The Horserace – September 10, 2016

State Polls


FL: Tie
NC: Hillary +1
IA: Trump +3
NV: Hillary +2
OH: Hillary +1
WI: Trump +2
MI: Hillary +2
PA: Hillary +5
VA: Hillary +13
GA: Trump +10
AZ: Trump +6
MO: Trump +19
CO: Trump +3
NM: Trump +10

Trump Paths To Victory:

(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + (WI + ME2)
(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + MI
(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + PA
(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + VA
(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + (CO + NV)
(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + (NV + NM)
(GA + AZ) + (FL + NC + OH) + IA + (CO + NM)

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  1. I don’t believe the VA poll. That’s excessive. I expect that to close to within 3 by the end of September.

    Also, a huge anti-free trade ad buy in Michigan might be enough to flip the state.

    • I don’t want to believe the VA poll. I live close to NOVA but I don’t want to believe the cancerous tumor that is DC has corrupted the entire Old Dominion.

        • 2004 in Ohio was the last Vote under the old laws before Alexandra Pelosi and the Democrats came to town with knives in hand threatening the state with lawsuits. So the Cuckservatives established EARLY VOTING for a month and Provisional Ballots ie fake ballots to allow the Democrats an advantage.

          Mitt Romney won Ohio in 2012, but there was so much voter fraud in Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Lorain, Columbus Dayton and Cincinnati and I am afraid theyll do the same now.

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  3. Voter fraud will be off the charts. Judging from what occurred during the last election and activist judges we are fighting an uphill battle.

    Court strikes down proof-of-citizenship voting requirement in 3 states

    ‘WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court on Friday blocked Kansas, Georgia and Alabama from requiring residents to prove they are U.S. citizens when registering to vote using a national form.

    The 2-1 ruling is a victory for voting rights groups who said a U.S. election official illegally changed proof-of-citizenship requirements on the federal registration form at the behest of the three states.

    People registering to vote in other states are only required to swear that that they are citizens, not show documentary proof.’

    We’ve all read of many anomalies in 2012.

    • Virginia was bound to go blue because of the large Negro population. The White Birthrate is down, Negro birthrate is through the roof, if it keeps up one day there wont be any Whites left in Mississippi, Alabama Georgia Carolinas Louisiana or Virginia. Wed best get down to Business and soon. The African Problem has to be stopped Hell or High Water

      • Libshits have to go first. From there the rest will be much, much easier. Our real enemies are the yanks, jews and the occasional Southern shitlib/traitor. The negroes are just pawns.

        • The Scalawags are the vector through which the infection reaches the population. They will have to be in the new Republic hunted down like dogs and receive their punishment promptly. No Yankee could ever win any election in a Southern state to anything without some money men and Scalawags working for them

  4. Hunter, what’s your take on Richards’s Alt Right press conference? Seemed pretty low-key and de-fanged to me.

  5. This election is over with simply because the nigras in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio Pennsylvania and Virginia will give it to Hillary. The voter fraud will be so crazy, especially in Ohio I dont see how Trump can win.

    Moving onto Phase Two

    • No, Mr. Jenkins – this is not right about North Carolina.

      Trump will carry this state, and that is NOT wishful thinking – though, it will be close.

      The polls are not reflecting what I have felt, listening to people, all across the state.

      • I have no doubt you are right sir, but factoring in that the Nigras in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, will likely vote 95-5 for Hillary that will likely be enough to put her over at least by a knife blade.

        In the North there are no Negro Republicans there are in the South and thats one reason the large Negro populations are not giving the Democrats total victory at least for now. Florida is an exception to Dixie as Florida has JEWS and NEGROES and the JEWS are funding the NEGRO outreach in South Florida. Whereever you have JEWS you lose

  6. I maintain that Democrats are being oversampled in these polls. I also contend that a majority of late deciders will go for Trump.

    If Hillary “wins” the election, it will be by just enough fraud to make it happen.

    • Of course there will be fraud massive amounts of fraud. Can you honestly believe someone isnt in these Negro ghettoes reading the ballots to them?

  7. If Deplorable Hillary wins then I hope Texas secedes from the Union. I will then offer my services to help remove the beaners and coloreds from the newly re-established Lone Star Republic.

  8. Hillary is an interesting candidate. She does better when she’s hiding. The more people see of her the less they like her. She’s going to be forced out of her hole for the rest of the election. The blacks may not come through in numbers this time. Most will vote Dem, but I don’t get the sense that they dislike or fear Trump, either.

    • Funny thing is, she fully intended on running out the clock. The better Trump does, the more she is forced out in to the public eye, and the more she speaks, the better Trump’s numbers are. She is caught up quite the conundrum.

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