The Horserace – September 8, 2016

National Polls

Reuters/Ipsos – Hillary +2
Rasmussen – Hillary +4 (4-way)
LA Times – Hillary +1.1
People’s Pundit Daily: Tie
UPI/CVoter: Trump +0.35

The national polls out this morning show Hillary has regained some ground in three of her worst polls. In spite of this, she has sunk to +2.8 (head-to-head) and +2.1 (4-way) in the RCP average, which is a new low since the Democratic Convention gave her a massive bounce. If those polls trend back to Trump (UPI/CVoter has seesawed back to Trump), which is likely since they have been very bouncy, her numbers will decline even further.

State Polls

Colorado – Magellan – Hillary +5

North Carolina – Suffolk – Trump +3 (4-way)
North Carolina – Quinnipiac – Hillary +4 (2-way and 4-way)

Florida – Quinnipiac – Tie (2-way and 4-way)

Ohio – Quinnipiac – Trump +1 (2-way), Trump +4 (4-way)

Pennsylvania – Quinnipiac – Hillary +5 (2-way and 4-way)

From FiveThirtyEight:

Michigan could be the tipping point state.


Morning Consult is out with its 50 state poll of registered voters in August:

Arizona: Trump +2.7
Colorado: Hillary +11.7
Florida: Hillary +3.2
Georgia: Trump +0.1
Texas: Trump +5.9
Iowa: Tie
Maine: Hillary +4.1
Mississippi: Trump +14.8
Michigan: Hillary +6.2
Minnesota: Hillary +3.9
Missouri: Trump +4.9
Nevada: Hillary +2.7
New Mexico: Trump +2.8
New Hampshire: Hillary +3.9
North Carolina: Trump +1.7
Ohio: Hillary +4.9
Pennsylvania: Hillary +2.7
South Carolina: Trump +9.3
Utah: Trump +22.2
Virginia: Hillary +7.3
Wisconsin: Hillary +4

We saw a poll like this from the Washington Post/SurveyMonkey poll on Tuesday:

Arizona: Hillary +1
Colorado: Hillary +2
Florida: Hillary +2
Georgia: Tie
Texas: Hillary +1
Iowa: Trump +4
Maine: Hillary +6
Mississippi: Trump +2
Michigan: Hillary +2
Minnesota: Hillary +9
Missouri: Trump +10
Nevada: Hillary +5
New Hampshire: Hillary +9
New Mexico: Hillary +14
North Carolina: Tie
Ohio: Trump +3
Pennsylvania: Hillary +4
South Carolina: Trump +7
Utah: Trump +11
Virginia: Hillary +8
Wisconsin: Hillary +2

Both polls use registered voters and were taken over several weeks of the polls bouncing around in August. Take a look at New Mexico in particular which is Hillary +14 in one poll and Trump +2.8 in the other. These polls are interesting, but I want to see September polls of likely voters with large samples.

2-way Average: Registered Voters in August (WashingtonPost/Survey Monkey and Morning Consult)

Arizona: Trump +0.85
Colorado: Hillary +6.85
Florida: Hillary +2.6
Georgia: Tie
Texas: Trump +2.45
Iowa: Trump +2
Maine: Hillary +5.05
Mississippi: Trump +8.4
Michigan: Hillary +4.1
Minnesota: Hillary +6.45
Missouri: Trump +7.45
Nevada: Hillary +3.85
North Carolina: Trump +0.85
Ohio: Hillary +0.95
Pennsylvania: Hillary +3.35
South Carolina: Trump +8.15
Virginia: Hillary +7.65
Wisconsin: Hillary +3

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  1. Hunter I still believe Hillary will steal this election using the Pickaninnies to steal it for her. Now this presents a problem for us as to how we will react later. Look back to 1876 Tilden or Blood campaign in Dixie. Rutherford B Hayes ended Reconstruction, signed Posse Comatitus banning the use of Federal Troops (Until the National Guard Act of 1903 secretly subverted the law by making the State Militia an arm of Big Fed) and White Supremacy soon returned. So in the end alot of what Tilden campaigned for Hayes was forced to deliver to maintain peace.

    Hillary presents the other side. She will give NO QUARTER if elected so we must fight like heck to keep her from being there, but if she is there then its Phase 2 and we must lobby like heck to get it started and rolling. She must know that the South will meet her proposals with non compliance by any means necessary.

      • Crossing my fingers for luck Hunter. Ohio is having some major voter lawsuits in Federal Court right now and this whole crap they told us about the Voting Rights Preclearance being done away with thats a lie. They are now using the court to put preclearance in through the back door.

        When I see Ohio get the Alabama voting treatment by the Feds I don’t know whether to see poetic justice in a sense or what.

      • The Jewing was in long before Brandeis it started in 1776 but Brandeis was the first time when the Jews felt brave enough to pull off their masks, put aside the shills and step into the light at least in the UNITED STATES.

        Judah P Benjamin had been a couple heartbeats away from the Presidency of the CSA in the 1860s.

        The Jews were Good cop Bad Cop doing this to us for years, You had the Southern Jews standing for Slavery and the Northern Jews supposedly for Socialism but at the end of the day they all meet with a secret handshake in the Synagogue. No more Good Cop Bad Cop.

        • I agree,the English put embargos on Dutch and New England shipping after the 100 years war with France ,their treasury was exhausted and were tightening control of illicit traders.A Dutch jew financed the revolutionaries.
          The jew in America Has always kept white power down ,and kept in check.

    • Getting those lazy coons to the nearest polling station is going to take a lot of fried chicken and watermelon.

      • Go to any ghetto in America they provide plenty of KFC and gibs to get them on the voting bus outside the Triple Rock Get Down Blood of Jesus Holiness Baptist Church

    • Billy Ray you aren’t sensing a set up at all? The polls are probably rigged to make them look legit so when Hillary steals it people don’t suspect as ‘it was close all along, and Hillary pulled ahead right at the end.’

      Then they off her after a year precisely because of the reaction you describe her administration will engender and then Kaine the Jesuit takes over. Most whites don’t know or suspect much about him yet he’s as bad or worse than Hillary.

      This is just a theory but I’d bet something on it.

  2. Friend puts Trump bumper sticker on her car. Goes to Big 10 football game. Finds “F*ck Trump” painted all over her car after the game.

    • The young people seem quite hostile to Trump, he does have some white boys, but where I work most whites under 35 seem to talk as if it is assumed everyone absolutely hates Trump as much as they do. Fuck these punks, put them on a chain gang breaking rocks in the Aleutians.

    • Explains itself right there, going onto a COLLEGE’s Property, These children attending college are basically indoctrinated fools and the PRO TRUMP ones keep their mouths shut or get good at fistfighting. Ohio State was once a very conservative place when Woody Hayes was running the Football show there in fact Woody openly opposed the Antiwar demonstrators, but that was almost 47 years ago. Since then it has been a liberal cesspit. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, always have been Liberal as has Iowa, but Indiana Ohio and Illinois, the lower Midwest has only begun trending that way since the late sixties and there also is another component. JEWS send a large number of their children to school in the Midwest Particularly to OHIO STATE, Look up a 1960s Jewish Film called GOODBYE COLUMBUS by Philip Roth which is about a NY Jew Family upwardly mobile about their son going to OHIO STATE. These Jews come into the Placid Midwest and Raise Cain

  3. Regarding the title of the article and the picture. Let me guess -the horse is on the right, and the trainer is on the left?

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