King Cuck: Glenn Beck’s Empathy for Black Lives Matter

Glenn Beck has outdone himself this time:

“I consider myself a “classical liberal” — a.k.a. “constitutional conservative” — and I believe the greatness of our country lies in our founders’ creation of a system that allows and encourages all voices to be heard.”

Cuckservative = #TruCon = “Constitutional Conservative” = Classical Liberal.

“I refuse to define each of them based on the worst among them. No movement is monolithic. The individuals I met that day are not “Black Lives Matter”; they are black Americans who feel disenfranchised and aggrieved; they are believers; they are my neighbors and my fellow citizens.”

Except Trump and the Alt-Right.

They’re all a bunch of racists, bigots, Klansmen and Neo-Nazis following their Orange God Emperor. Black Lives Matter, however, are decent, hardworking, disenfranchised, sympathetic, aggrieved, misunderstood, patriotic Americans who burn flags, riot, assault White people, and murder police officers.

“We are a country in trouble, and we have only one way out: reconciliation. We must follow the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message and method and move away from a pursuit of “winning” and toward reclaiming our shared humanity. We cannot reconcile with those who want to tear up the Constitution or those who want blood in the street. But we can and must reconcile of our own free will with our neighbors and friends.”

We must “move away from a pursuit of winning” so that we can hug each other and kumbabya under Hillary Clinton! That’s arguably the single most cucked statement that I have ever seen. It cuts to the heart of the matter.

1.) First, MLK was the biggest winner of the 20th century. He succeeded in getting Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That required breaking the longest filibuster in the history of the US Senate.

2.) Second, MLK cynically used Gandhi’s tactic of non-violent resistance to advance his political goals. He chose to go to Birmingham, Selma and Chicago to provoke confrontations that he believed would help the media discredit his political opponents.

3.) Third, MLK was a cunning strategist and master at manipulating the weaknesses of White people – for example, highlighting the conflict between the “American Creed” and Jim Crow – in order to advance his own goals. In his day, MLK was like a Harlem Globetrotter dribbling a ball down the court and hitting slam dunks.

4.) Fourth, the dear Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t a magic negro. He was a cynical opportunist who associated with the most radical elements in the Civil Rights Movement like Stokely Carmichael. He was a serial adulterer who patronized prostitutes and who basked in his role as a celebrity in the political limelight.

5.) Finally, MLK was ideologically the exact opposite of a #TruConservative. After Selma, he attacked the Vietnam War, attacked capitalism, and justified race riots. We never see #TruCons quoting that MLK though.

Glenn Beck is a pathetic, gullible, self-effacing cuck. If MLK was a Harlem Globetrotter of politics, Glenn Beck and the #TruCons are the Washington Generals:

“How have the last two decades worked out for you, personally? If you’re a member or fellow-traveler of the Davos class, chances are: pretty well. If you’re among the subspecies conservative intellectual or politician, you’ve accepted—perhaps not consciously, but unmistakably—your status on the roster of the Washington Generals of American politics. Your job is to show up and lose, but you are a necessary part of the show and you do get paid. To the extent that you are ever on the winning side of anything, it’s as sophists who help the Davoisie oligarchy rationalize open borders, lower wages, outsourcing, de-industrialization, trade giveaways, and endless, pointless, winless war.”

They’re not even embarrassed to advocate losing as strategy:

“Through much trial and error, I learned that this is, whether we like it or not, an election between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, period. And that means that if you want to stop Mr. Trump, you have no choice but to vote for Mrs. Clinton. There’s no sitting this one out …

I’m voting for Mrs. Clinton because, despite her deficiencies, she will make a better president. But I have another reason. Defeating Mr. Trump soundly will help save the Republican Party. If he wins, a party built on freedom and internationalism will become entrenched as a party of authoritarianism and isolation, which means that within a few years it will atrophy and die.”

They’re born losers. They yearn for defeat. They pat themselves on the back for advocating surrender. When all this is over though, they are planning to style themselves as our “leaders.”

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  1. Conservative bah! What did any of these assholes ever wind up conserving? Certainly not the parts of society that we think are worth fighting for. Beck and the ideas he represents deserve to be put in the junkyard of history.

