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  1. The Clintons are repulsive creatures.

    ‘Former President Bill Clinton stumps for his wife in Orlando, FL. He says that Donald Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” is a racist codeword. “If you’re a white southerner, you know exactly what it means,” Clinton said.

    “I’m old enough to remember the good old days,” he said. “And they weren’t all that good in many ways.”

    “That message — I’ll give you America great again — “If you’re a white southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you? It means I’ll give you the economy you had 50 years ago and I’ll move you back up the social totem pole and other people down,” Clinton said. “What Hillary wants to do is take the totem pole down and let us all go forward together!”

  2. Clinton: “I sent all classified materials over a secure server.”
    (It never ends.)

    Rat Lauer to Trump: “Inflammatory comments can cause conflict.”
    (As they blame Russia for everything, including their own crimes and misdeeds.)

    • You know it’s niggers in the brig for the rapes as well.

      Like the constant Clintonian accusations about Russia are not ratcheting up possible conflict!

  3. I find it incomprehensible that this unbelievably dishonest, ultra-corrupt, warmonger witch could be elected president of this country. Obama was bad enough, but there could be no better sign of escalating moral, social and political degeneration (to go along with economic decline) than Hillary’s election.

    • Perhaps it’s true that the people get the kind of government they deserve or at least the government they’re willing to put up with.

      • I am wondering if mass democracy in a huge “diverse” society doesn’t lead to kakistocracy– rule by the worst. Or as some Russians used to say, ?????????? = ???????????? (democracy = shitocracy).

  4. Crooked Evil Sick Hillary got caught out again in her legalistic lies about violations of national security by a service member who works with military classified documents and her lies didn’t go over with an audience who has to deal with classified information at the company to battallion to divisional to corps level. THERE IS NO TAKING CLASSIFIED INFORMATION OUT OF A SECURE AREA AND/OR OVER AN UNSECURED LINE OR RADIO. Everyone in the military knows that because everyone is told about that time after time again and what the consequences are for violation of intelligence protocols which are set in stone.

    I was Fire Direction and Control for a Lance missile firing battery which would fire nuclear weapons if there had been a war with the Russians in Germany. You NEVER take a CEOI codebook or logbooks or fire missions outside the command post and there is live ammunition around to shoot unauthorized persons entering the command post area. As for radio communications . . . well there was no speaking with anyone other than battallion HQ, and usually they told you and not you telling them. We in turn told the two firing missile crews what to do. They didn’t talk to anyone other than us normally. That is how things were done in Charlie Battery, 2/42 Field Artillery (Lance) 1981-83.

    Ronald Reagon cut a deal with Gorby and the six Lance battallions and Pershing units were pulled from Germany in 1985. The 15J10 MOS, for the Lance missile system was a small Military Occupational Specialty. After Lance it became a larger MOS because it became for the Multiple Rocket Launch System (MLRS) which took over for the 155mm tube artillery units.

    The military veterans and current enrollees support Trump over Hillary by 20%. Now maybe more because they know Hillary is a traitor and a crook and a stupid evil crooked sick bitch.

    I liked listening to Morning jew Scarburro and Morning Zika bitch and piss and moan about Donald Trump while the Council for Foreign Relations ass-clowns and jews media screamed and bitched and whined about how The Donald said that he wouldn’t start a war with Putin and how Swillery shit a brick about the e-mail scandals and Killery lied. Trump was unflappable and obviously didn’t give a shit. .

    I think that The Donald was pulling on theys’ dicks and clits just to make them bitch. Donald is such an asshole, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Sp4 (Retired) C Btry 2/42 F.A. (Lance) 1981-83 (Two year enlistment)

  5. For Journalists, the Narrative trumps the Truth.

    Most journalists are principled enough to favor facts over fiction. They want to be honest in this way.

    But journalists don’t see the world mainly in terms of facts vs fiction. They see it in terms of Good vs Evil, Us(good ‘liberal’ people) versus Them(evil ‘racist’ people or ‘homophobes’), in terms of Higher Truth vs Forces of Evil. Facts can sometimes support the other side and undermine the ‘good’ side. (And of course, the OTHER SIDE also plays loose with the facts to prop up its Narrative and push its Agenda.) Since Deception is a tool of war, even the ‘Good Lie’ is favored over the ‘Evil Truth’.

