonizing the original company (racism, Third World, anti-capitalism, etc.) according to a known auto-suggestion process.

    The archetype of the Breton leftist desocialized

    A woman aged 35 and a native of the city of Hennebont, near Lorient (Morbihan) died in a family drama which took place in Gabon. The mother and her two daughters Oceane, 12 and Kassandra, 6 were killed early August in conditions that remain to be clarified. According to reports, they were allegedly stabbing assénés by the husband , now on the run.

    The subject with the aforementioned disorders had obviously spawned two mulatto with a member of a local tribe. Anyone traveling in the Gabonese bush does not travel only in space but also in time and genetics.

    logical conclusion of this psychological involution: racial involution. Avoidance of conflicts that would imply a return to a primitive state still existing in Africa coupled with the idealization of tribal collectivism – the myth of the “noble savage” – results in a reproductive strategy called “fusion”, that is, -dire abolition of differences – perceived sources of stress – by crossbreeding. Morbid impulses is thus added biological death.

    Moreover, with an average intelligence quotient of 64 ( see here ), Gabon is perfectly representative of sub-Saharan households where proliferates low humanity, inaccessible to any significant cultural development. In this archaic universe, the patient with the syndrome the Africanophile involution think I can manage psychopathy (antisocial behavior) that developed in Europe by offsetting it by joining the negro tribalism where individual responsibility is zero.

    not assumed paradox is exploiting its racial advantage – 35% difference in terms of intellectual potential – the subject discount to control its social relations.

    This report works in system: the more the subject with Africanophile involution – or third world – wants to compensate his antisocial tendencies, the more unfriendly vis-à-vis its original, compassionate society with its host environment. Demonization of Europe and idealization of Africa perfectly reveal the mental mechanism.

    The article continues:

    […] For ten years, Blandine Reales, aged 35, had made the life choice to settle in the country where she was very involved in the humanitarian sector. She had even been “literally” adopted by his small bush village, located about 500? Km from the capital Libreville.

    “Literally adopted.” As can be seen, the French press – where the syndrome Africanophile involution and third-world avatar thrive – continues to marvel at the cluster of huts in the middle where the victims lived before being slaughtered. The rule is in effect in affected autistic regression to psycho-cultural and racial than retreat into denial. What is called a comfort zone .

    The article, however, we learn the root causes of the neurosis of the main victim. Not surprisingly, they are found on the side of education imposed at a young age by neurotic parents with the leftist psychopathy :

    Blandine Reales was the daughter of Julien Reales, a well known Hennebontais to be particularly involved in the community life of his city where he participated in neighborhood councils . It is also one of the kingpins of associations like Incredible Edible or that family Malachappe Gardens.

    Here it is essential to affirm the moral responsibility of the father in the murder of his daughter who, unsurprisingly, aped – the word is more than relevant here – to push the ideal of social involution of Communist inspiration in Africa. The “community gardens” to “return to earth” very certainly through the post-colonial racism, milestones were already firmly planted.

    logical conclusion of the post-leftist nihilism: the negrification

    And the conclusion of these 35 years of life is as follows:

    A drama that moves particularly the mayor of Hennebont. André Hartereau, close to the victim’s family, said he now “as only concern surround this best Hennebontaise family very involved in militancy.” A ceremony will be on Saturday, early afternoon, in the cemetery of Hennebont where a plaque will be deposited in the memory of the deceased to the memorial garden .

    Release of the religion of their ancestors – the bi-millennium of Christianity – the proponents of atheism red no longer have any transcendent explanation of the world can enroll in any order.

    No church ceremony that can give a deeper understanding of life and death in most remember the eternal link with their ancestors. Just a simple gathering at the corner of a flower garden with shabby budget of the municipality, followed an improved aperitif.

    We can best summarize the fundamental aspiration of tribalo-collectivism what the negrophile communism lieu of ersatz religion in the post-Christian Britain leftists. In sum, drag his ass into the ground with Kaffir laughing as borderline retarded medicated. This before ending in a hole at the entrance of an African village, eaten by baroque and insect repellent and then being covered by bigots purulent anus of the local tribe.

    This dive towards the “big nothing” Recycling green way “fair trade” is, in turn, animism negro spiritual system far more sophisticated than this materialistic nihilism of eco-Third World flavor.

    “Sic transit gloria mundi.”

    Concepts to remember:

    1) Psychopathy leftist : ” Psychopaths do not feel anything for others but only for them. Every emotion is brought to them in any way. The others are only objects that serve to satisfy their desires . This lack of empathy problem is why they have no morals and therefore no limit to harm others physically and morally. Hence their dangerousness. ” ( Source )

    The “leftist psychopathy” is made up of all anti-social behavior of an individual seeking to impose the consequences of his illness to society by resorting to irrational protest egalitarianism.

