The Case for Trump: Wall Street Shuns Donald Trump

I will just leave these headlines here:

Wall Street Shuns Trump’s Cleveland Convention

“NEW YORK — Wall Street executives are hitting the sell button on the GOP convention in Cleveland next week.

Bankers typically use the quadrennial Republican Party gathering to schmooze clients, host parties and flaunt their connections to the nominee and other senior officials. In 2012, they flooded the Tampa Bay area to celebrate one of the industry’s favorite sons, Mitt Romney, getting the nomination.

But with real estate mogul Donald Trump running on an anti-trade, populist platform — while sporting sky-high unpopularity ratings — many bankers and traders want nothing to do with the convention this year.

Neither do most corporate CEOs. The prospect of Trump bashing trade deals and talking about building a wall with Mexico, coupled with the threat of potentially disruptive protests, is largely keeping the financial world away from Cleveland. …”

Mitt Romney’s Rich Backers Turn to Hillary Clinton

“For years, Democratic elected officials in Washington have been wary of going after Wall Street excesses too hard, lest the deep-pocketed financial industry throw all its resources to Republicans.

This has been especially true of one of the most notorious targets for financial reform: the favorable tax treatment of the outsize compensation earned by partners in private equity firms. Democrats have long spoken out against this so-called carried-interest loophole, yet have often not pushed as hard as they could to change the law, which saves some of the wealthiest people in finance billions of dollars in taxes each year. …

One might reasonably expect Clinton’s campaign contributions from private equity to suffer as a result of her stance, and for the money to flow overwhelmingly to the Republicans, as it did in the last presidential election.

That hasn’t happened. In fact, Clinton is receiving all of the industry’s support.

As of the end of July, the executives and employees of the four biggest private equity firms—the Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, KKR, and Apollo Global Management—had given her campaign a combined $182,295 in direct contributions, according to the database compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Their combined contributions to her opponent’s campaign? Zero. Not a cent.”


“Clinton is receiving all of the industry’s support.” Their combined contributions to Trump? “Zero. Not a cent.”

Wall Street Shuns Donald Trump While Backing Republicans

“Most of the big Wall Street banks haven’t adopted Goldman’s hardline on donations to Donald Trump. But that might not matter all that much.

Wall Street bankers, like their counterparts at hedge funds and other private investment companies, aren’t contributing very much to Donald Trump’s campaign. Rival Hillary Clinton has received far more Wall Street financial support.

That’s not altogether surprising as Mrs. Clinton has a $50 million lead in fundraising.

Mrs. Clinton is the top recipient of campaign cash from employees of J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Mrs. Clinton is the sixth largest recipient of contributions from Goldman, behind the Republican National Committee, the Right to Rise political action committee that supported Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Mr. Bush.

Employees at those five banks have donated a total of $963,807 to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. Morgan Stanley was the biggest contributor to Ms. Clinton of the group, with donations totaling $345,084.

Mr. Trump has received just $3,601 dollars from Goldman employees, according to the Center for Responsive politics. J.P. Morgan employees have contributed $4,729. Citigroup employees have donated $1,314. Morgan Stanley employees contributed $16,281. Bank of America employees have sent $21,752 to Trump. That’s a total of $47,677.”

There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is the candidate of Wall Street, the Davos crowd and the “top 1 percent” in this election. She is the puppet of the big banks. She is the puppet of the oligarchy. She is the one, not Donald Trump, who answered to “the billionaire class” through all of August. She was the one being hosted by the Rothschilds at $100,000 a plate lamb dinners in Martha’s Vineyard while Louisiana drowned.

Normally, Wall Street gets its way and both parties nominate a globalist candidate who split its campaign contributions roughly 50/50 or 60/40. That’s why Wall Street always gets it way. It doesn’t matter who wins because both candidates – Romney and Obama – are owned by the same set of donors. This time there is a clear choice.

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are on the side of Wall Street speculators. If you vote for Donald Trump, you are voting against Wall Street’s agenda and interests.

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  1. The jews are mad at Trump because unlike every other candidate they can’t buy, bribe or blackmail him with their shekels.

  2. Hillary and the Democrats are claiming they’re gonna crack down on Wall Street. lol They’re plans to regulate the economy are pretty BS. If crooked Clinton is in charge, enjoy more H1-B abuse.

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