    To the extent that the media see themselves as proponents of the Great Cause(constituting the Higher Moral Truth) than mere reporters of facts(adding up to cold amoral truths), they believe it is in their right(even duty) to distort or suppress certain facts in order to feed the Narrative.

    Weaned on the MLK cult of holy-negro-worship, many in the media prefer the warm glow of the Magic Negro Myth over the cold hard facts of Black Thuggery. Also, it makes them feel ‘spiritually’ superior to those immune to such naive irrational faith. But then, the power of faith is strong among the anointed(and journalists see themselves as he Jesuits of Truth).

    Why do so many Christians still believe in God even though secular public education(esp in the sciences) has disproved any evidence of God? They go with feelings over facts because the former imbues their souls with meaning, hope, and righteousness.

    Thus, the politics of domination isn’t only about control of flow of information but control of quasi-spirituality that affects those hired to relay(or delay) the information.

    During WWII, many American reporters were mum about Allied atrocities, some of which were even attributed to the Germans(and of course the German media played the same game).

    Most people don’t enter journalism to coldly gather facts. They join to be part of a crusade. Thus, the character of the crusade will shape how they will report/distort the facts.

    The cunning PTB(powers that be) know that the media are overwhelmingly ‘progressive’ and will therefore be more reluctant to oppose anything that hurts the Prog cause. So, having a ‘historic’ black president has muted the media from properly gathering the facts to expose possible violations of civil liberties and crimes against humanity.

    And, what with homomania having become the new religion of the West, it’s only natural that the media are now fully in support of the Warfare State since the US military celebrates homos and trannies. It is only natural that the media are fully on-board with the ‘new cold war’ on grounds that Russia doesn’t allow homos to prance around in huge numbers on Red Square.

    The Jewish Rulers of America know that the Proggy journalists & academics can be owned if the Power is dressed up in symbols that appeal to the Ivory Tower(elite academia) & the Fourth Estate.

    Similarly, so many Christians were swept up in the Crusades on grounds that they were serving Christ. Or naive patriots could be goaded to serve in any war on grounds that it’s for Old Glory and the Pledge of Allegiance.

    So, while most journalists think in terms of facts > fiction, they also think in terms of Narrative > Truth, or Higher Truth > Cold Truth. This is only natural since people seek meaning in life; and feelings, more than facts, provide the meaning. When legend becomes fact, print the legend.

    Now, there may be cases where the struggle is so great between obvious good(or ‘gooder’) and obvious evil(or ‘eviler’) that some degree of deceit and distortion may be understandable. Katyn Massacre is one such case. The need to defeat Nazi Germany was such that the Lie was favored over Truth lest the Alliance be demoralized and lest moral credence be given to the Nazis. So, the Allies accepted the false charge that blamed the Nazis for the mass killing.

    But the problem of our world is that Jewish Powers-That-Be cry Nazi-Wolf at every turn. Even morally complex and ambiguous cases are reduced to good guy vs bad guy. Therefore, proggy journalists are reluctant to report on the real truth in honest language out of fear that the cold truth may lend comfort to the EVIL enemy. (The hysteria of PC deems even the slightest deviation from the Narrative as a mortal sin.)

    And Mainstream Conservatives haven’t been good critics of this problem since they are even bigger whores of Zion and psychologically inclined to think in terms of red, white, & blue and Us versus Them like stupid children.

    The Hillary-ians have captured many Progs and Cuckservatives by promoting Wall State and Warfare State as closely linked with homomania. Conservatism Inc loves anything that is about great wealth and great military might. Hillary, as the Establishment candidate, has them captivated. USA! USA! USA!

    And Progs love anything associated with the latest progo-crusade. Wall Street is no longer the great enemy since it flies the ‘gay’ flag.

    And, more wars and ‘new cold war’ can’t be so bad IF the US military is now all about welcoming Homos and Diversity. ANYTHING to counter Putin as the ‘New Hitler’. (Ironic since Liberals have long ran on the Narrative of the evil of right-wing paranoia during the real Cold War.) Besides, the commander-in-chief is black guy(!) and could be a woman(!). Gee, how COOL is that?

    While it’s true enough that little lies and white lies are sometimes necessary for the higher good, when the lies go from salt & pepper to meat & potatoes, the world of media has moved from ‘necessary evil’ to evil necessity, that is to maintain the PTB.

  6. Trump made a hash of this. He claims he knows more than the generals and talks about switching them out as if they’re appointees. Clinton is having a field day over Trump praising Putin while bashing the US military.

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