CNN Confirms Math Is Racist

A few days ago, The New York Times published an opinion piece by Frank Bruni about how some liberals had begun to wonder if crying wolf with the charge of “racism” had caused the accusation to lose its former sting. The fear was that the Right had grown so accustomed to the Left labeling everything as racist that accusing Trump of being a racist had been dismissed or backfired.

Today we learned that math is racist:

“It’s no surprise that inequality in the U.S. is on the rise. But what you might not know is that math is partly to blame.

In a new book, “Weapons of Math Destruction,” Cathy O’Neil details all the ways that math is essentially being used for evil (my word, not hers).

From targeted advertising and insurance to education and policing, O’Neil looks at how algorithms and big data are targeting the poor, reinforcing racism and amplifying inequality.

These “WMDs,” as she calls them, have three key features: They are opaque, scalable and unfair …”

If Hillary loses in November because of this nonsense, the finger pointing about how the “racist” cudgel finally lost its effectiveness will be something to behold.

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  1. Whitey is responsible for holding de blag mayne down, yet de blag mayne will not leave this awful country and return to his jungle habitat to be among his own kind. Maybe de blag mayne needs a little help getting to Africa?

  2. Is it “crying wolf”, as Frank Bruni wonders? Or is it more that since 2010 science has reversed its consensus on race?

    Before the discovery that non-blacks have Neanderthal genes, race was a “social construct” that was the result of just a few superficial mutations for skin color since some folks left Africa 50,000 years ago.

    Remember Bill Clinton and the publication of the human genome in 2000? According to Bill we were all 99.9% the same – the political implication being that racism was not only evil but not factual, or perhaps evil because it wasn’t factual – Science being the arbiter of truth.

    How can this be if the Average non-black has 3% Neanderthal genes? People from the Pacific Islands have an *additional* 10% of their genes from Denisovans!

    There are at least two more race specific hybridizations to be discovered, one for blacks (homo erectus) and one for yellows (likely from the “Red Deer Cave people”).

    Furthermore, homo sapiens proper are not from Africa, but from the Middle East, like the Bible said. It was the British Atheists and Jewish Communists who desperately needed the origin of man to not be in the Middle East for political purposes.

    Now that narrative is evil because it is not factual! Race is real!

    See “A Troublesome Inheritance” by Nicholas Wade, like Bruni, also of the New York Times, for a layman’s level treatment of the subject.

    • Erectus moved out of Africa about a million years ago and made it all the way to Java and South China. I bet if we look hard for fossils from the Near East and along the Himalayan foothills we will find that Erectus modernized at around 30-40N Latitude in Eurasia. (Think about what these drastically changing climate zones in a small area going up the Himalayas can do to spur evolution?) Modern genes then flowed into Africa and Melanesia modernizing the tropical disease resistant Erectus populations there that lived in too inhospitable areas for the Eurasian moderns to colonize proper without dying from the jungle parasites they weren’t adapted to but hybrids might. I can see some surplus males going on an adventure, conquering the locals and taking off their females as slaves, dying off eventually in pure form, but some hybrids who can handle malaria, etc living on. Wave after wave of this for tens of thousands of years can modernize Erectus and also leave the population with the ancient female mitochondria DNA of local Erectus. The left is claiming Erectus spent 900,000 years in Eurasia doing nothing then POOF! Black Rocket Scientists popped up in the jungle and took over the world. The Rift valleys of East Africa are probably just the best place to look for fossils, and the first stop of Homo Sapiens coming back into Africa from Eurasia to modernize Erectus into the present day sub species: Homo Africanus Criminalus.

  3. When I was 24, I worked for Texas Instruments. A young Black kid fresh out of high school came to work there. I tried to help him with paying bills by teaching him how it’s done. I told him to add up his bills for the month, and look at his total net pay for the month. But he couldn’t get past seeing it in terms of weeks. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get him to see his electric bill as $135$ for the whole month, not broken down into weekly installments. I finally gave up. I’ve since noticed that rent to own places are aimed at Blacks. Instead of saying something costs 100$ a month, they say 25$ a week. Math is hard for them because they just can’t see past certain abstract points or limits.

      • That’s the truth. I knew a black gal that had trouble with the Czech Republic. She kept saying “What’s that.” All attempts to explain it failed. That not all white people speak English, was completely lost on her, too.

    • Yep I drive by a “Rent-A-Center” located in a dilapidated strip mall right in the hood. Lots of Pawn Shops and Payday Loan places up there too.

    • I didn’t know the color of your skin affected your ability to process information.
      Its weird.. cause I’m hispanic and yet frequently assist people with reevaluating their budgets and helping them understand how to get out of the financial difficulties they are currently facing. The irony is.. I can’t do math in my head.. At all. And yet i also help tutor people struggling in algebra, calculus, and sciences. But i cannot do a simple division. Oh and fractions in my head forget about it. Subnetting is difficult too in my studies but i had to create a way that made sense to me. But wait.. somehow i’m still able to do so. I guess my skin color and the fact it isn’t white doesn’t matter after all.

      • You don’t get it Jason Smith. Mr. Owen was making a clear and simple point. Blacks for the most part have no forward thinking skills and their attempts at math for the most part fail. They’re a failed race.

        You’re right on one thing, that fact that you’re not white doesn’t matter at all. I only care about white people. And yes I’m a racist.

  4. But when math is used to do statistics indicating that something is “too white” and needs Diversity? Cathy would have no problem with that.

  5. Not surprised, just watch how if you hand a black female clerk $21.31 for an $11.31 purchase she’ll look perplexed and hand you back the $1.31 not understanding that I don’t want a bunch of coins and singles back but prefer a $10.

  6. The policing thing has potential to become big. I have sources up in the LEO community that say it’s where a lot of resources and careers are

  7. Well , so is water . Deadly racist. And Fire. And Guns. And Prison. And doing math. And Cancer. Gout. Diabetes. etc.

  8. This might not be be math but I just want to put it out there.

    We all know that negroes cannot say “ask”. It comes out “ax”. Now here is where it gets interesting. My last name has an X in it but there is not a negro alive who can pronounce it. The negro always, and I mean always, pronounces it as a Z. Last month I had to deal with numerous Africans and even they pronounced a Z when they see an X so it’s not just a thing with the American negro. I know when I meet one that they will not be able to pronounce my last name.

    There’s something similar to this in a YouTube video about “What It’s Like to Serve Negroes in Restaurants.” They put an X in there when it doesn’t belong and turn an X to a Z when it does belong there. There’s just something different about them and it’s not good.

    • Language really is a product of mind, of mental processes. To speak French properly, you must think in French. I’ve heard people who are not native English speakers, say that Blacks slur their words in their languages as well.

  9. Winners use math to advance the species. Losers call it racist. Some people are simply too stupid to insult. I count Cathy O’Neil and CNN abettors among this lot.

  10. Is stupidity, then, virtuous? Are the most stupid also the most racially correct? Really, Cathy O’Neill falls into that category defined defined in that movie The Hangover: too stupid to insult.

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