  2. “I’m voting for Mrs. Clinton because, despite her deficiencies, she will make a better president. But I have another reason. Defeating Mr. Trump soundly will help save the Republican Party. If he wins, a party built on freedom and internationalism will become entrenched as a party of authoritarianism and isolation, which means that within a few years it will atrophy and die.”

    Amazing how the neocons have been exposed.

    Article written by James K. Glassman.

    Wiki: Glassman was born into a Jewish family in Washington, D.C.

  3. I like how Derbyshire put it, if Trump loses the Cuckservative elites will be like the Bourbons after Napoleon: they learned nothing and forgot nothing.

  4. Beck is a valuable asset for the alt-right, no one better than a crazy to discredit craziness, he needs to start on white guilt and not let up, chain himself to MLK’s monument if he has to, I dare him

  5. Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    Anthony Gillis ?@AnthonyGillis
    Cuckservatism spent decades cowering before the Left. The #AltRight shows up, spoiling for a fight w/the Left. Who does Cucky get mad at?

  6. “Conservatives” deplore where we are but applaud every step that brought us here. Despite hand wringing over our deplorable state, maintaining the status quo is priority one. “Conservatives” get paid to oppose, not to win.

  7. In college I was susceptible to “social science theory” yearning for some ideology to explain politics etc the way General Relativity can look at an unknown issue, formulate an expected result, and then when the experiments are done (i.e. time acceleration in the low gravity of GPS orbiting satellites) find that the results confirm the theory. First I was drawn to the liberal ravings of my marxist English Teacher, only to find that college leftists were minorities and lesbians who hated me because of my race. Then I looked to Libertarianism which was espoused by a crank I hung out and realized, while I might like some of the trends for less nanny government, no way could I swallow this extreme ideology hook line and sinker. A recipe for sociopaths running business to pay you as little as a coolie in Calcutta, let you die in the street of TB. How on earth would getting rid of social security and medicare be good for someone like me? Nope, while it’s good to have a general outlook, having an all encompassing theory, like a religion, with a guide book to look to for every answer without thinking “What is best for me?” isn’t the answer. Blacks have no problem with the thinking “What is best for me?” and no way are they “Natural Republicans” like these foolish true conservatives say (do they really believe this verbal crap?) Blacks know that large numbers of their people are virtually unemployable and their role is little more than ward of the state and better vote for the party who will give them free money to be their natural “Dayz Spent Chillin” selves than Republicans who will take that away so they can work a day a month with a temp service only to get canned at the end of the day for being a worthless, stupid, lazy shit who can’t even do the simple job of taping a box together. Nope, blacks know what’s good for them and if Trump were black, running as the black candidate he would have monolithic support amongst them, not large numbers of black women voting for their enemies because “he isn’t nice.”

  8. Any Republican party that continues to exist in this naive, counterproductive, willfully blind form that is actually indifferent to whether this nation remains white NEEDS to die.

    There’s no going back, Beck! It took me 20 years to realize the GOP was not malignant, strategically stupid, or both to think this multiculti folly was going to work, and looked at me as a Southerner, one of its most loyal foot soldiers as some sort of retrograde embarrassment to be lied to at election time. But that bell won’t be unrung! I’m gone!

    Now let’s see you assemble that winning majority without us!

  9. Most people just don’t realize how radical and even hateful towards US military MLK’s opposition to the Vietnam War was. He not only fully embraced the agitprop idea of the Vietcong as a simple independence movement, he also equated US troops to Nazis conducting medical experiments in the extermination camps.

    “What do the peasants think as we ally ourselves with the landlords and as
    we refuse to put any action into our many words concerning land reform?
    What do they think as we test our latest weapons on them, just as the
    Germans tested out new medicine and new tortures in the concentration
    camps of Europe?”

  10. Holy shit, shut the fuck up with the word cuckservative.
    Not everybody who is to the left of out and out fascism exists in a state of emasculation and humiliation. Some don’t want a delusional buffoon with access to the nuclear codes.
    The alt right can suck my dick. I’m with her.

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