    2) antisocial narcissistic : ontologically linked to psychopathy, the “narcissistic personality disorder”. This is a “personality disorder in which an individual is manifested by excessive need for admiration, and lack of empathy” ( source ).

    The leftist psychopath has no empathy for his people. He compensates by “charity show” for the benefit of all that is external to the company (marginal, foreigners) in which he takes the stage, thus being able to develop to the utmost. The humanitarian leftism part of this catharsis.

    3) involution Africanophile : The “leftist psychopath” results, as we have seen, to a socialization as well as a strong sense vis-à-vis the original firm rejection. What follows empathy and identification for everything outside it.

    Western societies too rigorous and productive for these antisocial individuals are gradually presented by those responsible for their personal failure in a conventional victimization mechanism.

    For negative effect, whatever it is farthest or antagonist Western societies becomes desirable. The absence of individual responsibility – so order and competence – relieves psychological stress suffered by these antisocial, they will seek to collectivist populations ignorant of the principle of individual responsibility.

    The involution Africanophile is the manifestation of this degenerative phenomenon. -snip-

    • Tony Attwood the premiere scholar of Asperger’s Syndrom writes with how there was a big trend amongst boys with Asperger’s to move to other cultures, particularly Japan, as a way of thinking moving somewhere exotic will cure a chronic constitutional mental illness affecting their ability to properly socialize. He said in some ways it works, not because any cure is found, but because the new culture simply views the newcomer as a “foreigner” and any weirdness is attributed to “their strange foreign ways” and rebellious, curious, slutty women throw themselves at the foreign dude for a thrill or money.

      While the condition affects primarily boys, women tend to be carriers and can be affected somewhat themselves. Could Asperger women be these school marms running off to Africa to commune with the natives?

  5. A medical doctor did a video and said it was Parkinsons. I’ve been around a few people at mid-late stage of this terrible affliction, and I must say, I’m convinced. Watch her hands. She’s always holding something and gesturing. But on rare occasions she does what I call the “claw” hand. The pinky will drift back towards the ring and middle finger and the middle finger will go back to the index finger. This is a dead giveaway. And the way she gestures and places her hands reminds me of the people I mentioned above. It would also explain her balance problems, the multiple falls she has suffered, the “short circuit(ing)” incident (her words, unwittingly offering up what her doctors probably told her), etc. The Doctor also showed the video where she was sitting down for a long period of time listening and was having unconscious nodding tremors and he even explained a side effect of a drug that causes her to have involuntarily movements like we see when she’s startled by various stimuli on many occasions (and why she doesn’t do interviews). Plus the swallowing and coughing. The woman has the best doctors money can buy, but they can’t even hide it.

    • The one interview where she has a weird tic or seizure as the reporter asks a question and they whisk her away as soon as it stops?

      • The one where she’s holding a latte? And her head bounces around? The Doctor gave examples such as this for what he referred to in medical jargon as essentially a medical induced side effect of a popular drug used to treat Parkinsons. It cause her head and neck to gyrate (not to be confused with a nodding tremor that she exhibited during a conference/summit).

  6. Among other things, if you watch her speeches she cannot go a sentence or two without referring to her notes. Watch her eyes – very predictable and mechanical how she does it

  7. I’m surprised they haven’t brought up Reagan’s Alzheimers and made comparisons… Oh wait, the Left used that as a means to deny Reagan’s legitimacy as president. Ohhhhhhhh… Now I get it.

  8. Medicine will do that, Hypertension meds can cause a mild urge to caught. There are probably other medicines where this side effect is much more pronounced. Also very dry air aggravates such symptoms. Were in the middle of summer in air conditioning season, and she is doing a lot of flying where the -40F air circulated through the cabin at altitude is about 0% humidity.

    • Siezure risk is sometimes increased after a stroke. Some were speculating last year that Hillary’s real ailment had been a stroke and not a concussion.

  9. Hillary’s health is fading faster than her declining poll numbers. CNN/ORC now has Trump ahead nationally by two points.

  10. Hillary’s mysterious handler disappeared from the campaign trail in mid-August after several reports were written about his strange appearances on the campaign trail.

    Hillary also cut down on her appearances at the same time.

    On Monday Hillary Clinton suffered another severe coughing spat on her plane and later during a speech in Cleveland.

    Guess who popped up on the plane?

    Do you think the media will ever ask the campaign about this guy?×462.jpg

  11. The latest CNN/ORC poll only has Trump up by 2, yet he’s winning 45 and over 56 percent to 40 percent, and independents 48 percent to 28 percent. They are oversampling younger voters. When I used the Census estimates and cross reference the 45 and under versus 45 and older from this poll, I came up with Trump at 51 percent, Hillary at 45 percent, and Third Party at 4 percent. Remember when they use to say that if you win older voters and independents you win elections? I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative so those tried and tested metrics are ignored.

    • It would be great if you are correct but I don’t believe any of these polls. There is no way of predicting who will win but it keeps people more interested in the race if it is framed like a sporting event. One competitor takes the lead, then the other, and they keep fighting it out until the contest’s conclusion.

    • Polling data manipulated.

      WOW! Monmouth Refigures Poll After Trump Comes Out With Lead Over Hillary Clinton Jim Hoft Aug 22nd

      WOW! These people are sooo corrupt!

      Monmouth University released a poll today that had Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton.
      Trump was up 41-39 so they weighted the poll with more Democrats to give Hillary the lead.

      The original unweighted poll had 33 Republicans to 35 Democrats – with Trump leading.
      The revised poll had 29 Republicans to 37 Democrats… And, Wallah! Hillary has the lead.

      Monmouth just announced that Clinton leads Trump 43-39 in Ohio. But Pollster Patrick actually laid out what he did on pages 6 and 7 of the PDF.

      He sampled 402 voters. In the unweighted sample, the split was 33.3R/29.3D/35.6I. With that split, Trump leads Clinton 41-39 in Ohio. But Pollster Patrick re-weighted it to a 29R/33D/37I split. Nothing else was re-weighted.

      ‘It’s obvious Murray didn’t expect to be called out on it – because when confronted with what he did, pollster Patrick Murray flat out lied.’

  12. Exactly and also important is that the Kardashians are a group of reincarnated demonic spirits that come back every 7,500 years to lead folks to hell. Each one of them and those that associate with them such as Bruce Jenner and Black Chyna have a mission they must perform to pervert issues of Humanity. Bruce Jenner is being used to pervert male hood, while male hood, and heterosexuality. Black Chyna is being used to pervert pregnancy, and to incite the rape of light skinned black women and promote sexual slavery in the united states. The child of Kim and Kayne North West is dressed in lingerie when she goes out and Kim discusses her “posing nude someday” as a way of promoting pedophilia and the child sex trade in the united states.

    • There is no “child sex trade” in the United States, that is a 100% lie made up by NGOs who want government grants. No one in their right mind could possible get away with this. Simply a rerun of the “White Slavery” myth from a century back by NGOs staffed with squares of questionable sanity whose press releases are accepted uncritically by an irresponsible media. Most molestation takes place in homes, usually by an unrelated male who has come into the domicile in this culture of breakups and new relationships. Found out at work there is a paroled child molester. One weird little dude who talks endlessly about Marvel Comics all day long was doing his 12 year old step brother up the butt for years while in high school, he turned 18 and the stuff was still going on when it got found out, had a public defender, and got 15 years. When it came out at work that he did time they were like, “Oh, he’s from Mattoon, there’s a lot of Meth down there, he must have been a drug dealer.” One streetwise black guy said “nah, that puss ain’t no drug dealer,” had a clue exactly what web site to look on and sure enough, there he was listed as a “Child Sex Predator.” He is supposed to be a boss, but no one has an ounce of respect for the dude for punking out his little brother. However, I really don’t think this guy is going to be driving around preying on children, he seems to be straight awkwardly hitting on all the chinese chicks and the molestation was some weird form of masturbation by a strange immature teenage nerd. But this is the reality of pedophile cases, not children chained helplessly to some bed right out of a slightly modified “Ritual Satanic Abuse” fantasy rerun from the 80s.

    • Hillary has been suffering these cough attacks for quite some time now and under many different weather conditions. This seems systemic. It’s almost as if she were taking a medication to treat something else that is causing her to cough (hint: see my explanation below).

  13. Coughing fits are common side effects of ACE inhibitors. Those are medications like Lisinopril which are given for blood pressure management – to avert heart attacks….and strokes, especially after someone has already had one. Think about it. Many of the same symptoms of Hillary’s “concussion” are also symptoms of stroke: blurred vision (she wore glasses for a while), memory loss, confusion, etc.

    Another side effect of ACE inhibitors? Lethargy and fatigue. Might explain why she doesn’t do a lot of public appearances.

    Another side effect of stroke? Possible seizure. Might also explain why that weird black doctor guy is following her with a diazapam autoinjector.

    • “There were reports that Hillary wanted to sit down at the debates.”

      Fatigue is a side effect of some ACE inhibitors. Hillary could either have a bad heart or be suffering from the side effects of meds given to her to prevent another stroke.

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